Homemade quad bike construct review Part 1 - UAZ 31514, 2.4 liters, 1997 on Drive2

Power unit.

Purchased from disassembly VAZ-2111. Scored differential. For compactness, the thermostat assembly 2110 is replaced by the outlet nozzle 21083 and a separate thermostat 2108. Also the fuel frame of the old sample on the ramp without a pressure regulator due to the use of the fuel pump module with the Gazelle DV. 4216 with a built-in pressure regulator. The generator raised to the top, away from dirt. The suspension of the unit at three points from the converted standard pillows 2108.


The main framework is welded from the profile 40x40x4. Front suspension support Corner 70 mm.

Front suspension.

Front Stand 2110 with a sliced ​​cup under the spring. Spring 2108 rear. Rack Support 2110. Pipe Pipe 30 mm. Bent with the front lever 2108. The sleeves for the Sai blocks are made of a long drive tube 2108. The end of the lever from the front 2108 slicing under the ball support. Swivel fist without changes assembly with bearing, ballproof, hub, caliper, and brake disc R13 from VAZ 2110.

Suspension rear.

On two levers. Silent blocks 2108 to 4 pcs. On the lever. Shock absorber rear eye. In the bottom of the sanitary threaded Sgon to adjust the preload of the spring (rear from 2111). Cups are used from rear racks 2108 cut. The top is welding the sleeve under the C / B 2108. Rotary fist without changes assembly with bearing, hub, caliper, and brake disc R13 from VAZ 2110. Fastening the lower lever is implemented through the transition plate instead of the ball. Fastening the upper lever to the rotary fist through bolt through the sleeve C / b and the top hole of the swivel fist. The lower support of the shock absorber is welded to the upper lever and is used from the front shock absorber of the VAZ 2101. The top bracket on the frame has three mounting of the shock absorber to adjust the stiffness of the suspension.


Pipe 25 mm. Bottom of a threaded slice of the front cartridge of a nonsense stand. It is screwed into the support of the rack from nexia, and the support is to the frame of the quad bike. To the upper end of the shaft, a piece from the outer grenade 2108 with slots and threads under the nut is welded. Satellite dresses from DiF 2108 to which the steering pad is welded. From above the shaft to the frame is mounted on a bracket with a bearing. It turns out a completely collapsible node. The steering wheel from the Ural motorcycle assembly. Cropped thaws welded to the steering shaft. Reducer 2101. Truck steering internal - short tip 2101. External - 2110. The thrust are connected by couplings, each welded from the tenth and classical.


Two bridges 2106 were bought with vapors 3.9. Cropped into stockings and in the boar plates under the seals of the drives 2110. In differentials, large satellites are replaced by satellites from the neck of the Niva of the new sample, they include internal Sls 2108. Whatever the Schrus entered the DIF. The inner hole is mounted to the turret. Rear diop. brewed. The gearboxes are attached to the frame through four silent blocks. Fastening made of 17117 (FEBI).

Share into two parts and get silent block and bracket. Drain plugs are digested to the bottom.

Kardan front

Two short shafts 2108 were welded. At one end, the internal Sls 2110 (tripoid) is cut on the other of the slots (bacag) under the Cardana Cvar Coldana 21213-2202016.

Kardan rear

Cooked shaft short 2108 and shaft out 1111-2215070. At one end, the internal Sls 2110 (tripoid) on another Slus Cardana 21213-2202016.

Kulis KPP

Cable squeeze from Hyundai Getz with disassembly.

The mechanism of craving spied - here

Clutch drive

The pedal is under the left foot from the steering pendulum 2101. The clutch cable to the footage fork. On the steering wheel from the Ural motorcycle. Redone under the clutch cable 2110. The cable goes to a transition lever that changes the move one to two by pressing the vacuum amplifier 2110. On the amplifier, the main cylinder of the clutch 2101 is screwed. On the adhesion fork closer to the checkpoint, the support nut opens a rectangular thrust on it. Inside the thrust - the working cylinder of the clutch 2101, through the homemade bracket is screwed to the checkpoint

To be continued.

Homemade Quadrocyclick on the basis of "Oka" and Vaza aggregates

Introducing the Quadrocycle of our permanent author S. Plentneva from the city of Points of Perm Region. The next car constructed indicates the increased design level and the professional skills of its creator. However, judge for yourself ...

Labor is 3 - 4 hours after work and on weekends - and the new car was ready for testing, only small (and I would say pleasant) refinement: connecting light equipment, installing the ignition lock, rear-view mirrors and other little things.

Quad bike from Okey with your own hands

The power unit for my self-made Quadrocycle was the motor from the "Oka" - 32-strong, two-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid cooling. And if for the car its power often turned out to be not enough, then for the Quad bike should have been enough with interest.

Rama cars

- Spatial, welded. Its main elements (two pairs of spars: the upper and lower) are made of round tubes of type VGP-25 (water-based diameter of 25 mm with a wall thickness of 3.2 mm), auxiliary (so-in, crossbar, etc.) - from WGT-20. Spars - bent: the lower in the horizontal plane, the top - in the vertical. Flex a pipe on the pipe bender, "on the cold". The eyeles (pairs of ears) for fastening the levers and shock absorbers of the suspension welded to the frame immediately, and various brackets - as nodes and aggregates (by "place").

Transmission of all pass

- peculiar. Although the machine is all-wheel drive, but there is no dispensing box. As you know, the engine is located in the "Oka", and on the Quad bike it is set along. This allowed to direct the output shafts from the transmission change box (CAT) not on the right and left wheel (both in the car), but on the front and rear axle. Here is just the power unit itself, the clutch and gearbox, signed with the "basket" of the clutch and the checkpoint, had to move relative to the longitudinal plane of symmetry slightly left to reduce the horizontal angle of longitudinal swivels of transmissions. Well, their vertical angles were insignificant.

Transmission from the aggregates of various domestic cars, mainly "VAZ" models. But the finished industrial aggregates also had to refine. For example, from the PPC (from Oki) to ensure optimal (reduced) speed and increase the torque removed the main gear pair and replaced it on the chain transmission. The shifting stock also made another - extended, with releases on both sides of the checkpoint. The rod can be recorded in three positions: to include the 1st and 2nd gear, 3rd and 4th and rear. The selection lever of these provisions is on the right side, and the speed switch lever is with the left.

Intercole reducers

- From the rear bridges of the Vazovskaya "Classics", only their semi-axes along with the "stockings" are removed and replaced with shafts with shurthers from front-wheel drive models. Shruses as hinges are used in the remaining intermediate trash shafts.

There are no reduced gears and blocking differentials.


- Motorcycle type (lever and shaft) at the top and automotive type (with steering rods) - downstairs, just simplified, without a steering mechanism, with one compartment. The steering wheel first used from the Minsk motorcycle, with a pipe diameter of 22 mm, but it turned out to be a bit thin. Later found and set from the "Ural" motorcycle. The steering shaft is from the pipe with a diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of the wall of 2.8 mm. At the bottom end, it has a stroke limiter. At the bottom of the shaft rests on the stubborn bearing, and in the middle part turns into the junction of the piping bracket-sleeve.

The sump is made of a steel sheet with a thickness of 8 mm in a form resembling the letter "T". The edge of the "racks" performed a hole with a diameter of 20 mm - the steering shaft is inserted into it, and in the ears - the tapered holes under the ball tips of the steering. These holes are enhanced by suitable welded washers. The bark ears are slightly bent down so that they are almost parallel to the traction.

Wheels quadrocycla

- 15-inch, from the car "Chevrolet-Niva". Tires with an appropriate planting diameter of 205/70 (width / height as a percentage of width) with off-road tread pattern. The diameter of the wheel running is about 660 mm.

Suspension wheels

- independent, on two triangular transverse levers each (upper and lower) with shock absorbers from the "Oka" car (front). The levers are welded from round tubes of type VGP-20. Elastic elements (springs) and shock absorbers - from the car "


"(Rear). In the wheels of the front levers they weld the hubs and swivel fists - from the car VAZ-2109. And those and others had to modify. In the hubs installed studs under the wheels from "Niva", and in the front fists - home-made swivel levers.


- homemade, two-section. To protect against temperature storage boxes, covered with a remote cover, and insulated asbestos inlet.

Body kit for quad bike

KVAD biccles

DIY - fiberglass. Inteced it for the first time, and therefore first examined the recommendations for the implementation of the relevant work. But as it turned out, this process is painstaking, although the result is worth it.

At first, it was made of a steel square pipe with a cross section of 10x10x1mm. Required body contours. Fortunately, this pipe is easily neat even with his hands through the knee. The contour welded to the frame with the help of jumpers from the same pipe, in places where then (after dusting of the kit), it would be possible to cut the "tape". Then, bent from an organity (wood-fiber plate) "Wings" and fixed them with self-draws to the contour and jumpers. Where the bend was obtained steep, fastened individual strips from the same organity. The front was removed by polystyrene foam purchased in a shopping store. It was possible to use foam or the same mounting foam, but the polystyrene foam turned out to be a more appropriate material - it is well cut in a sharp thin knife. Separate elements of it glued into the overall design on the mounting foam.

Quad bike do it yourself drawings

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Homemade Quadrocyclick on the basis of "Oka" and Vaza aggregatesHomemade Quadrocyclick on the basis of "Oka" and Vaza aggregates

Quadrocycle frame do it yourself drawings

Homemade Quadrocyclick on the basis of "Oka" and Vaza aggregatesHomemade Quadrocyclick on the basis of "Oka" and Vaza aggregatesHomemade Quadrocyclick on the basis of "Oka" and Vaza aggregatesHomemade Quadrocyclick on the basis of "Oka" and Vaza aggregatesFalshbak

- Complex form. It did not seem to be taken out of the organity. Therefore, by climbing the engine with a plastic film, it began to fill the places of the mounting foam intended for it. After each layer is a mandatory drying, otherwise the thick volume of the foam may not dry inside. Filled until the layers went beyond the contour. Finally, after complete drying, the foam became a knife to withdraw the desired form of the face, smoothed with coarse sandpaper.

Under the instrument panel went into the course of the dashboard "Oka". I fastened it on the blank, too, using a mounting foam. Since foam is a large, pores filled with plaster and then processed. When the shape of the blanks began to answer the intended design and its surface became more or less smooth, covered the workpiece of PF-115 paint. Since I was not going to make the matrix on the nerve for dusting of the kit, and immediately soldered the bodywork on it, followed by the end of the surface to the perfect state, then the shpocking of the plaster and the painting of the nerve could be neglected.

