Alpha, beta, gamma and omega: modern men hierarchy

Women systematically hear the complaints of the girlfriends that they could not cope with their partner, there are not enough warmth and comfort in relations. This is one of the most frequent phenomena in relations, it is in most cases and becomes the cause of the break.

If a man and a woman met at neutral territory, entertained together, then by the time they decide to live together, absolutely nothing knows about each other.

The opinion of a person is developing out of whether he gives gentle nicknames, whether the account pays the bill in the restaurant, how often drinks whether he plays in video games, etc. None of the partners know how their favorite person behaves in everyday life.


You can argue, saying that sex is an important aspect, if you need to form a certain impression of the second half. Yes, on behavior in the intimate life of life, you can say a lot, but a rare person thinks how sex will change in a few months. Will passion, trepid and excitement?

All this is possible to predict if you try to determine the type of men in the hierarchy of society.

Types of modern men

α (alpha) - Tribe leader and absolute authority. Very often are people of physical labor. Adorable contact, aggressive sports (watching broadcasts, participate themselves).

Such people want power, wish to assert their account. Many men wonder how Alfoy becomes. Everything is very simple. Heavy childhood, seasoned with a pinch of uncertainty. Only one who does not feel significant will try to dominate the woman and surrounding, delivering discomfort by every action.

Do you know what the most serious mistake of women? They believe that their love can change the man.

Women do not want to make long-term relationships with such a partner, because they may have a place and domestic violence, and the abuse. Most often, girls feel the attraction to such men (a simple reproduction instinct), so they want only connections for one night.

But what is good for the animal world is harmful to the world of civilized.

β (beta) - People who are successful in work, and in family matters. They have a slightly softest nature, while they can argue with a woman on an equal footing, do not move on personality. These men have everything perfectly with mental abilities, so they are most often engaged in mental labor, bringing benefits and family, and to themselves. Beta will help make the relationship become mutually beneficial cooperation.

This is the best type of men to create a family. Beta is reliable, smart, promising. Such young people appreciate their soul mate, will always help in a difficult situation. This is the strong personality of the 21st century to which everything is being drawn. The ideal of a man in our time looks like this.

... people who deep and seriously love each other, little occupies the opinion of foreign ones. They love - and this is pretty!
(Theodore Dreiser)

But what should I do if the relationship is needed by an authoritarian woman who wants to earn herself, save oneself from any disputes, ask the desired course?

γ (gamma) - These men were considered the lower members of the tribe. They are podiatiles, do not have their own solid will, so if a rich woman wants to find a "decoration", then her choice will fall on such a man. If the gamma has good manners, a beautiful face, then it can go along the path of least resistance and establish their lives.

Modern women who marry the gamut are trying to protect themselves from negative, domestic violence and household difficulties. However, it happens that the young man is not at all as it seemed earlier. Gamma can not achieve increasing, has no ambition, does not benefit relationships.

The girls from the first minute know what they want: to sleep, get married or nail a guy.

Some authors do not include gamma in the "list", attribute their characteristics of Omega. But we allocated the last type separately that the reader understands who and why does not fit into the top presented above.

ω(omega) - Creative Persons, Bohemia. These are people who are passionate about their creativity, pay a maximum of the hobby time. Usually such men do not want to start a family (multiply), they are quite a favorite woman nearby. Someone she replaces the best friend, someone inspires someone to support.

With such a person it will always be interesting, because he has a huge amount of topics for conversation. It is almost impossible to remove Omega on emotions, so you can conduct a full-fledged discussion and not be afraid of a quarrel (which is a big plus in interpersonal relationship). Most often, they lead a closed lifestyle and try to protect themselves from negative.

Over time, a man can "move" from one type to another. It depends on hobbies, ambitions and self-confidence. Often beta, whose opinion was not taken into account , Alpha becomes, believe that women will succeed.

In fact, only break the hearts and spoil everything that has already managed to build.

