How to make a man rude and hoarse?

There is nothing more unpleasant and repulsive than a high, shrill or squeaky voice of a man. Remember the famous singers or actors who possess a hoarse voice. A truly man has a male voice with notes of brutality, rudeness and hoarseness. The surrounding will be perceived more seriously, and girls will melt at the first sounds of your voice. How to put a real handsome male voice after a week of training?

We rarely love their voice to audio recordings, and often do not even know. It seems funny and ridiculous. But even worse, when the voice of the semi-child in a guy or an adult man. It is difficult to present a representative, brutal, strong, successful, attractive, hot, brave and courageous man with a thin voice. Voice is like appearance and is a distinguishing business card of every person.

The ringing, piercing, gentle, children or squeaky voice always distorts the impression of said. As a result, the carrier of such a voice faces certain difficulties when it is not always perceived seriously. What to do and how to fix it? Training a voice, making it more courageous and exciting. The voice can be developed, deepen and make more beautiful for hearing.

How to make a man rude and hoarse?

Real Low and Brutal Male Voice

Remember the voice of the singer Vladimir Vysotsky or Speaker Yuri Levitan. In real life, Nature not all men gives such a cool voice, but it is corrected. You should make a voice lower, velvety and brutal. When the voice change and becomes more hoarse, the attitude of people will be transformed towards you. All girls and women will be yours, and the surrounding will be more carefully listening to your words. Want to change your voice once and for all? You came to the desired address.

What will give a lower and velvety voice? The owners of such a voice are attributed to the following positive qualities:

  • confidence;
  • masculinity;
  • leadership;
  • self-sufficiency;
  • hardness;
  • attractiveness;
  • brutality;
  • Cool.

So many positive qualities only when changing voice? Absolutely right. People are always focused and subconsciously celebrate the voice of the interlocutor. One has a very beautiful and deep voice that makes a person more interesting. Women love men with a deep and promising voice.

How to make a man rude and hoarse?

Doubtful ways to change the voice

There are many ways to make the voice more rough. These include surgery, which can solve issues with voice ligaments. But are you ready to go under the surgeon's knife in order to change your voice? This is an excessive waste of money, and surgery is not always a good solution.

You can take men's hormones, but they are not always predictable. Smoking and alcohol also make a rude voice, but how do this spoils health and appearance? Regular visits to the beloved sports team and teams are working. You can visit more often rock concerts and singing to the maximum. But often it will not be possible to walk as often as required for regular training.

All these methods are dubious, but there are real working methods where it is not necessary to be subjected to such deprivation. You can make a slower voice at home, free and most importantly forever. To give the voice of notes of velvety, brutality and hardness, it is required to train. How to work on voice to make it courageous, rude, velvety and brutal?

How to make a man rude and hoarse?
Pablo Merchan Montes, Unsplash

How to make a man more rude and low?

Training for more silky, rough and deep voices will be every day, but it will bring the fruits very soon. This will break the resonator and will allow to speak more deeply. It is required to train every day for 5-15 minutes. Gradually, the voice will begin to transform, and you will feel change in a week. Each training is recorded on the voice recorder in the phone to analyze the voices. This will allow you to hear your voice from the side and adjust it in the right direction. How to make a man rude and hoarse? Instructions for changing the voice.

1. learn to breathe the belly correctly

Professional speaker actors recommend to breathe not to breasts, but belly. Breathing is the basis of our speech. If we breathe breasts, it clamped chest bales and makes them more bell. Put one hand on the chest, and the second on the stomach. Now inhale and exhale air. Must move the belly, and not the chest itself. And now speak in exhalation of stomach. You will notice how the voice becomes deeper and beautiful. If we talk only head and breathe through the chest, then the voice will be overstated.

2. Point vowels with a decrease in tones

You take any vowel from the alphabet. If you have already forgotten what it is from the school program, then these are the letters: a, o, and, e, o, e, s, y, yu, me. But you can use the letter "M". Sing the letters with average volume, but gradually lowering the tonality is lower and lower. Get to the lowest note, as you can, and then rise up.

Gradually, you will expand the dynamic range of your voice into the lower octaves. Your voice to turn from the vote of the tenor (highest) in the baritone and bass (the lowest). Empty each time to the maximum possible notes. With training, the voice will sound more and more deeply. So you feel what you can say not only on high colors, but also at lower, which are becoming more and more accessible every day of training.

