How to find out which video card is on the laptop

Users are starting to be interested in the question of how to see what a video card on a computer, as soon as some extraordinary event occurs, which goes beyond the usual work on a personal computer (PC). Usually, it is necessary to see your video card in one of the following cases:

  • If you want to replace the map to a new one.
  • When you need to understand why drivers do not work or are installed.
  • To view compatibility when planning a computer configuration in case of additional components.

Each of the cases under consideration, one way or another, is associated with the issue of compatibility of various component PCs. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken in choosing a particular adapter, which is planned to be used instead of an existing one (or with it), it is necessary to accurately determine its name.

In some cases, in the hardware part of the PC, there are very difficult situations when, for example, the video adapter works correctly, but, for example, there are malfunctions in the PNP service or in the device manager's dispatcher. At the same time, it is impossible to find out which video adapter in the system is not possible. Attempts to open the PC body and see what kind of card are used, they also do not bring success - all stickers from it are broken, and it is impossible to separate the cooler from the chip because it is very tightly glued.

A separate problem represent laptops. How to find out which video card is on a laptop, you can write whole technical research. And the point here is not only that it will have to disassemble the laptop for this purpose. Sometimes it is impossible to determine which video card is not working on a laptop, even disassembled it, because there may be no marking on the chips. The task is even more complicated if you need to know the name of the video card when it is not clear whether the video card works on a laptop or not.

The issues considered are technically difficult, but they, at least, have solutions. But there are also much more complex situations. Use in many corporate solutions to stereotypical configurations with stereotypical operatingers although justified economically, but has one unpleasant item. When the operating system update time (OS) comes to a newer, it may be tritely missing drivers used by video adapters.

At one time, a huge number of laptops used for enterprise solutions, with pre-installed Windows8 was either withdrawn or urgently translated into other operating systems, since nobody wrote for these laptops for these laptops. A built-in video driver signature system did not give it possible to install old drivers on the OS. Therefore, questions, how to find out the video card on Windows 8, especially on laptops still have "terrible sleep" technical support of any large firm.

The article will consider various ways to find out which video card is installed in a particular PC hardware configuration.

How to find out which video card is on the laptop

Definition of the video card on a computer and laptop

Since the operating system communicates with devices using special programs - drivers, then the correctness of their work significantly facilitates the solution to the problem, how to find out which video card is on the computer.

Important! A correctly running video driver will always provide any diagnostic program (both from OS and third-party developers) full information about the video adapter. In the same case when the driver does not work correctly, understand which card is installed on the computer it will be much more complicated.

We'll figure it out how to watch a video card on Windows 7. For this there are several ways:

Determine the video card model through the DirectX diagnostic tool

The DIRECTX package package includes several programs that will help determine which video card is on the computer. The most popular of them - dxdiag.exe

You can run it by pressing Win + R and typing its name in the Open field.

At the same time, the Diaptx Diagnostic Tools window will start and in its "Screen" tab, the name of the adapter used will be indicated in the first line itself.

Important! To see the video card on Windows 10, you need to do the same actions as on the 7th, because from the point of view of the system information exchange with the adapter, that the 7th, then the 10th version use the same entry points.

Branded manufacturer utilities

In the event that some kind of software came with the video adapter (for example, in the form of a disk), there will be branded utilities on it. Their names depend on the manufacturer of the card. For example, MSI completes your AftrBurner cards, and ASUS uses the GPU Tweak application and so on.

Runing this program, you can immediately see information about which adapter is used. In addition, complete technical information will be displayed in such software products: memory volume, chip speed, software version, etc.

Methods for determining through programs

Consider how to find out the video card on Windows 7 in other ways.

The easiest of them is to use the device manager located in the control panel or system properties. Opening the device manager window, you can see the name of the map in the section "Video adapters".

Another way to use the built-in MSINFO32.exe diagnostic program

The video adapter will be displayed in the section "System Information" - "Components" - "Display" - "Adapter Description".

Similarly, the answer is how to find out the video card on Windows 10, since the functionality of both OS in these issues is absolutely the same.

