How to solve rebuses?

The breakdown of the plas is a great pastime for lovers of all sorts of puzzles and mysteries. This exciting process, the essence of which is to decipher the word, phrase or offer using pictures and symbols-tip: numbers, letters, commas and other signs. Rabi can solve both the most young intellectuals and adolescents, because tasks have a different level of complexity and sometimes make even adults think.

In addition, it is also very useful to solve the rebuses, since logic, intuition and non-standard child thinking developing. And as an additional bonus, the vocabulary and the horizons are expanding.

What are the rebuses

There are a large number of different plas that can be divided into several groups:

  • Rabus with pictures;
  • rebuses with commas;
  • rebuses with letters;
  • rebuses with numbers;
  • Reburs using other characters: chemical elements, notes, arrows, arithmetic signs, and so on;
  • Combined rebuses (consisting of many elements).

How to read Rus

  1. Read the rebus should be left right or from top to bottom, if the other direction is not shown by arrows;
  2. Spaces or punctuation signs when reading the rebution are not taken into account;
  3. Pictures and symbols in the rebuses indicate a certain word or part of the word;
  4. If the picture has several names, it is necessary to choose the appropriate. For example, a raspberry pattern may mean both the word "raspberry" and "berry" (general or private name). And the picture depicting the eye involves the words "Eye" or "Oko";
  5. All words need to read in the nominative case (who? What?);
  6. Most often, the words are encrypted in the singular, but there are exceptions (for example, when several objects are depicted in the picture or the word of the word is part of the supply, sayings, sustainable expression);
  7. When a whole proposal is encrypted in the rebus, except the nouns will also be attended by other parts of speech: verbs, adjectives, prepositions, pronoun, and so on;
  8. Rus always has a single decision, unless otherwise indicated in conditions.

Rules for solving plas

Consider the options of the rushes that are most often solved according to certain rules.

Rabuses in pictures with commas

The commas show that from the word you need to remove certain letters. If the commas stand before the word - the first letters are removed, if after the word - you need to remove the letters from the end. The number of letters is always equal to the number of commas.

The picture is drawn table. The comma at the end means that you need to remove the last letter in the word. We remove the letter l, remains the word one hundred.

The picture shows the ball. The comma stands at the end, it means that we remove the last letter h, we get the word hamster.

Two commas at the beginning mean that you need to remove the first two letters from the word drum, and the two commas at the end show that the last two letters of the word are also unnecessary. Thus, we have the word slave.

Rebuses with letters

Very often, various actions with letters are made in the rebuses: overchallation, replacement, imitation of predictions due to a certain location.

The curved letter f means that it needs to be removed from the word scarf. There is a ball.

The character "=" means replacing the letter. In the word rose, we change the letter p onto and get the word goat.

The syllable of Wa is located in the picture under the syllable co. Add a pretext under and get the word Horseshoe.

The letters L and K are located in the letter O. add the pretext in and the word wolf is obtained.

Behind the letter I am located the letter C. We use the pretext for and get the word hare.

The letter B consists of pronouns he. We use the pretext of and get the word Bizon. All other prepositions are encrypted as the same principle: on, with, by, y and so on. Therefore, attention should be paid to how letters are located relative to each other. Also in rebusters with letters, fractions are sometimes used.

The figure shows that the letter Z is divided into K. That is, the fraci sign indicates the pretext on. It turns out the word sign.

Rebuses with numbers

The numbers in the rest can replace part of the word or be a sequence number, show sequence.

Figure 1 is read as one and replaces part of the word of the Motherland.

In this case, the number 1 is read just. In the drawing, the plug, then the word of the RA6Vilka is encrypted here.

If there are several identical objects or symbols in the figure, you should count them. In this case, we see 7 letters I, which means the word family.

Sometimes the numbers are shown in what order should the letters be placed. In the pine figure, the letters must be placed in accordance with the specified sequence. It turns out the word pump.

In some cases, not all letters are used, but only those whose sequence number is shown in the figure. We take the taracked words appropriate letters and get the word tank.

The arrows show what letters you need to swap in the word castle. And it turns out the word smear.

Combined rebuses with different characters

The more different characters are used in the rus, the more difficult.