How to make a man rude and hoarse?
Pablo Merchan Montes, Unsplash

3. Mokey letter "M"

Often we can have a low voice, but at the same time be very quiet. Pronunciation sound "M" with a gradual increase in sound. At the end, open the mouth, as if revealed, and make the sound as loud as possible. So the voice will not only be dropped and coating, but also becomes loud. A quiet voice in a man is not alive and not very attractive.

4. whisper

The whisper is pretty much loading the bundles, and therefore coats it. Read any text or book with a whisper. As a result, you will begin to appear hacknotes in my voice, which will make it more beautiful. This whisper will be useful to you when you whisper in the ear of a beautiful girl tender compliments or words of seduction.

How to make a man rude and hoarse?

5. Let go and raise the chin

With the head lowered the voice below, and with the raised above. Lower the head on the chin and make the sound: "IIIII". During this process, slowly lower and raise your head to strain the ligaments, training them. When you raise your head, the sound becomes more ringing. Try to do so that the voice is always low, regardless of finding the chin. Fully align the voice will not work, but have some resistance, keeping the voice low.

6. Read the books with a rude voice

Start reading a book with your usual voice out loud. Then reread the same paragraph with a lower voice. Gradually lower the tonality down until it becomes pretty hard. This exercise will train bundles, making them more powerful, rude and strong. In addition to all reading books is useful.

7. Rods like a tiger

Publish the sound "rrrrrr", like a tiger. Initially, lever in the usual voice, and then drop it. Such a growl will cut the voice and make it more male and powerful. Feel yourself a beast and male. The growl will help to inspire some confidence, in addition to training a voice.

How to make a man rude and hoarse?

8. Speak by the Bogatyr voice

Remember both in the films of Bogatyri say: "Eeeeeeh". Take stress to the end of the word, as if exhausted by force.

9. Sing Rough Songs

Choose from the repertoire of your favorite songs, where the vocalist has a low and velvety voice. Now sing all of his songs, using karaoke sites for help. Advanced method and manner of execution, you will train your voice for lower tones. Gradually, the voice will be lower, deep, velvety and pleasant. You can take the guitar and songs by Vladimir Vysotsky. It will be useful for you in those moments when you sing songs by guitar at parties or in campaigns. Your low voice will excite the hearts of listeners, friends and beautiful women.

How to make a man rude and hoarse?
Toa Heftiba, Unsplash

10. Speak slower

The more quickly you say, the higher the register of the voice. Snoop the speed of speech and speak slower. This will allow you to have a lower and beautiful voice. Never hurry, telling something. Otherwise, the voice will go up, and you do not need it. Speak slowly, relaxed and thoroughly. It does not require a man to speak like a torping, swallowing words and hurry. Surrelling to speak more low and slower.

Male voice is a man's weapon. They will be able to intimidate malicious enemies, inspire confidence in real friends and seduce beautiful women. How to make a man rude and hoarse? Train 5-15 minutes just a day, and after a week you will notice the first changes.

We never think about how the voice affects our life. Get a real male, brutal, rough, velvety, hoarse, confident and exciting voice. It's worth it. People will see in you a strong man, friends - a great friend, and women are an attractive man. And how does your voice sound in the voice recorder? You definitely do not want to change the voice to a deeper, velvety, brutal and courageous? » Advice » How to make a rude voice and solid and learn to talk correctly

How to make a rude voice and solid and learn to talk correctly

People do not in vain occupy the highest level of development among all living beings. They invented and throughout the time of their existence, one of the most effective communication tools is constantly improved - speech. It is difficult to argue with the fact that there is a considerable measure from sound and voice to the voice, how others perceive the person and everything that has said to them.

Sometimes it happens that too thin, tender or ringing voice distorts the impression of this or that subject. For anyone who is talking to benusavo, squeakly or in childish, such quality becomes a real punishment. However, you should not get into panic or prematurely get upset. Instead, you should try several ways to make the voice coarser and a little glace. We are not talking about computer processing of sound and not about special programs distorting media ware, but about home remedies for changing the range of throat sounds that make up a person.

