How to install Navitel cards on android

Method 1: Navitel Mobile Application

The easiest way to receive cards for use in Navitel Navigator on Android suggests the use of the package loading tools provided in the application itself from the developer servers. All that will be required to implement the specified approach is navigation software installed on the device and Internet access, and a more rational solution will use Wi-Fi, and not connecting through a cellular network, as some downloadable files are quite voluminous.

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  1. Since it is impossible to perform the purpose of navigation via Navitel Navitel in the absence of card files, the proposal to install them appears when the softe starts after installing the start of the software, as well as in cases where a single cartographic package in the device's memory is detected by them. Thus, if you open the application for the first time, provide it with the required permissions, select the basic parameters of operation, and after activation when the card list opens, go to the execution of paragraph number 4 of this instruction.

    Summing up, it should be noted that downloading the necessary cards to the navigator is not complex processes that require preparation. It is enough to connect to the Internet, to register on a site that has software. And if suddenly there are problems in the implementation of the conceived, you can always rely on the help of a professional.

  2. When the need to install additional cards occurred during the operation of the already configured navitel, first (if such an opportunity is available) update it.

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  3. Open Navitel Navigator. Next, touched upon the left in the field "Search" Three screaks, call it the main menu, go to the section "Cards" .

    Navitel for Android - First Start Application After Installation - Activation - Transition to download cards

  4. On the screen "Cards" Move to the tab "DOWNLOAD" , Scroll the list of offers on the screen and by the name of the country or region, find the package you need. Next, tap on the right from the name of the map icon "Download" .

    Navitel for Android Opening an Application, Calling its Main Menu - Card Section

  5. The further procedure for obtaining a map is automated and does not require interference - it remains to wait until the data file is running in the memory of your device, which is visualized using the procedure performed at the bottom of the screen.

    Navitel for Android - Card Section - Download Tab - Go to Download Selected Card

  6. When the specified interface element is filled and disappeared, move to the tab. "Installed" To make sure that the operation was performed - now the already available is displayed here.

    Navitel for an ADRO for the process of downloading the map by means of the application

    To use in the application map.

    Navitel for an endroid card by means of the application is loaded and installed successfully

Method 2: Downloaded Card Files

The second method of adding cards to Navitel Navigator for Android is implemented by downloading their files from the official site of the developer's company and then copy them to a special mobile device repository directory.

  1. Loading maps to make them placed on the machine, where they will be used by navigation software, is available in principle from any device connected to the Internet, but it is most convenient to perform it from a PC or laptop, as demonstrated in the example further.
    • Open any desktop web browser, go to the following link to the Navitel card download section on the official website of the software creators.

      Download Maps for Navitel Navigator from the Official Site

      Navitel Navigator for ADROUD Using the Card Uploaded Applications

    • Scroll through the opening web page, find the country or region in the list, whom you want to get in the Navitel installed on the Android device.

      Navitel Navigator for Android Web page loading cards on the official website of the creators of the navigation software

      Click on the name of the package, which is simultaneously link to its download.

      Navitel Navigator for Android List available for downloading cards on the official site of navigation software developers

    • If you need to configure your browser, determine the path on the computer disk, which will be saved by the downloadable file map.

      Navitel Navigator for Android Go to downloading a map file of a certain region on the official website of the creators of

      Initiate download and wait for it.

      Navitel Navigator for Android Selecting the way to download the map file from the official site on the PC disk

    • Navigate to the computer's dial directory specified to download the card via Windows Explorer -

      Navitel Navigator for Android Downloading card for application from the developer's official website

      Pricing here file * .nm7. It will be necessary to transfer the Android device to the Navitel storage with one of the following methods.

      Navitel Navigator for Android Go to the folder with a card on a PC upon completion of the file download from the official website

  2. The next step is to place the package of cartographic data into memory of the device managed by the "green robot" of the Device. There are several ways here, and the choice of suitable depends on the type of targeted to copy the device file and the features of its functioning:
    • Connect the Android device to a computer using a USB cable. On the first, open the system curtain, touch the transition element to "USB Settings" and select Connection Mode "File transfer (MTP)" .