In the picture of the note "mi" and nose. In the second word we replace the letter O and we get the word minus.

In the figure, the number Pi, the note of the Fa and the mountain. In the third word we remove the last letter, it turns out Pythagoras.

In the picture, the chemical formula of water and bottle with spirits. In the word water, the letter D is replaced with a z and remove the last letter. In the word perfume, too, we also remove one letter from the end and get the word air.

In the word, the coat of arms we remove the two last letters, in the word decanter the letter n change to J. Geography is obtained.

Phrases encrypted in rebus

On the first drawing beyond the letter to the letter R.OT words of the glasses we only take the letter I.In the letter of the letter M. In the word, we remove the letter in and the last, remains the der. In the word worm we remove the first letter and p, it remains Even. In the word pit Change and on and, it turns out. The words of the fishing words remove the letter K, the forest remains. Purchased letter r is read like Ner. In the word of the eye, we change the sequence of letters, we get azgl. In the following figure the word poison. In the word bumps we remove one letter Two at the end, it remains. Alive b.

The proverb turned out: "For the curves of the forest trees do not see."

In the second drawing, the hammock, we remove the last three letters, remains ha. Valid the letter E letter J.OT Words the Word take only C and Ya. In the word OSA, we change about A, it turns out as. The word coin we take only m. The letter How Nep.The Word Horse needs to be removed two latter letters, the horse will remain. The word loose will take only y. The saying: "We hope for God, and you are not a root."

The solution of the plas is a wonderful way to develop your intellectual abilities, it is interesting to spend time and with benefit. You can solve them both independently and in the company, having arranged the competition for speed and intelligence. Solving rebuses, children learn to reason, analyze, make logical conclusions. This is a great opportunity to maintain yourself in good shape and train the most important skills. In the development of logic, attention, thinking and many other abilities will also help the educational platform clever. Individual program, fun games and unusual tasks will not leave indifferent. Study with smartsia and be at the height!

In 1582, the French even published the first compilation, which introduced the whole of Europe with entertaining logic in pictures. In his native Russian, rebuses appeared only by the end of the 19th century - once we were tasks to solve! Thanks to the magazine "Rebus" they became one of the entertainment for residents of that era.In 1582, the French even published the first compilation, which introduced the whole of Europe with entertaining logic in pictures. In his native Russian, rebuses appeared only by the end of the 19th century - once we were tasks to solve! Thanks to the magazine "Rebus" they became one of the entertainment for residents of that era.

Logic and mathematics for children 7-13 years

We develop logical thinking, teach working with information and make sure solutions

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How to learn to solve rebuses?

Step by step We will introduce you to the examples of entertaining puzzles of different levels of complexity.

Part of the tasks we give with answers and description of the solution.

To overcome all the material from and to - you can solve such rebuses once or two.

  • Basic Referring Rules
  • Rebuses are read from left to right, in some cases from above
  • down. There may be exceptions to which the compilers of the task may report or
  • arrows.
  • The signs of punctuation and gaps are not taken into account. This rule is
  • relevant for large and complex rushes, in which a long word or a whole is encrypted
  • phrase.

Any picture or symbol in encryption is important. None

The comma or image is not given in the rebus just like that. Picture and symbol may indicate

The word entirely either part of the word depending on other rebus conditions.

All words in the rebus are read in the nominative case, but with

It turns out that a modern Russian rebus has been more than a hundred years old, and it is still popular, and the improvement of the techniques of "games of hide and seek" - the case is infinite and limitless. New riddles today are a wide variety of "taste and color", for too smart and easier.

The only and multiple number should be attentive. If the picture is depicted

What are the rebuses?

pair of legs, eyes or several fruits, the author of the rebusa probably wants you to read the word

in plural.

One of the most difficult tasks in the rest - to understand "what I wanted

Words in logical mysteries are encrypted in different ways.

Say the author? ". In other words, correctly interpret the picture. In the picture you can

"See" the dog, but the author could make the word "dog" or in general "Hachiko." Boy with blonde

There are puzzles using letters and pictures.

Hair may be the word "boy" or the word "blonde".

The decision at the rebus is always one! And if a few, about it you

In such rebuses, the mystery is hidden by the image of the drawn item and is read in the adoption in the nominative case. Flowers are complemented by letters, differently located and changing the word for the proper response.