How to become alpha male? Is it necessary? What men set such a goal? Tell us about it in the comments! Share advice with those men who may experience difficult times in relationships.

Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. In Etology, the science of animal behavior, the leader, the leader, the leader of the flocks - a person dominating in the group.

Depending on the floor, alpha males and alpha females are isolated. For example, in flocks of monkeys Alfa-Malez is a leader and a defender of the group. They prefer to mate and start the offspring of females.

Sometimes it is also said to people. Slang name dominant man - Alfach. .

Omega is an individual who occupies the last place in the group hierarchy, the rudder and the victim of the etching. So denote the rejected, the most disastrous members of the team.

Chimpanzee in the Australian Zoo. Photo: Getty Images

Alpha, beta and Omega. Supportation hierarchy in chimpanzees and other animals

The terms "Alfa-Six" and "Omega-Six" are associated with the system of dominance-dominance in animals. In order not to fight every time for limited resources or sexual partners, some animals are installed in society order and comply with it. Those who are below the social staircase are obliged to infer.

Scientists indicate the place of individuals in the hierarchy using the letters of the Greek alphabet. The alpha-male is denoted by ♂α, alpha female - ♀α.

The social hierarchy in chimpanzees was well studied.

Alpha-male is a dominant part in the group. Alpha controls conifers, supports order and resolves disputes. Alfa-male is not always the largest and strong chimpanzees. The main thing is that it is capable of using the whip and gingerbread to control the flock - often due to the help of other males, their associates in the struggle for power.

Also, for the conquest of the highest place in the group, the male must receive recognition of females, explains the Dutch primatologist France de Waal.

The power of Alpha-male in chimpanzees is held not only on fear. The leader knows how to show kindness, generously shares resources with other monkeys, indicates de Waal in lecture on TED Talks. Therefore, among people, to call Huligan Alpha-male incorrectly, explains the scientist: "Someone is a big and strong, who fighters and insults everyone around, is not necessarily an alpha male."

If Alpha abuses its power, other chimpanzees can overthrow it or kill it. Conspiracy can even be the dominant females, putting forward the leader of another male.

There are cases when the chimpanzee was laughed with an objectionable "dictator": for example, in 2011, the scientists were observed in Tanzania, as the leader of the Pome's leader was killed by his relatives. Alpha has come up with the maternity rank male. The victim ran away, but four others pounced on Pimo, beat and made the leader to death (Source: American Journal of Primatology).

Killed alpha-male chimpanzee pimo. Photo: Jennifer Scott

In addition to the leading alpha males, Zoologists also speak about beta and omega individuals.

Beta is independent, but subordinate to the leader of the individual, the support of which is often based on alpha male. They are ready to occupy the place of Alpha in case of his death or loss of authoritative by the leader.

Omega is the lowest stage in the social hierarchy. Omega-Oracle obey the rest of the members of the pack. Valuable resources get to them last time, and members of the group can tear anger on them.

The symbols "Alpha", "Beta", "Omega" use not only primatologists, but also researchers of other species. Scientists noted that alpha males and alpha females are far from all kinds. Therefore, it is not necessary to project a social device of primates on all art animals. It is not clear even whether there is a leader alpha in the wolf pack, indicates a prominent zoologist David L. Fur (video on YouTube).

Alpha and Omegaans. Does this have people?

People, like chimpanzees, belong to primates. They are also typical of the desire to dominate and build a social hierarchy. In this regard, there is an idea that people are also divided into categories - Alpha, beta, Omega. As examples usually lead a hierarchy in closed groups: at school, army, prison.

Simplified ideas about the social structure are reflected in the Internet folklore. In memes " Alfach. "This is a brazen and self-confident jacket, striving to humiliate others and fertilize all females. Often Alfach ironically refers to a person applying to a special place, a fan of the dismissed brutality and "rotten Ponte".