      Navitel Navigator for Android Uploaded to Disk PC Card file for application

      With PCs in Windows Explorer, open the storage (internal or external drive) of the mobile apparatus, where it is planned to place a map for the navitel.

      Navitel Navigator for Android Connecting a device to a PC to copy card files

      Find and open the folder in the Android device "NavitelContent" ,

      Navitel Navigator for Android Opening Mobile Device Storage In Windows Explorer To Copy Card File with PC

      From there Move to the catalog "Maps" ,

      Navitel Navigator for Android Folder Navitel Content in Internal Mobile Device Memory

      and copy file file * .nm7. from a computer.

      Navitel Navigator for Android Maps folder in the Navitel Content directory in the domestic storage of mobile deviss

      If the specified directories are not available in the Mobile Device Card files, they must be created manually!

    • In the case of unconnected to the computer, devices for transferring data to them should be used by a removable drive. When a device operating model, for example, a car navigator on Android, assumes the presence of an SD card in it, remove it and connect it to the PC / laptop using the cardride. In the absence, create a catalog on the carrier "NavitelContent" And in it "Maps" , Put in the last NM7 format file.

      Navitel Navigator for Android Copying Card File on Navitel Content Path - Maps In Internal Mobile Device Memory

    • Another possible option "Delivery" of the Navitel card package in the memory of the target apparatus is the use of a USB drive. For example, copy the file from the desktop on the USB flash drive or an outer hard drive, then connect the media to the android device. With the help of a "green robot" functioning in the environment and move the NM7 file from an external drive on the way NavitelContent \ Maps \ In the root directory available from the repository device.
  3. Upon completion of copying a map file on Android-device, open the Navitel on it. When you start the software, the contents analyzes the contents of its folders in the device stores, detects the map file and indexes it - all this is automatically produced.

    Navitel Android Navigator Placing a map file for navigator on a removable device drive

    After displaying the application interface, go to its menu, click "Cards" And make sure that the name of the list of cartographic information provided by you is displayed on the tab. "Installed" Screen opened.

    Navitel Navigator for Android Detection and Indexing Card File Placed in Memory of Device

How to install, download, update, download

Cards in Navigator

As a rule, most navigators come with already preset maps and a navigation program that paves the route over these cards. The navigation program works with specific cards created specifically for it. For example, there is a Navitel-Navigator navigation program that works with Navitel cards. It will not work with Garmin cards and vice versa.

The basic card set in the navigator does not always contain maps of all necessary regions. Sometimes there is a need for additional maps. How to install a map into the navigator? There are two ways: buy the necessary licensed cards, download free cards from the Internet.

Installation of official cards on the navigator

Install official licensed maps is not a complex process, as well as update maps in the navigator, and each developer has detailed instructions on its website on this topic:

Installing cards to Navigator Garmin

Installing Maps Navitel

Installation of autospaulous maps

Installing informal maps

The complexity in the use of unofficial cards is the absence of any technical support and updates. How do they come from? They are made by the same users of navigators, like you, based on existing geographical maps of various regions. To add such a map to your navigator, you also need the card format to come to your navigation program, as well as the navigation program supports the addition of your cards. Where to take cards? Maps created by the resource are very popular. .

OpenStreetMap | 41.

Important note

Installing unofficial cards on the navigator, you do it at your own risk. Before installing, it is recommended to make a backup of data from the navigator to the computer. To fully be confident in performance and security by, acquire official cards.

How to install or update maps in Navitel Navigator

  1. Step-by-step instruction of how to install a Navitel GPS card to the navigator. To begin, download Navitel card based on OpenStreetMap:

  2. Connect the navigator to the computer. If the Navitel program is located on a separate flash card, then remove it from the navigator and open it on the computer. In the future, we assume that we work with a flash card.

  3. At the root of the flash card, create a separate folder for third-party cards, for example, usermaps. Do not touch other folders and do not keep anything in them to avoid possible conflicts between official and third-party cards.

  4. In the Usermaps folder, create a folder under the map of the region you want to add to atlas, for example Region1.

  5. Copy the files of the new card to the Region1 folder

  6. Insert the flash card into the navigator

  7. In the Navitel-navigator program, select the "Open Atlas" menu and click on the icon with the folder at the bottom of the window to create a new atlas.