So, the Bolon is ready and to solder the quality product, it took: 10 kg of epoxy resin, 1 kg of plasticizer to it and 1 kg of hardener, 15 robust meters are not thick fiberglass, 5 m of glass, brushes, gloves. It is very desirable to work in the means that protect the breath. And what they are more expensive, the more reliable. But the experience, as you know, do not buy, so it was gained in the process of work.

A transparent scotch used as a separation layer between the nerd and the product. Thoroughly, without skipping, glued to his stripes. There was only 1.5 rolls of wide scotch.

Divorced a resin on 200 - 300 grams with a hardener and plasticizer. Applied measuring cups and syringes, which is not very convenient. Before that, cut the strips of fiberglass with such dimensions so that large cloths lay on the smooth surfaces, and on the irregularities, the sections of the fabric were able to repeat them without making folds. By the way, fiberglass to the measure stretches on the diagonal of the weave, "flowing" the desired form.

At first, one piece of nerve was smelled to thick epoxy resin, put the fiberglass on it and the resin was again impregnated from above. The neighboring piece of the cloth was glued by the same technology with a twist of 3 - 5 cm. Work had a spore - resin grabbed pretty quickly, and the higher its temperature, the faster. Yes, another resin has a slightly heated near the powerful lighting lamp for better flow.

After gluing a fiberglass in one layer, began to shit it with glassate. The glass made me quite thick, and they turned out to be good to dial the thickness of the product. But it does not fit irregularities, so I used it only on even (or with unrocked deflection) surfaces and without a twist. The impregnation of the resin was carried out in the same way as when working with fiberglass. It should only be considered that the resin for the impregnation of the glassmate goes a lot, so it is necessary to breed it more. Uneven surfaces after the stickers of the glassmate went into a few layers of the cloth. Each subsequent layer imposed after the previously gripped the previous one, so as not to break down the resin. And since the process of body cutting took no one day, after a day of the break "rough" the surface of large sandpaper and degrease - because the resin is completely cured during this time. The final layers over the mat again covered the glass kits, and not even one layer.

Since I needed the surface, as they say, than it is even better, the better, and the experience was not enough, then the failures and pits still remained - poured them wherever one resin, and where and with the imposition of fiberglass pieces. The resins did not have enough. I did not buy in Khozmaga, in boxes. I liked working with her more, because it was already packaged, and it remained only to mix the components. And she dried quickly than acquired on the company.

After a complete drying of the soldered body kit made a propyl in it, separating the product to three parts: rear wings and a back, a rashhead with a podswing, front wings and front. Caution, slightly going down and pulling out with arms with hint, separated the product in parts without much effort from the nerd.

Now, removing the part, began to process them separately, bringing to the desired result. In general, ordinary preparatory and paint work on the "all" technology: first coarse grinding with the removal of large resin and fiberglass bulbs; Then the painstaking embezzlement with a putty with fiberglass recesses; Next, grinding the outer surface and primer with a plasticizer. In conclusion - painting "metallic" and a coating with a varnish with a plasticizer.

The boyfriend also cut off and put it in a distant corner - just in case. Bidding attached to specially made and welded "on the place" fasteners on the frame.

At the end, it was welded from thin-walled steel pipes with an outer diameter of 20 mm front and rear trunk, and in addition to them - and "kenguryatniki" replacing bumpers.

Quad bike do it yourself video

Download homemade quadrocycle drawings archive _https: //Depositfiles.com/files/bbmjr7cbj. Homemade Quadrocyclick on the basis of "Oka" and Vaza aggregates

S. Plentnev, g. Oh oh r, Perm region

Homemade Quadrocycle with full-wheel drive 4x4 Aleksey Brazgin assembled: Further detailed photos and description of the assembly of the ATC.


For the manufacture of self-containers, the author used the engine and the gearbox from the car's car, the wizard also took the springs for the suspension, the satellites from Niva 214, the elements of the pendant from nine, the frame was welded from the prof-pipe with sections 20x25 and 20x25 mm.

The suspension levers Alexey welded from a round metal pipe with a diameter of 20 mm. Radius Radius -15, balls from classic, Rubber "Forward-safari" 540. Also two kenguryatnik on the front and back of the car, the fuel tank is made of stainless steel with a capacity of approximately 18 liters.

Materials for the manufacture of quad bike:

  • 1. Engine and gearbox from the car.
  • 2. Reducer and ball bearings VAZ classic.
  • 3. VAZ 2109 suspension elements.
  • 4. R-15 discs.
  • 5. Rubber "Forward Safari -540".
  • 6. Wiring from the scooter.
  • 7. Prof-pipe with sections of 20x40, 20x25 mm.
  • 8. Round pipe radius 20 mm.
  • 9. Epoxy resin and fiberglass for the manufacture of the case.
  • 10. Bolts, nuts, washers, etc.

And so, let's consider the entire process of assembling the Quad bike.

The heart of the iron horse is an engine from an old Oka.

The frame was welded from a square pipe with a cross section 20x25 and 20x25 mm.

Reducer from VAZ classic with grenades from nine.

Suspension levers Homemade cooked from a round tube 20 mm, 24 silent block installed.

Springs Rear from Oki and shock absorbers VAZ Classic.


Transfer torque from box to gearboxes.

Rubber "Forward-Safari 540"

Next, work went on the manufacture of fiberglass housing impregnated with epoxy resin.

Primer and painting frame and cladding.

Homemade quad bike

Quad bike do it yourself

We look at the video where the self-made quad bike is shown in action:

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How to make quad bike with your own hands?

Quad bike is a simple, convenient and reliable type of technology. But it is difficult to buy it enough - although it is not a car, but still the cost is quite large. Therefore it is useful to figure out how to make quad bike with your own hands with minimal cost.

Tools and materials

A set of used accessories is determined by which specifically the quad bike is trying to create. The utilitarian models weigh quite a lot, but they can boast of excellent permeability. There are several people on such machines easily. The speed reaches 90 km / h. On the tricky apparatus you can accelerate to 137 km / h; Narrow platforms are used.

The main components of the device itself are:

  • actuator;
  • suspension;
  • seat;
  • luggage compartment;
  • Chassis, steering and brake part.

It is still necessary to take into account the battery, the external light, the muffler.

It is possible to fully collect a quad bike with the help of a welding machine. You will also have to perform a number of works on the lathe. You can collect such a product only in a surround garage.

To work will be required:

  • electric drill;
  • Ohm;
  • wrenches;
  • jack;
  • Passatia;
  • calipers;
  • a hammer;
  • sharp knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • Pipe bender.

As a basis, the components are usually taken with the following types of TS:

  • motorcycles;
  • scooters;
  • Saltrate cars.

Selection and manufacture of elements


This component will have to either make it yourself or restoring after operation - in both cases the engine mount bolts should be as securely as possible. It is put both in the front and in the rear parts of the vehicle. Very firmly, for the prevention of the backlash, you must also connect the drive and transmission. For the manufacture of the frame, water-gas pipes are used, the magnitude of the metal layer in which does not exceed 3 mm. For the spar, they take a pipe with a cross section of 25 mm, and for the crossbar or pan it should be 5 mm less.

Tie the pipes will help point and solid welding (it is in such a sequence). Watch the ears to which levers and shock absorbers are attached immediately. Mounting brackets will occur simultaneously with the attachment of nodes and units for which they are intended. Reconstruction of the finished frame begins with the removal of all unnecessary components (only framework remains). The back is cleaned, and the front is increasing.

When it is done, the elements that are needed to fasten the complete set of nodes and units are welded. Reconstruct motorcycle frame is easy. It will be necessary only by 0.4-0.45 m to move the seat rack. Next, it is necessary to cut out of metal sheets of blankets for trunk. They are welded to the frame, and after the final connection, all the details are painted.


Power installation on a quad bike, manufactured at home, take from motorcycles, cars or scooters. Sometimes, even a motor from the motor of the last generation is used as the basis, the power of which is up to 15 liters. from. However, the use of engines taken from scooters have their own benefit, as they allow saving fuel. Quad bike, made in this way, very easy. It will be easy to stretch after jams; These advantages are pretty darken, however, a low load capacity of the device.

The use of drives from old motorcycles is also a good idea. The problem is that they did not provide for cooling. This automatically puts the cross on long summer trips. However, the cooling system is sometimes taken in the finished form from the vase and assemble additionally. Although it is easier to take a modern Motor Lifan brand.


The quad bikes put both the rear and front suspensions. Many specialists consider the use of front suspension from a motorcycle. But since it is not always possible, use sometimes rear from different vehicles. The rear axle is shortened according to dimensions; This solution allows you to take advantage of the differential. However, the design is significantly heavy.

Steering and chassis

The construction of the steering system of the Quadrocycle can be carried out on a motorcycle or by car scheme. Sometimes both solutions are even combined.

Instead of a toothed pair, it is more correct to put a chain gear. Such a step will simplify maintenance and make it cheaper. The gearbox is desirable to put mechanical to be big maneuverability. Especially since the rear, low and high transmissions on the quad bike will still have to be changed manually. Input shafts with gearbox are directed clearly to the rear and front bridges; The wheels try to take from small cars, with the arms of the ripple of a suitable type.

IMPORTANT: If you use the steering wheel from the motorcycle, then it is worth taking a tank. The steering shaft can be made of a pipe with a cross section of 2 cm, the walls of which are not thick of 0.3 cm. This requires to install the lower stroke block.

Four-wheel drive

All-wheel drive-type ATVs may have very decent patency, but only when they are equipped with a reliable, powerful motor and studded rubber. Four-wheel drive requires be sure to use steering mechanisms from the car. Let us additionally need mechanical transmission and differentials. A typical frame is not suitable, be sure to cook a new one, given the volume of the motor.

The suspension and the steering system take from the car. The front suspension should be installed on the gearbox mounting.

Important: Working with all-wheel drive quad bike is difficult, and the purchase of a finished node is worth the money. However, in both cases, the consolation will be increased traffic and permeability.


The creation of the Quadrocycle body is worth paying special attention. This is one of the most difficult stages. Lovers of self-made transport usually make such a component of fiberglass or fiberglass. Fiberglass is even more active, especially for getting kites. First of all, they are preparing a "blank" of the housing, which is obtained from a strong foam. They are connected through the use of mounting foam or special glue.

The next step is to apply multiple layers of fiberglass. Everyone in turn is drained by epoxy resin. So that the housing of the all-terrain vehicle was stronger, the fastenings of metal are inserted between the layers of the fiberglass. The finished product is required to be dried, and then pollute and paint.

