Anal plug - for what you need, sex with a plug, with a tail for girls

Anal plug is one of the most sought-after sex toys. They differ in design, size, form and material. Each model has the subtleties that need to be considered during operation.

Find out why you need anal plug, you can walk with her on an ongoing basis.

Anal plug - Why need, is it possible to walk constantly, what sensations in sex, photo

What is needed anal plug

Anal plug is required to excite sensitive endings in the anus. Few know, but there is a strong erogenous zone between the buttocks. Sex toys are just helping to activate it. Another advantage - products give a feeling of fullness. If the subject is located during the intercourse in the anus, then all sensations are perceived sharper. Anal sex often causes discomfort, to cope with the special devices help. For example, anal plug. It is important to cope with fear and relax with the penetration of the sexual organ in the rear pass. To do this, you must first get used to using items. Special cork eliminates both discomfort and frequent urge to the toilet during sexual intercourse.

Rubber Anal Cork in the form of a shell
How Batt Plag (Anal Cork) may look from the side, photo 1
Photo 2.

The use of sleeves allows you to quickly reach orgasm and excitement, regardless of the place and time of the day. Wearing intimate accessories can not be removed during the day. No one around them will know about their use. To enhance the sharp sensations, you can choose a model with a vibrator or remote control. The use of sleeves - the ability to decorate the body. Rhine decoration does not require shooting.

What sensations from girls from use

In the case of traditional sexual contacts, the difference is immediately felt. Vaginal plug fries bright emotions. Filling an anal passage helps to narrow the vagina, so vaginal stimulation is felt stronger. The narrowing of the pub positively affects the quality of intimate communication. It is also worth considering that a slow increase in the lumen provides additional excitement. Additional severity from the device inside allows you to navigate on sexy caresses.

Happy girl


Men use anal tubes to stimulate prostate, women to obtain additional pleasure and narrowing vagina. They take into account all the anatomical features. The diameter is 1.5 to 3 cm, and the shape is crushed. The model needs to be chosen based on the expected functions. Main types:

  1. For parallel administration . Fit flexible products that change the form in compression. For example, copies with a curved member shape.
  2. Equipment for anal sex . They are solid and long, usually there is a special handle. There are rough or double-sided tubes.
  3. Options for newcomers . Such tubes up to 10-12 cm long made from flexible material. It should be returned to the original form immediately after compression. Externally, such sex toys look like a cone.
  4. Anal tunnels . They have holes at the base. It is intended for the introduction of a lubricant, a vibrator or genital organ. A similar model is not suitable for constant socks.
  5. Anal plugs with erection ring . With sexual act, each friction is given in the crotch. It enhances excitation.
  6. Big devices . Suitable for connoisseurs of fisting and prolonged anal lascom.
Tadalafil C-3 - Exciting Tablets for Men
Anal plug with erection ring
Rubber anal plug

Also isolated bushings for continuous wearing, which have a narrow and long tip. The end does not shine movements and is not visible under the clothes. Therefore, no one will notice an intimate detail.

With tail

Anal tube with a tail is required to enhance the sensitivity of the rear-ground opening. The end of the models is decorated with playful details in the form of imitation of animal tailings. Therefore, the plugs are used not only to stimulate orgasm, but also for role-playing games. It is used both natural and artificial fur. There are universal designs with a unlocked tail.

Anal tube with tail (stylization under fox, photo)
Butt Plug with a tail (photo)
How the tail looks like a girl

Sizes and forms of anal traffic jams

To prepare for an anal sexual act, use the products of the conical shape. They are smoothly and without discomfort included in the anus. Such models leave up to 10 minutes so that the muscles are accustomed to the presence of a foreign body. The "Vibration" function allows you to relax faster. With a large member, you can use several parts with different diameters:

  • In the initial pores - small, to a pair of cm;
  • Experimental experimenters are more interesting to try more options - from 6 cm.

Sexologists recommend a drop-shaped and slightly rounded shape for the narrowing of the vagina. They are perfectly fixed and do not slip in inside. The plug slightly lowers and narrows the entrance to the vagina it gives the pleasure of both men and women. Those who love large sizes like inflatable devices. When penetrating inside, they are slightly rolled up. Material for devices is suitable different: metal, silicone, latex, glass, gel, plastic.

Drop-shaped cork

Anal plugs of metal durable, look beautiful. Many attracts a feeling of gravity. An important advantage is compatible with any lubricants. The metal product is quickly relaxing the sphincter, but sometimes scares a slight chill from the coating. Analogue of metal toys - silicone plug. In this case, scratches and allergic reactions are excluded. Silicone parts are soft and warm, but applicable only for lubricants with a water basis. Glass intimate accessories are also durable, used with any lubricant. Borosilicate glass is protected from breaking, but microscols can be formed.

How to insert an anal plug

In order to properly paste an anal plug, it is important to correctly determine the size. For beginners are not suitable for large products. Ideal compact options up to 3 mm. Other nuances of operation:

  1. No need to save on lubrication . Her sufficient amount provides a pleasant introduction.
  2. The technique of administration is important . All movements should be slow and smooth. The vagina is pre-abundantly lubricated with lubricant.
  3. You need to lie on the back, bent the legs in the knees. Or you can get back and take the pelvis back. It is necessary that it is not only comfortable, but also has access to anus.

Depending on the material, the plug holds from 3 to 10 hours. For long-term socks, choose the product is not harder than 100 grams. Otherwise there is a risk of stretching the sphincter.

If you use it for the first time

It is important that both partners are relaxed. Therefore, preliminary stroking anus with fingers and role-playing games. The diameter of the anal tubes for beginners is needed small - up to 2 cm. No need to experiment with form and relief. The cone variety is gently enters the anus and well affects the erogenous points near the sphincter. The material is soft. For example, silicone. For silicone sleeve, a water-based lubricant is required, there should be a lot of it. This will not break the natural microflora.

Newcomers do not need to wear long anal plug. Starting standing from 10-15 minutes. On the lingerie, traces of lubricants often remain. In this case, you can choose a more thick tool. The first time the use of such a sex toy can cause a call to go to the toilet.

