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Answers to the main questions

Is it difficult to learn to dance?

In fact, it is not more difficult than any other business in which you are new to. Dance directions are very different from each other. Even if you have mastered one of them, you will be unusually engaged in others.

However, all the dances are associated with the ability to own their body. And if this is not a novelty for you (for example, you were engaged in martial arts, gymnastics, swimming and even more dances), you will be easier to adapt to new movements than a newcomer that is not friendly with your body.

Even if you have a pretty wooden body, you should not despair. The secret of success is in constant practice.

Learn to dance on video times-inackers than on courses. If your body is plastic and obedient, you can still do something similar to the movement of the instructor from the video. If not, you can quickly disappoint in dancing: there will be too strong the difference between what is shown in the video, and what you will see in the mirror.

And yet trying. At least in order to decide on a suitable direction.

How many times a week do dancing?

At first, after classes, the muscles may hurt. But, unlike power training or run, the body does not require a recovery period.

Therefore, you can safely deal with dances constantly. One of my teachers said that you need to dance 25 hours a day. In any case, the more you dance, the more noticeable progress.

How to learn to dance modern dances

From this direction we chose three types that can often be found in the schedules of fitness clubs and dance schools. And the first is plastic and insanently beautiful contemporary.


How to learn to dance Modern Dancing: Contemporary

Contemporary mixed elements of jazz modern, yoga and eastern martial arts, seasoned by improvisations and their attention to breathing. This freedom and plastic is the natural beauty of the movement.

Here is a roller with a combination in the style of contemporary. Try, just do not forget to warm up well and stretch before learning.

And here is the second part:

By the way, about the warm-up. The roller below is a complete lesson with a warm-up, stretching and analysis of the combination. In English, but everything is clear and without translation.

If you do not have time to repeat or consider how some movement is done, put the speed of 0.25.

If you like combinations, but you can not repeat them until you are, here are some more rollers with routine classes in contonear.

Most likely, it will also have to do in the school of dances before you get to perform beautiful combinations.

Strip of plastic

How to learn to dance modern dances: strip-plastic

Many confuse classes on pylon and strip-plastic. The second is just a sensual dance that can be performed without a pole.

Talking strip-plastic, you will not stand at the machine and pull the sock. Here everything is based on the natural sexuality of the female body. Of course, many teachers diversify strip-plastic elements of contemporary or modern, Latin American dances and other destinations, but everything has already depends on the teacher.

How beautiful your dance will look, depends on how well you know how to control your body, how mobile your joints and muscles and tendons are stretched.

The roller below is a combination analysis. Not too simple, but very sensual and beautiful. And you do not have to make movements on the floor, so the knees will not suffer.

But the playlist with strip-plastic lessons from different dance schools. There are separate movements, and combinations.

And one more, a simpler combination. Try if I did not get the first.

Belly Dance (Belldans)

How to learn to dance modern dances: belly dance (Belldans)
· Júbilo · Haku · /

This is a sensual and beautiful dance, which, to all of the time, helps to develop plasticity and even get rid of some health problems.

On Youtube, the lessons of Belldadan is a great set. Below are some of them.

The main movements are very available here:

And the second part:

Below is a playlist with five lessons for beginners from another teacher.

How to learn to dance street dancing


How to learn to dance street dancing: hip-hop

Hip-hop exists only about 50 years. But during this time many directions and styles have time to appear, with different elements, plastic, special chips.

In addition, modern hip-hop is often complemented by movements from other dance directions, which ensures even richest vocabulary and original combinations.

But before you invent your ligaments, you need to master the database. In the playlist below you will find basic movements, steps and many combinations. Explain everything available. If you do not have time, reduce video speed.

In the rollers of the next large playlist, the concepts of inertia, manipulation and isolation in hip-hop are explained. Also there is a story about improvisation, behavior in Batle, if you are ready for this, and several options for partner hip-hop movements (on the floor) to diversify your combinations.


How to learn to dance street dancing: Break Dance
Colonne /

Break-dance consists of different elements: tricks and power movements on the floor, waves, fixations, as well as shifts of the levels on which the dance is performed.

Here on this channel there is training to different styles: waving, King Tut, Robot, - analysis of the techniques of power elements and basic movements at different levels.

Below is a roller with a detailed analysis of the "6 steps" element from Footwork.

And here you can see how the "turtle" is performed.

Here is a voluminous playlist, in which there are quite a few elements of break dance with a detailed analysis of the equipment of dance and power elements.


How to learn to dance street dancing: hard
Lauren Wood /

Sexy dance, in which you need to actively work with buttocks, hips, belly and hands. In this playlist, you will find a few lessons with the analysis of movements hard.

How to learn to dance ballroom dancing


How to learn to dance ballroom dancing: Waltz

At least once in the life of Waltz, you will probably come in handy. Especially since it is not so difficult to dance on the amateur level.

Here are four good lessons from which you will learn how to keep your hands and perform the main steps of the Waltz paired or separately.

How to learn to dance social dances

Social dances are not created for competitions, but to communicate between partners and the reception. Improvisation is welcome here through which the dancer can express himself, their feelings and emotions.


How to learn to dance social dances: Bachata

This dance is from the Dominican Republic. It is very sensual, and sometimes erotic. The base of the Bachats is four steps with an emphasis on the last. In the dance there are rotation and echoing of the partner, minor support.

Despite the fact that Bachata is a pair dance, you can learn solo combinations. For example, if you do not have a partner yet.

The roller below is the analysis of the main steps. Where to carry the body weight, how to keep hands, how to emphasize - everything is described in a detailed way.

But the variation of the Bachats from the same teacher.

Below is a playlist for those who want to dance Bachata in a pair. These are lessons for Dominican Bachhata from the dance school Imagine Dance.


How to learn to dance social dances: Kizomba

This passionate pair dance is from Africa, or rather from Angola. Now it is performed worldwide and especially popular in France and Portugal.

Steps, a lot of work by the hips and close contact with the partner. Sometimes very close. For example, in Tarraxinha style, a slower and sensual version of this social dance.

Here is a playlist with the lessons of Kizomby.

And one more playlist with rollers from another dance studio.

That's all. If you have favorite training videos, share them in the comments to the article.

Do you want to develop plastic and stretching? Read to the end!
Do you want to develop plastic and stretching? Read to the end!

Want to dance beautifully? Then read to the end!

Almost 90% are dissatisfied with their current dance level.

Secret here is what. While you do not learn how to manage your body 100%, no matter what kind of beauty, no serious achievements can be speech.