Typical Alpha patches from social networks. Photo:

His opposite - " omegean " or " Omeside ", By all despised by the rank, the victim of trolling, Hatteria and etching.

Frame from the film "Stuffed" (1983)

But from the point of view of science it is impossible to explain all the diversity of relations in human teams of the hierarchy of domination. The person in society cannot be denoted by one letter. It depends on its physical data, and from intelligence, and on social skills, and from origin, and on the mass of external factors.

Moreover, each personality is peculiar to the whole status-role set, indicate sociologists: the person has innate and achieved statuses, in various teams it can have unequal statuses and play different roles. Moreover, the status of a person can change throughout life - this is called social mobility.

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Alpha Beta Omega and Mosaic Individuals in PeopleHierarchy - there are all living beings leading a group lifestyle. People are no exception.

On representatives of this hierarchy and their characteristics.

Alpha (about 10% of the population):

- High assessment yourself, low other

- faith in his infallibility, the lack of doubt, the tendency to quickly make decisions, without thinking for a long time

- Determining care about your comfort, health and safety

- optimism, confidence in tomorrow

- braghood, complacency

- the ability to act without looking into opinions and surrounding problems, asocial

- Non-update

- high threshold awareness of their guilt

- painful perception of criticism, difficulties with self-criticism

- determination, enterprise, perseverance, initiative

- Large professional, social and property ambitions

- Organizational abilities

- Openness, looseness, extroversion

- stubbornness, obsession, conflict initiative, egoism

- conflict stability

For men - sexual success, for women - sexual dominance


- low self-esteem

- indecision, long thoughting before deciding

- The ability to put up with inconvenience, discomfort, unsafe living conditions

- pessimism, uncertainty in tomorrow

- dependence on the opinions of others, fear of offending anyone

- reflexiveness

- Low threshold of realization of their guilt, shame, faith

- self-criticism, worship before authoriters, religiosity

- Willingness to satisfy the existing position of cases, conformism

Lack of big ambitions

- Low organizational abilities

- secrecy, introversion, shyness

- fasciance, modesty, timidity, law-abradiance, cheepingleness

- For men - sexual failure, for women - sexual subordination

That animals that people have clean alpha and omega do not live long. The first dying in "battles", cripple on an extreme hobby or get early infarction, and the second defeats depression and suicides. Also, Alpha develops "Winners Syndrome" - a persistent addiction to aggression, the threshold is reduced for the manifestation of aggression, for example, at the military, for whom the demonstration of aggression is the requirement of the profession.

It does not survive the strongest, but one who is better adapted. And here it is worth saying about mosaic individuals. In the context of this article, these are those who are able to develop qualities in themselves, characteristic of another type to achieve their goals and more comfortable existence. What about beta? They are close to Alpha and, in the event that Alpha's shifts, they occupy his place, becoming alpha and crushing the necessary qualities or .. no, but then they will not last long at the leader's place.

In a woman during ovulation, traction for more testosterone men, outside it to more stable alpha men.

Alpha-man: leader, owner of large business, hard uncompromising / athlete, champion, enjoys success in women

Beta men: the boss, with high demands, can also be caught up with sports and have extreme hobbies, but not reaching the alpha level

Omega- man: a good family man, executive subordinate, intelligent and intellectual

Mosaic man: Can co-alpha, beta and omega depending on the situation, for example, at work to be a demanding supervisor, and at home before his woman on his knees and make her cunnilingus.

In the context of women, the division is similar.

Since we are people, not animals, not only biology and genetics, but also culture, mythology, history, our personal, including the role plays the role. Therefore, each of us has potential for development. There would be a desire, and the psychotherapist will be found;)

In the next article, I will write about the technique of defining partners in rank, I will tell you about what you can thoughtle and what resource to extract from past sexual experience. As well as how to determine your type of sexual constitution.

The article is written on the basis of materials of the presentation of A. Lubarsky, my teacher.

