How and how much to cook cabbage for cabbage rolls

Crazy - favorite dish of many Russian families. Once they were a mandatory treat on the wedding table. From how tasty and beautiful were obtained, judged about the future life of newlyweds. Today there has been a huge number of recipes, how to cook it is a kushan.

That's just modern hosts sometimes refuse him, considering the cooking process rather time consuming. The trouble is that they do not know how much can cook cabbage for the cabbage rolls.

It turns out that you can use both the traditional ways of the leaves of the leaves in a saucepan in boiling water and new ones. The collected tips will be useful to those who have gathered to turn the doves to treat their relatives.

How to choose cabbage

Many people think that the filling is the main thing in the cabbage. It turns out no, because you can hide anything inside, and the wrapper is always cabbage. Starting to cook easier: it is enough to mix the ingredients, give them to stand around half an hour so that the aromas are connected.

And the leaves should be prepared in all the rules. It is necessary to take into account not only how much time to cook cabbage for the cabbage rolls, but also to choose the forks correctly so that the products are beautiful, they did not break up in the extinguishing process, did not remain raw top and inside.

For the preparation of meat and vegetarian cabbage rolls, a cabbage sheet is used. More often the white-baked, but many young hostesses have already tried to fill in Beijing. Agree that the leaves of them are unequal density, therefore, having a fork on the table, you will have to calculate how much to cook cabbage.

The taste of cabbage rolls, as well as the appearance, depends on the correct choice of Kochan.

What do you have to consider:

  • For the preparation of home treats with any filling, the white-baked, as well as the Beijing and Savoy cabbage;
  • It is better to take dense heads having a slightly exhaust form;
  • All leaves must be integer, without cracks and wormochin.

It is undesirable to use loose kochenants, because the leaves will be very small. Corrugated leaves are not suitable, with folds - they cannot be straightened. White dense kochens are considered unsuitable for this dish. Old leaves are very solid, they are not collapsed, but they break, they are impossible to separate them from the knockerel without damaging. The greenish shade of the head indicates that the cabbage raw material is ideal for wrapping the filling.

Preparation of cabbage to the yard

How much to cook cabbage depends on two factors:

  • What way the leaves will be boiled;
  • The term of maturity and grade of the selected plant.

Capported Kochan can be opened entirely, but it must be prepared:

  1. First, the top leaflets are removed from the head, which are loosely attached on the bare.
  2. A tight knife is cut with a dense knocker. Removing the core, it is necessary to cut it so that the leaves become free from the central rod on which they are attached.
  3. The prepared Kochan is lowered in cold water, and then boils to the transparency and softening of the leaves.

There is another way to prepare cabbage leaves for delicious cabbage rolls. They can be boiled in water separately. For this, the leaves will be removed from Kochan. It is not easy to do this, but folk lifehaki helps to cope.

To remove each sheet separately, you need to choose a loose knocker. First, it is completely cut from it. Then the water jet is sent to the resulting cone-shaped hole. The head must be rotated so that the driver gets under the first sheet. He softening and gradually will leave, but they will have to help his hands very carefully.

Tip! In the water for cooking cabbage, you can add a bit of vinegar, then the leaves will not crack when removing from Kochan. Be sure to add salt.

How much cook leaves: the secrets of determining the exact time

It is time to talk about concrete figures, how much to cook cabbage. But even an experienced cook of an accurate answer to the question will not give. But exemplary benchmarks exist:

  • Early medium-sized cabbage is brewed for 5-10 minutes after boiling, if the knocker is pre-removed;
  • Tight crop nochann need to be boiled 15-25 minutes;
  • Separate leaves enough to break 3-4 minutes;
  • Beijing cabbage quickly quickly scream with boiling water.

When cooking cabbage for cabbage rolls, it is necessary to constantly look into the pan and evaluate the product condition. It is important to determine the moment of readiness. Disturbed leaves may not move and remain solid.

They will break when they have to wrap the prepared stuffing. Even worse, the situation when the forks digest. More often, such a misfortune happens in young hostesses when using young earlier kochanov. In such a wrapper, you will not complete a mince, no mushrooms: it will fall apart.