After reading the main stages of the work, you can consider the process of creating an ATC based on various techniques in more detail and deep.

This is how the good-quality drawings of transport made from the Urals look. The clinis of the device is 0.28 m. The distance between the centers of the wheels - 1.25 m. The total length (the distance between the extreme front and extreme rear points) is 1.85 m.

Craftsmen can also make a homemade apparatus from "Niva" or "Oka". Motor, cooling system, transmission take from the "donor" car. Also come with most details. But the frame, alas, it will be necessary to refine. Take round pipes, and of them weld the basis for the front and rear cargo boxes.

Additionally, the lugs and shock-absorbing devices will be mounted. Brackets, as already mentioned, will have to be installed directly in the process of working with specific components. The power plant, the checkpoint and the clutch basket are slightly shifted relative to the longitudinal axis of symmetry (left). Otherwise, horizontal angles of longitudinal shafts on transmissions will be very high.

Transmission is combined from parts of domestic cars. A good option will be the creation of a quad bike from an "ant". Rear gearbox take from a scooter. The front axle can be taken from the "nine". The frame is made from steel pipes. Sheet iron is used for upholstery. The front axle is shortened and connected with the rear axle.

Important: Additional refinement will be required. Inter-wheeled gearboxes usually take from classic VAZ cars. But instead of "stockings" and semi-axes use details from front-wheel drive mechanisms. Usually in such a system, wheels from the machine "Niva" with a diameter of 15 inches.

A quad bike with a motor capacity of 50 cubes can be made of a scooter (and from a moped too). The front suspension and levers make themselves. Rotary fists take from any children's quad bike. Case bearings are used to put the rear axle with the star. The engine with the variator leaves those that put at the factory; Wheels should take from the motoblock.

But the most exotic decision is definitely a quad bike from chainsaws. Important: The original device should be a power of at least 6 liters. from. It is advisable to choose instances with a fully suitable motor. In the presence of deformations, problem parts should be replaced. The reference frame is made from steel pipes and plates on which there should be no rust.

Transferring effort happens with a chain and stars. Another metallic tensioner is required. The remote benzobak put a couple of centimeters above the engine. Recommended the use of disc brakes. Details can be taken from an unnecessary moped.


We analyze in detail the course of the construction of a self-made quad bike on the basis of a four-stroke liquid engine from "Oka". In this case, the spatial frame of the welded version is used. The main pairs of spars are made bent; The lower bends horizontally, and the upper vertical. The fold is not done with your own hands in your own sense, but on the pipe bender. CPC should take from the same "Oka" car. The rod inside the checkpoint is lengthened, draw conclusions on both sides of the box, provide for fixation in two positions.

Reduced transmissions and blocking of differentials are not needed. It is recommended to collect such an ATV with a steering wheel from the Urals, since the details of other motorcycles are too thin. The steering shaft is supported using a resting bearing. In the middle it will turn inside the plug-in sleeve bracket from Capron. The tower is better made from leaf steel 8 mm in the form of a letter T.

The edge of the rack element is complemented by a channel with a diameter of 20 mm, where the steering shaft is inserted and welded. The ears are equipped with conical holes to attach the tips of the steering. Such holes will have to be strengthened with welded washers. The ears slightly bent down, achieving almost full parallelism of traction.

The wheels with independent suspension are used. The levers are boiled from round Profiles of WGP-20. The wheeled ends of the front levers are welded the hubs of wheels and swivel fists removed from the VAZ-2109. Springs and shock absorbers (rear) are taken from "Oka". IMPORTANT: Both of these last details will have to modify.

The hubs put studs under the Nivov wheels, and swivel levers are added in the front fists (they are made with their own hands). The muffler is also done by the two-section scheme. So that the body kit does not work out from overheating, it is protected by a remote lid. The pipe at the inlet isolate asbestos. Working on body kit starts from the manufacture of a contour (the steel pipe 1x1x0.1 cm is ideal for this purpose, which is easy to bend even manually).

The contour is welded on the frame using jumpers from the same pipe. They put them where, after the end, the metal sticker will be easily cutting. "Wings" bend from an organity and fasten with self-drawing on the contour. Excessive steepness eliminate strips from the same organity. Falshbach due to complex shape do not be fused; The motor is wrapped with polyethylene, and then lay the layers of the mounting foam, alternately drying them.

The knife from the fully dried foam is cut out the desired form. Part of the dashboard with "Oka" is fixed with the same foam. The workpiece is painted paint PF-115. According to the "Doodle", the finished product is created using fiberglass and epoxy resin. From the fiberglass create the first layer, and then the glass mat is entering into business.

Differences of the scheme can be dictated by the wheel formula. So, the 4x4 devices weigh relatively little. Many of them are classic gearboxes from VAZ machines. The main construction material - VGP-32. The suspension is made of A-shaped levers based on VGP-27.

The dispensing box usually create an original design, with the calculation of the turning off the front axle. The clutch can be done under the left foot. However, such a solution is appropriate and on quad bikes of 6x4 schemes. As a gas tank, you can use plastic canisters. For economic needs, it is sometimes possible to use the removable freight platform.


To simplify work, collect quadrocyclicks more correctly. Oil for four-stroke engines change after the first, maximum after the second start. In the absence of a syringe at hand, it is possible to contact any car service - there will accurately perform this work. Electrical connectors need to be filled with lithol or spray with impermeable water. The wheels are pumped by a simple pump or turn into a tireage.

Here are some more tips:

  • read reviews of your favorite design;
  • provide for power supply;
  • To rear wheels, put tires with a good tread, forward - ordinary road;
  • Think about the use of wings and mudguards.

The following video presents an overview of the self-made quad bike.

Method of manufacture quad bikes Few is divided, but there are those who do not hide their developments. In this article, we share examples of the achievements of the practitioners, which independently collected motnotes from girlfriend.

How to make quad bike do it yourself

Design and assemble the Motthodis forces only knowing the work to mechanics. This will require not only experience, but also suitable components with tools.

To create an ATV, use workers from a car or motorcycle: for example, a motorcycle motor from the Ural, Minsk, Izh Planet or Jupiter, the main nodes from the vase or eye. There may be even failed, but recycled components.

Quad bike from Oka

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

Designer Sergey Pletnov from Perm Territory gathered an ATV based on a small car "Oka". The year of work went to the assembly.

Basic components

  • Steering wheel from the Ural motorcycle;
  • VAZ shoes and intercoles reducers;
  • 15-inch front and rear wheels from Niva Chevrolet;
  • gas tank from 20-liter canisters;
  • Engine, gearbox, clutch, part of the dashboard and headrest from Oka.


Sweat430 Creaters2300x1250 mm Highness on the steering wheel and saddles1250 / 900 MMKLirens300 mmCololese base1430 McQue 1045 mmMaximal speed65 km / h

CVTR cycle drawings

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

A two-cylinder four-stroke engine of liquid cooling from "Oka" produces 32 liters. from. For a car, this is not enough, and for the motovisserance is quite enough. The steering is hybrid type. From above used motorcycle lever and shaft, bottom - automotive steering traction.

Transmission from homemade quadrocycle peculiar. It is based on the finalized components from the vase. To lower the speed and increasing torque, a toothed pair was removed: instead of it, a chain transmission was used. Migcolonese gearboxes are borrowed from the "Vazovskaya" classics. Semi-axles of the car mechanic decided to remove and replace them with the front drive shoes of the Vase. Shrusi was also used in other transmission nodes.

The quad bike is built on a welded spatial frame from round tube type VGP-25 and WGT-20. It received an independent suspension on triangular transverse levers and shock absorbers from Oka. Bumpers and kenguryatniki are welded from 20-mm round pipes. The muffler is designed by the plentine. It consists of two cameras, the inlet is sealed by asbestos. 10 kg of epoxide, 1 kg of plasticizer and 1 kg of hardener, 5 m of glass and 15 m of fiberglass left for the creation of fiberglass oblitement.

Quad bike from motorcycle

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

Another quad bike Sergey Plentnev, this time - on the basis of the heavy Motorcycle "Ural-2" with a mileage of 12,000 km. The main nodes were taken from the motorcycle - engine, gearbox, clutch, as well as a modified frame.

Basic components

  • Front wheels from the Zhiguli;
  • shortened rear leading bridge and wheels from VAZ-2101;
  • steering wheel with steering shaft from the Urals;
  • Fuel tank and silencer from the Urals;
  • Cardan shaft - semi-axis from the eye;
  • Sls from Oka;
  • saddle from the Urals;
  • The front shock absorbers from the Zhiguli, reinforced by the Urals shock absorber, rear shock absorbers - completely from the Urals.

The anterior suspension of the Quadrocycle is built on homemade dual transverse A-shaped levers from a square profile. The brakes are also borrowed from the Zhiguli - they turned out without an amplifier and parking brakes. The drive on the brake cylinder is connected to the motorcycle pedal. The motor is cooled by a fan from the vase stove. On the rear wheels are tires with a developed protector, on the front - ordinary roads.

Steering managed hybrid. The lever steering wheel itself is borrowed from the motorcycle, and the rest of the parts from the car is a bump, column, fists and thrust to them. The rear dependent pendulum suspension was not very successful - she has a hard move, heavy twist loads on the knot. The quad bike has a front and rear trunk. After testing, wings made of sheet duralumin and rubber mudguards were added.

According to the parameters, the ATB turned out to be similar to the Ural motorcycle. He slightly decreased the maximum speed, but the line has increased. Car shock absorbers are better than motorcycle, so it is more comfortable on a quad bike than on a bike. To control such a quad bike, you need sharpness and power.

Quad bike with your own hands - a full-fledged technique or just a hobby?

Collect quad bike with your own hands fascinating. The creator acquires experience, trains resources and patience. However, homemade Motthers should not be treated as a full alternative to factory models - even the best quad bike, with their own hands, will be knowingly worse than serial. In addition, independent assembly takes a lot of time - even experienced mechanics spend the year or more.

If you need high-quality equipment, look at CFMOTO products. If there is no money for the purchase here and now, the Motnotes can be borrowed and gradually pay funds without a load on the budget. The new technique is subject to the factory guarantee. In terms of comfort and reliability, CFMoto serial instances are out of competition - you can go on a trip, even at high-speed cruising.

The advantages of CFMoto quad bikes

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

Modern design and technology The CFMOTO model range is fully updated every 3-5 years, and improvements in technology and design are constantly made during the entire production period.

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

Quality components The CFMoto technique establishes components of recognized brands - CVTECH (Canada), Sumitomo (Japan), Delphi (Italy, Germany), Bosch (Germany).