With love, your Anna Korolev.

Hierarchy In biology - system of domination in animal communities.

The procedure for dominating individuals is generally accepted to denote the letters of the Greek alphabet, from Alpha to Omega. Letter alpha denotes the individual who occupies the dominant position (English )In a pack, for example, ♂α or ♀α. Accordingly, the last place in the hierarchy is indicated by the letter omega .

The role of a leader in herds often belongs to males [K 1] . Alpha-male performs the duties of the leader and the defender of the herd. It is also the most attractive for females in marriage games, often the father of most children. Many types of primates Male Alfa have characteristic secondary sexual signs, the development of which is stimulated by the level of genital hormones. They are especially brightly expressed in Mandrilov (see photo). Females can form a parallel hierarchy or receive the status of their partner.

Open aggression is manifested only when establishing hierarchical relations and extremely rarely for their confirmation. To maintain hierarchy, a special signal system is used. Here it should be noted the positive value of the hierarchy as a means of reducing intraspecific aggression.

Dominance is observed in fish (cichlids), where it is manifested in an increased hormonal background and aggression [2] .

The easiest kind of hierarchy is linear. A classic example of such a hierarchy system can serve as hierarchy of small (up to 10 individuals) chicken flocks. For the first time, the hierarchy was described by the Norwegian scientist Sheldarup-Ebbe in 1922, it was precisely the example of the order of the roaming of chickens. The hierarchy is manifested when feeding. The first pecks the food of the alpha chicken, the beta chicken - the second, etc., and the violation of the order of the knee (for example, the attempt of the chicken of the lower rank to peck the grain earlier than the chicken of a higher rank) be perfectly in the head or torso of the hierarchy.

Later it turned out that in large groups of chickens there is a violation of the transitivity of the domination relationship, which leads to the formation of the so-called circular hierarchy, when the chicken occupies the dominant position in relation to the second, occupies a subordinate position in relation to the third, which in turn is subordinate to the second chicpet [3] .

Criticism of "Alpha Model" of Conduct [edit | Code ]

Part of the researchers believes that alpha-male and alpha female to a certain extent are an artificial attempt to project a social device of primates on other animals, where there is a simpler model of related relationships. So, David Mech (David Mech) who spent 13 years of observation of the flocks of wolves in the ellsmir reserve, could not find the "flock leaders" of wolves, which are well known even on various folklore, and just discovered the supervision of parents for the offspring. Therefore, David believes that the usual relationship of the "parent-descendant" relationship occurs, with the speculation of additional levels of social relations, according to the likeness of human society: " Thus, the introduction of the concept of an alpha-wolf is usually no more appropriate than the naming of the Alpha Parent - a person or Lani (females). Any parent dominates their young offspring, so that Alfa's status does not add any new information. Why not consider alpha female just equivalent to the female parent, due to the function of reproduction, which became a matriarch or just the mother of the flock of flocks? Such a designation emphasizes not the dominant status of an animal, which is trivial information, but its role is the role of the flock, which is actually the most important thing. »[four]

Didier Dees and Colleagues from the University of Nancy held a number of studies [five] , known as "experiments with divers rats", and showing the options for separating roles in the rats of the rats on "workers" and "robbers". 6 rats were placed in the cage arranged in such a way that it was possible to get food only diving on breathing delay (all rats were previously familiarized with the cell and gradually trained to dive for food). You can eat food only in a common cage. Roles set: worker, robber and independent. Employees dived a lot for food, but there were only feeding robbers. Independent - fed themselves, not participating in the robbery, but giving reversal robbers. Robbers did not dive at all. Changing roles was observed in about 1% of cases, in a series of more than 1000 experiments. Hypotheses about congenital-different skills in diving, about the innate-different fear of water, witty inspections were refuted. Along the way, it was noted that the sedatives translate the rat in the category of workers, reducing its aggressiveness.