There are 7 main skills, pumping out that you truly be able to reveal your dance potential. I will not only list them, but also show the ways of their quick "pumping".

1. Skill Insulation.

Many will be surprised that this skill is in the first place. But it is quite justified. Isolation is the ability to clearly move individual parts of the body.

How to develop it? First of all, you must learn to make high-quality rings (rotation) by the following parts of the body: neck, shoulders, chest, hips, knees. At the same time, do not forget that if something rotates, then everything else is in place.

2. Body plastic skill.

In order to improve plastic - you need to teach the waves. You will need: waves with hands, a wave of the body (front and lateral "snake"), "Mebius" (endless wave of the body). Moreover, an important addition. Waves need to learn "by points", and do each point slowly and clearly. Do not do the wave at once, because with an unprepared body it is just ascalling errors !!! Only slowly and efficiently.

The world of dance is unlimited
The world of dance is unlimited

3. Skill of small motility and control.

Learn to crush every movement on the "shots" and make them the most clearly. Start with simple movements with your hands. After proceed to the rings. It is important that you do not strain the muscles more than necessary. Movements should be dry. Like cigarette paper. After that, try working with moving from one posture to another through minor stops with mini pauses.

4. Stretching muscles back, hands, legs, shoulders.

There is a huge space and a sea of ​​information. Take complexes from yoga, from stretching, in general, what is your heart. I like the complex "five Tibetan pearls" and a complex of tight pumping of energy channels. After him, die, but resurrect the newly updated and flexible. Yes, remark. Many stretching words think only about twine and forget about everything else. Remember, legs are only 2 parts of the body, and if you pull only them, then it will be not so much like a complex stretch.

5. Ability to keep equilibrium and balances.

Start from the simplest. Learn to stand on one leg for a while. After it is easy to perform, you can add movements with another foot (on which there is no weight), bending the support and so on. The next step is to close your eyes and do it with closed eyes. Now it is time to learn to smoothly transfer the center of the masses without changing the height of the body. For this, the exercises from martial arts will fit well. For example: You make a low rack: front leg in front and bent in the knee, rear straightened. Weight in the middle. After that, you take steps forward trying to keep the height and straight back.

Give the world more style!
Give the world more style!

6. Motion visualization skill

Close your eyes and try mentally, imagine how you make a simple basic movement. Try to see as much as possible, seeking to feel movement. If it happened, then go to small ligaments. Sometimes the picture can collapse and there is a "stupid", like a body knows, and it is difficult to imagine, it is not even clear how. This is normal. Just continue. The development of this skill allows you to make a dance more conscious, connecting the memory of the body and the memory of the mind. In addition, you can "dig" from the mirror and begin to understand how you actually look from the side.

7. The ability to sense individual parts of the body.

One of the most important skills. It seems to connect together everyone else, increasing their effectiveness at times. Start with simple: try to feel the thumb on your hand. Feel it. What sensations arise in it? Now consistently, also trying to dive in sensations, go from one hand to another. Did you feel your body everywhere? Continue to travel and explore your body, moving from the housing to your feet, out of the legs back into the housing into the spine, and from there in hand and so on. Finding "blind zones", you can start working on them to increase their sensitivity and handling.

The feeling is always born inside, and through the movement we show it to people!
The feeling is always born inside, and through the movement we show it to people!

There are two news. One good, the other is bad.

I'll start with bad. All of these 7 skills are strictly mandatory for the dancer. Without any of them, the maximum you will perform and swelling in the place of the competition, wondering why Cups and prizes take someone else.

Good news. If you just train, then for 3-5 years they will come to you. However, if you want to develop them faster, then concentrate on their pumping. Then in just 2-3 months you can transform your dance, withdrawing it to a new level. This means you will achieve your goals much faster, and not through the "foggy years."

If you feel that alone it will be difficult for you to do, then to help you my dance training "anti-tree". It will take place very soon. All the details here:

Thank you for reading to the end! I am sure that applying tips, you can become better after the closest training!

PS By the way, do what kind of skills do you personally have enough in dance?

Dances can be considered universal hobbies. This hobby gives several advantages. Classes are improving the outlines of the silhouette, provide a wellness effect, give grace movements, give the charge of energy and good mood. The popularity of this type of fitness is growing rapidly, in every city, the village has schools, studios, training azam choreography. But many I would like to know how to learn to dance at home. A visit to the Fints centers, schools can create certain difficulties. Some have no time, funds, others feel a sense of constraint. In any case, it is necessary to understand that home independent learning will provide positive results if approaching it competently, responsibly.

How to learn to dance

What is worth starting

If you decide to start learning, start with the preparation of a place for future classes. It will take free space where it will be possible to move without risking to get injured or spoil any object of the interior. Palaces or carpets from the floor it is better to remove, in dancing there are elements of sliding, which such coatings will interfere.

In the dance halls, the mirror is a mirror. It is desirable that the room is a canvas, allowing you to see yourself completely. If it is not, prepare the gadget that will shoot a video clip.

Prepare the form for training. It should not be too free, as it will be necessary to follow the correctness of movements. A good option will be shorts or leggings, top, shirt. These products do not shine movements, exclude overheating during active workouts. You still need comfortable shoes on a low heel. Get the rug for yoga, it will be useful in the warm-up.

An important point is to allocate time for classes. It is possible to achieve the result only subject to the regularity of training. Will will be required, self-discipline. Find in your schedule the most convenient hours to eliminate unnecessary problems. It is recommended to proceed to classes 1-1.5 hours after meals. If one of the conditions is weight loss, after training, it is not necessary to eat for an hour.

How to choose a dance style for yourself

In choreography, many dance directions. There are ballrooms, folk, Latin American dances, modern ballet, etc. But if you decide to learn how to dance at home, the paired options are not suitable, you will have to choose a style in which the partner is not required. Take care of your preferences, the degree of physical training, the goals you want to achieve.

Here are some options for those who want to learn to dance at home:

  • Eastern dance Eliminate the extra kilograms will provide a figure in harmony, positively affect the operation of the sexual system, give grace movements;
  • Latin American dances Ideally develop, strengthen muscles and joints, make a beautiful posture, contribute to weight loss;
  • Jazz Modern Includes hip-hop styles, break, step, R`n`b, perfectly burns calories, trains all muscle groups;
  • strip of plastic Combines the eastern and Latin American dances, ideal for people with good physical training.

Dance lessons for beginners in all styles can be found on the Internet, on disks.