What you need to know about sex with anal plug

As preparation, before use, accept an anal souls and use lubricants. To enhance the bright sensations, you can move the plug, then forward then. In half an hour before the sex. There are a number of the myths about anal traffic jams:

  1. They always hurt. You can always choose the appropriate size, good lubricant and optimal shape. Then, when applied, no unpleasant sensations appear.
  2. The sleeve is lost in the rectum. This is excluded because it provides a special limiter. It fixes, and it helps then pull the plug out.
  3. From use develops hemorrhoids. The disease appears from circulatory disorders in the veins of the rectum. But the improper exploitation of the sleeves can aggravate the course of the disease. This also applies to the incontinence of Cala. This happens at first.
  4. Tubes apply from constipation. They do not have the properties of laxatives or enema.
  5. Anal toys use non-traditional orientation people. The sensitivity of nerve endings does not depend on age, gender or partner preferences. The severity of sensations is the individual feature of each person, sensitivity can be developed.
Drop-shaped anal plug with an elongated holder for dense fixation and reducing the risk of "losing" the plug in the rectum

After each intercourse, the tool must be thoroughly cleaned. This requires a special cliner or disinfectant. Wash anal plug important immediately after sex so that there are no bacteria left. After washing, it is important to dry thoroughly. Before the next operation, clear from dust again.

Wearing on a permanent basis (including on the street)

For permanent operation, it is important to choose a suitable form. Drop-shaped models are easy to drive, they do not stretch anus. To stimulate the prostate of a man choose options with a bend for daily socks. They provide the necessary pressure and severity. For constant socks, it is better to choose a stimulator with a thin leg. It is located in the anus zone, and does not cause unpleasant sensations.

how to walk with anal cork girl

What you need to observe:

  • Cleaning cork;
  • It is impossible to use other people;
  • Use only a suitable lubricant;
  • Anal toy should not bring discomfort;
  • Damage to the anus is unacceptable.

For constant socks, you can choose a device with a vibrator, charge is enough for a couple of hours. Anal plugs do not apply with hemorrhoids and prostate in the aggravated phase.

How much time can you wear?

The time of uniform socks depends on the material. The rubber model cannot be applied longer than 3 hours. Otherwise irritation arise. Analogs of plastic are once applied even less - up to 2 hours. Silicone products are used longer. Medical composition is safe for 6 hours.

Anal traffic jams can be applied throughout the day. But it is important to make small breaks. At this time, you can disinfect the sex toy, clean with a lounge napkin and dry. Keep in a closed place to protect from dust and pollution. It is enough to give the body to relax at about an hour (at least 30 minutes). On an intimate accessory there should be no cracks, jar and scratches. The surface must be perfectly smooth. Time socks need to be increased gradually, starting better from 10 minutes.

Anal plugs for men - is it normal?

The means is universal, so men often use similar toys. Causes why they buy anal traffic jams:

  • The ability to get an unusual experience, curiosity;
  • Effective prostatitis prevention;
  • New feelings from orgasm;
  • Strong emotional and physical connection with partner.
Option BDSM Tubes for Men with Erection Ring

At first games with anus, pick up smooth little anal instances. A small size and correct form help gradually get used to the accessory for sex. Discomfort minimizes, while you can get a maximum of pleasure. Anal traffic jams are suitable for men of all age groups.

Anal sleeves

Have you seen an advertisement of one famous toilet paper brand? There was still a sleeve washed in a toilet. And the heroes of the roller came to the rapid ecstasy because the lord's sleeve was washed off! Imagine ?? Washed away !!

It is terrible to submit to which ecstasy they would have come, if they learned about the existence of anal car.

The most interesting devices for anal sex (attack a little theory and councils) are in our article.

Plan A. i

Why do I need analneems, traffic jams and other incomprehensible pieces?

Moreover, they are not even washed away in the toilet.

In fact, all these anal rhinestones, tailings and replenish not only aesthetic function.

The worst thing you can do when the case is touching an alleged sex is to try to do it without preparation. When attempting a member, the anus muscles begin to shrink involuntarily. As a result, we have no sexual arousal and certainly not an orgasm, but discomfort Izhelaning to stop this medieval torture.

Anal plugs allow you to prepare the rear pass of the kptenteration. Of course, the plug needs to be selected in size and do not hurt the head of the pornolmpic records. Gradually, the anus will get used to the prevention of the object and will cease to aggressively protect its territory of the constraintic invaders.

If the guy and the girl really want to try dual-spout, but one of them is not commenfo to the bed of one more man for them, the vibrators and tiny (newmates are capable!) The sleeves and cork come into the bed.

Many girls should try this at least because the new experience is always useful, and as a maximum because double penetration provides special sensations to both partners.

Stimulation "On both fronts" in addition to enjoying the prognosis and a pleasant bonus - the vagina becomes already.

A man besides the feeling of undivided power over the television, the woman also gets a spectacle, worthy of exquisite porn movies - the modern anal bushings are rhinestones, fox tails, etc.

Anal sleeve

Analneems and traffic jams can also bear and do not believe - therapeutic function. Often, men suffering from problems with a prostate, prescribe massage.

If you or your partner faced this problem, pay attention to the plugs with a curved tip.

All life is a game! So, apparently, thought those who came up with role-playing games. When the images of loose nurses and bad teachers already fed up, animal images come to the rescue. Sleeves equipped with fluffy foxes are very popular. For the completeness of the image, you can also buy fluffy ears - a hot date is provided to you.

Instructions for use 2

Of course, in porn nobody in the rustling of passion is missing the zamilism and does not wear a shower. In general, everyone is excited almost faceless, but cum by such fountains, which did not dream and Peterhof.

But porn is tearned from reality as hopelessly, asmedatical data on salaries of Russian citizens.

How to use anal sleeve

Read the interviews of any famous pornstar - inprints they pass thorough preparation. At the same Sasha Gray, with him, there was always hygienic accessories, and in front of the scenes of anal sex the intestines.

First, it is not necessary to squeeze the shower directly to the action. Otherwise, you will be reminded not a languid fox, but raising the smelter, which threw ashore, and he somehow shoved the lisus tail.

Secondly, use the subject or special shower.

What can the naughty attitude towards hygiene pre-treatment?

Hmmm ...

We will not venture to describe everything in detail - suddenly someone competes this article for Lunch.

Let's try to veil ...

