What is better to choose: Parktronic or Rear View Camera?

In an expert environment, there are constantly disputes regarding various accessories intended for machines. The need to purchase goods that increase the level of comfort, but the very hot topic remains the safety of motion. What is better parktronic or rear view camera, how to provide convenience of parking with a maximum level of efficiency with minor financial costs? This problem is interested in drivers more than steering braids and similar products. The most interesting thing is that every subsequent year disappears such a strong argument as a significant difference in price between the equipment. If you carefully search for popular online vendors, it is easy to find a good chamber, the cost of acquiring the acquisition of which will be slightly higher than the cost of parking sensor by trusting the manufacturer.

Camera or Parktronic: What is better?

Unbiased approach

We will try to analyze all the arguments in favor of each product. Only carefully weighing the consumer characteristics of products in real conditions can be achieved clarity. Immediately let's say that here is not so definitely, as it seems to many drivers with small practical experience. At one time, the LED lamps were also considered the best solution, and today some problems are detected during handicraft. So, we will consider not only the strengths of the electronic devices, but also their shortcomings.

Installation Parktronic

Positive moments when installing a parking radar

Denote by brief the main advantages of the distance meter offered by dozens of famous brands and little-known manufacturers:

  • Low money-related cash spending. Most recently, it was possible to buy a parking sensor at a price of 2-3 times lower than the cost of the cameras. Now the situation has undergone serious changes, there are no fundamental price differences. However, with a literate approach to finding a parking device, you can save from one to three or four thousand rubles. Why is the range so large? The fact is that the consumer saves more funds in the premium segment, and in the budget difference at all is insignificant.
  • Many users who have become the choice of the camera or parking sensors, prefer the sensors only because it is not possible to put a monitor. If we talk about replacing the standard system, it is necessary to select a special expensive electronics.
  • Now we should say a few words about the features of operation. Parking equipment works equally accurately, regardless of visibility conditions. In short, at night, in a strong shower, you can easily park the car on a small platform.

Disadvantages of parktronics

List of flaws

As we promised, we present to your attention negative aspects when using parking sensors:

  • The car enthusiast can only guess the features of the barrier identified by electronics. In order to find out the exact information, you will have to leave the car.
  • Inexpensive devices sometimes "do not notice" obstacles that adversely affects the overall security. Metal bars, thin branches can be a special problem.
  • Cases are noted when sensors are inadequately reacting to snow, other interference. Such failures are nervous to the driver, make it turn off the device and focus "in the old man."
  • When looking for for your technology, the camera or parking sensors must take into account the need to drill bumpers. Such a need to inevitably occur when installing radar sensors. In the case of video equipment, this need does not occur.

Advantages of the rear view cameras

Advantages of cameras

Immediately let's say that they are quite a few. They are just as good in terms of safety, like car wafers in springs that improve the running part. So, what the driver gets acquired by the equipment:

  • Let's start with good informativeness. Man behind the wheel sees the parameters of obstacles, their features just like on TV.
  • It is possible to save on the display if a multimedia device is already in the car. Experienced masters are able to connect the equipment to the standard machine system.
  • The installation process is much easier than setting sensors for parking. The event takes less time.
  • Dear models with a good "picture" allow the motorist to confidently feel behind the wheel, make sophisticated maneuvers by reverse.

Disadvantages of the chambers of the rear view

Disadvantages of the model line

The minuses of this equipment are quite a bit, but they are. They need to know in order to understand what to prefer - the camera or parking sensors, it is better to navigate when searching:

  • Products in the "above average" segment are significantly more expensive than parking radars.
  • If you have to maneuver with limited visibility, the equipment is practically "blind".
  • It is necessary to closely monitor the purity of the optics, which is covered by mud, by Founding. In such conditions, you should not count on adequate visibility.
  • If there is no standard display in the auto, you will have to additionally acquire the monitor, think over the place of placement.

What to choose? Camera or Parktronic?


Parktronic is not able to "see" an open hatch, but fully retains performance at night, in the rain and fog. The camera "blindfall" into bad weather, but gives a full picture of the whole occurring behind the car. An ideal solution can be the purchase of radar and video equipment. If you want to stop the choice in one form of devices, then you need to proceed from the dedicated amount. In the budget segment, unambiguously give preference to the chamber, because there is practically no difference in value. If you consider the acquisition of expensive electronics, it is reasonable to stop the choice on parking sensors, which will be much cheaper than video equipment from the elite price segment. Eminent manufacturers deliver impeccable quality products together with a convenient display.