How to learn to dance beautifully at home

Those who wish to know how to learn to dance at home, it is worth learning several rules that make it possible to achieve the result faster, avoid disappointments, refusing further training.

Check, stretch

Muscle, bundles, joints require preparation. If you warm up their qualitatively, perform movements, even complicated, it will be much easier. In addition, the warm-up excludes the risk of injury in active dance with exercise. Complexes for such charging can be found on the resources on the Internet.

Learn the movement of stages

Choreography is available for everyone. But you do not need to try to immediately master all of her basics. Phased dance lessons for beginners are much more efficient. Each movement should be made to perfection before moving on. You will bring it to automatism. It will not be necessary to think about how to move correctly, the body itself will cope with this task.

Start with light dances

Even if you really like complex dances, including many items, it is not worth it for their development at first. The lack of essential results in the initial period may cause a decline in enthusiasm, loss of confidence in their capabilities, cessation of classes. Take the first simple dance lessons for beginners. When you read them perfectly, you have already formed faith in your own abilities. This will help without any particular problems learn to dance in any style like.

Exclude the risk of overloads. Physical exertion should increase gradually. Otherwise, an overwork will arise, which does not allow continuing efficient training, the reluctance to continue learning. The optimal schedule is 4-5 lessons per week for 40 minutes, or 3-4 lessons with a duration of 60-70 minutes.

Pick inspirational music and video

Selecting music needs to be paid special attention. It should cause a desire to move, charge energy. Such an accompaniment will have invaluable assistance in learning. To master the movements for inspirational music will be much easier. It will stimulate interest in dancing, desire to continue classes. At first, such an incentive is necessary.

Touch the dance moves in front of the mirror

The mirror is an ideal assistant. Master the dances without it is quite difficult. Understand the feelings, feelings, correctly you make movement or allow mistakes, you will not be able to. The incorrect implementation of PA is gradually enshrined, it will be more difficult to redeem. An impartial witness mirror will show all inaccuracies, allow them to immediately correct them. If you cannot install a large web, write your workout on video. Then view, evaluate the correctness of the movement.

Video lessons of modern dances for beginners

Want to learn to dance - Dance a lot and everywhere

In the development of any skill, a practice is needed that ensures the consolidation, improvement of the abilities. Dance is in the first place. Do not think that regular classes are quite enough. Not limited to the lessons. You should use any opportunity to exhaust skills.

During homework, you have to move a lot. Try included in the movement dance pas. It is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Gradually, you not only perfectly learge all the movements of the dance, but also provide perfect beauty and even seductive magic of your gait, gesturing.

An excellent version of the improvement of skill will be hiking for discos, in night clubs. On the dance floor you can demonstrate the skills obtained in the lessons. Admiration of others will add confidence, desire to continue classes. You can show your skills on family holidays, friendly parties, picnics, etc. In your free time, turn on your favorite music, have fun from a beautiful dance.

Dances are one of the most popular hobbies in people who are seeking to have a tightened figure, a healthy body or just a good mood.

Someone is dancing for pleasure, some find beauty and aesthetics in this sport, and for someone dance movement way to get a sport figure. Those who are not yet familiar with styles do not know how to learn to dance, can turn to professional coaches or try to learn at home using video tutorials for beginners.

Is it possible to learn to dance yourself

Is it possible to learn dancing yourself? Definitely yes. In addition to practical benefits, independent study of dance turns into a competition with himself. Those who choose training at home himself studies the basics, all sorts of techniques, is a plan and schedule of lessons, finding suitable video materials. If the purpose of learning is to feel your body, rhythm and music, you can safely look for video tutorials and dance. If the goal is a professional development and participation in all sorts of competitions and battles, you need to think about school or personal coach.

How to learn to dance

I want to learn to dance beautifully, where to start

For any endeavor, a clear plan is needed for which this undertaking can be implemented and developed. Dancing is no exception. It is not necessary to immediately download a bunch of video tutorials or choose the most expensive dance school. First you need to simply put the goal, decide on your desires and capabilities, and then search for tools to achieve this goal.

We put the goal

Dances are a sport in which heights can be achieved, but it is not suitable for everyone. If the idea appeared to do dancing professionally, you need to take into account your age, physical training, health parameters. For those who want to master the new hobby, correct the physical shape and get the charge of energy, there are fewer frames and restrictions. Dancing, like any passion, require free time and systematic. If the goal is to tighten the figure, without constant systematic training, it is not necessary, the violation of the schedule can be reduced to no effort. Once the goal is defined, you can choose style, place for classes and tactics of training.

Choose style

Newbies who want to learn to dance beautifully can be confused when choosing a style. It is necessary to rely on their capabilities and listen to your desires.

Currently, there are many styles for every taste, both classic and modern, here they are:

  • Ballroom dancing - Excellent choice for those who want to learn to dance in a pair. One of the most popular areas in the world is represented by two species: Standard (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot) and Latina (Rumba, Cha Cha-Cha, Samba).
  • Modern styles - Popular youth directions for those who want to express themselves. These include club species, street, modern ballet. Everyone can do them, but separate species require good physical training.
  • Latin American - Passionate dances, which can be performed both in a pair and alone. Bachata, Capoeier, Salsa dance around the world, you can learn how at home and at home and a trainer.
  • Dancing for girls - A separate category, which includes modern directions - go-go, dance on pylon, strip plastic. When choosing such a direction, it is necessary to remember that some elements of the dance require an additional inventory (pole for dance on pylon), so they are possible only in school.

The variety of styles allows you to find each your own, pushing out the capabilities of the body and personal preferences.

We define where we will learn, independently or with a coach

After the style and direction is selected, the question of the site of learning is. It is necessary to repel precisely from the style, since some directions require certain conditions: a spacious room, a specific inventory, insurance when performing complex elements. Non-professional dances, classes "for the soul" and to improve the quality of the body do not always require the specialized hall and the presence of the coach, so you can learn how to dance and at home.

With trainer

We are looking for a suitable school for dancing or coach (if you decide to study with the coach)

If the choice fell on occupation outside the house, professional trainers and dance schools will help to dance.