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

Place for two All CFMoto ATVs are full-fledged double models with a comfortable fit, they allow you to freely accommodate both the driver and the passenger.

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

Rich basic equipment Already from the factory, most CFMoto quad bikes have: a swan, mirrors, hand protection, cargo platforms, power steering, alloy discs and tires with a mud tread.

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

2 years warranty without mileage limit A two-year warranty is distributed on any CFMOTO technique without limiting on all nodes and units.

Homemade Quadrocycles: Detailed guide

Reliability and unpretentiousness The owners of the CFMoto technique describe it as very reliable and high-quality. The mileage of some quadrocycles exceeds tens of thousands of kilometers of operation in the most difficult conditions.

View A. CFMoto dealership centers

Dear visitors of the site " Samodelkin friend »Today we will consider step-by-step instructions on how to independently assemble a quad bike with the engine from the car with your own hands. The author and constructor of the presented quadrocycle Alexey Brazgin. According to Alexei, he had long dreamed of collecting his own quad bike, before the construction of the car looked through many forums, self-relocile sites, from which it was pleasantly surprised ... Rogus-Mother Kulibins)) See the Section of the Quadrocycles And I began to design, collect the necessary parts, nodes and aggregates. Basically, all the details are taken from the domestic car, so for example, the engine engine, VAZ suspension elements, Niva-214 satellites, VAZ-2109 grenades. The frame was welded from proftrube with sections: 20x40, 20x25 and pipes for 20 for the manufacture of suspension levers. The ball from the classics, the springs of the eye, silent blocks are also a classic 24 pieces. Drive shafts from VAZ 2109, wiring from a scooter, wheels R-15, Forward-Safari 540 rubber. The fuel tank is also self-made welded by Alexey from stainless steel sheet, tank 18 l. Front and rear kenguryats, as homeless cooked from the pipe.

The quad bike Pretty powerful and easily overcomes any off-road obstacles, pits, pivops, ditches with water and without, cool lifts and descents, deep and loose snow, I don't care all this anima)

Well, let's move on to the consideration of the step-by-step photo of the assembly of the Quadrocycle Alexei Brazgin.


  1. Engine Oka
  2. VAZ suspension elements
  3. Prof. pipe 20x40 and 20x25
  4. Pipe 20 mm
  5. Springs Oka
  6. Classic shock absorbers
  7. R-15 discs
  8. Rubber "Forward-Safari 540"
  9. Fiberglass and epoxy resin


  1. Welding inverter
  2. USM (Bulgarian)
  3. drill
  4. set of wrenches
  5. Kraspopult
  6. roulette
  7. screwdriver

Step-by-step instructions for assembling a quadrocycle with an engine from the car's own hand.

First quad bike Second quad bike Having a visual example is much easier to create their own technique, but on the way Alexei stood a difficult task and more than six months of painstaking work.

It all started from collecting spare parts and other scrap metal from domestic auto industry)

Engine Oka. Granaton gearbox from VAZ 2109 Consider from above) Sanitis from Niva 214 bold to the token under the nine grenade. Sanitis on the grenade. The frame was welded from proftruba 20x40 and 20x25, pendants pendants from a pipe 20 mm. Before. Bowls from classics. Bottom from VAZ 2109. Silent blocks from classic 24 pcs. Alteration of nine fists and combining them with classics. Front shock absorbers are created by crossing the ski springs with its rear shock absorbers, that's what happened. Lower mount. Rear springs from Oka + Classic shock absorbers. Steering. The radiator is put on the frame. The frame was previously cooked by sticking, so that the process could be corrected in the design of the structures. Fastening the steering wheel. Cropped drive shafts VAZ 2109. Rear drives. Front drive. Alteration of exhaust gas production systems. The resonator from the VAZ 2109 was opened and welded a partition. Installing the radiator and engine cooling system. PPP lever. Fastening at the bottom. Transfer torque from gearbox to gearboxes. View from the gearbox. Native garnet from Oka, drive, too, from her. The fuel tank is welded from stainless steel, the capacity is 18 liters. The neck of the tank. R-15 discs. Alexey in the process of construction. Rubber "Forward-Safari 540" Facing, start) Kenguryatnik Front kenguryatnik. The basis for applying fiberglass and impregnation with epoxy resin. Homemade seat. The first trial departure on the Quad bike. Points on quadra with guys) Grinding frame. Soil on gearbox. Frame painted black. Reducer in blue. Working with fiberglass is very time-consuming and painstaking.


Front view.

The housing is removed for further processing and then sipped into 3 parts.


The case is set to a quad bike.


Participation in motorcycles.

The case is painted in blue.

Installed winch.

Remote Control.

Homemade control relays collected from 4 starter relays from moped, it turned out budget and securely.

Quadre is ready.

Here is such a wonderful all-terrain vehicle gathered Alexey Brazzgin Ural nugget with golden hands. You also presented to you video from tests of quad bikes on full off-road, pit, ditch, brods, cool lifts and descents, tractor rhesis and much more 😉 pleasant viewing

How to make homemade quad bikes - a question that is the dream of almost any young designer.

However, this kind of dreams are carried out far from all and far from at that age in which I would like. But sometimes the dreamers still embody the desired reality.

  • Skills of drawing up drawings, the ability to perform complex technological processes, estimates and time are the basic requirements when creating a self-made vehicle.
  • Today we will tell you about how to construct homemade quad bikes, using spare parts from Oka and show this process using photo selection.
  • You can find out one of the ways and make sure that the self-creating of an auto parts can be done in the example below.

All-wheelwater quad bike on the basis of the car "Oka" with their own hands (Lover Designer Sergey Pletnev)

To begin with, we present the general characteristics of the project:

  • Length - 2300 mm;
  • Width - 1250 mm;
  • Height - (extreme points of the wheels) - 1250 mm;
  • Base - 1430 mm;
  • Clearance - 300 mm;
  • Engine - got from the car "Oka";
  • Wheels - discs: "VAZ" 2121 (Niva);
  • Tires - coordiantoffroadr15;
  • Shock absorbers - "Oka";
  • Hubs - "VAZ" 2109;
  • Inter-wheeled gearboxes - "VAZ" classic
  • Maximum speed - 60 km / h
  • The gearbox taken from "Oka" was modified by replacing the standard main pair of gear on the chain drive.
  1. It was done to raise speed on a flat road. And it looks like this:
  2. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands


  3. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    In disassembled form

In the form of carrier parts, the frames perform water pipes (VGP 25x3,2). Were purchased in the form of two segments of 7900 mm and weighing 38 kg in the amount of 1150 rubles.

  • For levers and suspensions, water pipes were also required (20x2,8) - two segments of 6100 mm long, 20 kg weighing 650 rubles.
  • Two used rear bridges from "penny" (VAZ 2101) - in the amount of 3000 rubles.
  • From the "eight" (VAZ 2108), fists assembled with discs, calipers and other steels of drives - in the amount of all these bu parts were spent 4000 rubles.

Metal sheets, nuts, bolts, washers, silent blocks, and others were useful - consumables and materials for such cases should always be enough.

From the above parts using welding, pipe bending and plumbing tools, this design was created.

With the help of welding, most structural parts are bonded. A carburetor was installed.

  1. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    Homemade all-wheel drive quadrocycle carburetor

  2. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    Metal plates for suspension, engine and bridges are also fixed with welds

  3. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    The hubs are connected to the suspension new phthulates, washers and bolts

  4. After the frame was collected, the miscalculations of the nuances of the engine position, the functional of the gearbox and its mounting, as well as the front suspension with the steering wheel, began.
  5. As a result, the following moves were applied:
  6. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    From the rear post, the semi-axes are connected to the hubs. Fastening for shock absorbers

  7. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    In the gearbox applies the elongated stemman production

  8. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    The picture shows how the fastening for the box and the position of the rod was connected

  9. 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

    The swivel fist is taken from the "VAZ" 2109 and the steering tower is made of metal plate alone

  10. After a small test drive, it was noticed that the stem from the box would need a scene to switch the hand gear - this is the most convenient option in the case of a modified box.
  11. It must be said that it was modified to increase the gear ratio from the axis to the wheels, since without this intervention, the speed at maximum revolutions would not be given above 45 km / h.

Further assembly

  • Side steps are welded to the frame, the front axle is installed, a cardan from the gearbox is connected to the front bridge, the front shock absorbers are installed. The front edges are connected to the hubs and the bridge
  • Installed brake system separately for wheel back
  • Installed steering and brake system for front wheels
  • Off-road rubber purchased (in this case, the most appropriate option)

The stage of creating a quadrocycle matrix occurred. Installed mounting foam, cardboard, resin, fiberglass, fittings, etc.

The technology of applying materials when creating a matrix is ​​a very complex process that requires a deep and detailed study.

But the author of the project costs superficial knowledge and his smelter. According to him, the form and strength of the product he remained satisfied.

The frame of the wings, as well as the front and rear parts of the facing, is set for easy reinforcement and cardboard. The foam was filled with a margin in places where convex forms were supposed to do.

The dried foam was processed with a furnace hammer, knife and other tools

An oil radiator from the helicopter was installed and the first layer of fiberglass was applied

The front suspension is completely collected. Native ball "VAZ" 2109 below. From above steering tip from "UAZ"

  1. Processed surface. Side view
  2. The hubs were fitted under the wheels of "Niva" with special adapters
  3. View of the hub from the side

The matrix is ​​almost ready. Additional parts of the frame provided for use as a trunk and bumper are harvested at the same time.

Homemade seat. The steering wheel is borrowed from the Minsk motorcycle. Controls were summed up.

Painting quadrocycla

  • Next, when all the structural parts were ready, the quad bike was completely disassembled for painting.
  • Painted Rama
  • Painted suspension elements


The final part of the work is an assembly.

Used homemade silencers. Plastic canister used as a gas tank. Electronics mounted.

From another angle.

End of work

Completed work.

The panel is borrowed from the "Oka" car.

Quad bike do it yourself

Quad bike from the store - the pleasure is not available to everyone. Therefore, many craftsmen make quadrics with their own hands. And in this article we will tell about the most interesting of them.

In the manufacture of quad bike, everything can be useful in the garage and nearby. Each vehicle made with their own hands is unique and individually, so the drawings and schemes have to talk with difficulty.

Few people describe in detail the process of building their offspring, from this to find specific information is extremely difficult. But there are exceptions.

How to make quad bike do it yourself

In 2012, the talented designer S. Plentnev shared the drawings and nuances of the construction of his brainchild.