Attention! Throwing off cabbage for the cabbage rolls, which is too welded, is not worth it. There are recipes of lazy cabbage rolls. You have to cut finely welded vegetables, connect with filling. Lazy cabbage rolls are prepared from the resulting mass, which have the shape of a kitlet or tortilla. And if it does not work at all, you can put out mince with cabbage and rice in the Casane, adding sauce, vegetable oil, spices.

Old cochanists have very dense leaves that poorly pass water. They are attached to brew in several techniques. First, Kochan with a cut-off norama is placed in boiling water. When the upper leaves in 15-20 minutes become soft, they can be carefully removed. The rest of the plug goes back into the water and jokes. Gradually, all leaflets are soft.

Attention! Leaves located in the very center, very small. It is better to leave them for cooking.

Further processing of leaves

After the yard, the leaves are removed from Kochan. For a while they can be left for cooling. If you have no time to wait, it will have to shed billets with cold water.

The thickening is removed from each sheet. It is necessary to cut it with a sharp knife, trying not to damage the record itself.

Attention! If the sheet is inappropriate, it turns out to be cut, you do not need to send it to the garbage basket. When folding the cabbage rolls enough inside the "Lattle" from the cabbage residues. She grudges stuffing to the sheet.

Very thick leaves after boiling are fightped. Movements should be light, not to break the future vegetable wrap.

Alternative ways of preparing leaves for cabbage rolls

Knowing how much cabbage is brewed for the cabbage, do not rush to put a saucepan with water on the stove. Alternative ways of preparing leaves can be considered:

  • In the microwave. The nochang is removed from Kochan. Then the vegetable is stacked and sent to the microwave. The microwave turns on first for 2-3 minutes, then you need to check the softness of the leaves. Usually 10 minutes enough to soften even a dense fork having solid white leaves.
  • In the freezer. After removing the bazers, you can send a kochan to the freezer, having previously shielding it with a food film or putting into a package. Through the 2nd day, it will become soft, but will first have to defrost. This method is usually used if the date is known in advance when your favorite cabbage will be prepared.

Updated, finally, all secrets, how much can cook cabbage leaves, without which you will not do real cabbage. Now you can safely go to the stove to prepare a delicious treat with rice and meat or mushrooms and buckwheat in a delicate cabbace.

Many stuffed cabbage rolls, but not all the mistress prepare them. The reason is that they do not know how to prepare cabbage, or consider this process quite time consuming. In fact, there are several ways to achieve the goal, and they do not require large culinary skills. Culinary can take advantage of the method that will seem to him the simplest and rapid.

Features of cooking

  • Usually, the cabbage uses a white cabbage, but sometimes Peking. The leaves of the Chinese cabbage are separated easily, with a young coach whitening them can also be removed without much difficulty. From the mature coach to separate the leaves are more difficult, as they are tightly adjacent to each other, but it is the late vegetable that is most often used to prepare the cabbage rolls, because it is available year-round.
  • Leaves from Kochan need to be removed carefully, so as not to damage them, otherwise the cabbage will look neappety, mince of them can fall out. To facilitate the separation of leaves on Kochan, they act high or, on the contrary, low temperatures, but there are ways to do without boiling and freezing cabbage.
  • Thermal processing allows not only to separate cabbage leaves, but also soften them. If the leaves remained solid, then they still need to be treated with steam or for some time to hold in boiling water.
  • Rough residences passing inside the cabbage leaves make them inelastic, wrap in such leaves of the minced meat problematic. To give them plasticity, they are bought off the side of the kitchen hammer or knife handle. You can also ride the rolling leaves. If these manipulations did not help, the protruding parts of the residences can be cut off with a sharp knife.
  • Do not digest cabbage. Its leaves should be soft and flexible, still remaining dense and elastic.

The time that will have to spend on the preparation of cabbage to form the cabbage depends on the selected method.

Traditional way to prepare cabbage for dumplings (in a saucepan)


  • white cabbage - 1.5-2 kg;
  • Water - 4-5 liters.

