Russian-Georgian phraser

At the hotel

Phrase in russian Transfer Pronunciation
Hotel, Hotel SASTUMRO
Room Otahi
Passport Passport
What is your name? Rogrea Tkventya Saheli?
My name is Sergey Milkia Sergey
My surname Ivanov Whatsi Guibia Aris Ivanov
I arrived alone Ma Var Colemosuli Marto
How much is? Ra G'hirs?

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Phrase in russian Transfer Pronunciation
0Noli. Nari.
1Erti. Ertty
2Ori. Or.
3sami. Ourselves
4Otxi. Singhi
5Xuti. Huti
6Ekvsi. Equacy
7Shvidi. Schwida
9CXRA. Tshra
10 ATI Ati.
eleven tertmeti. Terrtmeti.
12 Tormeti. Brandy
13 Cameti. Tsameti.
fourteen Totxmeti. Hammethy
fifteen TXUTMETI. Thutmeti
sixteen Tekvsmeti. Texvmeti
17. Chvidmeti. Chvidmeti.
eighteen tvrameti. Tremyti
nineteen Cxrameti. Tshramethy
twenty OCI. OTI
21. Ocdaerti. Ots-da Erty (literally means - twenty and one)
22. Ocdaori. Ots-yes-ORI (twenty and two)
thirty Ocdaati. OTS-Da-ATI (twenty and ten (20 + 10 = 30))
31. OcdatertMeti. OTS-DA-TERTMETSTI (twenty and eleven (20 + 11 = 31))
32. Ocdatormeti. Ots-da-brande (twenty and twelve (20 + 12 = 32))
40. ormoci. OR-M-OTI (two twenty (2x20 = 40))
41. ormocdaerti. OR-M-OC-Da Erty (two twenty and one (2x20 + 1 = 41))
fifty ormocdaati. OR-M-OC-DA-ATI (two twenty and ten (2x20 + 10 = 50))
60. Samoci. Self-OTI (three twenty (3x20 = 60))
70. Samocdaati. Self-oots-da-ati (three twenty and ten (3x20 + 10 = 70))
75. SamocDatXutmeti. Self-Ots-dahutmeti (three twenty and fifteen (3x20 + 15 = 75))
80. Otxmoci. Oth-Moi (four twenty (4x20 = 80))
90. Otxmocdaati. From MOC-DA-ATI (four twenty and ten (4x20 + 10 = 90))
100 ASI Asi.
120. AS OCI Ax axes (one hundred twenty)
121. AS Ocdaerti. AS Os-da Ertty) (one hundred and twenty and one (100 + 20 + 1 = 121))
154. AS ORMOCDATITXMETI. AS OR-M-OC-Da-Thothmeti (one hundred and two twenty and fourteen (100 + 2x20 + 14 = 154))
200. Orasi. Or-asi (two hundred (2x100 = 200))
291. ORAS OTXMOCDATERTMETI. OR-speakers OTX-M-OC-DA-TERTMETTI (two hundred four twenty and eleven (2x100 + 4x20 + 11 = 291))
300. Samasi. Self-Asi (three hundred)
400. Otxasi. Oth-Asi.
500. Xutasi. Hut-Asi.
600. Ekvsasi. EcVC Asi.
700. Shvidasi. Schwida Asi.
800. Rvaasi. RVA-Asi.
900. cxraasi. Tshra Asi.
1 000 ATASI AT-ASI (ten hundred (10x100 = 1000))
1 001. ATAS Erti. AT-AS Ertty
2 000 Ori Atasi. Ori At-Asi (two thousand)
3 000 SAMI ATASI. AT-ASI (three thousand)
1,000,000 Milioni. Milione.

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Russian-Georgian phraser

Georgian language

Next you will find a small translator from Georgian to Russian Which we divided into two parts. In the first part, often used words that are difficult to translate in one word are collected. In the second part, Russian words whose value in Georgia is changed. In the third, the largest, most popular and most often used words.

The dictionary includes words that you can often hear on the street, but it is difficult to find in dictionary.

Barack (ბარაქა) - wealth, material prosperity, different forms of material benefits. Usually this is desired during the toast, if short, then wealth in everything.

Exchange (ბირჟა) - has nothing to do with other exchanges and is a mystical place in an area or city where guys, men or elderly are going to communicate and discuss the latest news and problems.

Genatsvale (გენაცვალე) - the person you like at the same time, respect and hug.

Dzlebi Beech (ძველი ბიჭი) - the literal translation of the "old boy". This is a young male representative who rarely works, often tusit on the stock exchange, lives on an uncommitable code and is 100% confident in its twist.

Djandaba (ჯანდაბა) - Rugacing, exclamation and expression of discontent, something like damn it. You can send a person there (approximately he will fall into something among the underworld, hell and another hundred most terrible places).