The partner will be able to see the dark side of your world peace.

For what is needed anal sleeve

Dopantize themselves, in general, not small.

We very much hope for your prudence and sexual education, but still we recall that the use of lubrication is necessary.

The usual saliva will not be enough here - its insufficiently in conventional vaginal penetration.

If it happens, then the "salivan" is a thing for so-so. Aesley or your partner is not all right with the health of the oral cavity, the totem more.

The choice of lubricants in the modern market is great and extensive, you can get it possible to naturally get lost and hang out before the counter for a couple of hours. Select a lubricant to your taste, but remember the two most important rules:

  1. LatexSEVERs do not like oil lubricants
  2. Silicone chairs and silicone lubricants do not digest each other.

Water lubricants are worse slide and dry out faster, but the most tolerant countries of Europe will envy.

This item also seems so naturally meaning that it is not necessary to write it.

Will the pleasure of the anal sleeve

But nonetheless.


Do not use.

For sex games.

Homemade toys.


For some reason, some people are completely deprived of instinctasamosochy.

Well, or brains - right here and do not guess.

It is not known what is happening in the heads in people who use foreign objects for sex (and then they cannot be removed from their bones) or they are not protected at all (and then surprised, seeing two stripes test). In Russia, in general, tight with sexual education, this is a fact.

Specialized toys for sex Although it looks strange and frightening, still much safer than that thing, you have for your hand during sex.

Corks, bushings, beads, rings and other sex toys have a natomatic shape and are equipped with limiters that will not allow the harm to the anus. Of course, if two fools are taken for the work, then a priori is dangerous.

Do not skimp toys - take the quality accessories from the proven stores. This is a question not only pleasure, but Izdorosa.

Some more elementary.

Anal sleeve for anal sex

It is not necessary to immediately acquire the plugs of the huge diameter. It is only the type of such an aggregate can knock all enthusiasm from the girl.

If the girl never practiced anal sex used similar toes, you need to start with the plugs of self-male diameter. You can buy a small neat rhinestone, and to get to the bolather options later.

You can buy a whole set of bushings of different diameters - you will quit for what to strive for. But do not hit the excitement too much and expand the border outlook gradually.

In this article, too many vulgar metaphors.


Practical lessons 3

  • Once you have fallen a lubricant, you can neatly start action.
  • Always start with a smaller diameter tube. The quieter you go, the further you'll get. When the muscles get used to the toy, you can enter a larger accessory.
  • If the girl will hold the manipulation itself, it will be able not only to control the speed and the depth of penetration, but also to track their own sensations. In general, act in your rhythm.
How to diversify anal sex
  • It is possible that a man will not be able to stop in place and wants to take an active part in the process. In this case, it is worth thinking about a relaxing massage. To successfully introduce traffic jams, you need to take care of the relaxation of the whole body, and not just anus.
  • The flag will be easier to insert when the girl will be at the finish line called "Orgasm". Therefore, it makes sense first to engage in ordinary or oral sex, and then carefully introduce a plug into the game.

Hero of the occasion 4

While you are pretending which cork (sleeve / plag) to buy you, let's talk a little about anal sex as such.

  • The most sexually active age group in this plan is girls and guys who are slightly in twenty. They are more brave than adolescents, have not yet managed to have sex, but they already want diversity, and therefore are ready to experiment.
  • If you think that homosexual men are just doing what they anally copulate, then you are mistaken. According to one long-term study of Indiana University, Gays often (sometimes even more often than penetration) practice blowjob and mutual masturbation. So that they spend their nights to be monotonous, you can not worry.
  • Anal sex without a condom is a bad idea. You can become infected with an unprotected act with syphilis, and hepatitis, and other diseases.
Anal sleeve for sex
  • "Anal" is one of the most popular porn genres. Both among our compatriots and abroad.

SexShoping 5

We go shopping and surprised by how the human fantasy is wobbled.

  • ADAM & EVE Glass Anal Training TRIO

This set will appeal to beginners and professionals. Flaws of different sizes will help gradually mastering different levels and prepare anus to anal sex.

Hypoallergenic plagments made of tempered glass are durable omese-use. In the kit there are copies of three different sizes, so you don't have to miss you. You can also play with changing temperature- cool toys in the refrigerator or heat in hot water. It will cost you the mixture of forty dollars.

Mal Spool, yes roads - a small size of the silicone transfiner is equipped with vibration and intends to give you an unforgettable feeling. Items of waterproof, so you can go to the debauchery and in the shower. Material is flexible, which will allow you to enter and remove the plug. It will cost you in eighteen dollars.

Anal sleeve Bumbum Vibrating Plug

If you cross dildo and anal balls, it turns out a wont interesting thing. Material - silicone. The toy has several ball-sized diameters, which will allow control the depth of penetration and depletion.

Hypoallergenic material. In stock There are black items-purple products. Price - forty dollars.

  • Ohmibod Beginner Pleasure Plug

The toy promises to satisfy both singles, so the fucking. High quality material, the surface of the product is smooth and pleasant to the touch. As a limiter has a heart-shaped handle. Straight mimi. Flowerpiece - dark purple. The toy is designed for newcomers, which takes place as simple as possible. But the pro and the pros will be useful, so that this baby is performed canceled. And the slogan on the packaging "The Body Is A Book" ("Telo- this is a book") inspires to explore your bodies and methods of their fluctuations. It stands in the area of ​​thirty dollars.


The intriguing name is translated into great and mighty-seemingly as "my first anal set of researchers." In the language of Shakespeat, of course, more mysteriously, but the essence you caught.

Perfectly suitable for both primer discovers and clean researchers (again vulgar metaphors, what to do). In the idilation set of different flats - a thin and long toy, a plug with a more impressiveDiameter and anal vibrator. Waterproof, work on batteries, the smooth surface contributes to the most pleasant and painlessness. Toys are able to vibrate and pulsate in different modes. Price -tritis dollars.

Anal sleeveAdam & eve's MY 1ST Anal Explorer Kit
  • Crystal Delights Bunny Tail Plug

This plag is boasting a silent pink fluffy. The manufacturer offers you a choice of tails of different lengths. So chevs can play with the size of the cork itself - they are small, medium-sized.