A number of destruction experiments showed the nonsense of the factor of "origin" in the choice of the role of an employee or robber in rats.

At first, it was checked by the change of roles by association into united groups of 6 rats: all 6 employees, and all 6 robbers (after 3 months of colurages of rats to their roles). Six workers again were quickly divided into three roles: 3 employees, 1 independent, 2 robbers. Six robbers long, on average and a half hours, did not want to dive at all. Then 2 began to reluctantly dive, but their robbery although it happened, accompanied by great difficulties. However, after the reappearance period, the redistribution of roles occurred. In another embodiment of "inborn workers", in the drawer Skinner, new rats were a spinner trained to extract food by pressing the lever, and are reduced to groups of 6 rats in the same box of Skinner. Again, they were divided - on workers and robbers, already without Drak (after all, workers had no time to reach the feeder from the lever and fight). The same rats were tested on roles in diving. However, absolutely no coincidence of the roles in the sketch box and in diving for food was not discovered.

The authors concluded that the choice of roles occurs randomly and is due to many factors: and the nature of the difficulty in the production of food, and the ratio of hunger, waters and feet of the fight, and so on. Genetic congenital predisposition plays a minor role in this social situation. Randomly chosen role then, constantly reinforcing success, becomes permanent: the employee is easier once again skillfully dive than alone to resist robbers, the robber is easier to get used to robbery than to overcome the rest before the unusual diving.

Finally, part of the robbers managed to "re-educate", when 3 previously before the deposited workers united with 3 hungry robbers. Employees played in a cage, while robbers crowded at the water. Getting ready to change the role and overcome their habit of robbery and dive. Scientists ironically called the situation "Robbers got, there is a strike."

But even the role of "unfair" robbers, according to scientists, it is quite possible to interpret positively: "robbers" saved by "good" workers from hunger today may be useful in solving a new task tomorrow, and roles may change. Yes, and the benefits of the population of this species of rats cannot be discounted from the account in the struggle between the species. Subsequently, some differences in establishing roles caused by genetic differences of rats were still found. [6]

In research of Robert Sapolski Alfa-males, the best of all those who fed and threatened by the relatives in the struggle for the harem were died out of tuberculosis from only they got talked goddes with human mutages. Neagressive, but also standing by the beta males, "capturing power", did not but mock the gamma males, and did not give anyone from the Hamm to take the role of evil alpha, and the world and good relations were established in the flock. [7]

Also, a well-known experiment with limited access to the living space "Universe 25" also revealed the distribution of mice on the dominant-alpha, rogue-gamma and independent beta. However, the task in this study, continuously complicated, led to many other deviations from normal behavior: increased aggressiveness of females, unwillingness to mate, homosexual behavior, and all this is purely social reasons. As a result of such deviations, the colony died. However, the experiment and its interpretation described here were subjected to significant scientific criticism (see Article).

  1. Robert Sapolski writes that in fact alpha-males in primates do not lead anywhere, because they do not know where to go. When assessing the feed, the group follows the elderly females who know where food is located, and during the hunt everyone acts at their own risk [one] .
  • Palmer D., Palmer L. Evolutionary psychology.
  • Kirovskaya T. A., Oleskin A. V. Hierarchical and network structures in society and biosystems. - 2005.
  • Chalidze V. Hierarchical man. Socobiological notes. - M. : Terra, 1991.
What is the type of personality: alpha, beta or omega?Incredible facts

In the animal world, aggressive alpha male lures all females to produce offspring, while other males often do not get anything.

People in this sense are all a little more difficult.

In the modern world, a woman is not always looking for Alpha-male, and her prince on a white horse may well appear in the form of a gamma man who is ready to take on a second role or become an exemplary father in her castle.

Even the strongest alpha males must develop beta qualities, such as sensitivity and emotionality.

What do you think are women and men from different planets?