Cooking method:

  • In a large saucepan, pour water, boil it.
  • Wash the cabbage, remove the top leaves from the coach, cut the knife from it.
  • Lower cabbage to boiling water by a hole where there was a knocker down.
  • Wait until the water boils back, cook cabbage 2-3 minutes.
  • Carefully, not to burn, remove the kernel from the pan and put on the dish. Gently separate from Kochan the upper softening leaves.
  • When still tough leaves begin to come across, return the kernel into boiling water for 2 minutes, reveal it again and separate the softening leaves. Continue to do the described manipulations, until all leaves are separated.
  • Remove the cabbage leaves with the back of the knife, cut the protruding bodies. Start the formation of the cabbage.

It is possible to separate the leaves from Kochan, without removing it from boiling water. Experienced hostesses are actually done.

A simple way to prepare cabbage for the cabbage (freezing method)


Cooking method:

  • Wash the cabbage, remove the covering leaves and the nickerel.
  • Put the Kochan in a large dense cellophane package. Send it to the freezing chamber.
  • After 1-2 days, remove the corocula from the freezer, put in a bowl, leave until complete thawing.
  • Remove the cabbage from the package, disassemble the leaves. They will already be soft enough, they can be immediately used to prepare the cabbage.

The time that cabbage should spend in the freezer depends on how big kochan is. If it weighs no more than 1.5 kg, then enough 24 hours, if it is more of the time of its freezing, it is necessary to increase by 2 times. This method of preparing cabbage leaves for cabbage rolls is simple, but requires a lot of time.

Fast way to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls using microwave


Cooking method:

  • Clean cabbage from the upper leaves, cut down the batch. Wash the vegetable and put in the package.
  • Put the bag with cabbage into the microwave. Run the device by setting the maximum power, 5-7 minutes.
  • Remove the coach from the microwave, let it cool a little, then hold for a couple of minutes without removing from the package, under the jet of cold water.
  • Remove the package from the Kochan, disassemble it on the leaves.

If it turns out that inside the Kochan leaves have not yet softened, re-put cabbage in the package and warm in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. For better softening of cabbage leaves, ride the rolling pin. If you appreciate the time more expensive than electricity, this method to prepare cabbage leaves for the battless must come to your shower.

Unusual way to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls (under the jet of water)


  • Kochan - 2 kg;
  • Water - 2-3 l (not counting the water flow, pouring from the crane).

Cooking method:

  • Put the cabbage kochan in the sink by the narry up. Fully cut the topmost sheet.
  • In place of the cut, send a stream of water to get under the cabbage leaf. The jet must be medium, otherwise the kitchen will spill splashes.
  • Slide and separate the sliced ​​sheet.
  • In the same way, cut and remove the remaining leaves from the Kochan.
  • In the saucepan boil 2-3 liters of water.
  • Take one cabbage sheet with forceps and lower the water to boiling water for 10 seconds. Put the processed sheet on the dish. Also prepare the rest.
  • Remove the veins with a flat side of the kitchen hammer.

This method does not require much time, the presence of microwaves and a large pan. The only disadvantage can be considered a great water consumption.

Preparation of cabbage leaves for cabbage rolls with steam


  • Kochan - 1-1,5 kg;
  • Water - 1-1.5 liters.

Cooking method:

  • In a large saucepan, pour water. Become over it the grid for the preparation of products for a couple. If you do not have such a device, you can replace it with a breather.
  • Kochan cabbage wash, free from the bums and upper leaves.
  • Place the Kochan in the grid or sieve.
  • Put the saucepan on fire, bring water to boil in it.
  • Cover the saucepan with a lid. Boil the Kochan for a couple of 15-20 minutes.
  • Place your cabbage to a large plate, cool down to a comfortable temperature, separate the leaves.

If necessary, the Kochan can be returned to the lattoon and hold a few more minutes over the ferry, so do not rush to remove the saucepan, acting as a double boiler, from fire.

Preparation of Beijing Cabbage for Bars


  • Beijing cabbage - 0.5-0.7 kg;
  • Water - 2-3 liters.

Cooking method:

  • Beijing cabbage cut the bottom of the bottom. The upper part is divided into leaves, rinse them.
  • Boil water.
  • Fold the cabbage leaves in a bowl, pour boiling water.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove the softened leaves of boiling water, ride the rolling pin on them and use them for destination.

In the same way, you can prepare the leaves of a young white cabbage.