Additional ways to find out which video card using Windows

In the event that a discrete and integrated card is installed on the computer, it is possible to determine the discrete one by the previously described methods, and the integrated is to describe the motherboard or the model of the laptop.

You just need to make a request in the search engine called your motherboard or laptop. By reference to the manufacturer's website, you can not only find out which the integrated card is used, but also download the driver.

If Windows 10 is installed on the computer, then it's still easier. In the Database of Drivers "Dozens", contains about three times more video adapters than video cards on Windows 7.

What to do if there are no drivers

This is a more difficult question, but it has a solution. It is necessary to define the ID of the equipment by which you can find out the name of the video controller.

You can determine it by entering the device manager in the properties of an unknown device, which will be incorrectly working video adapter. In the "Details" tab, select the property called "Equipment ID". The first line should be transferred to the search query, and it will issue information about which video adapter model corresponds to this ID.

What to do if not id

This is the most extreme case, but it can also happen. Especially "sin" like laptops. It happens that there are no drivers nor equipment ID. In this case, only disassembly of a computer or laptop will help with the purpose of getting to the inscription on the video chip.

Further, everything happens, as in the case described earlier with ID: The necessary equipment is looking for marking on the chip using any search service.

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How to find out the video card model on a laptop

Any modern laptop is necessarily equipped with a minimum of one video card, which can handle graphic data and display an image to the monitor. The need to recognize the connected adapter model may occur in a variety of situations, so each user is recommended to be able to determine the active adapter on the computer.

Definition of the video card model on the laptop

Often, two video cards are functioning on laptops: integrated and external. The first is secondary and sewn into the motherboard manufacturer. The second is designed for more labor-intensive options of a modern computer. You can define a model of one or more connected adapters using optional software and internal Windows.

Method 1: Aida64

AIDA64 is an application collecting the detailed characteristics of all computer or laptop modules. This excellent remedy is suitable not only for specialists, but also for ordinary users who want to know the model of their video card. It is recommended to adhere to the following algorithm:

Download Aida64.

  1. Open the application and go to the tab "Devices" In the main menu.
  2. Go to devices in AIDA64

  3. Next, select a category "Windows devices" .
  4. Go to Windows in Aida64

  5. Find the section in the list opened "Video adapters" And click on the elder to the left of it. A complete list of currently connected graphic adapters opens.
  6. Determine the video card model in AIDA64

If two or more adapters are installed on your laptop, there may be several entries. Determine the type of each can be called by name. If it contains "Intel HD Graphics" or AMD Radeon Graphics This is a graphic chipset built into the motherboard. Other type names "AMD RADEON R8 M445DX" or NVIDIA GT 1050 Inherent in discrete cards.

If you cannot determine the type of adapter by name, you can use additional information. To do this, click on any card in the list "Video adapters" . Additional information will open, where you need to find item "Placement Information" . If written "PCI-tire 0" This is an integrated equipment. With other values, we deal with external.

Determine the type of video card in AIDA64

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Method 2: GPU-Z

The GPU-Z program has the same orientation as AIDA64, but only computer graphic modules are processed in it. With it, you can find out the model of the connected device, as well as familiarize yourself with the full list of technical specifications: the volume of video memory, frequency, driver version, temperature sensors, etc. To determine the adapter model, it is sufficient to perform the following steps:

Download GPU-Z

  1. Open the application and go to the tab "Video card" (usually opens by default).
  2. At the bottom of the menu, you can find the drop-down list in which the model of the connected card will be specified.
  3. Determine the video card model in GPU-Z

  4. To determine the type of map, select it in the drop-down list and find item. "Tire Interface" . If "N / A" is written there, it is integrated equipment. If the bus is specified, this is an external adapter.
  5. Determine the type of video card in GPU-Z

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Method 3: CCleaner

Many are used to using CCleaner as a convenient and functional software to clean the computer from excess garbage and setting some parameters. However, do not everyone know that with it, you can define the video card model. Make it pretty easy:

Download CCleaner

On the top panel of the main application menu, you can see a brief information about the hardware of the computer. It contains information about the version of the operating system, the processor, the volume of RAM, as well as the graphics adapter models.