When choosing an intermediary in learning, you need to adhere to the criteria:

  • School location . With a dense work or training schedule, the site's location plays a big role. Usually classes are conducted from 2 times a week. If it is uncomfortable to get to school, the hobby will soon stop bringing pleasure.
  • Duration of occupations . Classes at school or with a coach occupy 60-90 minutes. It is best to visit the lessons at least 2 times a week. Also, many schools offer "paired" classes - lessons for 60 minutes, walking on each other. In this case, you will have to pay as 2 lessons.
  • Trainer qualification . The most important criterion on which the learning result depends. Each coach has its own level of skill, which should be higher than the level of the student at least 2 positions. Another important condition is the professional activity of the teacher. And for individual classes, and for school classes you need to pick up the teachers who, if not engaged in professionally dancing at the moment, then at least increases your level by visiting master classes and various seminars. The main indicator of a good coach is the success in developing skills and a pleasant impression from meeting him.

We are looking for master classes or video lessons for beginners (if you decide to study at home)

House classes are suitable for those who want to dance for themselves, without considering the opportunity to perform at competitions. Home sessions can be carried out without binding to a certain time, but regular lessons require discipline. Before starting classes, you need to choose suitable master classes or video tutorials for beginners. Depending on the selected style, you can choose the optimal program.

How to learn how to dance well at home

Before starting training at home, the time is determined suitable for classes. It is better to highlight from 60 to 90 minutes at least 2 times a week. It is also necessary to take care of suitable clothes, shoes, video materials for lessons. Learn to dance well at home is possible only with a responsible approach to classes. The main thing in the classroom - regularity and discipline. It is necessary to clearly designate the goal and go to her, and then the dances will bring pleasure and result.

At home

Choose, what style of dancing want to learn

Not all directions are suitable for home sessions due to their specific features. It is better to select those directions where the presence of the coach is optional, and for the performance of dance elements does not need extraneous assistance or additional inventory. For example, the pole dance is impossible without a pylon, the complex elements of the lower break dance will not be able to perform without assistance. Also, some species suggest the availability of a partner, for example, in certain types of Latin American dances. You need to choose the direction, relying on your skills and opportunities.

Best for training at home, incendiary energetic dances are suitable, where all movements must be repeated per coach on the screen. One of the popular species is Zumba. This direction connected the sambo, hip-hop, flamenco and belly dance. In addition to good mood, confidence and get rid of stress, the classes of Zumba promise to pull the figure, strengthen the muscles and improve the posture.

Found video tutorials in this style for beginners

With the direction determined, it's time to look for a base on which lessons will be built. It is better to give preference to video times for beginners, in which the coach consistently and does not hurry tells about all the features of the selected style. You can find such videos on the Internet, in the thematic groups on social networks, on video stations. There are many lessons, paid and free, capable of teaching a novice dancer. Video tutorials can be whole compilations aimed at learning all the intricacies of the selected style. You can also find short videos, for example, for those who want to learn new movements for dancing in the club or at a party.

We start with the very Azov

Training does not like a rush, you need to start classes gradually, with simple movements. In some cases, they start with the study of the rack and various positions before proceeding to more complex elements. Separate dance elements can cause difficulties, so the training sequence is very important. It is necessary to carefully examine the safety technique before classes in order not to get injured.

Do not forget about warm-up and stretching

In dancing, as in any sport, there is a high probability of injury. The most popular of them are stretching, dislocations and even fractures. To reduce the risk of such trouble, it is necessary to warm up the muscles and knead the joints before occupation. Professional coaches recommend stretching before and after workout to reduce the risk of injury and consolidate the result from the class. Special attention should be paid to ankle, shoulder and knee joints.

Dancing in front of the mirror

The mirror is an indispensable assistant in domestic training, without which it is almost impossible to learn how to dance well. When doing the video tutorial, it is important to track the correctness of your movements, comparing them with the movements of the coach. Mirrors hang in dance schools not by chance: with the help of it you can track your progress in the study of new elements, become more confident and liberated.

In front of the mirror

We produce a feeling of rhythm

Professional dancers and coaches recommend listening to music before starting to dance. The ideal musical rumor is not everyone, and some particularly difficult to feel the music and move with her in the beat. Coaches advise beginners to count about themselves to 8, bending with each score of her knees or by alkaline fingers. If difficulties arise with the movement in tact with music, you can remember how people in clubs dance - the main thing to relax and try to feel the melody.

We train regularly

One of the most important conditions of domestic training - regularity. One missed lesson leads to another, and then learning is postponed in a long box. So that this does not happen, you need to make a schedule, to start a notebook with your success, where you can mark the lessons and putting new goals. You can engage in only 2 times a week, not skipping lessons, and then the result will not wait long.

Useful tips for beginners

What else you need to know those who want to learn to dance:

  • Convenient form for classes. Clothes should not shove movements, shoes should not rub. Some dance directions require certain specific shoes, for example, the Irish dance will need special shoes on a small heel.
  • Confidence and purposefulness. During group classes do not need to be shy and afraid to express themselves. Immunity and uncertainty will not bring results.
  • Smile and good mood. The main satellite of a good result is a positive attitude. Even doing at home, you need to smile yourself, the result of any workout depends on the right attitude.
  • Permanent learning. Follow dance competitions not only interesting, but also useful. Professional dancers motivate, besides, you can learn new movements.
  • Dancing in your free time. Discos in clubs is a great place to learn how to dance rhythmically and feel music.

Dance classes with coach

Classes with a trainer can be group and individual. Individual is more expensive, but the student gets more attention. In group classes can take part from 5 to 20 students. Prices for individual and group classes vary depending on the regions, school statuses, the level of coaching.

The price of study in the regions of Russia fluctuates from 1500 to 3000 rubles. per month for the lesson in the group. In the capital, the price is higher, the month of group classes in famous schools can cost up to 10,000 rubles.

Prices for individual classes depend on the fame of the coach and its learning experience. In Moscow, one occupation with a coach with a decade work experience can cost 3000 rubles. In the regions such an occupation costs from 500 to 2000 rubles.

Dancing video tutorials

For those who chose independent training, there are many videos from professional coaches. It is not necessary to immediately buy an expensive course, you can start with free to make sure that the selected direction is correct.

On the same channel you can learn a lot about stretching and training for training.

Dancing is a body language, a way of self-expression and a tool to find a beautiful body. Everyone will find something in it for themselves. Learn to dance to dance to anyone, only a desire, purposefulness and a little patience.

Hey! Yesterday received a message from the girl Ali.

She asked me to tell about how to learn to dance at home if you are new to dance. Alya, excellent lesson!

Dancing improve physical condition, plastic, mood, make confident in themselves, and thanks to the abundance of video tutorials on dancing to learn how to move beautifully at home.

For Ali and those who want to learn to dance at home, I wrote an article about what to start, what to pay attention to and what will easily master the dances at home.