Must warn the author.

Needed for solving a big complex rebus? Be ready,

There are rebuses that make pictures with numbers, they are similar to the previous.

that it is encrypted in it, in which there will be not only nouns,

But other parts of speech.

There are tasks with pictures and commas.

Tell the child that you need to be attentive, think no standard and always

Invent several solution options.

Commas in rebusa

  • Among the simplest plas, which can be offered preschoolers or younger schoolchildren - Rebuses in which there is one or more commas next to the picture. Commas show that Words that depicts the picture, you need to remove the letter. Sometimes commas are drawn inverted, but It does not matter. .
  • Consider the essence of the rules on the example of two plas below. The number of commas is equal to the number of letters, which need to be removed. Words that depicts the picture, you need to remove the letter. Sometimes commas are drawn inverted, but Commas left - we remove 3 letters at the beginning of the word. .
  • 2 commas until the picture - we remove 2 letters at the beginning of the word, 1 comma after Pictures - remove the last letter in the word. .
Moreover, the punctuation sign can be painted both in normal form and in the turned.

Learning to solve rebuses with letters

The simplest hand drawn tasks usually hide one thing - a maximum of two words, they solve "Once or two to three", but tasks of three and more elements to solve much more difficult, but more interesting.

Letters in the rebuses complement the pictures and help create more complex puzzles. If one or

Rebuys can even write the sayings and proverbs, phrases and quatrasions! Imagine Pushkin Letter Tatiana to Onegin in the form of pictures! It was interesting! And what would look masterfully beautiful!

Several letters stand on the left or right of the picture, which means you need to add to the word at the beginning or

in the end.

We see in the picture of the mouth, add to the beginning of the word letter to and get the word

And the rebuses will be excellent, beautiful and interesting additions for your school research projects. For example, as here or here.


Letters in the rebusters can be combined with other symbols and signs.

We solve insoluble, or general rules for rebuff

In this rebus, the drawing, commas and letters are combined. It is necessary to read it like this:

From the word umbrella take two letters at the end (two commas on the right) and

We get a syllable zo.

If you combine all the rules for solving logical tasks together, you will get a special for helping to choose the right path to the rays.

The sign "=" between two letters means that the letter from the word in the picture must be replaced by that

Each hidden word is divided into parts depicted by the pattern or with the help of signs. These parts are read usually from left to right, but it happens that, on the contrary, and even from top to bottom.

which stands after "=".

In the word "Heron" letter "C" change to "K".

The mung lonely word is usually the name of the noun in the sole number of the nominative case. There are exceptions to the rules, but for this are given tips.

Instead of the letter first in equality, a figure can stand. Then it is necessary to calculate what

The letter corresponds to the digit, and replace it with the one that stands after "=".

When Rus is a whole proposal, then, of course, there are not only the names of nouns, but also verbs, and adjectives, in general, other parts of speech. For such puzzles, the compilers specifically make an indication like "Guess the Proverb".

The third in the score of the letter in the word Ear - O.

If the letter next to the picture is crossed out, it must be removed from the word.

The word "elephant" take the letter "L" and get the word "sleep".

Literal rebuses (without pictures)

The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.

You can encrypt the word for rebus without patterns and symbols, but only with the help of letters. In that

  • Cases pay attention to how letters or syllables are located relative to each other, and
  • Choose a suitable pretext.
  • If one letter, syllable or word stands over another, read them
  • It is necessary with predictors
The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.




When one letter is located after another, choose between


The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.


The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.

("before" )

The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.
The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.

In one letter, another or several can be fitted. In that

The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.

The case is using the pretext

The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.


The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.
The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.

The syllable "ha" is located "under" the syllable "RU".

Behind the letter "K" is the syllable "ne." But in this rest, the preposition "For" we do not

Suitable, it means trying "before".