Determine the video card model in CCleaner

The main problem of this method is that it shows only one device, which is submitted by the main one when performing the tasks of the computer. If several video adapters are connected, the application does not display them.

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Method 4: Speccy

Speccy is a small utility from the developers of the CCleaner program, designed to collect computer configuration information. It can not be called multifunctional, but it will help to determine the model of the connected video adapter. To do this, you need to do the following:

Download Speccy

  1. Open the application and wait until it collaps the necessary data information.
  2. Computer Analysis in Speccy

  3. In the tab "General information" Detailed information about the components of the laptop will be displayed. We are interested in the section "Graphic devices" where you can see not only models of connected video cards, but also monitor.
  4. Determine the video card model in Speccy

  5. In order to familiarize yourself with more detailed features, go to the tab. "Graphic devices" In the left menu.
  6. Detailed characteristics of graphic devices in Speccy

Method 5: "Diagnostic Diagnostics"

In addition to additional software from third-party developers, the model of video cards on a laptop will help the built-in tools provided by Windows developers. The first of them is "Diagnostic Diagnostics" . It is recommended to adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. You can use the utility to open the desired application. "Run" . Click on the key combination Win + R. To cause it. A small window will appear in the lower left corner of the screen, where you must enter the command. dxdiag and press "OK" .
  2. Transition to DirectX diagnostic tool in Windows

  3. Wait until the system processes the request and collect the necessary information. After that go to the tab "Screen" In the window that opens.
  4. Determine the video card model into DirectX diagnostic tool

  5. In chapter "Device" You can see the video adapter model, as well as its manufacturer, type and other characteristics.

As in the case of CCleaner, the "DirectX diagnostic tool" displays only one video card acting as the main at the moment. If you need to know the model of the second adapter, it is better to use other ways.

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Method 6: "System Information"

Consider another system component, allowing you to find out the details of the PC configuration without installing additional programs. You can open it in the same way as the previous program.

  1. Call the utility "Run" Combination Win + R. and enter MSInfo32. , then click "OK" .
  2. Switch to a tool about the system in Windows

  3. In the left menu of the opened window, select item "Components" And specify subcategories "Display" .
  4. Go to the display menu to the system about the system

  5. The right part of the application will open a detailed list of the technical characteristics of the connected graphics adapters and the drivers installed on them.
  6. Determine the video card model to system information

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Method 7: "Device Manager"

Every advanced user should know about "Device Manager" Since this is an excellent tool that allows you to solve many problems with regard to the connected equipment. It can not only find out the model of a particular device, but also track the status of its connection, update the driver, view the properties, and also disable or delete it if necessary.

  1. Right click on the icon "Start" and select "Device Manager" .

    Go to the Device Manager from the Start in Windows 10

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  2. In the window that opens, select a category "Video adapters" And click on the elder next to her so that it opened. In the drop-down list, you can see the name of the connected graphics equipment, and even those devices that are connected, but inactive are displayed here.
  3. Determine the video card model in device manager

  4. If necessary, you can upgrade the driver of a specific adapter or disable it. To do this, click on the model with the right mouse button and select the appropriate menu item. This procedure requires confirmation on behalf of the administrator.
  5. Configuring the video card in device manager

Method 8: "Task Manager"

Not everyone knows extensive functionality. "Task Manager" . It can be used not only to complete the processes and track their status, but also to check the performance of the computer, because the load of each individual device is displayed here. You can find out information about the video card as follows:

  1. Open "Task Manager" Combination of keys Ctrl + left shift + esc and go to the tab "Performance" .

    Go to the Performance menu in Task Manager

    We describe the procedure for example. "Task Manager" Windows 10. In other versions of the operating system, the application interface may differ, but the algorithm corresponds.