How to make a rude voice at home

To lower the voice of the voice is necessary not only to men, but also women. The first thing that should be taken is to sign up for vocal classes. It is not necessary that you have had musical data or a good rumor.

Just under the guidance of an experienced teacher more chances to learn to manage your own voice than making independent attempts. Not everyone who goes to the lessons of singing, they see themselves by the future Pugachova or Kirkorov and this is normal. If vocal learning for some objective reasons is impossible, you will have to train yourself, at home.

Exercises for changing voice

Deciding to make his own voice more rude, give him notes of "velvety" or hoarse, will have to train a long time and hard. It should be understood that you do not change yourself dramatically, although it is still possible to achieve a certain success.

It is necessary daily for 10 minutes pull the letter "A" with its usual voice. Perhaps the first time you will not get to sing for a long time and monotonously, continue to do, progress will not be noticeable than in 2-3 weeks from the beginning of the exercise.

To perform the second sound manipulation, it is necessary in the standing position or sitting to press the chin to the chest, tilting the head down. In such a posture, it should be started to pronounce the letter "F", that is, "buzz." Publishing such a sound, slowly raise your head up and throw it on. You will hear how the buzz is becoming more subtle. This is because voice ligaments are tense. The task of this exercise is to relax them as much as possible. "Wow" a little with your head back and come back to the original position. For one training, you need to perform at least 5 such repetitions, you can with small pauses, if at first strand the throat will seem complex.

Tips for lowering voice

To talk low, perhaps even a little rude voice, you need to strictly observe a few simple rules. First, never speak loud. If you have a ringing and thin voice from nature, then squeeziness is enhanced with the increase in the decibel. Secondly, it is important to teach yourself to breathe only through the nose. This leads to the fact that voice bundles begin to vibrate at such a frequency that makes a low, a little hoarse sound.

Voice change methods

A radical way to change the voice is the reception of male hormones. It is known that they also affect how high, or the speech of this or that subject sounds low. Moreover, it concerns representatives of both sexes, because testosterone is present in the organisms and men, and women, just in different quantities.

True, side effects will appear together with the flaw of the voice: an increase in body hairiness, perhaps even a small change in the appearance of the genital organs (in women the clitoris can swell and slightly increase in size). Girls and women who decide to take a hormone for change in voice, you need to be prepared for a possible failure of the menstrual cycle. To take such a drug without a consultation with the doctor is strictly prohibited.

The most fundamental method of lowering the voice tone is the surgical intervention. A surgeon under local anesthesia makes an incision above the bottom of the cartilage of the larynx and then change the voice to the desired. This is not a challenging and not long operation. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that no scalpel manipulations are harmless to health.

Smoking and alcohol abuse leads to rudeness, but since both habits are harmful, they should be excluded from the list of ways to help make rollers and courageous.

Wrongs the goal and firmly deciding to make the sound of its speech lower and not so ringing or belligerent, it is worth getting ready for work on yourself. Showing the diligence, training daily and diligently performing exercises and recommendations, everyone will be able to give their speech a pleasant, velvety timbre.

Published: 07/21/2019


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Before you, the expert on the statement of voice and the development of his sound is Egor.

- Egor, Hello

- Zdrsati

- Tell me how to break the voice of a schoolboy?

- Yes, Izi finally! Do Strobas, to make sounds like ishak, washed, and do the exercises for pumping a diaphragm

- Oh, you are so smart! How did you know about it?

- Yes, I just studied it throughout almost my life.

- Wow! Have you had disciples?

- Yeah. Schoolchildren in the comments. There are not only students. There were also teachers.

- And what questions did they ask you?

And were the following frequently asked questions in those comments:

1. What is a breaking voice?
2. Is it dangerous to break the voice?
3. At what age is the breaking of voice?
4. How long would you wait for a voice?
5. Is it better to wait for him to break himself?
6. My throat hurts after I did exercises. So should be?
7. When the voice breaks. It's forever?
8. And the girl also will also become rude if it will do exercises for breaking the voice?
9. How to fix the voice?
10. Exercises that can be done

What is a breaking voice?

Imagine that you eat a chicken. She has skin, bones and cartilage. And there are exactly the same carter in our body. In our throat. And when we grow, then these cartilage are formed. Usually they do it in a pubert, when the first hair appears on the jets and on the pubis.

Is it dangerous to break the voice?