What was used in the design of the TC:

  • Front and rear wheels from Niva Chevrolet 15 inches
  • Engine A-M Oka
  • Box gear
  • Intercolese gearboxes from the rear bridges of the Vazovskaya "Classics"
  • Slusa from car VAZ-2108, 12 pcs
  • Fuel Bakis Canisters for 20l
  • Emphasis Passenger Oki Headrest
  • Clutch from Oka.
  • Steering wheel from the motorcycle Ural »
  • Instrument shield from car

The main technical specifications of the Quadrocyclaus:

Weight 430kg
Length 2300 mm
Width 1250 mm
Roule Height / Saddle 1250/900 mm
Ground clearance, 300 mm
Wheelbase 1430 mm
Track 1045 mm
Maximum speed 65 km / h

Quadrocycle drawings:

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Transmissionideno from AvtoVAZ nodes with some modifications. For example, a loyal to reduce speed and increase the torque instead of the main pair, a chain transmission was used.

Intercolese gearboxes are borrowed from the classics, the semi-axes are removed and replaced with shruses from the front drive of the VAZ. Also, the joints of equal angular velocities are used in other nodes of transmission.

Pendant independent on triangular crossings. Shock absorbers from Oka.

Silencer homemade of 2 sections, isolated asbestos.

The kit is made of fiberglass. 10kg epoxy resin took to create such plastic, 1kg of the plasticizer and the same hardener. 15 meters of fiberglass and 5 meters of glassmate.

Body body kit - fiberglass. He shouted it for the first time, and therefore first examined the recommendations for the implementation of the relevant work. But as it turned out, this process is painstaking, although the result is worth it.

Quad bike from motorcycle

  1. This quadric is made on the basis of the Ural motorcycle.
  2. All details in the video.

Quad bike with Motor IL Jupiter. Distribution from the motorcycle ant.

How to make quad bike do it yourself

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Pretty many hunters, fishermen, and just lovers of outdoor activities are dreaming of their quad bike. But prices are even on used equipment, most of the pocket, not to mention the new technique. It is not worth a despair, because today we will learn how to make a quad bike with your own hands! These are excellent transport for business needs, for the transport of trailers with high patency due to a short wheelbase, as well as easy to manage. But you immediately want to say to make homemade quad bikes will need a lot of time. As practice shows, the project can take from 6 to 12 months on average.

So, proceed. First prepare the tool and equipment. It will take a lot of welding, for which manual electrodeshic welding is quite suitable. Choose electrodes for welding of responsible and vibration-loaded structures than and will be a quadrocycle frame. By the way, this very frame can be cooked with your own hands from conventional water pipes.

Such easily find on the nearest taking scrap metal, or metal bondage. Choose a pipe diameter from 25 to 32mm, and the wall thickness should be in the 3mm area. For flexible pipes, it is advisable to have pipe bender, but if there is no, then bending the pipes for the frame frame can be and manually using the lever, heated the place of the desired bend by gas burner, and better gas-oxygen cutter.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Choosing the main parts

The next step will be the selection of the necessary parts necessary, namely:

  • Engine
  • wheel
  • shock absorbers
  • Rama
  • rear bridge

If you want to collect a simple light quadric with a drive only on the rear axle, it is preferable to choose the engine from the motorcycle of the middle cabbage, from 250 cubes and above.

Depending on the budget of the construction, it can be almost any motor from the Soviet motorcycle, it is desirable with a chain transmission due to which it turns out to simply make the rear axis drive. The axis can be made of pipe made of structural steel.

In the center of welding the flanges for fastening the slave star and disk brake, and on the sides install the wheel bearings from the car, pre-pressing them into the buildings made in advance.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Cases serve to attach the axis assembly to the pendulum. The pendulum can be left standard, further enhance it and make a new mount for the disk brake caliper. Also, not forgetting to make fastenings for brake shogs along the pendulum.

The next task is the choice of wheels. And the ideal option is not only in terms of availability, but also in size will be wheels from the eye.

The main feature is that such stamped discs are very lungs, perfectly fit in the proportions of the self-made quadrocycle, and most importantly, they are greatly suitable tires from factory quadrics, which will significantly improve the permeability. As it looks, you can see further:

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Donor selection for a new frame

How to make a quad bike in the manufacture even easier? You can simply use the frame - the donor, for example from the Ural motorcycle, welding the rear axle to a regular pendulum and only a little change the front suspension! The thick frame of the Urals is made of good steel, has an excellent margin of safety.

And the engine with a large torque as it is impossible by the way is suitable for such a purpose. As for the gearbox, it is better to use it from the Dnipro motorcycle. It is designed for good loads, it is characterized by the clarity of shifting gear, and the most important thing is the presence of the rear velocity, which is the mandatory function of a full-fledged quad bike.

Photo Example of a self-made quad bike from the Urals below:

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

A quad bike assembly with your own hands the matter is not easy. And perhaps the most difficult thing is to make the steering. To do this, first weld the frame of the front of the quad bike, then you will need swivel fists from the car, for example, from Niva, but any others will be suitable. After that, you need to build suspension levers. Pay special attention to the design of the fastening of the levers, since large loads arise in their pairing with the frame, so there will be no additional ribs of stiffness. Levers are usually attached to bolts through silent blocks. This is a rubberometallic hinge which is a mandatory link in the suspension. It quenches the wheels of the wheels, not giving vibrations to be transmitted on the frame. Levers can be made according to data drawings.

Go ahead. What is the front suspension without shock absorbers? Here you can apply 4 motorcycle shock absorber one by one for each lever in front of the front, and two on the pendulum for the rear axis depreciation.

The rear shock absorbers are suitable from Iza, but if you are ready to upset on gas-beams with a podachka, it will give you the opportunity to regulate the suspension under the road conditions, which is very by the way for such equipment as quad bike!

Four-wheel drive and automotive engine

And how to create a quad bike with the drive for all 4 wheels you ask? Above we reviewed the easiest option. But option is possible not only with a motorcycle engine, but also with a car engine! And then we will tell you how to make a quad bike with an engine from the eye. In the case of a all-wheel drive quad bike with a car engine, things are much more serious.

Here you can already use the basis of a motorcycle frame, it will have to be welded completely from scratch under the car engine. By the way, he may not only be from Oka, but also any other depending on your desires and opportunities. Immediately do not forget about the liquid cooling system.

Frame design calculate so as to place a radiator with a fan in a secure place from forest branches. The engine with the box should be mounted along the frame, in order for the drive shaft from the gearbox immediately to the rear bridge. To distribute the rotation of the wheels to each wheel, you will need 2 identical bridges, for example from the zhiguli.

But for installation will have to shorten them. To increase the permeability, if desired, you can make a downgrade chain gearbox, aligning with a standard gearbox. At the same time, the leading gear must be somewhat less slave. Uncomplicated calculations of the diameters of these gears, you can find out how much the maximum speed will decrease and the thrust will increase.

If the quad bike is not planned to be used to ride on the roads of general use, it will be a very significant technical solution.

Now, when the frame and chassis of the Quadrocycle will be collected, the engine is installed, you need to think about secondary structures, thanks to which the use of technique will be practical. The fuel tank is well suited from the Ural motorcycle. Its impressive capacity will be enough even for the car engine.

An important modification will be the installation of "Snorkel". Since the engine in the frame is pretty low, then the air filter will respectively takes the air from the bottom. To exclude water from getting into it when overcoming Brodov, it is extremely recommended to do it.

Fully need to redo the exhaust system, with the output of the exhaust gases is quite high, so that the water does not get inside. Also for quad bike, you need a large wide seat by moving body weight, it will be possible to achieve better control when moving.

From aluminum sheet metal, you can make the bottom protection for protecting the front suspension and engine levers. It is not superfluous in the forest will be the winch installed in the front. For lighting road, you can use fog car headlights.

Work on the appearance

In conclusion, to bring a quad bike to the proper appearance, similar to the present you need a housing. To do this, you will need epoxy resin ED-20 and fiberglass. These components can be bought in a business or construction store.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

To give such a form, first need to cut a blank from a dense foam, which is also sold in large building stores in the form of plates 1 m2 that is very convenient to create such projects. Then the fiberglass is applied to several layers. In this case, each layer is wedged by a resin.

The more layers, the stronger the case. Do not forget about the metal fasteners that need to be inserted between the layers, in the future for which the housing will be attached to the frame of the quad bike. After drying, you can grind, grind and paint.

Such a fiberglass case has a light weight and is very durable.

With a serious approach to business, such a quad bike is not enough to give up the factory, and on the cost of assembly it turns out many times cheaper. While collecting such a thing you can use the sea of ​​driving pleasure.

Quad bike with your own hands - in the Master's piggy bank

The process of making a quad bike in a normal garage. Given general recommendations for the work of this means of movement.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Quad bike is an excellent off-road solution. It is popular with extreme leisure lovers, fishermen, hunters and everyone who needs to be climbed into such places where the car does not pass. This type of transport is easy to manage, has excellent traffic and sufficiently stable while driving.

Factory quadrocycles are quite expensive, so folk craftsmen choose economy option: make such machines themselves. Of course, this solution is not for all: it is necessary not only to have golden hands and the tool you need, but also to understand the car, motorcycle and actually quad bike.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Where to begin?

If an insistent desire has appeared to independently do this miracle of technology, it is worth it from planning. It is necessary to decide with models, on the basis of which transportation will be collected, and drawings for them.

Be sure to think about which tools will be needed during the work and take care that they are in good condition. No matter how boring this occupation would seem, nothing will come without prior preparation.

If for any reason it is not possible to make a drawing yourself, you should find a ready-made option.

Next will need sources. A quad bike from a technical point of view is a mix of machine and a motorcycle. Accordingly, it will take a motorcycle and machine for its manufacture.

Optimally pick up domestic models on the secondary market, it will be inexpensive, but in quality is quite satisfactory for the construction of an ATV. It is better to use a small type of "Oka" or "Niva".

Motorcycles are very popular for such purposes "Ural", you can take "Izh".

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands


When drawings are ready, the source code is purchased, and the tools are waiting in the garage, you can start making a self-made quad bike. The quality and health of people depends on the quality of work, so it is necessary not to hurry and do everything consistently.

To begin with, select the engine and the cooling system. The motorcycle engine is usually used because it consumes less gasoline and takes less space, but you can take a car. Since in the summer he may overheat, it is better to take an air-cooled model, optimally forced (with a cooler).