Parktronic or parking chamber is installed for safety and comfort during parking or movement by reverse. But it is often raised to choose? Let's deal with what advantages and what disadvantages are.


In fact, the parking sensor is a tiny echolocator (or radar - depending on the model), which measures the distance to the object. When the distance becomes critical, the sensor notifies the driver with a sound or light signal.


• Parktronic work does not interfere with dirt nor dust.

• Some car models already in the basic configuration are equipped with a parking sensor.

• Parktronic reports an accurate distance to the obstacle: either by a beep, or light, or a message on the display.


• Most models are equipped with only 2 sensors. For this reason, the obstacle in the middle may not recognize.

• Parktronic can take over the obstacle such objects as a spare wheel attached to the trunk outside, or a hitch. As a result, the device will feed false signals.

• In bad weather conditions - rain or heavy snowfall - parking sensors can get used.

• Many models do not "see" low obstacles - borders or iron fittings.

• Quite often parking sensors are installed in the car bumper. But some "craftsmen" driving can "get out" to your car. Thus, they will damage not only the rear bumper, but also a parking sensor that is mounted in it.

• Many drivers solve the problem of "blind" zones by setting more sensors. Which is also some times a penny.

Rear View Camera

The chamber has a fairly large viewing angle. This allows you to estimate the situation not only on the width of the screen, but also see what can get under the wheels of the car.

Moreover, modern rear view cameras are equipped with a dynamic markup function. When the car moves with a reverse, the image is superimposed with marking lines that help to park.

The disadvantage is that in conditions of bad weather, the camera lens is contaminated, which can significantly worsen the review. However, this problem is solved by installing the chamber inside the cabin.


For the price, these devices are not particularly different. The price may vary from 1000 to 20,000 rubles per set. But not always to pay attention to expensive copies. The overestimate price does not mean that the device will work efficiently.

It should be borne in mind that the parking sensors are always installed outside the car - and these are drops of temperature, dirt, snow and moisture. Such conditions may significantly reduce the service life of the device, especially if it is performed under a little-known brand.


To date, protect yourself and close on the road is much simpler and cheaper than someone a few years ago. Each device has its own nuances and advantages. In any case, each driver himself decides that it is better to install - a parking sensor or a DVR with an extra parking chamber bundled. Many drivers combine both devices.

Offer from Karka

Karka offers to purchase car DVRs with an extra camera complete. For example, Carcam D5

- a compact inexpensive device for video confixation of what is happening on the road as ahead of the car and behind it. The registrar leads to FullHD format in the resolution of 1920x1080p. The viewing angle is 140 °, which allows you to overlook the road across the width.

The device is attached on the bracket with a 360 ° rotation. Thanks to this, you can optimally configure the review, turn the camera to the salon or at the DPS officer. The recorder is also equipped with a G-sensor that will protect video files from overwriting in the event of a collision or sharp maneuvering.

The Carcam D5 kit includes an additional camera that fixes the situation on the road in the resolution of HD 1280x720p and has an angle of view of 120 °. The camera is equipped with LED backlight, which allows it to lead a high-quality shooting in the dark. The camera is also equipped with the aforementioned dynamic lines function.

You can purchase the device on our website: carcam.ru/product/carcam-d5.html

In addition, we want to draw your attention that on Monday the campaign action starts. Discounts for goods - including CARCAM D5 - will reach 50%. The action will last 3 days.

All the details of the promotion on our site carcam.ru.

For the newcomer driver, parallel parking is the most difficult, and if you consider that the density of the cars increases every year, then this task becomes complex for both experienced chauffeurs. To perform such maneuvers, it is necessary not only to feel the dimensions of the vehicle, but also possess a good overview. For this, the machines are installed in the rear view mirrors, cameras or parking sensors.

The stationary mirror definitely simplifies the parking process, but modern gadgets allow you to increase the review several times, as well as calculate the optimal trajectory of the car movement. Most often for this, rear view cameras, parking sensors and hybrid plants - Parktronic Rear and front with a video camera or radar integrated into the mirrors are used. We will try to figure out which system is the best for the driver. First of all, we define what parking sensors in the car.

What is better Parktronic or Rear View Camera?