Learn, try to enjoy learning! I will be glad feedback: reposts, retwees, comments, husky!

Why learn to dance?

Movement is life. Without movement, not only young people can do without movement, but also people older age. In order to move, it is not necessary to actively get involved in sports or aerobics, because it is most often exhaust, as it requires a lot of effort and time. And get the necessary "portion" of movement, and at the same time a lot of positive emotions will help dancing.

Dancing is elegance, beauty, grace and a great way of self-expression, so people are currently preferring this type of motor activity.

Many are complex due to the fact that they do not know how to dance. However, such a problem is very easily solved, because you can learn dancing at any age, and here you will not play any role, whether you visited any dance mugs before. Dances are charged with energy and bring joy, both small children and the older generation.

What do we get?

Good plasticity, beautiful movements, graceful and light gait - all this you will get after you have dancing. When a person is dancing, almost all muscle tissues are involved, and the load is evenly distributed on all parts of the body, due to which weight is reduced. Dance, and you will acquire an attractive figure, getting rid of extra kilograms.

Women dances will help to purchase flat, elastic belly and a thin, elegant waist.

Dance movements will allow you to forget about stiffness and insecurity. Now you can easily tie new acquaintances and expand the circle of communication. Many people meet their second half in clubs or on dance sites, so it is possible that in this matter you will find your love. Dancing, you will acquire new impressions and experience bright emotions.

Dance movements improve the work of the cardiovascular system, normalize blood pressure, saturate internal organs and body tissues with oxygen, strengthen the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, which will allow to get rid of constipation, hemorrhoids and other problems.

The dance disappears the stuff and produces the right and beautiful posture, the spine becomes more flexible, the back pain disappear. In addition, dances strengthen joints and ligaments, increase the tone of all organs. Belly dancing can even cure some gynecological diseases. In a word, if you want to improve your body, then dancing is exactly what you need.

Depression or depressed mood? The feeling of unnecessaryness, loneliness and closure - the inmount will vicious if you start dancing. It is known that dancing improves not only the physical, but also the spiritual and psychological state of a person.

Where can I learn dance?

Dancing are now fashionable and popular, but people want not to just move to the music, but that their movements are beautiful and graceful. Currently, in most localities, schools and academies of dance are opening up, as well as mugs and studios, where you will professionally train various types of dances: sports, ballroom and many others. Therefore, for a start, it is necessary to determine the purpose of visiting classes and a dance style.

The choice of wishing is very large and depends on the preferred direction. Currently available:

  • Ballroom dances, including smooth waltz, foxtrot, bold tango, incendiary samba, Rumba, Cha-Cha-cha and the like;
  • Romantic, classic and modern ballet;
  • Historical style: Menuet, Polonaise, Mazurka;
  • Folk dances, popular in different parts of the world, such as: Hopak, abdominal dance, polka, gypsy and others;
  • All the favorite Latin American Dancing, to which the Argentine Tango, Mamba, Bolero, Lambad and Others are believed to
  • Well, the most popular - modern dances, such as club dancing, break Dance, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, tectonics and many others.

Attending a specialized school is optional, it can be done at home. You can use video footage and training programs that are easy to find over the Internet. Another way to buy discs with dance lessons. However. For professionalism you need a coach.

If you or your child sincerely dream of becoming a real professional in the field of dancing and conquer the scene, then you need to sign up for a professional dance school. Special attention should be paid to choosing such a specialized school and approach this issue with full responsibility. Most often, admission to professional institutions occurs immediately after the examination or passing of strict selection.

But the dance schools are equipped with everything necessary for dance classes: large dance halls, neat locker rooms with an individual clothing wardrobe for everyone, shower cabins. The composition of teachers, as a rule, is based on the professionals of their case who have great experience and know how to find an approach to each student.

If it is not necessary to become a professional in the dance sphere for you, then you can limit the usual circle, where you will be taught to dance beautifully.

Usually, in educational institutions to dance, the studies in groups are distributed in accordance with the preparation. Newbies are determined in a group where dance learning begins with scratch.

It should be noted that the smaller the number of students in the group will be, the better and more efficient will take place every occupation. The atmosphere in dance schools should motivate students and contribute to an increase in the desire to do.

Friendly, attentive and self-respecting student teachers help newcomers to adapt to a new setting faster. There are acquaintances between students, and the atmosphere becomes friendly and cheerful. Thus, the learning process is going easily and quickly, and each study begins to look forward to the next lesson.

When choosing a dance school or a circle, important factors are also:

  • Location of school. The ideal is the option when the institution is nearby, so you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort on the road.
  • Cost of education, which depends on how many hours and classes will be provided. Of course, in professional schools, the cost of learning is higher than in the usual. Some places of beginners are provided free one-time classes or a rather low cost of training. And regular customers when buying a subscription receive a discount or additional hours of classes as a gift.

Beautifully dancing can each

Before proceeding to classes, you need to approach the choice of clothes for dancing. Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and match your chosen dance style. For example, a dress and shoes are ideal for classic dances, and for hip-hop or break dance - a wide shirt, pants and sports shoes.

In order to dance correctly, you need to listen to the recommendations of your coach. It will be necessary to make a lot of effort and effort, because it will have to work out the same movement many times to achieve its correct execution to the music.

The first attempts may not be crowned with success, as the movements will be clumsily, but with the time the technique of movements will improve, you can catch the right rhythm and learn how to move correctly. The main thing is not to be upset and continue training, while maintaining a positive mood. After all, the result depends on the mood. Believe your failures easier, and soon movement will be absorbed much easier.

A rather common problem is that many students who are unresolved to new people and the situation begin to be shy, feeling "not in their plates." In this case, you can call a friend or friend to not feel loneliness and feel more relaxed, comfortable and free.

If you like to do and you strive to succeed in our endeavors, you need to try to train and at home, as many movements can simply forget to the next lesson. Dance at home, while working out your technique of movement and developing a rhythm feeling under your favorite music. It is also useful to visit discos, dance in a circle of familiar people. Believe in yourself, and then your efforts will not be in vain.


About Break Dance

Break Dance is a dance. And this, as many people may not think about breaking rhythm. It uses specific movements, aerobics. The performer must have high physical training and plastic.

For beginners, it is necessary to understand one fact - Break Dance lessons should be started with warm-up. Let's start with the fiber. Put your feet on the width of the shoulders. Start from the steps to the sides alternately changing the legs. Gradually, including in the movement of hand. Stretch! Getting to the next exercise. Deploy on ninety degrees on the heels of feet. First on one leg, then to another.