  • In the large letter "A" the syllable "TA".
  • Pictures in rebusa
  • If the ordinary picture in the rest indicates the word, then the inverted requires read the same
  • The word on the right left. It can be combined with letters, numbers and various characters.
  • In this rest, the word "bison" read on the contrary and get "RBUZ".
  • The arrow next to the pattern indicates to the left? The repus author demands to read the word in the opposite
  • direction.
  • Instead of "whale" read "Tick".
  • Solve rebuses with numbers
  • The easiest way to use numbers in rebusters is to replace part of the word.
If the number next to the pattern is crossed out, you need to remove it from the word.
If the number next to the pattern is crossed out, you need to remove it from the word.
  • The word "cake" read on the contrary and take away the first "Trot" received
The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.
  • The letter "t".
  • A number of numbers may be located in the drawing rebris. If numbers are smooth as much as the letters in
  • Word, just change the letters in places, as indicates a numeric row.
  • In the word "boar" 5 letters and the same letter depicted above the drawing. Simply
  • We build letters in the order specified in the numerical row, and get a new
  • word.
  • If the numbers above or under the drawing are less than letters in the Word, then use for a solution only
  • Those that correspond to numbers in a numerical row.
  • It is easy to see that numbers in the riddle less than letters in the word "crocodile" or

"ALLIGATOR". It remains to choose the right word and letters from it. :

Logic tasks are a great option for joint classes with children. Look for keys to secret ciphers in

Pictures, arrange competitions for the speed between teams of friends. Rip out

Intellectual riddles and develop logic and thinking along with logiclike.

The rebus should have one solution. If there are several of them, this is also referenced.

Rebus (from Latin "Rebus" - "With the help of things"), representation of the word or syllable using an image of the subject whose name is consistently represented by the word or syllable.

In other words, this is a riddown of the word in the form of drawings, letters, special signs. The benefits of unhearing rebs:

So, armed with a pencil sheet with a pencil, we write out every admitted image, perform all instructions to them, the obtained parts fold. Voila! You found the right answer!

logical thinking, intuition, cutter, intelligence;


If a child is rebus himself, creative, cognitive and intellectual abilities are developing;

  1. Spectating memory is trained; The horizons are expanding.
  2. History Rebus The progenitor of the rebus is considered a picture of ancient Egypt and the pictograms of ancient China. Figures from different items at that time often replaced the words complex in the image.
  3. In the XVI century, drawn rebuses appeared in England, Germany and Italy. But no particular popularity was received. The first printed collection was compiled in 1582, the French artist Etienne Taburo.
  4. In Russia, they appeared for the first time in 1845. Types of Rebus

It is necessary to solve the rebus that hides in itself a riddle, and you need to solve

(Ripping Rem You can read the proverb)

  1. - Rebus - Story
  2. - Sound Rebus
  3. In the picture - the rebus can be depicted: arrows, numbers, notes, punctuation marks, pictures, letters, fractions.
  4. The rebuses are still divided by the level of complexity, and therefore are suitable for children of different ages and adults.

Rules' rules rules?

read words and phrases need to be right;

All objects in the figure are read in the nominative case;

  • The picture is turned off (for example, depicted a turned nose, then the word solve is a dream); And now we will pass on the main types of rebs and methods of their deposits.

    The arrow on the right left (shows that it is necessary to consider the word to be left left, "Dog" - "Year"), if a lot of arrows, then you need to read a few words;

  • The comma at the top in front of the rus, says that the first letter of the word is crossed, if after the word, then the last letter (how many commas, so many letters and remove); Pictures with letters and numbers

    The torn letter shows that it is necessary to remove from the word;

If another is another with a torn letter, then we change one to another;

If the figures are written under the picture, then the word consists of letters under the written numbers;

  • One drawing is located under a different (or in any other position), then between the words we put the pretext in, on, above, etc. accordingly the image;
  • If the record of the rebus is depicted in the letter "O" or in any other letter, then add the letter "in";
  • In the first case, the answer is the wolf, the second word - spring
There are several techniques that allow you to easily solve such tasks:

letters and numbers hold hands, it means that you need to add "and" or "C";

on, under, depicting the corresponding location of the pictures between themselves, the letter on the letter or fraction;

If there are no signs in the figure, we take into account only the first letter in the title of the picture shown;

Action (runs away, jumping, leaving, etc.) or the arrows indicating the direction indicate "C", "from", "to", "to";

The image turned upside down says that the hidden word should be read on the contrary, so out of the upwards of the "nose" of the nose.