This device is also called a parking radar. The ultrasonic instrument scans the area in front of the car or behind it and signals the approaching obstacle on the principle of a conventional echo sounder or radar. In addition, the device may notice the driver not only sound, but also light signals. Parktronic consists of an electronic control unit and special sensors, the number of which may differ:

  • Devices with 2 sensors. Such devices are considered the cheapest, but due to lack of sensors, "dead zones" are most often formed.
  • Parktronic at 3-4 sensors. This option is optimal on the basis of the price-quality ratio. When installing four sensors on the back hood of the machine, the driver will be sure that no blind zones will be created during parking.
  • Device with 6 sensors. The devices of this type are also called "Parktronic in a circle", since in this case the sensors are installed in the back and on the front bumper of the car (4 and 2 sensors, respectively). This configuration allows you to more accurately determine the distance to objects in any direction of the machine.
  • Parktronic front and rear (8 sensors). This device is considered expensive, but the device is the most reliable in the discovery of obstacles. Such models are characterized by several advantages. They do not distract the driver when it moves forward and work only at the time of pressing the brake. At the same time, the accurate ParkTronic reports only if it is detected in dangerous proximity to the car.

Important! Parktronics on 8 sensors have constructive features that do not allow them to install them on some brands of cars.

Installation of parking sensors does not require access to specialized car dealerships. The devices can be mounted independently by doing the holes in the bumper for the sensors and connecting them to the control unit. At the same time, the front parking sensor is installed on the same principle as the rear. There are also easier sensors - overhead. Such sensors simply glued on the bumper. But at the same time there is a risk of losing them during car washing.

When choosing parking sensors, you must pay attention to the method of indicating the detected object. Thus, the instruments can inform about obstacles in several ways:

  • Using the sound signal, which increases as the object approaches the object. This is the most inexpensive option, but it has one important disadvantage. If music playing music in the cabin loudly, the signal simply will not be heard.
  • LED sound indication. If the device has a light scale, which consists of colored stripes (indicators), then when approaching an obstacle, the scale will change with the green (in a safe area) on the red (at the time of the risk of collision).

What is better Parktronic or Rear View Camera?

Useful! Indicators consisting of one scale are cheaper, but there are also more "tricky" models, in which there are two symmetric indicators at once. They inform about the state of the left and right side of the car.

  • Digital indication notifies the driver using numbers.

What is better Parktronic or Rear View Camera?

The most expensive patterns of parking sensors are equipped with an LCD display, therefore, the driver sees several indicators at once - digital and light. Is it worth overpaying for the monitor? In fact, such a device works as well as ordinary indicators. The only difference is the possibility of a schematic image of the car. This option looks spectacular, but does not affect the improvement of the review. If you want to navigate in space, without relying on a schematic drawing, and really see what is happening behind the car, it is better to purchase a more modern parking sensor-hybrid.

Parktronic with rear view camera

The device allows the driver to visually navigate in space in the parking lot. The principle of operation of parking sensors with a camera is the same as the simplest parking radar, except for an additional element - camcorder. It is installed in a regular connector or a frame for machine numbers. Thus, the motorist sees everything that is happening in real time. At the same time, a parking markup is displayed on the device monitor and the optimal trajectory of movement.

What is better Parktronic or Rear View Camera?

If we talk about the methods of connection, then most often the rear view camera has an analog output, thanks to which it becomes possible to connect the device to an external monitor, for example:

  • to a regular recordronics monitor;
  • to the mirror monitor (parking sensors in the rearview mirror);
  • To the video recorder, if it is equipped with AV input.

When choosing a video recording, it is necessary to take into account the following characteristics:

  • The resolution of the display of the device should not be less than 480x240 pixels, with frame format 4: 3;
  • The best color system is NTSC, with a constant current monitor input voltage;
  • The operating voltage of the control unit must be at least 10 V, and the minimum allowable current is 0.6a;
  • If you acquire a device with a beep, then pay attention to the fact that it must be perceived at up to 50 dBA.

The cost of such parking radars is an order of magnitude higher. If you want to save, then we offer another option "smart" parking.

Rear View Cameras

Another auxiliary gadget, which is popular with car enthusiasts is a rear-view camera. Such a device does not require installation of any sensors, while the driver sees a full-fledged image of objects in good quality.

Rear view cameras are:

  • regular (manufactured at the manufacturer of a concrete car);
  • Made under the lamp, illuminating the machine number (are available for certain models at the electronics factory);
  • Universal (suitable for any car, including freight).

What is better Parktronic or Rear View Camera?

The latter are most popular. Universal models are distinguished by fastening systems, they are:

  • Overhead. Such products have a fixed size;
  • installed on the pin (while the wire is located inside the pin);
  • Curling. Such cameras are more often called eyes.