Break dance for beginners

Consider the types of Break Dance elements:

  • Footwork - In this element, the work of the legs produced only on the floor. The following elements include the fideline: Scramble, 5-Step, Zulu Spin, Swing, etc.;
  • Fris (Freeze) - Forming in some challenging and / or interesting posture for a few seconds. Examples of friezes are full: Baby Fris, Tartl Fris, Air Baby Fries, etc.;
  • Toprock (Toprock) - Bar element Movement in which runs from above. It includes many elements: Indian Step, Cross Step, front step, etc.;
  • Power Move - These are the strength elements of the break. Allocated to high requirements for physical training. The following elements are distinguished by MOV: Fly, Candle, Gelik, Baby Mils, etc.

Now we will learn more with some elements in order to know how to learn Break dance at home. Let's start with 6-step, i.e. 6 steps. Help your hands in the floor, the legs should be bent in the knees and placed a little wider shoulders. Left foot need to step forward. Then go to her and push the left foot to the side and return to its original position.

Baby Friz is one of the simplest friezes in Break Dance. To do this, assume the elbow in the stomach. Put the left hand opposite the right, and your head needs to be left into the floor, creating a triangle with the top point on the head. The triangle is done in order to be easier to stand. Hand brushes should be directed to the sides. Remove the legs from the floor and make the movement with scissors. This is Baby Fries. It is ideal for familiarization with friezes for beginners.

Beck Spin is the element of the Musa. In this element, we will spin on the back. This spin is very important as it is starting for the study of the elements of the film. Lie on the back. Frames need not to the back, namely, the blades and the pelvis should be cut off from the floor. Try to hate your feet and scroll. We now turn to the occasion of Baby Fries. Lie into half-drink - left leg stretched forward, the back is folded under the pelvis. Then the ones are performed by the right foot, and go to the turnover on the blades.

In fact, break dance elements are a lot! Dare! Remember that you are dancing first for yourself. Check video Break Dance Lesson to familiarize yourself with a bunch of other Break Elements


Dancing for weight loss

The dance can be rightfully called one of the most ancient arts. Many people in a row, humanity through him expressed different emotions and desires, noted various iconic events. With the help of dance movements, people sent pleads to the gods about the custody of peace and longevity, sunny days, rain and fertility, health and happiness.

In modern conditions, dancing is also very relevant for self-expression. In addition, modern women can successfully use them to get rid of extra kilograms and gaining a more slender figure.

Dancing for slimming for beginners: Improvement and harmony

Currently, dance practices are very in demand as highly efficient weight loss systems. The advantages of such functional loads include what they are suitable for almost everyone - for any person you can choose a suitable dance system.

Many fitness clubs offer such comprehensive programs specifically designed for weight loss - as a rule, such pleasure is not too cheap. In addition, creative personalities can do dance at home, as this is a great way to improve your body and gain desired slightness. Dancing for slimming at home provides a very pleasant opportunity to eliminate extra kilograms without special costs, as well as to gain internal harmony.

With the help of rhythmic dance movements, it is possible to bring the body to the tone, strengthen the muscles, burn extra calories, improve blood circulation and normalize lymphodenage, as well as speed up the process of metabolism. As a result, in accelerated mode will begin to melt fat deposits, and with them and extra centimeters on the waist. Psychologists argue that motor activity in the form of dances is characterized by the following useful effect:

How to return money for buying online

The resulting charge of cheerfulness and energy helps to fight stress, which is known, is the driving force of overeating. Endorphins, highlighted during tancing dance, contribute to effective relaxation, eliminating you from the desire to make devastating raids for edible supplies.

To achieve the optimal results of the use of dancing for weight loss, it is worth listening to the tips of nutritionists and try to balance your diet to observe in parallel with such activities the correct power regime - for this you need to perceive food as fuel for energy.

How to dance losing weight

Learn to dance quite real - for this you can use video lessons either to visit several individual or group classes under the guidance of the coach. Download suitable accompaniment in the form of video lessons on the Internet or to purchase a disk with a dance program for weight loss is easy, with their help it is quite effectively dancing at home.

If desired, you can master the appropriate type of dance in the dance studio or using training in the fitness club. In any case, these motor loads will help get rid of unnecessary kilograms. If there are nervous overloads, many dance practices help to get rid of stress no less efficiently than psychotherapy, swimming or yoga.

Pick up a suitable place of weight dancing is easy. To do this, you should ask for the presence in the nearest sports center or the fitness club section of sports dancing. You can sign up in a circle for women who want to lose weight with dances. In addition, there is the possibility of drawing up an individual program, taking into account personal needs for classes under the guidance of an experienced trainer - in a sports club or at home.

Dancing for weight loss can also be done at home using video recordings with dance fitness programs. Thus, you can try at home various dance styles and choose what you most like.

Types of dance weights for beginners

Different types of dances to one degree or another help speed up the calorie consumption and promote weight loss. Nevertheless, there are recommendations for how dancing to lose weight beginners should give preference. It is believed that single dances in a fairly fast pace are most effective.

With pair lessons, it is necessary to focus more on the ability to interact with a partner and synchronization of movements than on the muscles elaboration, while single dances allow you to work well and need all the body muscles to ourselves.

To feel the body and learn how to control them, align the posture and buy the grace, and the following types of dance will help to lose weight:

  • Latin American Since such dances are very energetic and incended. Rhythmic movements will help engage various muscle groups, effectively burn calories and get rid of excess weight. Excellent posture, tightened belly and approximately minus 900 kcal per hour - the result of such classes dancing for weight loss for beginners;
  • Eastern dance It will help to speed up metabolism and eliminate extra kilograms, as a result of such classes, there is a strengthening of the muscle of the back, the shoulder belt, as well as the abdominal press. In addition, this type of dance has a positive impact on the activities of the sexual system of a woman. With the help of eastern dances, you can burn about 450 kcal per hour;
  • Flamenco classes Will help strengthen the icy muscles and backs. Such regular training will help to normalize the work of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, as well as normalize the weight. The result of an hour of classes Flamenco - minus 650 kcal per hour;
  • strip of plastic Includes elements of the Latin American and Eastern direction and is most suitable for people with sports training, as it takes good stretching. Sometimes this direction is called erotic-acrobatic etudes. With training of this kind, various muscle groups are involved, including buttocks and abdomen, as well as legs and backs. With the help of regular similar workouts, you can achieve a loss of about 800-1200 kcal per hour, as well as tighten the body outlines, change your image and improve self-confidence;
  • Jazz Modern Dancing They came to us from America and are movements requiring very energetic return. Jazz-Modern imagined elements of various dance directions, including break, R'n'B, hip-hop and step. Such dances for slimming for beginners will help to quickly get rid of excess weight and work out various muscle groups, while you can burn about 1000 kcal per hour;
  • Special attention should be paid to the popular dance for Slimming Zumba. Such a specialized program of exercise classes is equal to cardiotrans and gives a pronounced weight loss effect, while having a beneficial effect on the activities of the cardiovascular system. Classes Zumbay allow you to burn to 700 kcal per hour.