All exercises are exercises for surgery actors, speakers and singers.

They are harmless in moderate use.

And if at all is dangerous is the breaking of voice? This is the same as clarified, is it dangerous whether the process of hair growth on the head is dangerous? :)

At what age is the breaking of voice?

Aged 10-16 years. If the primary sexual signs appeared, then the voice will be broken soon.

How long to wait until the voice break?

For all individually.

You can break it in 2 seconds to break it, and you can only see the results for 2 months.

But experience shows that the result is noticeable in the morning. When the brain takes information from the previous day.

Is it better to wait?

You can wait.

Exercises only accelerate this process

The throat hurts after the exercises have done. So should be?

Most likely, you have stuck up to this sharp wings of CFS, salty and low-headed cucumbers and thereby, your throat was in an unhealthy environment.

Nothing is dense, salty, roasted or sharp 2 hours before exercise.

Pee clean water during the fulfillment of all practical techniques.

When will the voice break, is it forever?

Yes, it's forever.

During breaking the voice, an additional register of your voice appears - the chest register.

And then you use the possibility of coordinating your brain and switch freely between registers.

I must say the phrase highly - I thought "I want to say high" and say.

I must say the phrase in a low voice - you do in a low voice.

And the girl also will become rude, If she will do exercises for breaking voice?

Girls have a voice breaking. He is mutated.

The structure of male and female votes is distinguished.

Exercises for breaking voices will help the girl to master the bottom notes in her voice.

How to fix the voice?

Spit, pluck, glue scotchpiem :)

What exercises to use?

1. Talk the letter "A" and at that moment you are knocking yourself on your chest.

2. Try to open the MMUUUU Cow Soap. At the same time, make the sound "M" with the most ringing.

3. Turn to the youTube search query "How to break the voice of a schoolboy?" And the very first you will see my video. It will show you a few more exercises and how to do them correctly :)

I wish you success! :) Practice voice and everything will be cool! :)

This is a cover :)
This is a cover :)

If you want to make your voice more courageous and low, special exercises can help. However, for starters, make sure if you really need to improve your voice, or you just do not know how to talk to your own voice, which meets quite often.

Why need to adjust the voice

Before starting doing exercises to work on those or other voice characteristics, make sure that you really have problems. First sign - you are poorly understood : If the interlocutors constantly ask you to repeat the said, and you are sure that you are talking clearly and loudly, then with the voice of the problem.

Second sign if you start and finish the phrase with an unnatural voice , and you do it involuntarily. For example, finish the phrase too high notes.

Another sign - how you say does not correspond to appearance or age . So, if the voice of an adult man is too thin, then it really needs to work on it to make it more courageous, rough.

A man sings in the shower
If the voice does not correspond to appearance, it can be developed

How to learn to speak correctly

It often happens that a man speaks a unnatural voice for him, for example, too thin, because it is just used to it. In this case, he follows learn to talk to your voice . It is possible that the unnaturality of sound is a consequence of chronic diseases, since some diseases affect the voice. It will help to be diseases of the heart, pulmonary or nervous system, diseases of the spine. In this case, the exercises will be ineffective.

Learn to talk to comfort . To determine your natural voice, make an exercise: Prepare a speech with a duration of 15 minutes and say it out loud. If there is a sense of discomfort or even pain during this time, then this means that you are not talking to your voice, that is, unnatural.

How to find your sound? Only an experienced way. You need to pronounce speech with different voices height and complying with the right breathing. When you can talk without discomfort, then we can say that you found your sound. The likelihood is high that your voice will be more courageous, low and rude than you assumed.

Voice correction in adulthood
Find your natural voice can be experienced

Exercises for the development of breathing, folds and articulations

For voice development, it is necessary to work on breathing, folds and articulation. In order to make your sound lower, you should regularly train bundles. For this you need:

  1. Talk as much as possible . Speak out loud even when you are alone. The more you talk, the more trained muscles will be.
  2. Strain bundles while talking, reading and even silence . The fact is that the bundles fluctuate constantly, even when a person sleeps. To pump muscles when you are silent, thoughtly strain the ligaments when you think.
  3. To yawn . The easiest way to relax the muscles of the larynx, which will allow you to manage your sound and remove blocks and clamps - yawning. Do this elementary exercise at least ten times a day to reveal your natural sound.
how can i fix voice timbre
To develop a voice, you need to do exercises for breathing, folds and articulations