The thing looks really cute. If you are going and get into cute Belishko or put on high white golf, like a Hennya Hentai, a rare man stands in front of you. But the price of this tail is soaked - on the official website of Crystal Delights toys for sale for a hundred dollars apiece.

We hope, the brand will not accuse us that we fight Mischleb, but keep in mind that on the same aliexpress you can buy a sedelice within 100 - 300 rubles.

Crib 6

  • If you want to look at the inspiration of porn using anal plugs, drive into the search engine of the word "Butt Plug".
  • You can safely knock in the search by the goods on sites of sex shops.
Advantages of anal sleeve
  • If you have no traffic jams, nor lubricants, highlight the funds in the budget and on the other ...
  • ... Because without lubricant there is nothing to do.
  • Do not attempt right to go on a record and act gradually.
  • Continue experiments only if there is a rapid activity that happened to both (or how many you) participants in the process.

If you are not yet familiar with the joy of using anal plugs, let me introduce this universal toy to which absolutely any person can enjoy, regardless of gender, orientation and type of genitals. Why do you need anal plug? If you have a prostate, anal plug will stimulate it. If you have a vagina, the plug will help create an additional and very pleasant pressure on the back wall of the vagina. Not to mention the fact that the anal hole is surrounded by a huge number of nervous endings whose stimulation brings additional pleasure. Anyone who at least once tried an anal stimulation toys, will confirm that the sensations from the anal traffic jams will not be compare with any other: they are unusual, bright and undoubtedly pleasant.

Anal plugs with peacemation

Anal tubes are wonderful toys that will help you safely explore new sexual practices. If you have never used them, or if you are already practicing anal sex, traffic jams will help you diversify the already familiar process, add new sensations both during foreplay and during sexual intercourse. However, before plunging into the amazing world of anal toys, you need to know some important aspects that will help make sexual experience with pleasant, comfortable and safe.

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What is it, and why do you need anal plug?

Unlike some sex toys, whose name does not speak of their purpose, the anal plug is intended for what you represent: it is inserted into the anal hole. Sexologists and sex bloggers unanimously converge in the opinion that the anus is a source of unlimited pleasure, and therefore anal plug with a large number of additional lubricant is an excellent way to relax anus and prepare it for further actions.

Anal tubes are often used in the preparation of steam to anal sex. Remember that in contrast to the vagina, there is no natural lubricant in the anus, so it is especially important to use a large amount of lubricant during the preparation for anal penetration. It is necessary to warm up the anus first with the help of fingers, and then start to anal traffic jams. And only after that you can proceed directly to penetration (sexual member or strapon).

Can anal plugs be used for something other than preparation for anal sex?

Workout before anal sex is far from the only use for anal traffic jams. In bdsm practice they are often used in dominance and subordination. And as already mentioned above, a prototype of traffic jams can carry it in itself within a few hours, as well as in public places, for new sensations and emotions.

For girls, anal plug is needed, among other things in order to experience the sensual and vivid experience of double penetration. Use it with a lot of lubrication during vaginal sex. Also, the anal tubes can be worn during the stimulation of the clitoris or in the process of oral sex. But the most important thing is that the plug is suitable not only for couples, but also for solo games. Use it during masturbation, for example, together with the vibrator. The main essence of the anal toys is that you can have fun both in a pair and alone.

What should you know before buying?

First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the toy is made of a material safe for a person, ideally hypoallergenic. The sex toy market is quite young, and that is why there is a danger to come across a poor-quality product. Anal traffic jams, like all sex toys, must be bought exclusively in sex shops with certificates and product guarantees. Remember that you will put toys inside yourself, and it should be absolutely safe for your health.

What are the anal traffic jams?

Anal plug

First a little about the design. Anal traffic jams are ideal for their purpose form. As a rule, they have a narrow tip, which gradually expands to the middle, and then narrows again to the base. It allows traffic jam freely and conveniently sit in the rectum. Since the intestine can act like a vacuum and pull out the items inside, the extension at the base of the plug, pulling the cord or the ring does not give anal plug to get lost and stay inside you.

According to the type of materials from which traffic jams are produced, they are divided into silicone, glass (borosilicate glass) and metal. All these materials are non-porous, easily cleaned and safe for use. For the first use, we recommend taking a silicone cork, as Silicon is more suppliance, and it is easier to enter such a plug. There are still anal plugs of plastic and acrylic, but these materials have a porous structure, and, it means that they can become a focus of bacteria in the intestine. It is unsafe for health and completely uncomfortable.

Another anal plug rule: Start with small and do not let your eyes become more than your anus. Choose the tube that seems to you to a funny little. Especially if you are just starting to explore the scope of anal pleasure. The perfect diameter for beginners is up to 2.5 cm. Next, with experience, you will be able to select anal tube larger. Classical division in size: small, medium and large. But we advise to repel from the diameter and the length of the toy.

Anal tubes may differ not only by materials, but also in design. For example, the plugs with rhinestones are popular. The decoration of the toy is decorative, but they also come from various materials and different sizes. For lovers of role-playing games and fandoms there are toys with tails of a variety of animals. Tails are produced from both natural and synthetic materials. There are models with a disassembly fur part, which simplifies traffic care.

Separately isolated anal tubes for wearing. For them, a special limiter has been developed, having between the buttocks and absolutely irrelevant. Such traffic jams are characterized by softness and flexibility, they quickly and comfortably are located inside and completely invisible under clothing. Usually, during the day, the anal tubes are worn to experience the excitement and unusual sensations in an unusual situation, for example, on a date or for dinner, or to relax and preparing muscles before anal sex. The time of carrying the plug depends on the material from which it is made. For example, a silicone anal tube can be worn up to 6 hours, and it is worth noting that it is silicone that is the most suitable material for long socks. Corks from metal and glass can also be worn for a long time, but not more than 5 hours. Practice carrying the plugs are advised no more than once a week, since with more frequent use of the sphincter muscle can relax too much.

Anal plug with peacemation

Also among the anal stimulants, you can find tubes with vibration or my content (light current discharges). Such additions enhance the sensations and can make an orgasm more colorful. They are suitable for already sophisticated fans of anal stimulation and those who are looking for new sensations.