Not necessarily if we consider Classification based on the Greek alphabet We have much more common with representatives of the opposite sex of one type of personality than with other types of personality of our sexuality.

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However, men and women of one category often compete in relationships, because they are too similar.

At the same time, the opposite types of personality may experience a strong attraction to each other, but as soon as the honeymoon ends, conflicts begin due to irreconcilable differences.

There are 6 main types of personality: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Omega, Delta and Sigma . And what type of personality are you?

At the end you can take a test that will help you determine your type of personality.

Determining the type of personality

Alpha type


TIP1.jpg.© Kiuikson / Getty Images

Alpha Man is considered The most desirable man . This is the leader, a bad guy, Macho, a confident, aggressive, demanding man with which it is difficult to work, despite the fact that he has charisma both in his personal life and on a professional field.

When such a man says, the rest are silent, and he is always in the spotlight.

He loves parties and meetings of friends and always wants to be a star of the company. Alpha does not like loneliness and often feels the decline of energy when one remains. He appreciates his freedom and is not ready to exchange it for anything.

As a rule, it is attractive, but not necessarily beautiful, and he has its own preferences against women. Although he likes when he is seduced, he prefers to seek a woman himself. He does not hesitate, and immediately comes to the favorite favorite, without giving her time to refuse.

Women immediately fall in love and fall in love with him.

His relationships before marriage, as a rule, are short-term, and the woman should not be expected from a typical alpha male coziness and support. Women living with other types of men often change and nagged novels on the side from alpha males.

Alpha Woman

TIP2.jpg.© feedough / Getty Images

Alfa-Woman is a heroine of militants who often depict Angelina Jolie. This is a confident woman who does not need men at first glance.

This is the Queen and the most attractive woman in his group. She copes perfectly with any complex situation, and knows the price.

It dominates other women, it can be powerful, aggressive and sarcastic, taking a high position or position.

Other women look at her with delight and try to imitate her. Alpha always thinks his head, without listening to the rest.

Alpha women are sexy, even if they do not have great beauty, and do not confuse in the presence of men.

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They may not have enough sensitivity and empathy towards others. Although inside the alpha is very emotional, it never shows its weakness. In the work she is a real beast, and always achieves its goals, and in love is not afraid to take the first step, if the man is interested.

She always says what he thinks. Alpha Women, as a rule, receive what they want, and even alpha male rarely reject them.

It must be remembered that alpha women are born, and it's hard to learn. If you have discovered these features, you can only congratulate you.

Type beta


TIP3.jpg.© Sanneberg / Getty Images

Beta-man restrained, responsible and careful . This is a good guy who is not strongly distinguished, but quite posing. Most modern men belong to the beta type.

They are more sensitive, less aggressive and better read people than alpha.

They easily begin to be nervous or confused, and play the role of a second violin next to their friend Alpha. If you saw a quiet guy who sometimes smiles, while others tell stories and jokes, then before you beta-man. Beta become good friends, they are attentive to others and a little idealistic .

He is often afraid to say something wrong in the presence of women in order not to continue. With men, they also do not reveal their feelings, as they can tear on him. Beta men are least afraid of stronger and smart women than they.

Beta is reliable in the work, even if not in the spotlight. The boss may not notice its potential, and therefore it often does not get promotion and salary that deserves.

In romantic relationship, he is faithful, and women deliberately choose beta men, as of them get the best husbands than from alpha men.

He is more landed than alpha-man, and it is much easier to build a stable relationship with it.

Beta woman

TIP4.jpg.© Syda Productions.

Beta-woman is a good alpha woman's sister. She does the fact that the rest do not want to do, and always gets less attention than alpha.

They become Beautiful and reliable girlfriends and good listeners . They are always ready to be near your loved one.

These are a bit of imperfect girls whose prototype is the heroine Bridget Jones. Beta women are passive-aggressive, and always float towards. They do not want to openly resist someone, because they strive for peace and tranquility.