The frame must be collected so that the engine can be fixed on it. He will be left in front - non-coming, the main thing is that it was securely fixed. There are two options here:

  1. Do a new frame "from scratch" from pipes. It is necessary to have equipment that allows you to bend the material.
  2. Take the frame from the motorcycle as a basis, remove too much and add the necessary.

Before making the final framework, it is advisable to make spot welding and check with drawings.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

How to make quad bike with your own hands based on the finished frame?

It is necessary to remove it all too much, leaving only the framework itself. The back is cleaned, and the pipes are increasing in front, and the brow is welded.

Next, spare parts from the car and additional metal pipes are taken, the optimal option will be plumbing. For the manufacture of the frame under the body, you will need a pipe 70x40. Its length should be equal or be greater than the length of the springs, and the width is the same as the bridge.

Cardan must be combined with a box with a rubber coupling, and with a bridge - with the help of flanges. The drive is easily done with your own hands using the chain from "Iza".

If you plan to install springs on shock absorbers, the rear pendulum is desirable to leave with silent blocks.

Next follows the bridge to welcome to the fork. Seams need to be strengthened with kosnocks for greater reliability. Instead of a cardan shaft, you can use the semi-axis from "Oka".

After making the frame, it is necessary to secure the engine. The muffler can be used homemade.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands


It is necessary to mount it qualitatively so that there is no backlash. The engine and the drive can be removed from the motorcycle, and the wheels are used from the machine. The trunk is easily made of pipes with thin walls. There are two possible control options:

  1. With the help of the steering wheel (in this case, the base is taken from the machine).
  2. With the helm of the motorcycle. Fuel tank is closed with the wheel. For a homemade steering shaft, a pipe is suitable 20 mm with walls of 2.8. The bottom must be a limiter.

The suspension can be made either forward or rear. In the manufacture of rear, two options are possible:

  1. The rear axle of the car is used. It will need to be shortened. The design will be severe, but will be differential, which is useful on the tracks.
  2. A gearbox-cardan design is used. A gearbox is mounted on the rear axle, and the wheels are attached on the disks. This is a more lightweight suspension option for self-made quad bike. It does not have differential, but it is not critical.

The front suspension is used from the motorcycle. You can make a four-wheel drive model, but it is much more laborious work, moreover, it requires certain skills in the turning business.

The pendulum levers are installed so that when the wheel is rotated the wheel, the engine does not cling. If the frame from "Urals" is used to make the wheels further. Two bustles are welded to the steering column: on the left and right wheel. Front rack must have a slope.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Quad bike with full drive

For its manufacture, you will need a steering system from the car, drive from mechanical transmission, suspension and differentials. Suspension, like steering, can be removed from the car. Frame In such cases, it is turned off completely "from scratch", pushing out from the size of the engine of the future quadrocycle. On the front suspension should be taken into account under the gearbox for the drive.

Using the products acquired on the secondary market, it is possible to collect transport for difficult roads and rural areas relatively inexpensively. One of the budget options is the Ural motorcycle, since it is inexpensive, has a rear-wheel drive and a four-stroke engine. Thanks to its positive parties, he is popular.

Quad bike, made independently, is not only convenient and practical transport, this is a reason for pride and the opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Outwardly, he can give up to factory structures, however, according to its technical characteristics, home-made quad bikes is no worse.

Perhaps the only negative (not counting the time spent, since the favorite thing is not in a burden) is the need to attract autoexperts to get documents and be able to register a quad bike.

How to collect homemade quad bike

At first glance, it may seem that collecting homemade quad bikes, this is not a task. In fact, everything is much easier than it seems, in the presence of the necessary spare parts and tools. The accommodated device of this type is usually designed from parts that can be found on any unused motorcycle, which is in a decent working condition.

Required tool kit

  • 6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

  • To assemble the device with your own hands, you may need the following tools:
  • • Welding machine.
  • • Bulgarian.
  • • A good set of precipitated and end keys.
  • • Other minor tools, like the passage and screwdrivers.

For the assembly of the ATV, it will take a small room with good lighting and heating. If you build in summer, you can stay under a canopy.

Engine and transmission

As a power unit, engines from motorcycles of Soviet production such as "Ural" or "Dnipro" are suitable for the self-made all-terrestrial machine. For easier and maneuverable equipment, units from motorcycle type "Java" or "Izh", which were completed with single-cylinder two-stroke engines.

To simplify the design of the future of the Quadrocycle, together with the engine it is better to use the same transmission and the drive that they are manifested initially.

To construct a machine with a full drive, you will need to install an additional gearbox.

Such in homemade devices is extremely rare, as it will be difficult to implement an additional assembly without a sharp addition to the weight.

Rama and suspension

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

The frame for the homemade apparatus is usually made independently from scratch. Billets from the old motorcycle can be used as a frame material.

Pipes from which they are made are small and necessary strength and flexibility. In extreme cases, the material can be chosen. Here the main parameter will be the weight.

Excessively thick pipes or profile will make a quad bike very heavy and unbearable for a quick and maneuverable ride.

You can use shock absorbers with springs from the same motorcycles as suspension. The suspension itself is executed in the form of the letter "A", and movably fixes on the frame. Shock absorbers and springs should be chosen in such a way that they can withstand the weight of the future machine, and provided smooth ride with good handling on ughab and pits.

Steering and wheels

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Steering partially you can use a motorcycle, with the addition of two-wheel drives. The drive is carried out by adding into the design of the levers and ball supports that can be borrowed from the car. The main task of the steering is accurate and comfortable taxi.

Wheels for all-terrain vehicles are best used from the car, so they are wider, and will enhance the passability of the device. The wheel diameter should be calculated in such a way that the homemade quad bike can develop sufficient speed, and also had a harmonious appearance.

Body and electronics

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

To install mounted equipment, gasoline tank and controls, you can use a robe from a motorcycle that is structurally connected to the quad bike frame. Special attention should be paid to the stability of the all-terrain vehicle, its appearance and convenience of planting the driver.

Do not forget about installing all the necessary lighting and outdoor lighting devices on the homemade quad bike. Headlights, rear lights and turn signs can be used from the same motorcycle from which everything else was taken.

Look at what homemade quad bike in the case!

Quad bike with your own hands - disassemble all the difficulties in creating all-terrain vehicles

Unfortunately, not every person has the opportunity to purchase a quad bike in the store. All over or less interesting models are now quite expensive, and buy a quad bike support is always a certain risk.

In this regard, many motorists advise to make a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle personally, I use the engine and spare parts from some old Soviet motorcycle. Previously, we already told you about how to make a quad bike from the Ural motorcycle.

In today's article, we will talk about other donors that you can use if you decide to collect quad bike with your own hands.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Why should you collect quad bike with your own hands?

Collect a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle personally, it definitely helps to solve several problems. The first reason, because of which people decide to make a homemade quad bike, this is of course a small budget.

If you analyze market prices for quad bikes, it can be understood that such vehicles can be considered almost for luxury. Prices for the simplest and low-power models begin from 150 thousand rubles, for example, Yamaha Blaster YFS200.

Such a single "quadric" is in principle enough, but the capacity will be lacking forever.

But the models of quad bikes with engines, the volume of 500-800 cm3 will cost much more expensive, about 500 thousand rubles. Chinese models can be considered, such as the Russian Stels manufacturer, but they will have to follow well. New all-terrain vehicles of this brand will cost approximately 300-400 thousand rubles, but the engines are already much more interesting - 45-70 hp

Nuances in the operation of homemade quadric

If you definitely decided to make a quad bike with your own hands, then you should know about the intricacies of its operation. In principle, if all-terrain vessels are needed for riding on impassive places, where patrol cars never happened, then worrying, probably nothing.

You will have to face problems if you are planning to drive even at low settlements, which sometimes drive patrol cars. Catching you without documents for this vehicle, then with a probability of 99% will be taken from you.

All the difficulty is to register a self-made quad bike, because in the traffic police, you will most likely refuse. In a good way, you can register the homemade, but it is extremely difficult to do it.

Therefore, the assembly of the self-made quad bike makes sense only if you exploit it in some wilderness.

Determine the choice

So how to make quad bike with your own hands? When creating a homemade quad bike, we need to decide on the donor, that is, a motorcycle that will underlie our project. For four-wheeled all-terrain, old Soviet motorcycles are perfect.

With them, we can borrow the engine with a gearbox, frame, steering wheel and if you wish, details such as a tank, seating and other elements.

Since we have already had an article about homemade quad bike from the Ural motorcycle, then in this review we will talk about how to make a quad bike based on the IL motorcycle.

For our goal, we will suit almost all models of motorcycles from the Izhevsk plant. The only thing that is important to understand is the engine power.

Still, the final result will be quite heavy design, so the best solution will be the use of the latest models - Izh Jupiter 5 or IL Planet 5.

More interesting models, like Izh Planet Sport consider no sense, because it is not easy to find them, and if it is possible, it is better to restore them, because the motorcycle is quite rare and interesting. Go to the main thing, how to make a quad bike and what is needed for this.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Rear suspension

Once you have decided on the donor, in our case it is Izh Jupiter 5, you must fully disassemble the motorcycle. After disassembly, we will need a frame on which everything was holding, including the engine. It is quite logical that to increase the reliability of the design, the frame must be strengthened in several places.

Now you need to cook the rear axle so that instead of the wheel on the axis, the bearing block with the chain drive can be up. An example, you can see in the photo.

As a suspension, you can use conventional shock absorbers from the motorcycle, and for the rear axle it will be details from the old car Zhiguli.

You can go more complicated and install a monoamorter, but then again you will have to look for spare parts from the car, for example, with the same Zhiguli or Oka.

Front suspension

As soon as the rear suspension is completed and installed, you can move to the front of the motorcycle, in which everything is somewhat more complicated. In the case when we dealt with the rear suspension, we had the opportunity to choose how many shock absorber would be installed. When creating the front suspension, we have only one option - use two shock absorber.

The Oka car is perfectly suitable for the front part of the Quadrocycle. We will need shock absorbers, turning units and steering trapezes.

However, be prepared for the fact that spare parts will still have to change, - something to weld, cut off, to refine. Also a good and simpler version will be the installation of a monoblock with fixed wheel planes.

Then you do not have to look for a steering trapeze, couplings, hinges and other parts.

The monoblock is a truly simple option, because it will take the installation literally time. The only minus of such a front suspension design is a heavier mechanism. Turn the steering wheel will be somewhat more complicated than when suspension with shock absorbers.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands


Many wondering how to make quad bike with their own hands, they understand what to start with the engine. And indeed, the main detail in the future ATV is the engine. From how powerful it will depend on the final result, and in general the whole design.