What is better Parktronic or Rear View Camera?

In addition, the rear view camera can be wired or wireless. The latter are equipped with a transmitting module that is "hurned" under the navigator.

When choosing such a device, pay attention to the following points:

  • The angle of the device must be at least 110 degrees;
  • The optimal screen resolution is 628x582 (for this type of devices, too high quality picture is required);
  • The rear view camera can be equipped with a marking, which will significantly simplify the parking process;
  • The presence of infrared illumination will allow you to remove everything that is happening, both during the day and night.

Color image sensors in the rear view cameras are installed in two types: CCD or CMOS. The first transmits the best picture, but it is more expensive. CMOS sensors work worse in the dark, but if you have an IR illumination, it will not be a problem. In this case, the devices transmit the image a little worse than CCD, but enough for parking is enough.

What to choose?

If we talk about the price category, then cameras and standard parking sensors are on the same level. Each of these devices has its advantages and disadvantages. So, for example, the camera will not work well in the conditions of snow or dirt. In the parking sensor, the weather conditions will not affect. However, the rear view camera will allow you to see absolutely all the objects with which you risk to face or go on them. The sensors of such "trifles", as protruding fittings, do not notice, so you risk damageing the vehicle.

As you can see, it is clear what of these devices is very difficult. Therefore, the most optimal option will be the installation of a video sparking, which combines all the advantages of these gadgets.

In custody

Regardless of the selected installation, you will greatly simplify your life. Whether it is a parking sensor or a hybrid installation in any case, the selected device will increase the overview behind the vehicle.

Many car owners are interested in what is better: rear view camera or parking sensor? What system is more convenient, better overlook the blind zones, is easier to use?

Both parking radars and a rear view chamber are set to enhance safety during parking actions or rear drives. Systems allow you to "see" locations that are not covered by mirrors, thanks to them, even an inexperienced driver with ease maneuver in conditions of limited space.

What is a parking sensor and a rear view camera

To choose that of them are better, the camera or parking sensors, let's briefly indicate that both types of equipment are.

Parktronic - This is a parking radar that scans the motion zone within the radius of its action for obstacles. On the presence of the latter, he signals a loud peak that is expected as the object approaches. There is a type of parking sensors, which includes a display. In this case, the image of the space with the display of the distance to the obstacle is visible to the driver on the screen. The system includes several sensors (attached to the front and rear bumper auto), the control unit and the display module (speakers).

Rear View Camera - This is an optical device that transmits to the screen of the regular GU video image of the blind zones behind the car. It has a wide viewing angle, due to which it allows you to capture and sections in the rear wheels area. An additional pleasant option is a static or dynamic markup that allows you to accurately "try on" during parking actions even in very complex areas.

Understand what is better, the rear view camera or parking sensor is difficult. Both types of systems are activated automatically, while retroaching. Although there are no cases when the rear view camera ceases to turn on automatically. The cost of equipment sets is also not particularly different. Price range varies within 1000-20,000 rubles. There are even more expensive, but within the specified sums, as a rule, it is quite realistic to find good equipment of both types.

Both the camera and parking sensors in many cars today are included in the staffing, sometimes even together. For those who do not have them, but they seriously think about the installation, we decided to create this publication.

To understand what is better to put, the camera or parking sensors will help detailed analysis of their advantages and minuses.

Pros and cons of the rear view camera

Traditionally, let's start with advantages:

  • The best viewing angle;
  • The screen displays a complete location pattern, with high and low obstacles, open hatches, thin columns, etc.;
  • Convenient dynamic markup that allows parking manipulations from rotation;
  • Easy connection to the radio or even a tablet and operation;

The disadvantages of the optical instrument are:

  1. The lens is extremely sensitive to environmental impact (humidity, rain, dust, dirt, small pebbles, scratching glass, etc.). This can be solved by installing the gadget in the cabin, but in this case the viewing angle deteriorates, or establish protection against dirt. In addition, the camera can react to the radio wave radiation of other devices in the car;
  2. If the car is not equipped with a display, it will have to be purchased and mount separately. It is good that if you understand the schemes and can independently make a pinout and connection. And if not, it will have to pay specially trained people;
  3. Ineffectiveness in conditions of poor visibility (night, fog, thick snow, etc.).

