Treasures pirates- How to pass 237 levels of VKontakte, in classmates?

At the level of 271 pirate treasures It is necessary for 60 strokes to break 16 ice cells. The game field is simple in shape, square, but the problem is in octopus, which is also buried under the double layer of armored boxes.

Try to initially create lightning, concentrate only on them, otherwise there may not be enough moves. If there is no other opportunity, and you need to use a short combination, try to make it so that as much as possible the combination stones faced the broken boxes. About the octopus at all should not be thought - most likely in your case, while breaking the boxes, it will lose almost all of his tental (if you use vertical lightning).

Video passage 271

Game "Treasures of Pirates"

Video list of the 1857 game level - for 3 stars You can look at the video below:

At the 1857 level it will be necessary:

  • Collect details of clothes for a sailor boy, there are only 4 pcs;
  • Collect glowing lights, there are only 28pcs.

Knowing your task at this level and looking at the video passage - you will easily go to the next level, I wish you good luck and pleasant game!

Pirates Treasures - Level 70

The target of the level 70 is not particularly original. On a row with now familiar with the wooden boxes, two more barrels appear, which are needed to omit as always before the foundation of the playing field. Regarding tactics, you can only say the following - concentrate on the boxes below and on combinations suitable in order to break them. The barrels will be "ourselves" to descend. No other difficulties - ice, chains, at this level. Remember that with the help of lightning you can destroy the boxes over the entire line - both vertically and horizontally, in one fell.

Video Passage Treasures Pirates Level 70

1347 The level is quite complicated, as for me. But if you can try to go. Your goals remove pebbles with shards (10pad, but they all appear even more), and spending only 40 moves. In the level, you can use special features that would quickly go through it. Below on video is shown as 2 minutes to continually pass the level. Good luck

Pirates Treasures - Level 137

Object goal : Collect twenty-five green stones for 10 moves.

Form of playing field : Square

Difficulties and tactics : For ten moves, little can be done to do. At this level, it is not necessary to do a lot - most importantly, break through the chains and boxes. The entire bottom of the field under the boxes is clogged with green stones. Therefore, as soon as the first box is blown up, the level is passed.

Video Passage 137 Treasures of Pirates

237 Pirates Treasure Level puts the task to collect 20 black marks for 30 moves.

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At such levels, it is impossible to say anything new. In order to pass the level without additional moves, you will need a good alignment, a few lightning.

I want to show one possible error in creating lightning. The following picture shows a combination from which you can make either just horizontal zipper or cross. Therefore, I advise you to carefully look at the horizontal lightning, it is impossible to make a cross-zipper from the same situation, which may be more useful in some situations. The cross-line lightning in the situation shown in the picture is created by moving the stone from left to right, thereby creating a "corner" 3x3 stone.

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Video Passage 237 Treasures of Pirates I left four or five recent attempts so that you could see the difference in my actions and in the scenario.

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