Digger (ჯიგარი) - admiration and praise. Usually assessing the properties of a male person, uttering from the completeness of feelings, after performing any worthy act.

Matthera (მეტიჩარა) - Usually the girl is showing, which is shred, and its coquetry passes the permanent boundaries. Can be addressed to a child with a smile and adult girl with disregard.

Supra Gavshalot (სუფრაგავშალოთ) - cover the table and ah-yes feast mountain. In the exact translation, sounds like "Removing the table".

Khamber (ხარახურა) - trash, which is stored in: garage, storage room, in the backyard or balcony. Zam is not suitable for business, but for some reason he is kept for many years in one of the above seats.

Khatabala (ხათაბალა) - the process, action or business in which there is no end of the edge. It is used in a negative sense, a matter that requires strength, from the fact that someone pulls the cat for the tail.

Peekbez Mkidiya (ფეხებზეიდია) - the accurate translation of "hanging on the legs" is often used expression, to show a naughty relationship to something or anyone (analogue to me on the drum).

Tsutisopeli (წუთისოფელი) - the literally "minute village" means the frequency of life. It is often pronounced with regret, when there is nothing to say.

Chichilaki (ჩიჩილაკი) - Georgian tree, which is a stick with shavings, which descend from the top.

Sheny Chirim (შენი ჭირიმე) - literally "I will take your illness, pain or suffering over yourself." It is used from excess feelings with the meaning of oh my good, my sweet.

Shemeogavle (შემოგევლე) - similar in the meaning of Sheny Chirim.

Shemchair (შემომეჭამა) - accidentally ate, in other words ate, without noticing how.

Words that have this meaning only in Georgia:

Rolling is a plain turtleneck or a sweater with a neck.

Cheeky - home slippers.

Studs - clothespins for linen.

Bammaker - a rectangular candy box.

Pasta is a common handle that is written at school.

Brooms - floor tiles, tile - wall tiles, both words are interchangeable.

If you carefully read the article, then you know that there is no kind in Georgian language, so beautiful and beautiful will sound the same.

Based on this, we offer a small selection of compliments that can be said to a woman and a man:

Expression of feelings and compliments in Georgian


Beautiful ლამაზი (Lamazy)

Smart ჭკვიანი (Chekviani)

Good კარგი (Cargo)

Cute ნაზი (Nazi)


Ugly უშნო (ear)

Stupid სულელი (Sulieli)

Bad ცუდი (CDE)

Evil ბოროტი (boots)


My dear ჩემო ძვირფასო (Chemo Zvirpaso) My handsome ჩემო ლამაზო (Camo Lamazo) My good ჩემო კარგო (Chemo Cargo)

My soul ჩემო სულო (Chami Sulo)

My golden ჩემო ოქრო (Camo Okro) My life ჩემო სიცოცხლე (Chamo Singotshle) My joy ჩემო სიხარულო (Chemo Sikharulo)

Phrases and words suitable for expressing their senses

Love სიყვარული (sickel) I love you მე შენიყვარხარ (ME SHEN Mikhavhar) very much I love უზომოდ მიყვარხარ (Mikvarhar Riekomod) missed მომენატრე (Momenatre) You dream of მესიზმრები (Massismarbi) whole გკოცნი (Gkotni) Kiss me მაკოცე (Makotsi) Go to I, I am a kiss მოდი ჩემთან გაკოცებ (Moi Chemtan, Gakojeb) I really like you - შენ მეალიან მომწონხარ (Sheng ME Dzalian Metsonhar)

I will never bother არასდროს მიგატოვებ (Arasdros Migateb) I will always be with you სულან ვიქნები (Sul Shenga Voshini)

You are my life შენ ჩემი ცხოვრება ხარ (Sheng Chami Drugsreba Har) You are the meaning of my life შენ ჩემი ცხოვრების აზრი ხარ (Sheng Chami Drugsrubis Azri Har) Why don't you call? რატომ არ მირეკავ? (Rat AR Mirinkav?)

I will wait for დაგელოდები (Dagalodebi) I am very sad without you ძალიან მოწყენილი ვარ უშენოდ (Zalian Mozzhenili Var Usheno) come rather მალე ჩამოდი (Male Chamodi) do not write ნუ მწერ (well, Mzer)

Forget me დამივიწყე (Damivitzhe)

Don't call me more აღარ დამირეკო (Agar DamiroKo)

Now you know how to make a compliment on a Georgian man and a woman.