Separately, you can select anal tubes for wearing with vibration and remote control. These are toys of an expensive segment, but they cost their money. This plug is a wonderful idea for couples who want to diversify their sex life. For example, this anal plug will become the perfect element of a sexy game when one of the partners between the case, for dinner or in the bar, can transfer the control panel to the second partner.

Massager Prostati

For men, special massagers have been developed to stimulate prostate, which differ from the standard curved tip, which, when administered, falls on the prostate and massaging it. Such plugs are both manual and additional vibration. It is worth noting that the prostate massage largely has a positive effect on male health and is the only effective way to prevent prostatitis. Also for men there are massagers with an erection ring. These two toys in the tandem enhance the excitation and sensation, but at the same time the ring allows you to extend the erection. Sex becomes longer and bright.

What should you know about lubrication?

I do not get tired of repeating: there is no natural lubricant in anus, so you will need help in the form of an additional lubricant. For the use of anal traffic jam, any lubricants are suitable: on silicone, aquatic or oil basis or special lubricants for anal sex. But if you plan to use anal plug with several partners, do not forget about the protection and put on it a condom. In this case, lubricants that do not contain oils are suitable, since oil lubricants destroy the lateral. But it is best to use an individual anal plug for each partner.

And something else about silicone lubricants. They are well suited for anal games, because they are dense, viscous and long do not dry, unlike water-based lubricants. But it is important to know that silicone destroys silicone, so if you purchased a silicone anal plug, it is necessary to choose a lubricant on aquatic or oil basis. Glass or metal tubes can be used with any lubricant.

But how to insert an anal plug in yourself? And how to pull it out?

First, do not hurry. Games with anal plug - the same preparing part of sexual intercourse, as, for example, penetration. Therefore, do not neglect the prelude. Start with the usual caress that you get hardened and warmer. So your body will be initiated and more susceptible to the new type of stimulation. Next, gradually start stimulating the anal hole. Apply more lubricant on your fingers and make neat circular movements around the anus, gently enter one finger, followed by two.

After the feeling of two fingers inside is comfortable for you, remove your fingers, apply lubricant to an anal plug and slowly start entering it into the anal hole. Try to insert an anal plug until the widest point is on the outer muscle. Then slowly tilt the toy down by about 45 degrees so that one side of the widest part entered inside the anus. Keep the toy at this depth, and then carefully also tilt the toy up on the same 45 degrees. Gently repeat these movements, carefully moving on. For many, Doggi is convenient for the introduction, but each person is individual, so experiment and choose the posture that will be convenient for you.

But the most important thing is to relax. There are two muscle rings around the entrance to anus, known as the sphincter. And you need to be very gentle with them. Relax, breathe deeply and do not eat hard when you paste the toy for the first time. If you feel pain or discomfort, slower. Hurry and sharp movements with anal stimulation is not what you need. Listen to your body.

You will need a little time to get used to anal traffic jam. Remember that it can be felt amazing in the same position and seem completely uncomfortable in the other, as various muscles are involved in different poses. Try different positions to find an angle or position that will be the most suitable for you.

To remove an anal cork, gently pull it out for the outside, until you feel resistance. Keeping this pressure, make a slow, deep breath. Exhausted, sneeze a little and try to push the plug. If anal plug will slip out, excellent. If not, try again, gently tilting the plug down at 45 degrees, just as you did when it was inserted. When one side of the traffic jam comes out, tilt it up 45 degrees and remove it. Breathe deep and smoothly. Be careful and gentle.

You can also ask the partner to help you, following all the instructions described above.

What about care?

After using anal plug, you must wash it with soap in warm water. During the sex, make sure that it does not come into contact with the vagina, as this may lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of infections. Therefore, do not forget to wash your hands after anal stimulation. In order to maximize the decamion of silicone, glass and metal tubes, you can boil them, but provided that there are no motors in them.

Excellent, but where to purchase an anal plug?

As mentioned above, buying any sex toys only in sex shops. For example, you can come to Offline store and consult about buying there. If you do not have access to a good store, or you are too shy, busy or accustomed to buying everything online, then the online store option is for you. On our site in the "Param" section you can explore all the anal plugs that we have.

We hope that this article helped you familiarize yourself with the exciting world of anal traffic jams and stimulations. So, do not be afraid of anything, especially my desires, and experiment.

Proper anal sex will give only pleasant sensations. How to prepare for anal, how to practice for the first time so that it is not hurt? Simple tips will help you enjoy and open new sensations. A step-by-step instruction will not allow to allow errors.


How to prepare for anal sex correctly? There are several stages that are needed that the first anal is comfortable and painless. They do not take much time, but their passage guarantees security. Simple tips will help tune in, make the necessary hygienic procedures and try penetration without constraints and fear.


You can increase member, but it will take time and considerable effort. There are several methods that give excellent results. Growth is possible for 1-4 cm without surgery. To quickly achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to use the complex procedures.


With the problem of pain during anal sex and after it are faced by many. Feelings can be sharp or barely noticeable, but always deliver discomfort. Why does pain occur during anal, how to avoid it? How to be if the body hurts after the process? There are simple tips to help avoid such sensations.


Among the great diversity of intimate toys for adults, anal plug is occupied by anal plug. If you are surprised by the fact that people are pushing something in the anus and at the same time have enough strong excitement, it means that they themselves have never been experimenting in a similar way. And in vain! With anal cork and ass, it is easier to prepare for the rear penetration, and the muscles of the sphincter are trained, and for men there is also a plus from a medical point of view - the prostate massage, for which the doctors take mad money, and the feelings from him are not the most positive.

The use of anal traffic jam gives the effect of sex threesomes, because not everyone will decide to drain the left person to his marital bed, but an acute sensation, eh, as you want! Role-playing games, double penetration, visual pleasure (yes, these toys can be very beautiful!), Stimulation anus - Sea of ​​desires are satisfied with the presence of one subject in your sexual arsenal. By the way, species and sizes are a car and a small trolley. Metal, silicone, vibrating, small, large, in the shape of a Christmas tree - for different fantasies there is a device. Because let's discuss the piquant theme: Sex with anal plug What sensations gives, and how to walk with it in general. Why do you need such a toy couple or loner?