  8. In the window that appears, we find the REGION1 folder where new cards are stored, click on it and choose the "Create Atlas" command

  9. We are waiting for the indexation and the atlas will be created. Press the button with the check mark.

Now you can use a new card by selecting the appropriate atlas on the list of atlases.

How to upload maps to Garmin navigator

  1. Free Maps Garmin based on OpenStreetMap can be installed using the MapSource program. The following is described how to download maps to the navigator with it:

  2. Load the MapSource program from the official site of from the Support-> Software site and then Mapping Programs.

  3. Unpack the archive into a separate folder and start the MSMAIN.MSI file from it and only then setup.exe. Wait until the installation is completed. Since there is no Garmin's card on your computer yet, then you don't have the point of launching the MapSource program.

  4. Download Garmin cards need

  5. Unpack the archives with maps into separate folders

  6. Run the Install file for each card so that the computer's registry is received by the necessary information about the maps.

  7. Run the MapSource program. Now in the program you can detect the cards installed on the computer through the service menu-> control of cartographic products.

  8. In the upper left corner of the program, a list of available maps (1) should appear. With it, or through the View-> menu, select the product to use one of the cards, it will appear in the field (3).

  9. Use the button (4) Click on the map (3) and it will appear in the window (2). Do it with all the necessary cards.

Press the (5) button to send cards to the device. The specified maps will be decorated in a file with an IMG extension and transferred to the Garmin to the device, which must be connected.

Installing Maps Navitel

Since when downloading cards, a new GMapsupp.img file will be formed, the source file will be lost, so if your device has preset maps in the GMapsupp.img file, then before downloading cards to the navigator, you should rename it to one of the permitted Names, for example, Gmapprom.img.

Amateur cards for the OpenStreetMap-based autospaulum you can add to the program as the official, passing only the registration step. Just rewrite them into the Maps folder, pre-unpacked.

How to download other cards to the navigator

It happens that after purchase, the client decides that the navigation program or cards do not satisfy its requirements, and decides to change them. We have already told that each navigation program only works with cards intended for it. Is it possible to replace the navigation software in the automotive navigator? The answer, which suggests itself, "yes", but there is exceptions.

Position Garmin

In particular, Garmin navigators supplied with pre-installed by Garmin do not support the installation of any third-party manufacturers. Also does not apply to the Garmin navigation program separately from the device itself to install on navigators of other firms. Exception - software navigation package for PC. The transfer of software and cards from one device to another is excluded, since the license key is rigidly tied to the device serial number.

Position Navitel

A similar policy uses CJSC CST, the developer in Navitel. The automotive version of the program is only available as part of the navigator when buying and cannot be purchased separately. Therefore, if you have a navigator with an autospaid or any other product, then wishing to go to Navitel You will have to buy another navigator from Navitel in the kit. The rigid license also eliminates the transfer of the program and cards from one device to another when replacing the device. To use Navitel, but not buy a new navigator, you can purchase a version for PDA and mobile with a less strict license.

Motor spanning position

The most democratic in the question of replacing and transferring cards was the autospaulous. I once boring a license for the autospaulite program 5, you can use it even if you change the device to another. It is only required to go through the re-registration procedure on the manufacturer's website. Moreover, the Avtospace program always goes as a bonus to all purchased cards. The only restriction can be the model of the navigator supported by the auto slip device are listed on the site. Attracts the product price within 1000 rubles, it's two, and even three times less than Navitel. With this approach, it's not a pity to buy an autospace and, in which case it is painlessly abandoned.

Multiple programs on one device

Some navigator manufacturers went to meet their customers and gave them the opportunity to use several navigation systems on the navigator instead of one with the help of the so-called alternative shell.

The alternative shell is copied to the internal memory or flash card inserted into the navigator, and, as if "prevents" the pre-installed navigation program, launching instead of it. In a separate file settings of the alternative shell, paths are prescribed to files of the available navigation programs that can be called through the menu of the shell itself.

One of these shells for its navigators offers X-Device, about setting up and installing this component can be found on their forum. Also, the ability to use multiple navigation programs was provided by Lexand, the shell can be found here.