Product matrix:

Belochane cabbage


Date: 08.12.2020.

Cabbages with various fillings wrapped in cabbage, love many. There are them, in any case, for sure. But cook .... Delicious dish, appetizing, beautiful, that's just preparation takes a lot of time and strength. And the preparation is the cutting of the cabbage coach on separate leaves.

Cooking whole Kochana: how and how much to cook cabbage for kaltsov

So, the source data:

  • Cabbage - 1 forks;
  • Pan - min. 5 liters.

Kochny cabbage, which we buy in winter, are no longer young. They are strong, dense and so simply do not understand. Now we will look at the way when it takes to boil the whole kochan.

We put a large saucepan with water on fire. Larger enough so that she can accommodate and cabbage, and water, which, by the way, should be so much so that it closes the forks. Turn on the fire and bring it to a boil.

In the meantime, a sharp knife with a sharp long blade cut out a knife.

When water boils, we lower the cabbage entirely pan. We carry out 2 minutes and carefully remove the board. Pan until we turn off and do not remove from the stove.

When it is possible to touch the plug, remove the top leaves. They became softer and well separated. As soon as we feel that they began to remove badly, we send the Kochan again into the pan.

We repeat the procedure as many times how many leaves we need.

If it turns out more than the planned number of cabbage, or in any case, do not dispose of unnecessary. Cool, dry a little, fold into the usual plastic bag and remove into the freezer. When you decide to cook the cabbageans again, you will already have cabbage ready for them. All you need is to get them out of the freezer, defrost and separate apart from each other.

How to remove the leaves with cabbage

When the cabbage forks are not too tight and you understand that separating the leaves will turn out without the cooking of a whole Kochan, act as follows.

At the base (near the bazers) we cut off the topmost sheet, remove it. Then we find the following and just cut and remove.

Discontinued in any case for the preparation of the cabbage rolls are too solid. They will not wrap up in the "converter" as it is necessary. They need to be made softer.

This is also done with boiling water. Boil in a saucepan water. Already less than in the first way. We lower the leaves in boiling water one for a few seconds and take out.


How to Separate Cabbage Leaves for Dressy Frost Finding

If you have a lot of time in stock. For example, you planned the preparation of cabbage rolls for tomorrow. You can prepare cabbage for them in a very simple way that does not require any cooking or other heat treatment. This freezing method.

Everything you need to do is pre-cut a knife. Then put cabbage in the package and send to the freezer for 24 hours.

After this time, we pull the forks, put it in a colander or a sieve that we install over the mission. We leave to defrost in this form for several hours. He must melt completely. During melting, water will be drained from it.

After that, sheets easily depart.

Couple of tips:

  1. Freeze either a large Kochan or 2 immediately. Then you can freeze extra leaves and you will have a stock for later.
  2. Put cabbage in the freezer in the morning, on the eve of cooking. Then the next day you can cook cabbagers for dinner.

Easy and easy, but long.

How to separate cabbage leaves for cabbage rolls: Cooking for a couple

To prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls, it is still treated with steam. How to do this, choose depending on the size of the fork and double boards (nanovarka). If the plug is placed in it - everything is simple.

We remove the knockerel. In the lower part of the steamer, we bring water to a boil. Cabbage is located at the top. We cover the lid. Without 15-20 minutes and take out.

I cool, disassemble and then use for the preparation of cabbage rolls.

Now about whether the cabbage is not included in the double boiler. What then to do? We take a large saucepan, boil water in it. We set over the pots of colander or sieve, in which already put the cabbage forks. Cook for a couple about the same amount of time.

Do not hurry to disassemble a double boiler or design in case the internal sheets will not be well removed. We just refund her back and serve another 5-10 minutes.

How to cut cabbage for cabbage waters

This way of preparing cabbage for cabbage rolls is cold. No water, couple or other hot ways. Only you, cabbage, knife and water.

We go to the sink. Cut a knife the very first (upper) cabbage leaf at its base.

We direct the jet of water of moderate power into this incision.

Move your fingers to make the sheet so that the water has crushed under it through the cut.

We loosely with your fingers, water gets deeper into the space between him and the rest of the fork.