What do you need anal plug, which types are

There are no classic anal plugs. There are different models - it all depends on your goals and promotion in this matter. And, of course, from the volume of the wallet. You can buy a tube with natural fur or inlaid by gems, only you need it - this is a personal matter. Let's analyze in order, for which you need an anal stopper of each type.

Sex with anal plug: for what you need, feeling how to use it right. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Inflatable anal plug and how to use it

For beginners and doubting the ideal option will be an inflatable cork. In the anus, the product is introduced compact, in folded form, and with the help of the pump it is imposed inside. So it turns out that penetration in the ass is painless, and in the process of wearing - a lot of pleasures. Although why only beginners? Perhaps the professionals sophisticated in this business also wants bright sensations. In general, such a plag is suitable for everyone.

Anal expanders are produced from silicone and can be equipped with a vibration effect, which will give a lot of new impressions, also in some models of air swaps not through a pear, but by pressing the button on the remote. Why do you need an anal cork with a podachka?

Everything is simple: BDSM lovers can to withdraw their partner, nervous and shining air. Even the usual pairs that enjoy the domination will appreciate the effect of narrowing and expansion.

In general, the feeling of fullness and stimulation of the walls of the rectum will bring a lot of positive emotions to any experimenters. For those who are just preparing ass to the penetration of a member, such a toy will also become a significant impunity. A clear case, the rear pass expands not the first time.

Metal Anal Cork, what effect

Metal sleeves are simple, comfortable, durable. They are difficult to break, easy to wash, the feeling of coolness in the pope also like many. They are combined with any lubricants. The minus will be that for beginners is harsh. Still, at the beginning of the anal games, soft and flexible devices go more.

The smooth surface of the metal tube allows you to enter it very carefully, gradually, without any obstacles. The feeling of stretching is present, but the massage effect may not be. If you want to walk with anal sleeve in the pope not only at home or during sex, then models are needed with limiters, otherwise at the most inopportune moment it will slip out of the hole.

Silicone anal plugs in what a chip

Medical silicone, from which most of these toys make, does not cause allergic reactions. It is pleasant to the touch, soft when introduced in the ass, it can be long inside, without causing discomfort. Care is easy and simple, smells do not remain and do not absorb. For beginners, this is the most acceptable option. They are inexpensive and sold in all sex shops.

Most often produced in a drop-shaped form, therefore create a feeling of pleasant pressure and fullness, the wide base does not allow them to pop up out. If such a sleeve is decorated with rhinestones, in addition to tactile stimulation, you will get visual enjoyment. The crystal in the ass looks exciting, and you will want to behave more playfully.

Sleeves from PVC

Cheap and the simplest tube for the anal fun, which are easy to clean, are stored and used. They are produced in different colors and forms, bent perfectly, although there are more rigid models, do not change the texture, do not absorb odors. Any lubricants are suitable.

Latex and gel anal extenders

Latex very quickly takes the body temperature, and you immediately cease to feel the foreign body in the back pass. It is safe, easy to leave, moisture-resistant. From it make toys of the most bizarre forms, thanks to which forbidden and Depraved world of anal sex Seducts and manits every time more.

Gel plugs are created from modern polymer material with special flexibility and softness with tactful effects. They are easily introduced into the anus and in contact with any type of lubrication. The material allows you to create interesting forms and bends, color solutions that attract newcomers, and older!

Sex with anal plug: for what you need, feeling how to use it right. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Ceramic and glass sleeves for anus

Ceramic toys are easily fighting and have a rigid structure. Not for beginners for sure. But the advanced masters they will donate due to their beauty, charming color and unusual sensations when introduced into the ass.

Glass sleeves are not at all such fragile, on the contrary, tempered glass can serve for years. They wash in any means combined with all lubricants, but heavy enough, that is, they are more likely to be experienced users.

Form, relief and size of anal traffic jam, which is better

All plugs are produced in a drop-shaped, conical or curved form, where the tip is playfully bent into one of the sides, although there are models in the form of a small penis. The relief is also diverse: smooth, ribbed, with bursts, expansion, protrusions, etc. The diameter varies from 1 cm and above. In principle, even large anal tubes are not wider than the anal vibrators and dildos. The diameter exceeding 8 cm is for fetish. Those, Who are engaged in fisting , understand. Other elephant sizes do not need.

For those who love a variety of sensations, there are sleeves from several parts, which are interconnected and have different diameters (cork in the form of a Christmas tree). Lovers play out in "Sunun-stuck" during intercourse using such models gives a dear sensation.

Anal sleeves have a base, the design of which is most often expanded to control the immersion. Although there are not enough varieties: suction cups, loops, rings, knobs, legs-struts - it all depends on where and how you apply it. Use anal plug with struts and suction cups is best for those who wears it during the day.

Of particular interest causes anal corks with fluffy tails. The meaning of such a base is extremely exciting in nature. It attracts men with his unusualness. Sexually, beautiful, playfully, in the wonder and simply manites with beauty, especially with a loved one among men "Doggi-Style"!

In any sex shop you will find entire sets of anal traffic jams. This is for sophisticated. Usually the kit includes several items of a completely different shape, length and even colors. Purpose? Diversity.

Visit our sex shop and select yourself Beautiful and comfortable anal plug For everyday use or one-time fun with a partner! Experiment with dimensions and forms, invent new poses in which you will have comfortable having sex with the imposed sleeve, tease each other and seduce! And maybe you will be able to persuade your man to know the pleasure of stimulating the rear passage, after which the horizons of your bed relationships will expand until global scales!

Sex with anal plug: for what you need, feeling how to use it right. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Why do you need anal plug

The plug is needed to prepare the muscles of the rear pass to the anal sex. So that a member of the partner does not bring discomfort and pain, the erotic sleeve is installed for a while. Literally after 10-15 minutes, the Anus's musculature gets used to the foreign body, reflex reductions of the sphincter stop. After that, the penis will easily enter the inside, and if the male dignity is too large in diameter, it is possible to stretch your ass with products of different sizes. The optimal version is latex, gel or silicone anal tubes of cone-shaped. And, by the way, it is possible not to be afraid that such a fixture will toss the muscles of the sphincter - in the original position everything will return an hour after sex.

A separate story is the use of anal tube for double penetration. Paradox: Anal sex do not like most girls, but almost every double penetration is dreaming about. At least they write about it in their reviews.