It is important not only to choose a dance system for weight loss, but also pick up a type of dance in the soul to do it in his pleasure - otherwise this occupation can quickly bother, and to achieve weight loss will be quite difficult. Many women put a goal to lose weight in a certain zone - for example, in Abdominal areas either buttocks.

Nevertheless, it is worth considering that weight loss, like a weight gain, occurs according to the laid genetics. Thanks to the dances, you can pump the muscles and acquire the best tone in a stared around the zone, and the decrease in fat deposits will occur in the manner prescribed by nature.

Existing contraindications

It is worth considering that weight loss dancing is essentially one of the types of physical activity, therefore there are some contraindications to use them. If you want to actively do loss dancing, it is recommended to first consult with your doctor.

Contraindications for such classes include:

  • diseases of the spine or joint problems;
  • disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy period;
  • phlebeurysm.

Training should also be postponed with the exacerbation of chronic diseases, the presence of elevated temperature, headaches, malaise and weakness, as well as during critical days.

It is worth considering that in many cases, even if there are some contraindications for health, it is possible to choose a suitable training program for yourself with a fitness coach.

Useful recommendations

To most effectively organize classes for weight loss dancing at home, some tips should be taken into account:

  • If there is such an opportunity, for training, it is worth highlighting a spacious room with a large mirror so that it is convenient to move, and at the same time you could follow your movements;
  • To tune in to the desired way, it is desirable to exclude external stimuli - it is more convenient to do alone, turning off at the time from domestic problems;
  • It is not recommended to start classes in less than an hour after meals. In addition, after training, it is also not recommended for an hour;
  • It is worth experimenting with music to choose a pleasant hearing and dynamic melody, setting up for the desired way;
  • In the first days of classes should not overload their body - proceed to training, gradually increasing the load; for effective weight loss, it will take classes 5 times a week at least 40 minutes - either 3 times a week, increasing the time of workouts (in which case it will be necessary to deal with an hour and a half);
  • In parallel with the dancing classes, to reduce the weight, it will be necessary to establish a balanced power mode, minimizing flourish and sweet in the diet, otherwise there is a tangible weight loss. In addition, it will be necessary to add vegetable tissue into the diet, as well as protein food.

In addition, for having dances for weight loss for beginners, it is necessary to choose comfortable clothing that does not constrain movement, as well as comfortable shoes. It should be noted that it will be unlikely to be engaged in the underwent old trousers and a well-known T-shirt, while successfully selected clothes can stimulate to further training in order to gain an ideal figure.


This dance exercise program was developed by a Colombian fitness instructor in the eighties of the last century. In it, under rhythmic and incendiary music in Latino style, you need to repeat the movement after the coach. A peculiar fitness dances for weight loss will contribute to the development of problem areas, with their help it is easy to use the press, tighten the contours of the body, improve the posture, pump the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

For such a struggle with fat accumulations, excellent plastic will not need, it will only be necessary to master a set of specially selected movements, so that diligently and in the rapid pace perform them. Oshiving first dance lessons, it will be possible to go to the aerobic-force exercises with the involvement of Maracas.

As a rule, these workouts pass quite easily, while slimming will not make himself wait long. The load will help to burn calories faster, and this effect is maintained even after classes. Having spent about two or three hours a week on such dances for slimming for beginners, you can notice a tangible weight loss.

Eastern dance

Many women dream of mastering the belly dance for weight loss - after all, he looks very erotic, forcing the muscles to work, often not involved in everyday life. These skills will help strengthen the abdominal press, as well as back and thighs. Using the development of such smooth or vigorous movements, you can get rid of internal stiffness and feel like a real woman.

Arab dances will help to increase flexibility and artistry, and at the same time strengthen the joints and the spine. Such a smoothly increasing load practically eliminates the possibility of injury and is suitable for women of any complex. Thanks to the vibrational movements, in these training, it is possible not only to work directly involved abdominal muscles, backs and buttocks, but also get a portion of massage for the whole body, as well as more elastic and taut forms.


Learning at home!

How to learn to dance at home? To be king / queen dance floor, absolutely not necessarily for many years to go to an expensive professional dance studio. You can learn all the wisdoms and in cozy home.

Dance Tutorials

The easiest way to master the dance is to take specialized manuals for novice dancers into assistants. Moreover, we immediately note that books and various magazines are good only to study the history of the dance. For the practical part, they will be quite useless. Instead, it will help to learn how to dance at home video of real performances of mastic dancers, as well as training videos.

  • To begin with, decide on the direction you want to master. It can be a ballroom or latino-American dance, Strip-Dance, belly dance, jazz modern, disco, hip-hop, popular tectonics and GO-GO. At the same time, keep in mind that some dance varieties involve the participation of the couple. Therefore, if you are going to do alone, it is better to choose directions that allow solo execution. Also, remember that some styles require special equipment - as, for example, strip-plastic on the pylon.
  • Explore printed publications, Articles on the Internet and video recordings This area is the story of its appearance and development, the main flows. This will help to understand the philosophy of the dance direction, to evaluate how interesting it is for you.
  • Next, to learn how to dance at home, you will need to find detailed lessons for beginners. You can do this in social networks on the page schools or dance studio sites. Also, many rollers are stored on YouTube. True, in all these cases, you will most likely receive only a limited number of lessons - because schools are interested in the students are recorded to them for real, paid classes. To get full training courses, you can buy training discs in the store, it is worth choosing this particular option.
  • After that, you will need to take care of the free space for training. Perhaps even have to make a small rearrangement of furniture in the room.
  • When all preparatory work is completed, proceed to training. Allocate for them a must-time time several times a week. Work out a few or two lessons. First with the trainer on the video, and then independently, seeking professionalism in movements.