And the leaf is completely completely. Describe this process is obtained much longer. In fact, for removal is enough 2-3 seconds.

Nevertheless, after disassembraging cabbage, before starting to cook the cabbagels themselves, the leaves still have to lower in boiling water. Since the fresh elastic and turn them will not work.

Preparation of Beijing Cabbage for Bars

Beijing cabbage is different from its white sister to greater tenderness and subtlety. Drop very easily and quickly. It is enough to cut off the base of the Kochan, how she herself will figure it out on leaflers.

You do not need to cook. It is enough just to omit in a bowl of hot water and it will reach the desired softness.

Finally, a very important reminder:

You disassembled forks. Softened. But each leaf has a thickening, which still does not give a roll to roll. This thickening must be cut off.

For which we put the plafhmy on the cutting board. Cut the thickening with a wide knife, holding a knife parallel to the board. Not through! We only cut off excess, making cabbage in this place thinner, which means flexible.

Now everything is ready! You can fill and cook cabbage rolls.

Bon Appetit!

Many love the cabbage rolls, but the need to carefully remove dense and fragile cabbage leaves, which should not be damaged, is strongly cooled by the desire to prepare them.

In fact, no one likes difficulties, so many seek to come up with any ways to facilitate the time-consuming culinary process. And so born sly lifehaki, which we decided to collect in one place and share.

So, ways to prepare cabbage for Barshead:

Method 1, traditional

Before reinventing the bike, let's see what they offer classics. Here is a way from p.p. Alexander-Ignatiev (1909)

"Taking kochan cabbage, cut down from it to the narch, omit into steep salty boiling water and give it several times. After breaking the Kochan cabbage on sheets, cut off from the surface of each of them the average, solid part, i.e. branching knockers. "

By the way, the cabbage rolls were prepared and from the whole sauerkraut, in this case nothing needed. Here is a description of the preparation of cabbage from the book "Almans of Gastronomes" I.M. Radetsky, 1877

"Separate from the Kochnya Sumy Cabbage sheets, cut off every fat random, decompose on the table, salt, and, impoverishing the cooked minced meal, wrap each sheet with a roll"

Modern Cabshot's recipe from sauerkraut With step-by-step photos there are on the site

Cabbezzles made of sauerkraut
Cabbezzles made of sauerkraut

Method 2, simplified

This method is similar to the previous one, cabbage is also lowered entirely in boiling water, just do not cut anything in advance, just stick a durable fork in the nickerel and use it as a handle. You can make a small incision at the base of the leaves, so that it is easier to separate them, but it is not necessary.

So you will avoid the difficult cutting procedure with fresh bums and reduce the risk of burn, because it will be much more convenient to keep cabbage.

In addition, with this method, the leaves will be softened more evenly.

Preparation of cabbage with a fork
Preparation of cabbage with a fork

Method 3 combined

This method is rather elegant and looks fascinating. Here you need to cut from the raw cabbage to the norament, put the kochan into the spacious pan with a funnel up, and then carefully pour into the recess of boiling water (for example, from the kettle). First, the cabbage scruits water, and then reveals, like a flower.

There are no pictures, but perhaps will soon appear :)

Method 4, lazy

If you basically do not want to mess around with boiling water, but you have enough time, then the time will do everything for you. Just need to leave the cabbage kochan at room temperature. The upper leaves will begin to fade slightly, losing moisture, and soften. Then they need to be separated, shifting into the refrigerator, leaving the next row to prepare. So, in 2-3 days you will have a stock of leaves for the cabbage rolls. A separate plus of this method - the leaves without prior temperature processing will be more dense and in the end the taste will be more saturated.

Capacity stuffing
Capacity stuffing

Method 5, technological

If you have a microwave, and Kochan cabbage is not too big, the preparation of cabbage for the cabbage will take no more than 15 minutes. To do this, remove the most coarse part of the knockers, wrap the coach with a food film in 2-3 layers. Put in the microwave oven for 8-10 minutes (the time depends on the size, temperature and density of the Kochan, as well as from the power of the microwave oven).

During the cooking, the cabbage should remain quite elastic, but it will noticeably soften, which will make it easy to remove the cabbage leaves. Expand the film, cool the cabbage and remove sheets for the cabbage.