Of course, you can leave the engine from the donor motorcycle, but as a result, "quadric" will not be so powerful. If it is a little more serious to approach the creation of all-pass, then the installation of a more powerful engine will be an excellent solution.

We hope that we answered your question about how to make a quad bike.

Quadrocycle frame with your own hands: Detailed instructions

Any quad bike is experiencing a strong load when moving, and therefore to ensure proper conditions for movement manufacturers try to create a maximum strong frame. It is the frame that not only the weight of the Quadrocycle and the driver, but also sharp drops and maneuvers.

Rama is created according to a special drawing, well-known Japanese and Chinese frame companies are reliable and has an excellent functional design.

But if it is not possible to buy a branded model, and the desire to ride off the road is big, we offer to make a quad bike yourself, while some constructive details will not be worse than foreign analogues.

The dimensions of the quadrocycle frame typically differ depending on the technical properties of the model. If the technique has a simple engine and it must withstand the load of 1 person, the best robust frame will be optimal.

For example, the Quadrocycle frame of stealth 800 has a length of 2,088 mm and a width of 1 213 mm, which is an excellent indicator. But another IRBIS 200U representative received a length of 1,760 mm and a width of 1,060 mm.

That is, the difference is significant.

In addition to these frame requirements, the frame must be welded and created from durable materials. Typically use round steel pipes and a metal profile, they best withstand a strong load. If you bought the technique of a certain brand, regardless of the technical characteristics of the frame must have mandatory design features.

Also, many are interesting, where on the Quad bike number of the frame? It must necessarily, so there is no standard location. Usually try to look for a frame number under the seat, many it is applied to the front at the bottom. And others advise to see the Rame number on the right side under the front lever.

Find the Rama number will have to be necessary, without this data you will not be able to register your Quad bike.

Quadrocycle Rama do it yourself

If you decide to create a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle, with your own hands, the first thing to take care of the creation of the frame. Experts advise the use of frames from the Urals and the Oka car, they are better than change.

If you do not specify the technique, use standard schemes and create a quadrocycle frame from steel pipes and a metal profile. Sometimes if there is a motorcycle, the Urals around his frame will additionally have to install a homemade frame.

This is a big plus when creating a quad bike, because it is possible to install a native Urals engine on a motorcycle frame, and the additional frame will create the design of the present ATV.

If you do not know how to cook a frame for an ATV, pre-examine the scheme specified below. After you can consult with a welder or a mechanic that can quickly cook all the details.

KVADrocycle gearbox

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

As we see, the quad rope scheme specified below is quite standard and has a simple design, the main thing is all processes correctly.

In the case of using a frame from the Urals with an additional frame frame, such a design will be made much easier.

The fact is that the motorcycle frame will be already with a finished box, engine and other elements without additional welding, and the installed frame will keep directly wheels and driver.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Video instruction

Quad bike from Motoblock [Step-by-step instruction alterations]

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

Motoblock designers, probably, and in the most nightmarish dream could not dream, in which the folk craftsmen will turn their brainchild. What they only don't do it with their own hands: a minitractor, a snowplow, all-terrain vehicle, a snowmobile - in short, everything that can move in Mother's ground with its own way. It would be just awesome if modern "Kulibins" did not try to turn the motoblock into such an entertaining vehicle as an ATV.

Motoblock Quadrocycle Idea

In English-speaking countries, such a transport is called All Terrain Vehicle, the most close to this name in Russian is such a wording: "Vehicle for off-road driving."

Unlike conventional all-terrain vehicles, the quad bike is in its essence - this is a four-wheel motorcycle - powerful, high-speed, with wonderful permeability, and at the same time easy to manage and safe. In any case, falling from an ordinary motorcycle much easier than from quad bike.

6 sets of homemade quad bikes: collect quadric with your own hands

All further is just the work of the skill and patience. Creating a homemade quad bike from a motor-block, you need to be prepared in advance to the fact that it will not work as powerful and high-speed as real.

Another feature of the Quadrocycle made from the Motoroblock - its landing will not be motorcycle, but will remain standard for the motoblock.

But on endurance and maneuverability, such a homemade turns out to be at all worse than its factory fellows.

Stages of the transformation of the motoblock in quad bike

For the simplest design of the Quadrocycle, the special remission of the motoblock will not need, the main thing is to get the drawings suitable for this purpose. The transformation of the mechanism in the Quad bike occurs in 3 stages:

  • Extension of the wheelbase;
  • Frame arrangement;
  • Installing suitable wheels.

Since all standard models of motoblocks of the wheel are directly under the engine, then you need to expand them. Special inserts to dilute the wheels, you can pull out on the usual turning machine.

If there is no such possibility, and the wheels are very necessary, you can go more simple, but more costly - to purchase special adapters in the store to expand the wheelbase of the motoblock.

Further for the future of the Quadrocycle, you need to make a reliable frame. Most often, when it is manufactured as a basis, a cycling or motorcycle frame is used, but if necessary, it can be welded even from cropping pipes.

In any case, the homemade frame will be the most vulnerable node in the future of the ATV, since after connecting to the motoblock, it inevitably take away.

Fixed a homemade frame directly to the motoblock with two fonts for a swivel hinge.

For a snack, there is a postulation of the future all-terrain vehicles. First you need to decide on the disks.

The bicycle here is not necessary here: the best option will be automotive discs for rubber with a low profile, since they have a wide enough bed, and the rubber chamber will feel tightly to them.

And to protect the chamber rubber from damage, between the camera and the rim it is better to put a gasket of dense tissue.

With tires on the wheels, too, everything is simple: the cameras from the wheels of large trucks are perfect. Low pressure cameras will provide a mechanism for a large clutch area with the ground, in addition they are well depreciated, therefore, when assembling an ATV, you can do without installing shock absorbers.

The only minus of such a solution is that the rubber chambers themselves are very fragile, and without additional protection they will not go far, especially on off-road, where various spines, swirls and other sharp items are found at every step. The easiest way to provide the camera to a tortive protection is to wind up them several times with a tarp hose, fixing in the end superclaim.

This is so simple, you can make a mechanism from the motoblock with your own hands, which does not need a rolled road and are not terrible steep slopes of hills and ravines.

Quad bike - vehicle equipped with four wheels. The main manufacturers of mini-machines are: Yamaha, Polaris, BRP, CF Moto. Ultralitarian quadrics are used as the reality, and the tricky models are used for fast driving. The categories differ among themselves according to the technical characteristics, which is taken into account when you need to collect the quad bike with your own hands.

Quad bike do it yourself

Description of the vehicle

The modern quad bike is equipped with four or six-wheels of small sizes, but with increased permeability. The main technical specifications include: low weight, the presence of a full drive and reduced transmission. Due to the unique configuration, transport is easily driving on country roads. It can be operated in summer and winter.

To make a homemade quad bike, it is recommended to determine its type:

  1. Utilitarian. The model has a lot of weight and good permeability. Transportation easily transports several people and accelerates to 90 km / h.
  2. Trick. Equipped with a narrow platform, radiator. The machine weighs little and can accelerate up to 137 km / h.

The assembly of transport is carried out taking into account the technical characteristics, configuration, operating conditions. To perform independent work, you will need to have skills to work with a welding machine and a turning machine. To build a car, you will need a spacious garage. Taking into account the suitable parameters prepared the drawing of the Quadrocycle with their own hands.

Preparatory stage

With self-assembly, the engine is taken into account the power of the motor, the type of suspension, the need for a trunk mounting. To fulfill the upcoming work, you will need: welding machine, drill, bulgaria, keys, hammer, passatia, jack. As the basis, you can take:

  1. Motorcycle Ural.
  2. Motorcycle Izh.
  3. Scooter.
  4. Car Oka or Niva.

If necessary, transport is collected from parts of motorcycles and machines. If the frame is manufactured independently, special equipment for the deformation of pipes will be required. In this case, it is recommended to separately make the drawings of the frame for the Quad bike. It will simplify the process of assembling components:

  • motor;
  • suspension;
  • steering wheel;
  • brakes;
  • muffler;
  • battery;
  • Headlights

Homemade quad bike do it yourself

Selection of systems

The brake system uses new details or with minimal mileage. It is dangerous to install old brakes. The muffler is dismantled with the old car or is made independently from the pipe. If the frame from another machine is used, it must be securely mounted bolts to the bottom of the motor. The power unit is installed behind either in front. Specialists advise reliably to attach the drive with transmission to the frame.

How to make quad bike do it yourself

If the frame requires reconstruction, composite elements are dismantled. On the frame you need to increase the front part. At the next step, composite frame elements are welded. When reconstructing a carcass from a motorcycle, the seat racks are moved to 40-45 cm. Cut from metal and bootters are cut, which are then fixed to the frame. The resulting detail of the homemade quadric paints any paint.

To independently make a frame, a regular tube is used, with a wall thickness up to 3 mm. The spars are better to perform from a pipe with a diameter of 25 mm, and the sawp - from the pipe 20 mm. The elements are fixed point, and then solid welding. The ears from the levers and shock absorbers to the frame are welded in a similar way. The brackets are recommended to be fixed when installing other nodes and aggregates.

Force aggregate

Motor is dismantled from a sports or ordinary motorcycle, scooter, cars. Auto mechanics advise to take advantage of a four-stroke engine, with a capacity of more than 15 liters. from. Power units of scooters differ from other analogues of low fuel consumption. A quad bike on the basis of the scooter weighs little, so it quickly pulls out when jamming in the sand either dirt.

To carry the cargo or ride off-road, a stronger motor is installed:

  • from IL-1, IZH-2 or IL Jupiter with a capacity of 24 liters. from.;
  • from the Urals of 32 or 36 liters. from.;
  • from Okey two-cylinder engine 35 liters. from.

A three-cylinder engine is installed for the carriage of heavy loads. To ride in hot weather, a motor with a cooling system is used. On old moto, it is not provided. In such aggregates, it will be necessary to finalize the cooling system.

Front and rear suspensions

How to make homemade quad bike

Self-timer quad bikes are equipped with anterior or rear suspension. It is easier to mount the finished front suspension from the old motorcycle. You can use other options:

  1. Rear axle from the car. It must be shortened under the parameters of the quadric. Plus this method - the presence of differential. The minus of the bridge lies in its large mass.
  2. Cardan + gearbox on the rear axle. An independent suspension with high road lumen is suitable for all-terrain. In this case, the suspension levers are fixed to the frame with bolts.

In order during the ride, quad bikes did not turn over, it is recommended to provide a tilt of the front suspension rack. Shock absorbers are suitable for Iza. If you have a financial opportunity, it is better to install gas-oil shock absorbers with a swap. They provide adjustment of the suspension with the pavement.