Part of the word can be replaced by the number (including Roman). (for example, 100yanka - parking, etc.);

part of the word can be replaced by a notota;

Signs "=", "+" "-" show that you need to make a corresponding action with the word. Sometimes indicates that you need to add letters "to" or "from";

Standing on the sides of the sides of the drawing letters add to the main word - the image value.

If another is written in the letter add "by";

If one letter lies with another, then add "y";

Other diverse signs are possible: chemical elements, mathematical signs, emoticons, etc.

Rules of compilation of rebus

Clamped letters are replaced by nearby them; If the options for the dried letters are not given, they are simply excluded from the word, the sign of equality also indicates the replacement of the letter.

Rebuses can be made by himself, it is also very exciting and useful for children. When drawing up the rebus, we consider the rules of soloing.

For example: make up the rebus to the word pineapple.

The numbers define the sequence number of letters in the Word, and their written order indicates which the letter for which should be delivered to the answer.

A / us (fraction, in a numerator A, in the denominator us) - the fraction sign indicates "on".

When the rebus is solved, it is necessary to apply logic and smelting. This game is suitable for both children and adults!

Sometimes numbers are less than letters means, not all alphabetic residents will be used in a randering. The torn numbers remove the letters from the word, and the numbers with arrows looking at different directions, say that letters in the Word need to be swapped.

Many interesting child development

>>>>>>> here

Rebuses are a kind of riddles in which the word or a few words (proposals) is encrypted using pictures, letters, numbers and other signs. The solution of such puzzles contributes to the development of logical thinking in both adults and a child. Most children know how to solve rebuses from school age, but it's never late to learn this. Guess the rebus is easy, it is enough to know several rules about how they are solved and a little practice: the more experience, the easier the solution is given.

There are a large number of different plas:


  • - Words or suggestions are encrypted in them, for this can be used various methods, such as rebuses-pictures, rebuses with numbers, commas, etc.
  • Musical
  • - Such riddles are often used in music schools for easier development of tissue letters. They look like: In the text of the song, the syllables with the names of the notes are replaced by their images, while reading the rows, the child intuitively catches that the note is shown - it is up to, re, etc.
Pictures with commas and signs.


- They are also called arithmetic or numeric. In such a puzzle, an arithmetic example is hidden, the numbers are replaced by other signs, and the goal is to restore the initial type of example.

Sound riddles

- With the help of such exercises, children develop the skill of the confluence of syllables into the word. They have a type of card on which 2 subjects are depicted. Both items must be simple, the child should easily determine what is shown in the figure. The figures are written in the drawings that indicate the syllable. If the digit is not crossed out, the syllable is pronounced, the curl of the digit shows the syllable that you do not need to read.

General rules for solving puzzles

Rebus, like other tasks on logic, there are rules for the compilation that should be guided by their decision.

  • Rus is always read from left to right. When guessing more complex puzzles consisting of more than one lines, you need to move from top to bottom.
  • The rebus can be hidden both the word and the offer (for example, a proverb or a mystery). If one word is encrypted in the rest, it will be a noun, and in the nominative case and in the singular. If the proposal is hidden, the verbs and other parts of speech can occur. When drawing up the rebus, the gaps and punctuation signs are lowered, they are not denoted in the rebus.
  • If there are pictures in the rebus, the names of the items depicted on them are read in the nominative case. It is worth paying attention to how the subject is drawn: if the image is inverted, then the word mandated with it must be pronounced on the contrary.
  • In most cases, the rebus has one answer, the presence of several correct answers should be negotiated in conditions (for example, write one of the two right answers).
  • How to read rebuses
  • Rebuses are read from left to right, the names of the depicted items are pronounced in the nominative case in the singular. But if in one picture is depicted 2 of the same item, this suggests that a multiple number is used.
  • There are only two cases when the phrase in the rebu is read on the contrary, i.e. from right to left:
  • When the picture depicting the subject is inverted;
Riddles with commas and pictures, as well as using other signs, they also solve them in their rules:

The word "grass" is encrypted.

when there is an arrow indicating such read

Rus with an arrow.