Cabbages with meat and rice
Cabbages with meat and rice

Method 6, Cryo.

Another way for those who have time, No money And the desire to mess around with the cabbage a bit. Just put a kochan in the freezer for a day, and then let it be hung at room temperature.

The effect will be similar to boiling - cabbage will soften and leaves will easily be removed.

Once choose the most suitable way to handle cabbage, proceed to choose Recipe Golubtsov .

In fact, it is not all ways to achieve from a dense and impregnable cabbage of some kindness :) The rest are variations of what is stated above.

How are you cooking cabbageans? What makes yourself a note?

Doves - Favorite cabbage dish. How to cook cabbage rolls quickly and without hassle? And how to prepare cabbage for kaltsov? - An important question for many owners. In this video I will show 3 simple ways of preparing cabbage for cabbage rolls : Freeze Cabustrust for Golubanov in microwave Cooking whole kochana in a saucepan These are the 3 most simple and real ways to prepare cabbage. You can, of course, use to prepare cabbage leaves and other kitchen appliances: Multivarka , Paroire , Oven etc. But this is already a variety of the foregoing methods.

Share in the comments, what is your favorite way?

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Many lovers love, but not everyone loves to mess with the preparation of cabbage leaves. I will show 3 simple and actually working ways to prepare cabbage. Miracles does not happen and, of course, have to work a little, if you want to taste delicious and juicy ducts;) 1st way. Freeze (without water and without cooking cabbage) Kochana cabbage cut out the knockerel.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

We put the Kochan in the package. And we clean in the freezer. Hold the molding cabbage in the freezer - 1 day. Large and tight cochanists and cabbage of winter varieties leave in the freezer for 2-3 days so that the Kochan is fully freezing.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

From the evening, we get cabbage from the freezer and give Kochan to fully utter.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

Cabbage leaves after defrosting are very soft, it is very convenient to work with them. Kochan literally in a couple of minutes you will analyze on separate sheets.

Many know, love and with pleasure use this way of preparing cabbage cabbage. But do not look at the fact that this method is simple, fast and not troublesome, for me it has a significant drawback - in the finished cabbage such cabbage it turns out a little fibrous, it is not so elastic, as cooked by the usual classic method of cooking. But you will definitely try to decide whether you like this way.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

2nd way. Microwave (without water and without cooking cabbage) Kochana cabbage cut out the knockerel.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

Put the Kochan in a plate. Cut the package. And put in the microwave to full power for about 6 minutes.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

Get the cabbage from the microwave gently remove the package so as not to burn the ferry.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

And disassemble the kochan on the leaves. The leaves are soft, elastic practically the same as boiled in the water in the water.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

If the Kochan did not speak a little in the center, we return a couple of minutes again into the microwave. The main thing is not to disturb the microwave, so that the leaves are not too soft. This is a great way. But not everyone uses the microwave and therefore I can not pass by the classic way to prepare cabbage.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

3rd way. Cabbage Cabbage in Water Similarly, as in the two previous ways, cut off the Kochan.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

We put in a saucepan with boiling salted water. Warm cabbage with weak boiling until the upper leaves are soft.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

As you read, we get ready-made cabbage leaves.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

And we continue to boil until the entire Kochan in the leaves.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

The cooking time will depend on the grade of cabbage, size and density of Kochan: the young cabbage is boiled quickly, and the cabbage of winter varieties is brewed longer. Do not digest cabbage so that the leaves are not too soft. And at the same time, the leaves must be elastic enough to curl well into the cereal. The cabbage cooked in a saucepan is possible a slightly more troublesome way than two previous options. But personally I prefer this option. Because so the cabbage is obtained by the most delicious and helpful. But choose of course to you! I will be glad if you write your favorite way of preparing cabbage to the cabbage in the comments.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

Here, I screwed out the cabbage from this cabbage. Soon I will share a new roller recipe and show 4 ways of twist.

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

For now you can cook delicious juicy small Doves For this recipe. I also show a new way of twist using a regular package.

Thank you for the husky! Save the recipe not to lose! Waiting for your impressions and photo reports in the comments!

3 ways to prepare cabbage for cabbage rolls

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