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GPS AUTO Navigator Device On City Map Background

If you drive a car, but you probably use the navigator. Sometimes this device has to install new cards to master another terrain or refresh the data on the already familiar. But not everyone gets to do it yourself. Today we will tell you how to configure and install cards on the car GPS navigator.

Official maps

If you decide to install an official card from the creators of your navigator, make it completely easy. It is enough just to use the device's menu. As a rule, in the settings there is a special item to download and update cards in the built-in atlas.

Everything is a little more difficult with informal cards that are created by other users of navigators. First, they are far from universal, and secondly, you will have to go bypassing to download such a map on your device. Actually, how to do it, we will deal with you now.

In Navitel Navigator

If you use the Navitel navigator, then first you need to download the necessary maps and connect the device to the computer. To the root of the navigator or flash card, if the Navitel program is installed on it, you need to create a separate folder. In this case, it is important not to interact with other files and folders to damage anything.

In this folder, create another folder under the region and load the card downloaded. Manipulations with a computer on this end. Now turn off the navigator and go to the menu. We are interested in opening the Atlas, in which you need to click on the icon with the folder. We find our folder with the region, click on it and choose Create Atlas.

In the Navigator Garmin.

As for Garmin navigators, everything is more complicated here. You need to go to the official website of the manufacturer and download the MapSource from there, and then install it on the computer. Then download the cards and unpack them. On each card you need to start the file called Install.

Now launches the MapSource program. Through the service menu, select the cartographic management item to detect cards on the computer. On the left will appear a list of all cards, select one of them. The navigator must be connected to the computer so that the program loads each card to it in turn.

We reviewed the process of installing new cards on navigators from the two most popular manufacturers. Some firms at all do not protect the devices from unofficial cards and allow them to be freely installed, as well as official.


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Previously, to travel around the world, every car owner brought cumbersome atlases with him, which had to look for a faithful route for a long time. Today it is much simpler to get to the place of the unknown road, but problems arise when the loaded plans of the area are obsolete. Then you have to decide how to install maps to Navitel Navigator.

GPS Navigator Device.

In general, working with the navigation system of any manufacturer occurs approximately a similar way. For this, a computer connected to the Internet network is always required, as well as the device itself to be downloaded to new cards.

Where to get new cards?

Surely every navigator owner at least once in his life went into a situation where the program lasted the route where it is not, or, on the contrary, was carried by a completely profitable road. All this is due to the fact that the world develops, new routes appear and the old ones disappear. If you do not change the cards on your navigator, then you can get to come. As a result, a logical question appears - where to find new cards? There are several possible solutions to this problem. Simplest - Find suitable cards on the Internet.

  • If you want to have licensed data, you will need to visit the manufacturer's site.
  • This resource provides the opportunity to go to your personal account.
  • Inside is the "Add device" button.
  • After clicking on it, you will need to enter the name of the navigator, as well as the key of its software. This information can be found inside the system.
  • There are situations when the key turns out to be inactive. Activation can be held in the same personal account. To do this, you will need a serial number, which can also be found inside the navigator program.

Upon completion of the registration procedure, click on the "Buy" button, select the material of interest and pay it.

how to install cards to Navitel Navigator

Sometimes from the moment of writing off the cash and before coming to the mail, letters with a key takes a relatively long time. After that, it will only be left to activate the sent key and get the necessary files.

How to install cards to Navitel Navigator?

Update information on your small guidebook simple enough. It is important to pay attention to the fact that new maps approach the current version of the navigator. For example, data for the third version will not be able to function on the fifth, since there have been significant changes in it. The rest of the process does not have any difficulties.

  • How to install cards to Navitel Navigator:
  • You need to download suitable cards from the Internet. They can be both on the official website of the manufacturer of the navigator or the navigation system, and simply on the network.
  • Regardless of whether data is downloaded for the Android system, Windows Mobile or some other, the process will not differ.
  • If new cards downloaded in the form of an archive, then it is necessary to get the contents and put in any place where it can be easily found.
  • To start the boot process, you need to connect the navigator to a laptop or computer on which new cards are stored.
  • A quick start window will appear on the screen in automatic mode, or you have to open my computer and find the connected navigator there. After hitting it, you need to find the Maps folder, which is located in NavitelContent.