The signs of the punctuation standing on the side indicate that in the riddled word at the beginning (if signs on the left) or at the end (when signs on the right) need to remove the letter by the number of commas,


You can not always choose the subject that will consist only from the necessary letters, so sometimes the name of the subject should be used not completely. When there is a need to leake some extra letters at the beginning or in the end of the word - use commas. The position and number of commas shows where letters should be removed and from what quantity it is necessary to get rid of:

comma standing before a word or picture indicates the removal of the initial letter;

comma standing after a word or picture indicates the removal of the last letter;

The edge of the arrow directed to the left side indicates that for the correct response, the word hidden in the figure is read by rear,

The number of commas shows how many letters need to be removed.

An example of working with commas in the rest.


In tasks with the sign of fractions and letters, the fractional feature is replaced by the syllables "on", "over", "under"; The fraction with the "Double" in the denominator adds to the word "floor" (from halves),

Different variants of combinations with numbers are used in the rebuses.

The numbers can complement the drawing or the letter so that when reading the word is obtained. For example, the word table can be written in this way: 100l, and the word family is 7th.

Riddle with numbers - "Table".

The numbers listed through the comma on or under the drawing indicate which letters from the word hidden in the image you need to take.

If the numbers are not listed in order, it means that letters in the Word must be rearranged in places. For example, a number 45123 are written next to the pine wallpaper. This means that the last 2 letters in the word pine - "n" and "a" need to be rearranged to the top of the word. Answer: Pump.

  • The change of letters in the word turns "pine" into the "pump".
  • More often, the numbers indicate the desired letters in the word or on those that need to be removed or replaced.

The crossed out digit shows that the letter under this number must be removed from the word. For example, a tent is depicted and numbered figures 4 and 5. This means that from the word tent encrypted in the picture, you need to remove the 4th and 5th letters. Answer: Stick.

Not only numbers, but also letters can be crossed.

If the arrows are drawn between the two digits, this means that the letters under these sequence numbers need to be changed in places. For example, next image of the lock is written 1⇔3. This means that "s" and "m" in the word castle you need to change places. The answer will be the word smear.

After moving letters, a smear is obtained.

Recording "Figure = Letter" says that the letter under this sequence number must be changed to the specified one. For example, a folder is depicted in the picture, and 3 = l is written next to. So you need to replace the third letter in the Word, it turns out a stick.

Rebus with a replacement letter.

Recording "Letter = Letter" means the same as the record "digit = letter." For example, B = n near the image folder says that in the word folder "P" you need to replace on "b". Answer: grandma.

Arrows and signs

Where a note mill is drawn, first determine which note is depicted, but they read it like a syllable.

Often there are arrows in the rebuses. The arrow on the right to the left indicates that the said phrase is read on the contrary. In the rebuses with the letters, the arrow replaces the prepositions "from" and "to", which of the predictions should be used, depends on the direction that the arrows show. Occasionally the arrow can point to the desired object in the picture.

In addition, they use signs:

Literal rebuses

The "+" sign is most often replaced by "and". For example, P + C will be read as rice.

The sign "-" replaces "from" or "not."

The crossed out "=" sign is read as "not", so the recording and ≠ is meant.

  • Encrypted the word "frost." Often, here letters are drawn in different angles - inside each other, about, one under the other - all this techniques that allow you to hide the spent word:Only letters
  • Literal rebuses are puzzles consisting only of letters. In this case, in this case, their location is relative to each other. It also shows which pretext should be used.
  • The complexity of guessing such a task is that it is possible to read the syllables in a different order. In addition, it is not always clear which pretext should be used. You need to choose that combination that makes sense. If the beaks are alone in another, then between or in front of their names add the pretext of "B", it turns out similarly if one hid "for" another or worth "before",When guessing proposals, it may happen that both of the readings make sense, then when choosing an option to repel the sentence of the sentence.


If the letter or syllable is composed of another letter or syllable, the preposition "of" is used. For example, "A" is composed of "b". The answer will be the hut.

When others are scattered in one letter or syllace, then the preposition "software" is used. For example, if Poland will write Poland in the syllable "F".

If one letter or syllable is located above another (they can also be separated by the fracted sign), pretexts are used "on", "over" and "under".

It happens that one letter is drawn from others - in such cases, accordingly, the preposition "of", for example, if the outline of the letter B to draw up capital A, then it turns out the "hut",

If the letter or syllable is inside another letter or syllable, the preposition "B" is used. For example, if in the "o" enter the syllable "yes" will turn out to be water.