Private tutors

If you have appropriate financial opportunities, then a private teacher will be happy to learn how to dance dancing at home. The advantage of this option is to live with a professional dancer who will not only show how to move correctly and tells many interesting facts about the style you have chosen, but together with you to work to perfection every movement.

In addition, as practice shows, classes with the teacher are always more productive, since they suggest a greater responsibility of the student. So, you will have less opportunities to skip the workout because of laziness or refuse to perform any complex element.

But there are in private lessons and two large minuses:

  • Firstly , not in every city you can find a really experienced and professional choreographer providing similar services.
  • Secondly Such classes are usually very expensive. And considering that you will not be able to master the style for a couple of weeks, the lack becomes more tangible.

If you still chose a similar method for yourself, then:

  • Go online and browse your city dance list of your city.
  • Read reviews of students about teachers on social networks, on the sites of dance studios, on the forums. If you do not find the right information, then on the same forum or on a social network you can always contact the corresponding question to one of the school students. Do not hesitate - it is quite normal. Just explain that you would like to sign up for an individual home course. And ask what teacher to contact this proposal - which of the choreographers is considered the best and whether he deals with such work.
  • After that, you will need to take a phone to communicate with the future teacher and agree on the meeting.
  • In the course of communication, refine how much one occupation will cost, how long will every training session last and that it will be needed for it - clothing, equipment, additional items. Ask how many classes will need to master the styles. Also ask questions regarding the frequency of meetings.


  • Become a real professional, studying exclusively in the walls of the house, almost impossible. And therefore, having studied the basic dance techniques and realizing that you are ready to continue to devote him your free time, go to the courses in a specialized school. Either you can join one of the groups of street dancers, in which people of different ages and professions share for free with each other dance experience. True, it is typically predominantly for such directions as hip-hop, break dance, tectonics, cramp. However, communication in the creative environment of the same passionate dances, like you, non-professionals will necessarily have the most positive impact on you.
  • Exercise. Any direction of dance requires the performer of physical strength, endurance, plasticity. A variety of sports workouts will help to develop these qualities: running and swimming, classes in gym, in the class of aerobics or fitness.
  • Very useful may be for training and various dance shows of the Ukrainian project "Dance everything!". Of these, it is possible not only to emphasize the mass of valuable ideas for dance, but also to hear important advice and comments of professional choreographers.
  • Learn other dance directions After all, a good dance performer is universal. In addition, the performance in your favorite style will look more interesting if it is added to it elements from other dance types.
  • Learn to put choreography yourself.
  • Dancing, watch not only movements, but also for faith.
  • Try to give the surrounding powerful energy charge, drive.
  • The dancer must certainly be artistic and completely liberated. Often these skills come along with the awareness of their own professionalism, and therefore invest all their strength and soul in training in order to really achieve good results.

Also about how to learn to move beautifully in the rhythm of music, without leaving the home walls, will tell another our article - how to dance at home.


Someone can say "that is complex in dancing, moving to the music and everything." In fact, it was not there, the dance is art. Dance - the ability to express yourself. Dance is a wonderful discharge for the whole body. How beautiful to learn to dance at home? Today, for this, the mass of videos on the Internet or special training programs in any direction of the dance. However, the best and right way to learn to dance - go to the school of dancing, where professionals are taught.

How beautiful to learn to dance home yourself

You can engage in both the group and individually with the teacher. If you do not know how to dance at all, it is better to first go to the dance school and learn a little bit to feel your body. And then at home to improve their movements and learn new types. It is worth going to at least one lesson, and it will be easier for you to understand the methodology of learning dance and the nature of the movement itself.

How beautiful to learn to dance at home

Today and schools, and dance directions are just mass: ranging from simple club and ending with various mixed styles.

Learn how to dance is not difficult, the main thing in this business is desire and self-dedication. Skill and confidence will come with time.

In order to correctly perform movements, you need to see yourself from the side. Therefore, in the schools of dancing in the halls, the mirrors hang on all the walls. If you want to see yourself from the side in the full sense of the word, then just remove yourself in video (you can do it right at home). Thanks to viewing yourself from the side, you will immediately see all the shortcomings. When we dance, then, as a rule, we do not think about the quality of movements, and this is omission. Therefore, boldly put the camera and remove yourself or ask someone to capture your pa.

How beautiful to learn to dance at home

Before Learn to dance, choose the direction

In order to really learn how to dance well, you need to practice as much as possible (as in any other case). If you are learning dancing with a big and complex set of movements, then the more you will repeat one or another dance, the better to remember it and take off the skill. In order to learn how to dance at home, you need to decide on the direction that you are closer and more interesting.

To do this, just view the video with dancing. Directions, of course, can be mixed, but first it is better to master the movement of one type of dance, and then already begin to study the new, otherwise you will simply have confusion.

The main principles of learning dance:

  • accuracy of the movements performed;
  • repetition multipleness;
  • gradual development of movements;
  • The ability to "hear" music.

This is perhaps the basic rules that should be the basis for you for the competent development of any direction of dancing.

How to learn movement in dance

All movements in dance, usually go to the account. That is, one whole movement always corresponds to the figure (for example, "once-two-three, etc., once - there is a movement, two - there is a movement, three - there is a movement, etc.). This is a technique that helps better understand and remember movements.

Therefore, if you open the learning video, then most likely, with each movement you will hear an account (once or two or four, etc.). Several movements in the dance are called "Boundary".


If you start learning to dance dance at home, either at the dance school, at the beginning it is necessary to warm up. This is a complex of simple exercises that will allow you. Preheat muscles . This complex must be performed before each occupation. Exercises can also be viewed from the video. And if you know simple exercises, such as charging or from the school course, you can safely do for 15-20 minutes. Immediately before learning dance.

Mastering the dance movements

When studying the dance movements, it is necessary to gradually mastering them. At first, for example, you repeat the first 3 movements 5-10 times in a row, and try to make them as much as possible and beautiful. Then add 3 movements to these 3 more movements, and repeat already a bunch of 6 movements 5-10 times in a row. And so on, the method of adding movements helps to master even very complex dances. At first it is better to teach the dance, where the maximum of 8-10 movements, otherwise it will be very difficult to remember it. Then you can also study the longer and complex "ligaments".

Of course, it's easier for us to learn how to dance: no one bothers where to go anywhere or go. But at home it is impossible to take into account all the subtleties of dance. Therefore, go for a start to school dance at least several lessons. There you will better understand the technique of movements and the learning process itself. If you do not have such an opportunity, then the house is perfect for the development of dances. Main music, mirror and video dance lessons (which can be found on the Internet or on the disk).

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