In the front wall of the vagina, women are point G, everyone knows about it, and to obtain orgasm with zeal and persistence it is stimulated by it. While the rear wall during sex is usually not paid due attention. With ordinary SOTIY, this area is not activated as follows due to anatomical structure. But if you introduce another member to Anus, which as it would give the back wall, it turns out that it is necessary: ​​stimulation will increase, and therefore pleasure will increase. Moreover, for both, because than the vagina, the more nice to the man, and due to the solid bulge inside the stimulation of the member is only enhanced.

Invite the third, of course, only the most desperate and non-comparted couples are ready. For most, the output lies in the use of anal tube - it will give similar sensations. To simulate double penetration, you can buy products in the form of a male member. Flags are suitable in the form of a droplet, and appliances with rhinestones.

Few people guess that the anal plug in the sex shop is bought exclusively for therapeutic and preventive purposes. Do not be surprised! Yes, yes, this erotic gadget good helps men prevent prostate diseases. Sitting work, sluggish and inactive lifestyle, bad habits, misuse - Is it sense to continue? In the risk group, all men after 30 years. With the first "calls", the conclusion of the urologist looks like this - prostate massage is not just necessary, it is required! This method will be more accurate than any pills and suppositories.

Anal tube for men is slightly different from those that are intended for wearing a woman. Gadgets for massage prostate has a special bending, which puts pressure on the gland. So now a man does not need to endure the presence of other people's fingers in her anus and spend a bunch of money on urologists - combine pleasant with useful!

Sex with anal plug: for what you need, feeling how to use it right. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Anal sleeve for wearing, how to walk with anal plug

As revelations show from different forums, many people walk down the street, drive in the subway, to work with the anal flags in the ass! And they receive frantic excitement from this process. Someone manages to finish, others are crazy in the evening, after which sex with a partner is at the height. Why do they do it? They say that:

  • Like the sensations of fullness and pleasant gravity;
  • It turns out the thought and prohibition and intimacy;
  • perfectly prepares physically and morally to the upcoming sex;
  • I want to be noticed if a breeze bursts, and the skirt will rise (this is, of course, to women);
  • Partner strongly excites the idea that the second half somewhere dwells with the "tidwoman" between the buttocks;
  • replaces an anal vibrator with which it hurts;
  • With corks of different diameters like alternation "narrow-wide-narrow" when moving.

In general, it sounds rather convincing and even turns a little, because let's figure it out, which anal plug is needed for walking on an ongoing basis.

5 Persecution Rules for Permanent Use

Rubber traffic jams are undesirable to carry longer three hours, and plastic - and less. Silicone is considered the safest, from a medical point of view - you can "buzz" with it 6 hours in a row. Metal anal plug can be worn at least a day, but it is advisable to do it with breaks (every 30 minutes, no less!). During this time, the muscles will rest, and you can still do hygiene issues, because before the next introduction the gadget needs to be carefully flushed and dried.

  • For beginners, soft, flexible options that are easy to enter and are firmly sitting in anus. Take with a bulk base or struts, to keep stronger.
  • Silicone, latex and iron plugs are much hygiene plastic, because we give preference to them. Keep in mind that iron corks are smooth and slippery, therefore, are suitable for the trained pro, who keeps the sphincter foreign objects. Thin neck of such devices does not cause irritation and stretching.
  • It is better to start with small sizes. Start with 2 cm and gradually go to 4-5 cm in diameter. Not long, spherical or oval with thickening at the end will be perfectly fixed inside. The leg should not be too voluminous (do not confuse with the base).
  • First test the sleeve at home. Pateshide, sit, burn, make several movements that are characteristic of behavior on the street or in a public place. If everything is in order, boldly stick to the toy in anal and walk with a calm conscience.
  • Want to arrange immediately before arrival home? Click the sphincter for a few minutes in a row - then tell about your impressions!

How to use anal plug during sex

So, we learn to insert an intimate gadget in the ass without pain and discomfort. To get carefully and nice, follow the rules.

How much can you wear a sex toy for anus where to buy

Lubricant mandatory

Recall - without Lubrikanta nowhere. They defeated it on the plag, they abundantly smeared the ass, and you can proceed. If "goals" is really gigantic, with a diameter of more than 4 cm, start with stimulants smaller. The anal tubes of conical shape are easily slipped inside. Literally 10 minutes and muscles get used to. Here at this moment you can go to the little thing more. It is better to introduce it yourself yourself, especially if you do it for the first time. After all, you yourself will feel your sphincter, which will help you adjust the movement with your hand and reduce soreness.

It is necessary to buy high-quality lubricant who will protect you from injury. Square spit, tube with cream, even if children's, grandmother Vaseline and other attributes are not suitable! They contribute to the reproduction of bacteria and the infection of micro-cracks. If pain still interrupt pleasant experiences, buy a lubricant with anesthetic effect. It does not affect the strength of the orgasm and the feeling of gentle - only blocks pain.

Slow dive

Anus is much already already vagina and is not at all intended by nature for the introduction of something hard and large, therefore we are trying to overcome it with neat and gradual actions. So that the body is accustomed to the foreign object, we enter the sleeve very slowly, in a millimeter per minute. You can imitate translational movements, but only very carefully and with full relaxation.

Men enjoy playing with the anus of their partners, so it is possible that your lover will want to do this intimate manipulation on their own. So that everything went easy and without discomfort, the girl needs to relax the muscles not only the rear pass, but also the whole body. Although this is a task of a man, which can be solved by making a common or erotic body massage.

For guys note: Anus's muscles relax at the time of approaching the orgasm. So that your girlfriend gave you in all senses, make sex with her (vaginal) or deliver pleasure orally, and then easily enter the plug into it. Do not doubt, she will like it!

Suitable pose

To conveniently insert a plug, take one of the options offered below. In them, the anus is maximally open, and the body relaxes without additional tricks.

  • Missionary posture with raised upside down.
  • Classic Doggi or Doggi with raised up ass and elegant deflection in the lower back.
  • On the side in the embryo pose.
  • Rider in a squatting position when all the crotch and the area between the buttocks are completely disclosed.