Quadrocycles selfiems

The steering of the quad bike is similar to a similar car system. Installed steering wheel or motorcycle steering wheel . Some specialists advise combining 2 types:

  • Motorcycle steering wheel, shaft and lever at the top;
  • Details of the steering system from the car - downstairs.

You can make the steering tree with your own hands. To do this, use a pipe with a diameter of 20 mm and the wall thickness of 3 mm. At the bottom of the details you need to install the stroke limiter.

Transmission and brakes

Rama for quad bike do it yourself drawings

If the quadric is assembled on the basis of the car, the chain transmission is replaced. This greatly simplifies the maintenance of the vehicle. A manual gearbox is established (MCPP), since it improves maneuverability. Input shafts are sent to the front and rear axles. Wheels are dismantled by a small car: Oka, Niva.

The brake system is selected taking into account the mounted wheels. Swivel fists are dismantled by Niva or Oka. To assemble the all-wheel drive model, you will need: steering from auto, transmission drive and differentials. In this case, the frame is not used. It is better to cook the design under the volume of the motor.

The suspension is also dismantled from the car. A gearbox is installed on the front-wheel drive model. The next stage is the manufacture of the housing. For this, you will need fiberglass, fiberglass. Specialists advise to take advantage of the first material, as it is easier to work with it.

The drawing is pre-prepared, the elements of the body of the foam are cut. To fix them with each other uses the glue or mounting foam. Fiberglass is glued to foam. The resulting design is attached to the frame. The case is well dried, ground, polished and painted.

Quad bike IZH

Tires of the desired size are selected. If transportation will be operated on off-road, you need to create an appropriate clearance (distance from the bottom to the surface of the Earth). For this, the wheels R17 are installed.

The resulting quad bike is completed with turn signals, headlights, dashboard, battery. Electrical equipment is connected by a pre-compiled scheme. To do this, wiring are used, a multimeter to test the voltage in the network. At the next stage, seats are installed. The vehicle is checked for goodness, the data displayed in the drawings are mapped. Quadric, correctly assembled, is not inferior on the technical and operational characteristics of the finished transport.

Quad bike

How to make quad bike with your own hands - the task is difficult and responsible, but sat for the master, well-mastered the welding and lathe. The efforts spent and time pays off not only by large savings, but also the result obtained is an exclusive, the author's model of a quadric, which no one else has.

Quad bike do it yourself

Features of the home-made vehicle assembly are highly dependent on the selected base - the engine and other elements that are used by the cradle master.

6 best options for the base ("donor") for the target goal how to make a quad bike.

  1. Motorcycle "Ural".
  2. Motorcycle "Izh".
  3. Morave scooter.
  4. Another motor scooter (scooter).
  5. Car "Niva".
  6. Car "Oka".

Most often, some design elements are taken from a motorcycle, others - from the car.

In addition to the details (components) for the quadric, its creator will be needed:

  • Assembly "workshop" - a fairly spacious garage is useful in this capacity, equipped with good heating and lighting;
  • set of equipment and tools;
  • blueprints.

Preparation for work, tools and equipment

First of all, you need to carefully weighed when, where and for what purposes the future quad bikes will be used - hunting and fishing, motorcycle products in nature, cargo transportation, others. It is based on this that it is necessary to make a choice of "donor" TC, determined how powerful the engine is needed, what a suspension will suit, what trunk, etc.

Drawings can be taken from the Internet ready, to make up from scratch or combine both options and ready to remake at your discretion.

List of necessary tools:

  • welding machine;
  • Bulgarian;
  • drill;
  • a set of keys;
  • Various small tools of labor - caliper, hammer, knife, dumping, passatia, etc.

For self-making, the frame will also require equipment for flexing pipes. In the absence, you can rent it or give the necessary work "on outsourcing" to another craftsman. Only in the presence of non-light snorkens you can use the pipes manually, warming up the place of bend by a gas cutter or a burner.

Accessories quadric:

  • engine;
  • frame;
  • rear and front suspension;
  • steering;
  • brake system;
  • cooling system;
  • muffler;
  • Electrical equipment - battery, headlights;
  • Case, body kit.

The brake system is highly recommended to be purchased either completely new, or with a vehicle with the shortest possible time. Use old brakes too dangerous.

The muffler can be done himself. Everything else is to purchase used parts on the shadow market.

Select details

Rama quadrocycla

Depending on the "donor" and the design of the quadric, the frame is either to be made by itself, or you can reconstruct a ready-made, used.

The most important thing is that along the frame is securely mounted bolts to the bottom of the engine, which can be placed both in front and rear. Also firmly, in order to avoid a backlash, you should connect to the frame transmission and drive.

Frame from pipe

Homemade Rama

As a material, conventional water-gas pipes are suitable, with a wall thickness not more than 3 mm:

  • for spars - 25 mm;
  • For the crossbar and subposses - 20 mm.

Pipes are connected by point welding, then solid welding is performed. Ears for fastening shock absorbers and levers are welded to the frame at once. Brackets - during the installation of aggregates and nodes.

Reconstruction of the existing frame

To reconstruct the finished frame, it should be removed everything, leaving the frame, dismantle the back and increase the front. Then to weld the elements for fastening the full set of nodes and automatic units of the Quadrocycle. During the reconstruction of the motorcycle frame, it follows 40 - 45 cm to move the seat rack.

Cuted from the metal sheet and the front and rear triggers are boiled, welded to the frame. In conclusion, the finished frame is painted, not needed to cover varnish.



The engine will suit the car, a motorcycle or a scooter. Some of the "left-handers" even design a quad bike from the motoblock with their own hands, since newer models are equipped with four-stroke engines, the power of which in heavy devices reaches 15 "horses" - against 11 hp. "Ant".

The engine from the scooter is favorably distinguished by low fuel consumption, besides, the kvadric on the basis of the scooter is the easiest, which makes it easy to pull it out when jams in dirt and sand. But the quadric for the carriage of goods and / or off-road driving is needed more powerful.

The power of the engine "IZH-1", "IZH-2" and "Izh Jupiter" - 24 hp, old "Ural" - 32 or 36 hp, two-cylinder engine old "Oka" - 35 hp , three-cylinder machine of later release - 53.

For trips to hot weather, Quadrocycla needs a cooling engine. On old motorcycles, the cooling was not installed, so it will have to choose it (for example, from the VAZ 2108) and to build it.


The suspension can be used both rear and front. The easiest way to take the front from the motorcycle.


2 rear suspension options:

  1. Rear axle of a car, shortened under the dimensions of the quadric. Advantage - the presence of differential. Disadvantage - the design will be more severe.
  2. Cardano-reduction design - with a gearbox mounted on the rear axle.

Please note: an independent suspension with high clearance is needed for quad, all-terrain vehicle.

Pendant levers are attached to the frame with bolts through rubberometallic hinges - silent blocks.

The inclination of the front suspension rack is required, otherwise the Quad bike can turn over.

Shock absorbers are suitable from "Ija", but if the budget allows you to purchase gas-oil with a podachka, the driver will be able to regulate the suspension according to road conditions.

Steering and chassis

The steering system of the Quadrocycle can be both on the basis of the automotive - with a steering wheel and with a motorcycle handle. Some masters combine both types: motorcycle steering wheel, lever and shaft - at the top, automotive steering traction - down. Together with the wheel of the motorcycle, it is advisable to immediately take the fuel tank.


The homemade steering shaft is made of 20 mm pipe with walls up to 3 mm. Bottom necessarily puts the stroke limiter.

Shootless pair when making a quadric based on a car better replace the chain transmission. This will greatly simplify and reduces maintenance.

The gearbox (PPC) is recommended mechanical, since it improves maneuverability, besides, when controlling the Quadrocycle, the rear, low or high transmission still has to be shifted manually.

Input shafts from gearbox must be able to send directly to the rear and front bridges.

The wheels are most often taken from small vases ("Oki" or "Niva") and shovel rubber corresponding to the conditions of operation (weather, terrain, etc.). The brake system is selected depending on the wheels. Swivel fists - also from "Niva" or "Oka".

Four-wheel drive

All-wheel drive quadrocycles are characterized by a particularly good passability - of course, in the presence of a sufficiently reliable engine and studded rubber (read about the Law on Winter Rubber).

If you prefer transport with full-wheel drive, car steering, differentials and mechanical transmission drive are needed.

The existing frame in this case will not suit, you should cook a new engine for the engine.

Pendants, like the steering system, you need to take from the car. On the front it is necessary to provide a place to install the gearbox.

Installation of the all-wheel drive model requires not only special skills of craftsman, but also additional labor costs. Alternative option - buy a finished all-wheel drive knot - costs money.


The manufacture of the body is far from the simplest stage of the story, called: "How to assemble a quad bike with your own hands." Suitable materials - fiberglass and fiberglass, it is easier to make body kit out of the second.

First, it is necessary to draw, cut and build a durable foam from pieces, bonded or fastened by mounting foam, "blank" of the housing. Then - apply several layers of fiberglass, missing each epoxy resin and inserting metal mounts between them to attach the housing to the frame. In conclusion, it is a pretty to dry the body, after which it is immersed, polished and paint.

Manufacture of housing

Stages of assembly of quad bike

To create homemade quadrocycles with your own hands, you need a step by step to pass 9 stages of work:

  1. The acquisition and preparation of all necessary;
  2. Welding (alteration) frame;
  3. Installation of suspensions, brakes, chassis, shock absorbers, wheels;
  4. Engine installation, gearbox, drive assembly;
  5. Installation of the fuel system;
  6. Installation of electrical equipment - turn signals, headlights, dashboard, battery;
  7. Manufacture of housing;
  8. Primer, grinding and painting of the case, (if desired) sophisticated author tuning;
  9. Turning the hull and seats.

After the final stage, the finished miracle of the homemade technique will remain well riddled, gradually complicating road (and roadless) conditions.


A quad bike, manufactured independently, practically does not give way to the products of technical specifications. But the most important thing is that running the "Masters of Golden Hands", which knows his own transport "from A to Z," he will ride long and happily. After all, it happens that for many tens of kilometers from the nearest one hundred, the owner and the driver of the quadric in one person immediately renovates. The main thing is to carry with you a set of necessary tools folded in the CAFR, which is recommended to provide TC.

Using our tips, carefully think about the assembly process to the smallest detail, choose everything you need, do the full sequence of work without hurrying, because the safety of road participants depends on the scrupulousness of the craftsmanship.

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