  • Near the longer letter can stand less, then "when" or "y" is added. For example, if there is a small "sh" near the capital letter "C", then the answer is a syringe.
  • Two standing near the same letters are read with the addition of "pair". For example, standing near "DD" will be read as a parade.
  • Letters can approach or move apart from each other, in which case the "K" and "from" pretexts are used, the direction of action is indicated by arrows.
  • When the letter or syllable is located behind another letter or syllable, the preposition "for" or "Before" is used. For example, for "I" written "C". Answer: Hare.

The alphabet of the "hare".

Notes in rebusa

Notes may be found as images in the rebus. Such a drawing may mean the word note itself. Also, the name of the depicted note can replace the syllable in the mandated phrase.

Example of rushes with notes.

  • The second option is more common, therefore, to solve rebuses with notes, you need to know their location on a not one. Sometimes one lies "U" another, or runs "from" someone if they hold hands, their names connect the Union "and",
  • Mathematical rebuses Several nearby standing identical letters must be counted: so, the SJZH turns into "Strege"
  • Mathematical rebuses are simple tasks in mathematics for addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc., in which several or all numbers are replaced with pictures or other symbols. The task before the decisive is to restore the initial type of example. Try strength!
  • An example of a mathematical rebusa. Have you studied the instructions for the order of guessing rebuff? And now apply the theory in practice! Here is a proverb:It is necessary to start solving mathematical riddles, pushing out the main laws of mathematics. For example, if the addition of two three-digit numbers is additionally obtained, it means that the first digit of the resulting number 1. or the extreme left digit can be 0.

In such examples, one separate character replaces only one digit and vice versa, one digit is replaced with only one character. This suggests that there can be no more than 10 different characters in the rebus if there are more of them, the example has no solution.

Mathematical mystery.

  • There are riddles in which not only human logical abilities are tested, but also attentiveness. For example, in the last line in the bundle it turns out not 3, and 2 banana. Therefore, it is worth carefully peering in drawings to commemorate the differences. Well, how to succeed? Waiting for answers in the comments!
  • Solution of complex plasters from several components
  • The number of used techniques in one rebus is not limited, its complexity depends only on the author's imagination. Complicate rebuses, combining the methods of their compilation, for example, use several pictures or pictures add numbers, commas and other signs. If you try, you can even turn the simplest word into a complex puzzle, so it is difficult to decipher some of them. But even the most complex riddles are subject to solving rules. Well, since we worked well, you need to rest carefully! Elash! For all! We look and smile)
  • Before starting the solution of complex plas, it is worth arming a piece of paper and handle. After that, proceed to the decision of the riddles: I say goodbye to you, I also go to the rebuses, I will have a charging for your mind!

first decrypt the value of the drawings;

Look at the presence of commas, numbers, arrows and other signs.

  • Do not forget that you need to move from left to right and top down. Always yours, Evgenia Klimkovich.
  • When the proposal is given in the rebel, it is better to break it into parts and guess them separately, and then combine the results obtained. Blogarticlead-Image.
  • Video. Simple kidney rebus
  • Rebuses are suitable for both children and adults. Not only is it a great way to spend time, so also warm up for the mind. In the process of solving the rebs develop imagination and attention. Rus Riddles Luck

Hello everyone!

How about warm-up workout? Do you like to pay a crossword puzzle in your free minute and tweak over logical tasks? Turning complex in fascinating people has become a long time ago, drawing abracadabras and intricate schemes. Puzzles on the decoding of hidden words, or in common - rebuses, is a whole art that lives according to its rules of drawing up and attenuation.

Rus Encryption Rot

Do you know how to solve rebuses or encrypted riddles for you - a dense forest? It turns out that there are their techniques and techniques that allow "turn on the brain." So, we will be familiar - mysterious rebus.

Where did Remus come from?

A little story. Logical workouts of the mind came to us from France. There, they were glad to breathe back in the 15th century, the Prussian King Friedrich himself was not to watch their brain.

From the Latin word translates as "with the help of things." And indeed, it is using the pictures of all sorts of items, letters and numbers lovers of the plastess riddles.

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