    See also: Launch Task Manager in Windows 7

  2. In the left tab of the tab, the main equipment involved in the computer is currently displayed. Find item or points "Graphics processor" .
  3. By clicking on one of them, you can learn not only the video card model, but also the degree of its workload, as well as other characteristics in the dynamics.
  4. We define the video card model and its other parameters in the Task Manager

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Method 9: External Signs

The last way will be suitable in cases where the laptop has stopped running or previous options cannot be used for other reasons. It will be especially effective on new devices, where not all stickers erased and soda from the case. Almost always manufacturers are placed on the laptop housing special marks indicating the installed equipment.

Laptop video card stickers

The stickers shown in the image indicate the processor and graphics adapter models, but there are no specifics in them, since only a series is indicated. It is best to find a tag with the model of the laptop itself, after which it is possible to find it on the official website of the manufacturer and learn about the components, including the video card.

Learning the laptop model on the sticker

If the laptop is already quite old, it is not a fact that the labels are preserved on it. In the extreme case, you can disassemble and watch the marking of the video adapter directly on its surface, but this procedure requires proper experience and is extremely recommended for ordinary users.


We looked at the most effective ways to find out the video card installed in the laptop. You can do this as convenient programs and pre-installed tools from Windows OS developers. Each method implies its features, and some of them allow not only to determine the series and the number of the adapter, but also its other technical characteristics.

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Each laptop has its own video card, which is responsible for playing video files, and is also used for all kinds of games. Sometimes it is necessary to update the drivers for it, but not all users of this device can determine the type of card and its manufacturer. Accordingly, there is a problem that needs to be solved. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to find out which video card is on the laptop, and we will show the order of all necessary for this action on several examples.

How to get detailed information about a laptop video card using Windows Device Manager

To obtain data, we will go to the Device Manager section and try to learn all the necessary information about the video card model. This is done as follows:

  1. First, press the right mouse to "My Computer".
  2. Then select the "Properties" tab.
  3. After that, through the "Equipment" section, run the device manager.
  4. Next, we go to the "video adapter", where we see which model of the card is installed on your computer.

Important! For those users who have a tenth version of Windows on the laptop, access to this feature is possible through the "Start" button, which is located in the menu.

This method does not always work and may turn out that the video card will appear as a standard video adapter or controller, if you still use Windows XP. In practice, this means that the card has not been determined and Windows cannot use specific drivers under it.

How to find out which video card is on a laptop using ID equipment

This question can be solved and using the equipment ID. For what follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Device Manager, after Windows could not determine your video device.
  2. Then click the right mouse on the icon that is not defined by the video adapter, and then the "Properties" tab.
  3. After that, follow the transition to the "Details" section, where in the properties click on the "ID of the equipment".
  4. Next, make a copy of data for the clipboard, among which the main values ​​are dev and ven.

These indicators are invalid about the device and its manufacturer. Having this data you can find out the video card model. What will take on and specify there from the device ID information relating to dev and Ven. Thus, you will learn the video card model and the name of the company that has developed.

How to find out the video device model when the laptop does not turn on

One of many reasons may be a faulty video card of your computer, which creates the problem to the entire device. In this case, you will need to read labeling or specifications of the processor itself. Understand which card works in your laptop, when it does not turn on, it will help you search for the Internet of the exact data of your laptop model. And if you want to determine the video device model using marking, it will be much more complicated, since this information is only contained on the graphical chip itself. The problem in this case is that it will be necessary to dismantle the entire cooling system and remove a special thermal chaser. Such actions are categorically not recommended to those who do not know how to do it right. As you can damage the motherboard of the laptop.

Notation on AMD and NVIDIA chips

If you try to see the required information on the Internet ID, then it will be possible to quickly find data on any of the chips of AMD and NVIDIA manufacturers. For laptops with an integrated video card, it is still easier, it is necessary to simply search the network processor specification of your device. It usually includes data on the built-in map. Thus, you can easily solve your problem without disassembling an expensive laptop.