Pros and Cons Parktronic

We continue to disassemble that it is better, anterior or rear camera, or parking sensors, in line with the advantages and cons:

The pluses of parking sensors can be attributed:

  • As a rule, parking radars cost cheaper cameras with a similar inclusion radius;
  • The accuracy of signals do not affect limited visibility conditions (the system determines obstacles with ultrasound or radio wave radiation);
  • For parking sensors, it does not need a screen if the kit assumes its presence, as a rule, it goes in a set.

The minuses of this gadget are:

  1. Installation, most often, requires damage to the integrity of the rear bumper (drilling holes for the sensors);
  2. If your Bolivar is bright green, you will have to paint the sensors in the body color yourself or pay for it;
  3. There is no clear image of the painting of the blind sites. Often, the driver has to guess what the radar discovered that he was frowning, as if on the fire alarm;
  4. Frequent false responses. Parktronics may noticeably react to moisture, ice, snow (on sensors), recognize as an obstacle spare wheel.;
  5. And, on the contrary, the parking radar is able to not notice a low border, a thin column or chain, and is completely useless when fixing open hatches. Although it happens that the parking sensor simply does not work and is silent, as partisans in the interrogation;
  6. If there are few sensors on the bumper, the system is able to skip a serious obstacle in the conditions of rough terrain (a piece of brick, a hill, stump, fittings, protruding from the ground, etc.). Well, a lot of sensors are extra holes on the car body.

Judging by the reviews, choosing between parking sensors or a rear view camera, trying to understand what is better, people are repelled from individual preferences. Those who are often parking at night and do not need a visual picture when moving by reverse (feel behind the wheel well and confidently), lean to parking sensors. Of course, accepting and objectively assessing their shortcomings.

Car owners who are more important than increased comfort and safety, choose the camera. Well, and the problem with night vision they decide to buy a good gadget with an IFC module.

In general, if you want to know our opinion, what of them, nevertheless, better, we will advise you to choose a hybrid. Today there are sets in the market that combine the rear-view chamber and the parking sensors system. With such equipment, each newcomer can park the car anywhere, at any time, and with all weather conditions! In our opinion, this is the best option for doubting!

Hi friends! The modern world is full of not only new opportunities, but also new problems. Great to drive driving your car and not waste time in public transport. But as if not. Many car owners constantly complain about various columns or incorrectly parked cars that become obstacles in their daily life. Often it happens so that it is simply impossible to park in public places. Although, the presence of electronic assistants in a car has long been no longer a wonder and does not apply to the budget segment, many still doubt if they are needed and will be able to alleviate sometimes hard parking process.

The simplest gadgets in different variations find a place even in budget cars and, as a rule, all of them are created to facilitate the driver's life and improve driving safety.

Briefly about parking sensors:

Parktronic - This is a special device that is intended to determine obstacles, distance to it, and reports of this driver, including when the distance is very small. Different types of parking sensors consist of a block of control, mortise or overhead ultrasound radars, a sound or light indicator, which notifies the distance to a particular obstacle. Sometimes parking sensors use rear view cameras combined with the device itself.

The use of parking sensors significantly reduces the likelihood of damage to your car. It also concerns other cars, or possible objects, including pedestrians. Parking sensors will greatly facilitate its process for beginners or inexperienced drivers.

How does he work:

When the driver starts moving back, a small sensor installed on the bumper is turned on. It emits a sound wave, and then configured onto her reception when the wave reflected from the subject behind will return back. Depending on the time of returning a sound wave with a frequency of 40 kHz, the control unit is calculated the distance to this object. It is because of this that sound and / or a light signal reports the owner of the approach to the obstacle. At the same time, the sound is an intermittent signal. The closer to the obstacle, the bippers make up more frequent sounds, up to continuous.

Modern gadgets: rear view camera or parking sensors? Luxury or need?

Parking sensors are triggered every time you turn on the reverse. If sensors are installed in the front bumper, their activation occurs when the brake is pressed. Some types of parking sensors are equipped with a button on and off. That is, when you are standing in traffic, you have no need to hear the sounds of the approaching machine on your device every time. Parktronic effectively use when the object is from 25 cm to 2.5 m. The sensitivity of the installed sensors depends on the cost and quality of the acquired device. Cheaper parking sensors react to objects at a distance of 50 cm, more expensive options - 10 cm.

Selection of parking sensors

Unfortunately, today far from all new cars are equipped with this useful device. And it makes sense to purchase it yourself. It is important to take into account certain nuances, they will help you make the right choice.