It is necessary to put breathing. For this you need:

  1. Breathe a diaphragm breathing . During the inhalation, the stomach must come forward, and the shoulders and chest should remain motionless.
  2. Speak on exhale . This will make the voice more deeply.
  3. Have a lot of talk . Since you develop a voice, you should say as often as possible, while following the correct breathing technique.
  4. Frequently sing . It doesn't matter if you can sing or not, the main thing is to keep long notes smoothly to make the voice more confident, strong.
  5. Making breathing gymnastics . It may be yoga or any other techniques.

For the development of articulation, articulation gymnastics is useful, which helps to develop the muscles of the face, language and jaw. Traditional exercises: Painting faces, yawns with the simultaneous pronunciation of words, describing the eight in the air, the movement of the lower jaw.

You can see the exercises to reduce the voice in this video :

Only such a comprehensive work on the voice will allow it more courageous.

Our voice apparatus performs an important communicative function: thanks to the voice, we communicate with others, denounce important information to them, and some ability to speak or sing tied with their professional activities.

The state when it sits or disappears, a pleasant or comfortable to name cannot be called. Especially acute the problem of the missing voice faces those who chose the so-called speech profession: Teachers, singers, speakers, etc.: A temporary loss of disability comes to them together with a missing voice. Therefore, the desire of a person urgently restore the voice ligaments is quite logical.

In medicine, the state when disappeared or sat down, is called Afonia.

There are a lot of Afony's causes, and they are not always associated with a cold, as it is customary. Accordingly, the approaches to the treatment of the selent voice are also voiced.

Why does the voice sits down? What are the causes of hoarse vocal ligaments? What quickly restores the surviving voice? How to urgently return the ability to fully talk or sing? Fast voice recovery is the topic of our new article.

How does our voice apparatus work?

Before dealing with the reasons, because of which a voice disappears or sits down, you need to understand how our voice apparatus works. The air, leaving the lungs on the exhale, meets certain obstacles on his way, faces them, thereby leading to the occurrence of sound oscillations. If the air would not bother anything, the sounds would not be formed, and therefore we could not say.

Such a natural obstacle to the airflow is the larynx, and rather the voice ligaments located on it. Voice ligaments are folds on the mucous membrane of the larynx. Between them is a gap. When a person is silent, the slot is widely disclosed. During the conversation or singing, it narrows. Air passing through ligaments makes them quickly fluctuate and vibrate. That is how the sound wave arises, and the voice originates. It is quite logical that if a voice falls or sits down, then the problem is associated with voice ligaments and a collection of voice apparatus.

Why disappears and a voice sits down?

Most people associate a state when a voice falls and sits, exclusively with a cold. But with a cold only a part of the diagnosed cases is connected. In fact, the reasons why the ability to speak normally is much longer, and they are not always associated with infection or ENT diseases.

Let's deal with why a voice sits down or disappears. It is very important to correctly determine the cause of the failure in the work of voice ligaments. From this directly depends on what methods will need to be recovered.

  • Infectious diseases.
  • Most often, the bundles are sitting due to the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx - Larygitis. When larging the ligaments swell and lose the ability to quickly fluctuate. Aphony may also be triggered by cold, pharyngitis, angina, tracheitis and other inflammatory processes in the field of alternating. When due to infection disappears the ability to fully speak, the patient is usually also complaining of sore throat. "The culprits" of failure in the work of the ligaments in these cases are viruses, bacteria and mushrooms.

  • Overvoltage of voice ligaments.
  • Very often the voice sits down and disappears due to the increased burden on the ligament. Representatives of speech professions are often faced with such a problem, for which voice bundles are a full-fledged working tool. Such professions include singers, teachers, speakers, guides, call centers operators, sales managers. The ability to speak with them disappears due to overvoltage of ligaments, which inevitably leads to Afony. For such patients quickly restore the work of the voice apparatus - the task is priority! But you should not think that the voice sits down and disappears only from professionals. It is quite good to spend time in karaoke with friends or plenty of shock at the concert of the favorite artist, and in the morning you are guaranteed to feel on yourself what has been giving voice ligaments.