Definition of the video card using the AIDA64 specialized program

One of the additional options on how to find out which video card is on the laptop is to use the AIDA 64 program. Thanks to it, you can get information not only about your video device, but most of the hardware characteristics of your laptop. For free downloading this utility, you need to go to the official website of the developer, which are located at This application is paid, but you will still be able to use it, albeit with minor restrictions, but free of charge for the first 30 days. It will be its trial. To start the program, make a few simple steps:

  • Run the program and go to the "Computer" tab;
  • There, select the "Total Information" section;
  • Then find the "Display" string where you can see the video device model.

Important! In addition to the AIDA 64 program there are still a number of other applications that serve for these purposes. It was only taken as an example.

Additional ways to determine the video card by means of windows

In addition to the methods described above, there are also additional OS funds that make it possible to learn more about the video card and its manufacturer. Sometimes, it can become the only way out of such a situation, such as, for example, when the administrator was blocked free access to the control of the computer devices.

As you know in all recent versions of Windows, Windows has a built-in set of special programs, among which I would like to especially allocate DirectX. This application was designed for video and sounding of various utilities and most games. All its components have a means for diagnostics, allowing to determine any video card on a laptop. To take advantage of the need to take the following:

  1. Press the Win + R button keypad and in the "Run" window, make a short "dxdiag" phrase.
  2. Once the diagnostic tool is fully loaded, go to the "Screen" section.
  3. There you can see the graphic chip model number, as well as complete information about the installed drivers.

Using this OSA, the version of DirectX itself is also defined.

Using the "System Information" function

And now we will show how another Windows is working, which will allow you to find out the video card model on your laptop. It starts almost the same as the previous one:

  1. Press the Win + R keyboard buttons, then enter into a special MSINFO32 window.
  2. In the Dedicated System Settings section, select the "Components" tab first, and then the "Display" string.
  3. Find the "name" subsection, where it will be indicated which video device works in your computer.

In this case, it must be remembered that if the video card has over 2 GB memory, then MSINFO32 will display this data is not entirely correct. This problem is known for Microsoft and they work on its elimination.

In addition to all the methods we have already described, there are also others who will tell you how to find out which video card is on the laptop. For example, during the installation of drivers in automatic mode, using the Driver Pack Solution package. However, this option is not quite simple and therefore we recommend choosing one of the proven methods given in our article.

How to replace a video card on a laptop: video

Graphic adapter, it is a video card - one of the most important devices in the PC configuration. The video card is responsible for the high-quality display of graphic elements. Many modern games or powerful programs for working with video or images will not work fully if the graphics card is weak.

So, to determine the graphics capabilities of the video card and correctly update the device drivers should be aware of how to determine the video card on a laptop or PC. To access the video adapter data, you can use the built-in Windows tools or specialized programs.

Determine the video card model by Windows

Recognize which video card is on the laptop or PCs will help such operating system tools such as screen properties, device manager, as well as DIRECT X Diagnostic utility. If the OS does not recognize the model and the name of the company, which made a graphic adapter, find out this information the user will be able to Device ID equipment identifier.

Screen properties

The first way to determine the video card model is to use the screen properties. This process looks like this:

  • Run the click with the mouse anywhere in the desktop to call the context menu.
  • Open the screen resolution.

screen resolution

  • Scroll down the page down and go to "Advanced Parameters".

Extra options

  • On the graphic properties page, open the Adapter tab.
  • The graphics card mark is specified in the "Adapter Type" line.
  • In "Adapter Information" contains product data, including the amount of memory used.

Adapter information

Depending on the version of the OS, this sequence of actions may look a little different. So, on Windows 10, you must open the context menu of the desktop, select "Screen Settings", scroll down the page down and click "Advanced Display Parameters". Next, select the "Videos Properties", then "adapter". After that, the necessary information about the installed equipment will be available.

Find a video card in device manager

To find out which video card is installed on a laptop or PC you can via the device manager. To call this system utility you need to click "Properties" in the context menu of the "My Computer" icon.


Next, in the window that opens, select "Device Manager".

device Manager

You can also run the program by simultaneously holding the WIN system key (button with the image of the Windows emblem) and the letter R to start the "Run" system command. In the window that opens, you should dial DevmGMT.msc command.


Next, in the Device Manager, you should open the Video Adapter tab to determine which video card works on the device.