Acquaintance and meeting

Hello გამარჯობა (Gaymjoba)

Hello გამარჯობათ (Garakobat)

Answer to Hello გაგიმარჯოს (Gagimarjos)

See you, goodbye ნახვამდის (Nastamdis)

While კარგად (Cargad)

Good morning დილა მშვიდობისა (Dila Mshvidobis)

Good day დღე მშვიდობისა (DGE Mshvidobis)

Good evening საღამო მშვიდობისა (Sagamo Mshvidobis)

Good night ძილი ნებისა (Jili Nabis)

Thanks Madloba (მადლობა)

Many thanks დიდი მადლობა (Didi Madloba)

Thank you გმადლობთ (GMADLOD)

Please not for that არაფრის (Arapris)

How do you? როგორ ხარ? (Rogor Har?)

How are you? How are you? როგორ ხართ? (Rogor Hart?)

Okay. How are you? კარგად. თქვენ? (Cargad. TKVEN?)

Thank you, good გმადლობთ, კარგად (GMADLOD, KARGAD)

Bad ცუდად (Cudad)

Sorry უკაცრავად (DecinavaVad)

Sorry ბოდიში (Body)

What's your name? რა გქვია? (Ra Gvkia?)

My name is ... მე მქვია ... (M. Milia ...)

I do not speak Georgian არ ვლაპარაკობ ქართულად (AR Vindarakob Cartogo)

I do not know the Georgian მე მე არ ვიცი ქართული (MA AR Vici Cartuly)

In the store and restaurant

How much is? რა ღირს? (Ra Girs?)

What it is? ესა არის? (ES RA ARIS?)

You have ... თქვენ გაქვთ ... (TKVEN GACW ...)

I want მინდა (Minda)

I do not want არ მინდა (AR Mind)

You can not არ შეიძლება (AR SEIDSLABA)

Slightly ცოტა (County)

Many ბევრი (BEVRI)

All ყველა (Drug)

How many? რამდენი? (Ruddenie?)

Bring the account ანგარიში მოიტანეთ (Metant's Angara)

Drinks and food:

Water წყალი (Tshali)

წვენი juice (Celli)

Coffee ყავა (Hava)

Tea ჩაი (teas)

Wine ღვინო (Guino)

Fruits ხილი (Healy)

Orekhkhi თხილი (Thili)

Walnuts ნიგოზი (Nigosi)

Ice cream ნაყინი (Nakhini)

Honey თაფლი (tap)

Salt მარილი (Marili)

Pepper პილპილი (Pilpili)

Bread პური (Puri)

Meat ხორცი (Horci)

Cheese ყველი (Dzheli)

Skewer მწვადი (Mtswadi)

Greens მწვანილი (Mrtanili)

Breakfast საუზმე (Sausma)

Lunch სადილი (Sadili)

Dinner ვახშამი (Vakhshami)

Colors and wardrobe items

Black შავი (Shavi)

White თეთრი (Tatri)

Blue ლურჯი (Lourdi)

Red წითელი (Citeli)

Yellow ყვითელი (Criteli)

Green მწვანე (Mtskva)

Pink ვარდისფერი (Vardispeary)

Orange ნარინჯისფერი (Narindzhispary)

Dress კაბა (Caba)

Skirt ქვედატანი (Quidatani)

Pants შარვალი (Shawl)

Socks წინდები (Qingdeby)


Left მარცხენა (Martzhan)

Right მარჯვენა (Marjwen)

Right პირდაპირ (Pondapir)

Up ზემოთ (ZEMOT)

Down ქვემოთ (KVMOT)

Far შორს (shorts)

Close ახლოს (Ahlos)

Map რუკა (accent on y) (hand)

Where…? სად არის? (Garden Aris ...?)

What time is it now? რომელი საათია? (Romali Satia?)

What is the address? რა მისამართია? (Ra Misamartia?)

Where is the hotel? სად არის სასტუმრო? (garden Aris Sostumro?)

Railway station რკინიგზის ვაგზალი (Rkinigzis Vagzali)

Airport აეროპორტი (airport)

Port პორტი (port)

Taxi ტაქსი (taxi)

Bus ავტობუსი (Autussi)

Area მოედანი (Maudani)

If you want more, then on the link you will find the most convenient and complete Russian-Georgian translator online:

We sincerely hope that the article answered all the questions you are interested in and now you may understand what the Georgians say, and also boldly join the conversation with them. We tried to cover various topics for conversations that may arise from tourists in Georgia. They taught you not only literary speech, but also introduced with frequently used slang expressions. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. We will try to answer everyone.

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Georgian and tourist dictionary




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In order to have ignorance of the language not for you a barrier, on our site you can download or print a beautiful Russian-Georgian phrasebook, in which the most important topics for conversations are collected during the journey.

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Numbers - translation of numbers from zero to a million and their proper pronunciation. This topic can be useful in many cases, ranging from a bus trip and ending with the purchase of goods on the market and in stores.

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Tourism - phrases that most often use tourists while traveling.

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