  • New formation.
  • Sometimes the ability to speak normally disappears, it would seem, without visible reasons: no colds, the voice apparatus did not oversail, did not sit down from a scream or a long conversation. In this case, in this case it is necessary to quickly restore the voice, you need to urgently turn to the otorinolaryngologist. Quite often, Aphony is a consequence of the appearance of larynx neoplasms. The ability to sound sound, by the way, disappears not only with larynx tumors, but also with the neoplasms of the thyroid gland or the area of ​​the lungs. And on how quickly you will visit the ENT doctor how urgently diagnose the problem depends on how fast you will restore!

    Friends! Timely and proper treatment will provide you soon recovery!
  • Problems with thyroid gland.
  • Thyroid disease can provoke the appearance of chronic laryngitis. Such a state must be urgently and quickly treated. And restoring the voice apparatus must begin with the treatment of the underlying disease. High-quality and rapid treatment of diseases of the endocrine system will restore the soundness of speech.

  • Nervous stress.
  • How often we hear phrase: "All problems from nerves." And the share of truth here is undoubtedly there. If a person is long in conditions of constant stress, peace disappears, a full-fledged sleep disappears, if you have to constantly experience nervous overvoltage, then the body can respond to this by the appearance of Afony. The only way out in this situation is an urgent restoration of sincere equilibrium and the soothing of the nervous system. In this case, it is necessary to restore not only with the help of an ENT doctor, but also with the help of a good neuropathologist or psychologist.

  • Allergy.
  • The ladins are strongly exposed to irritants. Upon contact with the allergens, there is a larynx enemy, which leads to the fact that the bundles are sitting, the ability to speak loudly and sound. To urgently restore the former healthy state of the larynx, it is necessary to eliminate contact with the allergen and urgently consult the allergist.

  • Bad habits.
  • Smoking is a very frequent cause of Afony. All harmful substances that are part of the cigarette are destructively affect the larynx. How to recover in this case? Magic tablet no. A person just sits down, he thinks well with his condition and urgently takes the only correct decision - no longer smoking! A lot of patients subsequently leave their feedback: "I regained voice ligaments as soon as I tied with tobacco." All in your hands!

As we see, the reasons why ligaments are sitting, not enough. To quickly recover, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor to determine the cause of Afony.

A LOR doctor is engaged in the rapid restoration of the voice apparatus. Sometimes doctors of adjacent specialties are connected to it.

How to recover during seven votes? Treatment methods

The competent tactics of treatment largely depends on the cause that caused Afony. If Afony emerged against the background of infectious diseases, the ENT doctor will register antibacterial or antiviral drugs, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic drugs; Prescribing rinsing throats, inhalation, physiotherapeutic procedures.

If the problem arose due to a long conversation, a cry or by the cost of the profession, a physician will help recover. It will offer an effective treatment regimen and will show a number of exercises, the execution of which will allow to avoid similar problems in the future. Very often for the services of the Foniatra to recover, professional singers are resorted. But there will be no superfluous consultation for those workers who are forced to talk long and remember in the process of their activities.

In other cases, you may need to consult related specialists - endocrinologist, neuropathologist, oncologist, etc.

No matter what caused Afony, there are a number of general recommendations that must be respected to quickly recover:

  • Arrange the day of silence when you speak at a minimum;
  • do not whisper;
  • Drink more warm liquids (teas, compotes, frosts);
  • Moisturize the air indoors;
  • Adjust your nutrition: no solid, acute or hot food, carbonated, alcoholic beverages and coffee;
  • Refuse bad habits.

Aphony requires compulsory treatment! Therefore, do not tighten with a visit to the otorinolaryngologist.


As in a situation with any other disease or pathological condition, it is better to warn it than to subsequently treat. Aphony is no exception. And in order not to fall in the future on the reception to the ENT doctor, you need to try to observe a number of simple recommendations: refuse loud tones in communication or screams; Do break if your activity is associated with constant conversations; in time and correctly treat infectious diseases of the larynx and pharynx; Wire from bad habits and attend doctors in time with the aim of preventive inspections.

If the instancy appeared, sign up for the reception in Dr. Zaitsev's "Lor Clinic": Our highly qualified ENT doctors and phones will quickly return to you health.

Phones for recording: +7 (495) 642-45-25; +7 (926) 384-40-04.

Come! We will help you!

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