Device Dispatcher

Similarly, you can get the necessary data about the video adapter through "System Information".

You must click "Win + R" and dial "MSINFO32".


In the "System Information" you need to go to "Components", then open the "Display". In the "Name" string, the user will see information about the installed graphics card and the number of memory used.


It is important to know: if the device uses more than 2 GB of memory, the utility incorrectly displays this information. This error is officially confirmed by Microsoft.

How to identify a video card using Device ID

Sometimes, usually after reinstalling the OS, in the "Device Manager" in the "Video adapter" tab, instead of a video card brand, "Standard VGA Graphic Adapter" appears. This is explained by the fact that the OS did not recognize the type of video card on the device and does not understand which drivers need to be used. In this case, you will have to independently get information about the equipment, and then find and install drivers for the video card. Recognize a video card brand will help the identifier of the Device ID equipment.

  • You must open the Device Manager, then the "video adapter".
  • Here you need to open the properties of unknown equipment through the right mouse button.

Properties video adapter

  • Then go to the "Details" and in the "Property" field to select "EN EDUCATION".

ID equipment

You will have a series of rows with data on unidentified equipment. Each of them are values ​​of Ven and DEV in the initial part of the line - the designations of the company and the technique of technology. They need to record or copy.

ID equipment-list

Now you need to go to the website and in the search bar, score saved information.

Search Driver-ID

After clicking on the "Search" button, you will receive information about the manufacturer and the discrete video card model on a laptop or PC, and you can also download drivers on the same resource.

Download Video Card Drivers

Nevertheless, it is recommended to switch to the official page of the company that has released a video card and find a fresh version of the drivers for your equipment there.

DirectX diagnostic tool

In any Windows OS, the DirectX components used for the correct display of graphics and sound playback in games and software are operating. Their number includes a utility dxdiag.exe. which will help determine Check PC and define the name of the video card. To get the data you need:

  • Press "Win + R" to call the System Command window.
  • Enter "dxdiag".


  • Utility will boot, open the "Screen" tab.


On the page that opens, the user will define the video card brand, and will also receive information about installed drivers and memory used by the graphics adapter.

Information about the video card with third-party programs

Determine which video card is installed on a laptop or PC user will be able to establish a specialized third-party software. Most often for this purpose, AIDA64 and GPU-Z programs are used.

The complexity of this method is that the utility needs to download and install. In order to do not infect your computer with viruses during the download process, you need to look for software on the official sites of developers or on proven resources.

If the graphics card type you need to download the drivers to the equipment, you can use the Driver Pack Solution program to install the drivers in automatic mode.

Definition of video device using the AIDA64 program

AIDA64 (Previously, this utility was called Everest) - this is a quick and convenient ability to determine the name of the video card for a PC from Windows 7, 8 or 10. The use of the program needs to pay money, but the preferential 30-day period is provided. Opportunities in free mode are significantly limited, but nevertheless there are enough them to find out the graphics card brand.

To use the program you need to download from the official resource of the developer, install and open. Next, click "Menu" and in the drop-down list to deploy "Display". In the list with subsections to choose a "graphics processor". A block with properties will appear in the right window, it is necessary to find the video adapter string.


The model and manufacturer of the graphics card can also be found by opening the "Menu", and then choosing the "Computer" section. Next, go to subsection "Total Information". In the right window you need to find the "Display" block.


It contains the adapter data, as well as the amount of memory used.

Utility GPU-Z

GPU-Z is easy to use. The utility is in free distribution. Allows you to determine the video card on Windows 7, 8 or 10 systems. Links to download utilities are available on the official developer page, for this you need to visit the resource:

Next, you should specify the server from which the download will be carried out, and then note whether the installation is required. Upon completion of the GPU-Z process, it starts and opens a window with a graphics card data.

How-to define-video cards with-help-CPU-Z
When you hover on the line with the data pops up a special tip in Russian

The brand and manufacturer's company of their video card user will be found in the top line "name", the number of video memory is in the "Memory Size" line.