They are caring and often do not consider themselves attractive. In relations, they are afraid to take the first step, and wait for the man to be sought.

If this does not happen, they are nervous due to rivalry with other women and often remain alone or choose the spare option so as not to remain alone.

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In the work they are always ready to do more and, if necessary, sacrifice your time.

In general, they have a very pleasant and friendly personality.

Types of person personality

Type of gamma


TIP5.jpg.© Dean Drobot.

This is the type of introvert men who wants his voice to be heard. He is a smart, but does not look like an alpha, nor on beta men.

He is trying to achieve his goals, but not ready to make more effort to complete the started, even if he knows that he can earn respect for which he craves.

This type of men, who want to become successful, but who does not work in any way . In matters, he can act a cheat and wants to get the result without much effort.

With the boss, Gamma will always agree, but at the same time will never say that he actually thinks.

In relations with such men, it is difficult, because they often become obsessed with some kind of woman. He can follow the subject of his passion if the woman refuses him or avoids his society.

Gamma prefers to be alone and does not care about the opinion of others. His relationships are often falling apart because of his obsession. He usually falls in love and is ready to trust the woman in spite of everything, without understanding when they use it.

Gamma woman

Tip6.jpg.© Latino Life.

Gamma woman wants her to win. But only a strong enough man can persuade her to marry and create a family. The gamma woman is the complete opposite of the Alpha Woman, which slippers in her clothes, the lifestyle, partner and work.

She is always ready to cooperate and can help if necessary . It refers to those who feel great when owning all the information that will help her achieve goals in work.

She tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and feels comfortable in its own skin. She does not need a man to feel a full-fledged. Environment and nature are of great importance for her, and she always takes care of their home.

Gamma pays attention to faith and spiritual practices, and always trying to find an internal equilibrium . She is targeted, but ready to share his knowledge with those who deserve it. In affairs, it does not see difficulties, but believes that it takes a little longer to achieve the desired one.

In romantic relationship, it will never be with whom she had no connection. She will not agree to a man who does not deserve it. In the end, she gets what he wants, because builds long-term plans in life and uses different tactics to achieve success.

Type Omega


TIP7.jpg.© Sanneberg / Getty Images

Omega-man often combines the positive qualities of Alpha and Beta. He prefers The lead in relationships and in love often sets the borders that never breaks

These men are not easy to circle around the finger, but he can give a woman what is needed for a happy relationship.

He gives a woman a sense of security and comfort, but requires the same from her. This type of men who most often attracts omega-women.

Omega does not like to work in a team, preferring to do everything alone.

When he does something, he is overflowing proudly and shares his joy with colleagues, demonstrating their mental abilities. When everything goes wrong, he wanted to blame the rest of the rest.

In business, he considers himself the smartest, believing that without him the whole system will fall apart. In romantic relationships with him it is difficult. He has his own concept of love, and he wants his desires and needs always satisfied.

It is difficult for him to please, so not so many women want to meet him. Often he remains alone, as it does not know how to listen to the partner.


TIP8.jpg.© Nicolas Menijes.

Such a woman Uncommunicable and spends most of the time alone

She is very smart and is not afraid to demonstrate it the rest. Like an Omega-man, she does not like parties and prefers to stay at home, giving birth to new ingenious ideas.

The problem with omega-women is that they are often underestimated, although they have many good qualities.

When something goes wrong, they imagined themselves, they can come into full decay or survive the nervous breakdown.

In everyday life, they are a little infratch and lazy. The work of Omega belongs to the type of personality, which put others above themselves, and are always ready to help and share their knowledge.

Omega always emphasizes its individuality, and is trying not to take care of someone else's opinion

In love, Omega wants everything or nothing. She wants to survive love, as in books and is not ready to enter into relationships, if this is something unreal. No matter how much she loved the man, she will always put himself in the first place, as he knows that if he is not happy, she will not be able to give it to others.