By the way, in the same poses, sex with anal plug will bring a lot of positive emotions, and all erogenous zones will be stimulated in the vagina, including the rear wall.

Do not be afraid if the first 10-15 minutes have the feeling that I want to go to the toilet. This is with unaccustomed. Gradually discomfort will leave, and only positive emotions will remain. Each procedure is added to 1-2 minutes to train the muscles. Do not save on lubricants. With insufficient doses it will hurt.

And do not be discouraged because of the spots from lubrication on the underwear. For a while, it comes out of the rear passage, with which it is easy to cope with the help of daily gaskets and wet napkins for intimate hygiene.

Sex with anal plug: for what you need, feeling how to use it right. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Top 8 best anal plugs for women and men

Each year, the manufacturers of sex toys please novelties that bring more and more pleasant sensations of both pairs and solo executors. What anal bushing to give preference?

Hush (Lovense) - Universal Device for Anus Stimulation

According to reviews, such an anal plug is ideal for many hours of wearing. This device is equipped with a small motor who gives pleasant vibrations. An intimate gadget from the smartphone is turned on and even moves to tact with music. And this ultramic erotic toy can respond to any noise, outsiders and respond to vibration. It is convenient that the anal tube for carrying HUSH is produced in different sizes, so suitable for both experienced seductors and beginners. Undoubtedly, the device will enjoy both a man and a woman. Plus to everything - you can control the toy and at a distance, so the model is ideal for Virta lovers. The price of the device is about 8 thousand rubles.

Hush (Lovense) - Universal Device for Anus Stimulation

Anal BVIBE tube with vibration and remote control

The rimming device has a silicone body, produced in black and blue. Unlike most traffic jams, this gives the opportunity to experience unfamiliar sensations. The secret lies in the design of the toy. In the leg of the anal tube there are beads in 6 rows. They move in a circle and massage anus, and the vibrator is placed in the main part of the device. Massage and pleasant vibration waves relax and attribute to the seventh sky from pleasure. Anal tube with vibration BVIBE is used by men and women. The diameter of the device in the largest part is 4 cm, in the minimum - 2 cm. In general, the unit is not small, it is unlikely to get used to it immediately. Although it is quite possible that experienced anal sex lovers the size of this device will not surprise at all, but they are unlikely to call it mediocre. This cork is actually standing out on the background of analogs.

Anal tube BVIBE.

Anal stimulating plug for prostate Nexus G-Rider

The use of this thing requires skills and well-developed anus. The stimulator has impressive sizes, but thanks to anatomically correct form, it can deliver an unearthly pleasure. The device is affected not only at the gland, but also on the crotch area. To start the unit, it is enough to press one button - and it will start ... In general, it is more convenient to use it at home, as the device works on salt batteries and does not have a remote control panel. This, of course, minus, who did not take into account manufacturers. But if you believe the reviews of men, the anal tube Nexus increases sexual endurance and helps solve the problem of premature ejaculation. Despite such disadvantages, as water permeability and battery life, the device cannot be cheap - the price of the anal tube Nexus G-Rider in the range of 5 thousand rubles.

Nexus G-Rider

Rapid Game Set Scandal Pony Play Kit from California Exotic Novelties.

The chic set for anal role-playing games, which includes: a narrow rigid PVC tube with a long black tail and a glow with beautiful ribbons. These are sophisticated games, mounted and fascinating. An excellent reason to play dominance and submission even to those who have not tried bdsm!

Scandal Pony Play Kit from California Exotic Novelties

Inflatable Anal Cork Vibrating Ass Blaster

You will simply break from pleasure and excite, even if it is the first experience of anal penetration! The cork can not only increase in the ass with a pump and an automatic button, but also to vibrate, affecting the most sensual points inside. It easily slides in your anus, without causing pain, and also simply comes out after multiple orgasms. Vibration has several modes. Includes professional lubricants for unhindered administration. If you plan the night of the couch and rootless sex, be sure to grab it with you or dangle under the pillow - let it be a surprise!

Vibrating Ass Blaster.

Ribbed vibratingrock Pinnacle Clear Vibrating Massager, 12 cm

Gellays on batteries due to ribbed texture gives simply amazing strong experiences! The tip is alone and can penetrate deeper. Slow progressive movements will experience every ribs and every bend. The base in the shape of a ring makes penetration and extraction convenient. Combined with water-based lubricants. Cheap, reliably, convenient and nice for both partners!

Pinnacle Clear Vibrating Massager

Passion Plug Vibrating Set

Anal sleeve is equipped with a vibrating mechanism, but can be used without it. Buy to the erotic gadget will have only finger batteries. The diameter of the toy is suitable for considerable guys and girls, and a 10-centimeter length is what is needed for masturbation. Just press it to an erogen place and turn on the vibration ... well, and then figure it out without us.

Passion Plug Vibrating Set

Anal plug with sapphire crystal, 14 cm

Frank and exciting rear view opens to a partner when you get up with a golden metal cork cancer SHOTSMEDIA , and sapphire crystal - the main culprit of the endless erection of your beloved! Elegant design, refreshing metal coolness, sophisticated bends ... The most common vaginal sex in classic poses will be elegantly supplemented with a similar device. The changing diameter will stimulate the rear pass and the penis of the chosen one with each friction. Cork can be heated or cooled before the introduction in the ass, which will exacerbate the perception to the limit. A wide limiter will not give partner to play and hurt you.

Where to buy anal plug

Today, there are numerous sex shops working in offline and online mode. We suggest you to visit our store of intimate goods, which works in both modes! The range is impressive here: metal, silicone, inflatable, polymeric and many other anal tubes. Also buy a toy you can, retaining complete anonymies. Just make an order and wait for your parcel in opaque packaging.

If you are not sure about or want to find a similar option, but cheaper, do not hesitate and consult consultants. Choose your accessory and get a maximum of pleasure from it, do not deny yourself in pleasant minutes alone with your body!

Have you tried sex toys? Try, you will be satisfied, the time has come for new sensations! Fully anonymous, your order will come in an opaque package, without content information! Delivery throughout Russia! Vibrators, dildos, clitoral stimulants, masturbators, live dolls, sex machines, massagers, condoms, fetish and bdsm, exciting products, linen and costumes, and much more! See: Link to the best sexshop 2020!

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