To date, the types of parking sensors differ from each other, the number of parking sensors, and the method of determining obstacles. However, the most important is the number of sensors that guarantee the accuracy of determining distance and obstacles.

The most familiar option is to install two parking sensors. Since they are attached on the bumper sides, in the event of an obstacle to exactly in the middle between them, they may not work. Therefore, this is not always sufficient. Although two parking sensors are attached to SUVs with a seat placed with a wheel or equipped with a higra. In the case of the third sensor, the parking sensor can determine them as obstacles.

When choosing parking sensors, do not choose the cheapest options, or the first installation service. Since in this case, their effectiveness can be reduced.

And in conclusion…

Parktronic - Very useful and fairly convenient device for inexperienced drivers and for those who value not only by their car, but also the values ​​of others.

But many drivers prefer the installation of the rear view camera, considering it better than parking sensors.

Briefly about rear-view cameras:

Rear View Cameras for Car - This is an indispensable device or only another way to ride a little more comfortable?

Modern gadgets: rear view camera or parking sensors? Luxury or need?

We even change the device that have already become already familiar to many car enthusiasts as rearview cameras. And if you recently simply the car chamber was considered to be a wonder, today it is easy to find much more advanced models.

For what it needs:

She greatly simplifies the driver to the task of observing everything that happens around the car. The camera is indispensable when parking, when the mirrors do not cover the entire space behind the car. It is suitable for usual driving, as it allows you to observe and fully control the situation on the road.

How she works:

The design of the car video cameras is very simple. Such a camera is connected by a wire with a monitor located in the car. Also on sale you can find wireless cameras that broadcast video to the monitor through a radio signal. Signal from the camera in real time enters the monitor in the car. A camcorder can be connected both to a special car monitor, and to a video recorder, which not only displays the video on the screen, but also writes it into the memory of the device. Video camera usually clings to the rear glass of the car. A little less often is installed on the rear bumper, the trunk, or on the panel, in which the car's room is located.

Modern gadgets: rear view camera or parking sensors? Luxury or need?

From the point of view of attachment, the most convenient cameras of the minimum size, which can be installed in various parts of the car completely unnoticed. This reduces the risk of stealing the device.

And in conclusion:

Rear View Cameras for Auto - These are useful devices that make a ride more comfortable. And the models of these gadgets are currently there is a lot. Significantly fluctuate their cost. The minimum price of these devices begins from 5,000 rubles, but it all depends on your needs and the functionality of the desired model. You may well meet the chamber cost above 20 - 30 000 rubles.

The camera with parking sensors is a combined option.

Also on sale there is a parking sensor with a camera together. Each device has its own advantages: Parktronic can warn the drivers in advance about the approaching obverse, and the camera will help consider this obstacle in all the details. It is worth remembering that modern cameras are equipped with a markup that helps accurately enter their car in a parking space.

Modern gadgets: rear view camera or parking sensors? Luxury or need?

But parking sensors will not be able to recognize: • Grocery trolley; • Open sewer hatch; • dog or cat; • Little items.

Parktronic does not work very well in rainy or snowy weather. In such situations, the image on the display comes to the rescue. Picture, with voice or sound accompaniment, is an excellent assistant when parking cars.

Modern gadgets: rear view camera or parking sensors? Luxury or need?

How the combined device works: 1. When the reverse transmission is turned on, the picture is activated on the display, while trajectory prompts and instructions of the intervals to obstacles are followed. Parktronic coordinates the movement of the car, making sound signals. When the signal approaches the obstacle, the signal becomes louder, when removing - quieter. The instructed device is mounted in the salon mirror of the rear view, occupying a part of the useful area, however, it does not interfere with the mirror to perform its functions. The navigator with the DVR can be connected to the innovative parking sensor.

Modern gadgets: rear view camera or parking sensors? Luxury or need?

Both solutions have their own positive properties and weaknesses with which experienced motorists are familiar well. And the practice shows that simple and accessible to the use of the system are most beneficial for confident driving. Therefore, the answer to the question is that better is a parking sensor or a rear view camera, most often will be in favor of compact video equipment. It is determined by the fact that the driver clearly appreciates the situation in the "dead" zone and faster makes a decision. At the same time, informing from parking sensors provides only partial and indirect information about possible hazards, does not allow to assess the situation comprehensively. Accordingly, if you have the opportunity to equip your car in some of the above devices, you should not neglect this. Security is not a luxury, it is already a need. Subscribe to our channel. All good!

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