It is always worth remembering that whatever hard she tried to seem, inside it remains a little girl who is trying to survive in the world, full of wolves.

Personality and character types

Type Delta


TIP9.jpg.© Latino Life.

Delta-man is an ordinary guy who wants to be successful and wants to find the one that will understand it . He has no such confidence as Alpha-Men, but he is close to this type.

He is not afraid to say what he thinks, regardless of whether there is a near woman. He loves when they admire, and proud when someone says he knows how to entertain. He loves beautiful women and expensive cars, knows the price and always seeks something.

He does not know how to attract the most beautiful women, and chooses the second or third option. Women, he considers mysterious creatures and some of them may be afraid.

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In the affairs of Delta-man seeks to improve and ready to make additional efforts to complete the work or get an increase. Often it works a lot to forget about personal problems.

Such a man is inclined to suppress his emotions, which seems closed. With the desired woman, he can become a real man of dreams and do everything to make it takes.

Delta woman

TIP10.jpg.© KatarzynaBiasisAwicz / Getty Images

Delta Woman is Sweet and secretive personality . In his youth, it is often alpha, but her dreams are not carried out, and she lives the life that is not so proud of.

Its energy is rather asserted than aggressive, she knows that it takes a lot of time to achieve the goal and does not pay attention to the little things.

Instead of competing with other women, she cooperates with them, trying to find a compromise option for all the problems arising between them.

This woman is looking for a partner who would be her best friend and only then lover. She knows what takes a lot of time to love someone, and she is not in a hurry in matters of love.

For Delta-Women, meaningful experience is important, not meaningless things. In work and personal life, she appreciates communication, as it knows that this is the basis of stable and healthy relationships. She knows the price, but sometimes it is nervous when other women are going around her beloved men.

She lacks a little self-esteem, it is one of its biggest fears and problems. But in general, such a woman always seeks to become better, even if sometimes you need to make additional efforts.

Sigma type


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Sigam-man is Outsider in the hierarchy of men who succeeds despite the fact that he himself denies the hierarchy itself. This is a single who never reveals anything about himself, because of what he always seems mysterious.

Sigma is a quiet man, but he is not shy. It is sufficiently solid, and when it is necessary, I will express my opinion and will be heard. Such a man is confident and well copes with both physical and intellectual work, it is easy to study a new one if he wants. He is independent, and looks like a real lonely wolf, which does not pay attention to what sheep say.

The most important thing such men are not born, but become . Sigma is formed by years of adversity, physical and mental testing. Often it is even stronger than Alpha and Omega due to its ability to convince and manipulate other people.

This is not a leader and not follower, but rather an unpredictable personality. In romantic relationships, such a man is looking for perfection, and will not be with a woman who he does not like, just to not be lonely. He will be alone until he finds the one that throws him to the depths of the soul.

It is also important that he will always risk to achieve something good, and will not agree to the smaller than he deserves.

Sigma woman

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Alfa will be afraid of such a woman, so she behaves and looks like alpha, although she cannot succeed.

She belongs to women who never forget who hurt her in the past, and will revenge, no matter how long she had to wait for it. She, like a predator, remains in the shade, waiting for the victim to come to catch her. This feeling is the most pleasant for her, and the victory over the abuser attributes it to the seventh heaven.

When she is in anger, few people are ready to merge, as it becomes violent. Sigma is proud of its achievements and does not give a reason to otherwise. Such a woman is always a little afraid, but she is harmless, if not harming her .

In romantic relationship, she is looking for the most attractive and successful man. Therefore, her choice often falls on alpha men, and she does not want to agree to the smaller.

Sigma women have many good qualities. They are wonderful friends, ready to do everything for our loved ones. When they are in their company, then often become the center of attention, but in an unfamiliar situation or with people who do not like them, they behave like introverts.

The most interesting thing is that the rest can never truly find them out.

Here is a test that will allow you to understand what type of personality you treat.


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