It will only be left to transfer previously downloaded cards. If desired, for each region or country, you can start a separate folder.

Personal Area

That's all. Usually after that the system automatically detects new cards. However, sometimes it has to be done manually. To do this, you need to go through the menu-card setup menu-open atlas. Then you need to mark all the cards and select the item "Create Atlas".

How else can you update the cards?

There is also a way to automatically download new cards to the navigator. Unfortunately, it does not always work, and also requires a stable internet connection. To start the process, you need to go to the navigator settings (via the menu), and select the Count card there. Inside this section will be "Check Updates" button.

If you click on it, the system (subject to the availability of the Internet network) will be connected to the navitel servers and find the necessary information there.

If some new cards are available for download, the program will show a window with a corresponding message, specifying a list of specific cards. You can immediately install them all, and you can select only the necessary options. After that, you will click on the Install button.


This method of work is suitable for the device on any database, whether android or symbian. In addition to automatic loading, the installation will also pass in automatic mode. As a rule, after that, the cards themselves are updated, without any additional actions from the owner.

Another card download method

  • In order to download cards to the Navitel Navigator using a computer, you can use a few other method. There is no fundamental difference from the above in it, so this is simply an alternative.
  • The map from the Internet is saved to a separate folder.
  • The navigator connects to the computer using the cable, or the flash card goes out of it, and it is it.
  • Going to the root directory of the navigator system, you need to create a folder and give it a clear name. For example,
  • Inside, it is possible to create subfolders for specific regions and give them the appropriate names.

Pre-downloaded cards are moved to these folders.


After that, you will need to use the Open Atlas button and create a new atlas there, specifying the path to dad with downloaded cards. After that, the information will be updated, and it can always be selected in the list of available atlas.


New maps


Each lover traveling by car for long distances should learn to use the navigator: leave the route, download updates. It is difficult to make those who recently acquired the device and can not yet use all its capabilities or to those who have come together to visit the new country, which is not available in the navigator. In the latter case, downloading cards to the navigator becomes a necessity.

The easiest way to upload cards to the navigator, you can contact the center. Professionals will easily select the desired software and in the minimum time will install the necessary data.

The price of the service (the most complex variant) does not exceed 1 thousand rubles. And in this case, the motorist can be calm for the accuracy of the downloaded information.

Independent installation of maps

  1. If you do this process yourself, you can save money. To do this, you need to visit the official server of the navigation program whose brand of the device you use. Next, passing authorization on the site and go directly to the instructions for downloading cards:
  2. Select the "Personal Account" on the site.
  3. In the "My Devices" section to find the "Updates" subsection and choose it.
  4. Next, it is necessary to determine which software corresponds to the model of the navigator and download it in memory of the personal computer.
  5. Unpack the update archive. This requires a special program for unpacking archives.
  6. Through the USB wire, connect the device to a personal computer.

By keeping the downloaded addition to the "Maps" section on the device to complete the work.

To further use the navigation device, it is enough to make a reboot. In accordance with the software, the reboot and address addresses may not match each other.


About the navigator for trucks, read in another article.

Download new data to the navigator, you should make sure that there is enough free memory in it. Otherwise, it is worth removing unnecessary files by preserving them on the computer.

  1. In modern updated models of navigators are equipped with the Wi-Fi function, allow you to easily synchronize the necessary information immediately. For this you need:
  2. On the site to select a section responsible for software and find the desired update.
  3. Allow navigator to use updated installations.

Reload the device.

In the future, available updates will be loaded automatically. If this does not happen to re-perform actions manually.

When downloading updates, the system will require a license key entry, which is specified on the package or instructions for the navigator. If the packaging is lost and the license number fails to recover, there is a function described below, which will tell how to download updates.

What if the navigator does not see satellites, find out from our article.

Downloading non-original software

Internet is full of websites, free use that offer new cards for any navigation systems. The main distinguishing feature of such resources is non-original software, which is added to the site by simple users. Maps may have some differences with "real" versions, but nevertheless be reliable. The process of downloading data is no different from the above method. The updated data is saved separately, in the folder allotted.

How to install GPS into the car, read here.

If the gadget model is not equipped with the function of adding files, the updates will not be updated on these sites.

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