How to identify a video card on a laptop if it does not turn on

Sometimes it may be necessary to recognize the video card on the non-working technique. Here the user's capabilities are significantly limited. All that it can is to disconnect the product and connect to another computer. Explore the marking exhibiting on the video adapter or if the graphics are integrated, read the specification of the installed processor.

Usually on the device is a sticker with information about the manufacturer and model. If there are no such information, you need to find an identifier in which the necessary data is encrypted.


When specifying this value in the search bar in any browser, you will receive the necessary information about the device.

If a laptop does not work, and the user needs to find information about its graphic card, it can open the Internet and search for specification to laptop containing the necessary data.

Recognize the type of laptop video adapter for labeling is much more complicated. You need to disconnect the cooling system and remove the applied thermal chaser to read the data on the graphic chip. This will be an identification code that should be entered into the search string of any browser. Information about the model and firm released the product, the user will find in the search results.

Determine the type of embedded graphics is much easier. It is necessary to find the specification of the installed processor in the network. Usually they present data and on the built-in schedule.


Determine the graphics card model installed on a laptop or computer can be a whole number of ways. Affordable and easy solution will be the use of the OS or Diagnostic Diaptx utility. If the graphics card is displayed as an unknown device, it is worth using the Device ID - the identifier of the installed equipment.

In addition to these methods, to recognize the video card model and manufacturer, you can apply programs: GPU-Z or AIDA64.

What way do you determine the video card model? Write in the comments.

Laptops can be equipped with both a built-in video card and discrete. In addition, the video card in laptops can be from NVIDIA or AMD, and the video cards in laptops are both gaming and ordinary. In general, a variety of video cards for laptops little is less inferior to a variety of video cards for a desktop computer. In this article we will tell you how to find out which video card is on the laptop.

Method No. 1. We learn information about the video card, which is on the laptop using the device manager.

If you want to know which video card is on the laptop, you can use the "Device Manager".

In order to open the "Device Manager", open the control panel and go to the System and Security section, and then in the System subsection. After that, the "View basic information about your computer" window opens. The window needs to click on the "Device Manager" link.

Link Device Manager

You can also run "Device Manager" by searching in the Start menu or on the start screen (if you use Windows 8). Just open the Start menu (or start-up screen) and enter the "Task Manager" search. After that, the operating system will prompt you to open this program.

Start menu

In the extreme case, to open the "Task Manager" you can use the "Run" menu. Press the Win + R key combination and after the "Run" window opens and enter the "devmgmt.msc" command and press Enter.

Run Menu

In the "Task Manager" window you will see a list of installed equipment. In order to find out which video card is on the laptop you must find and open the section "Video Cards".

We learn information about the video card on the laptop

There will be the name of the video card installed on your computer.

Method number 2. We learn information about the video card, which is on a laptop using third-party programs.

The disadvantage of the previous way is that you can find out only the name of the video card, which stands on the laptop. If you want to get all possible information about the video card, then you need to use third-party programs. One of the best programs for obtaining information about the video card is the free GPU-Z program.

We learn information about the video card on the laptop

Using the GPU-Z program, you can find out which video card is on the laptop, as well as obtain all technical information, as well as information from the temperature sensors located on the video card.

Often, users do not know how to find out the video card on the laptop. In fact, everything is not so difficult, as it seems at first glance. Just follow the instructions below, and you will definitely work out. The article is particularly useful for those who want to download the driver for the video card, and more users who have a computer simply broke.

Many scares the "Standard VGA Graphic Adapter" or a video controller and then everything becomes even confusing. Let's consider all the ways to solve this problem. There are many options, and we will talk about the most popular of them.

How to find a video card on a laptop without leaving home

How to find a video card on a laptop without leaving home

How to find out the video card with Windows Device Manager

All experts tend to the fact that the easiest way to determine the video card on your computer is enough to go to the Windows Task Manager. Make it quite simple and literally one touch of your hand to the buttons. There are two options, how to get to the task manager.

One of the simplest is the simultaneous press of the Win and R buttons. The WIN button is indicated by the operating system emblem. Then in the window that opens, write a command - Devmgmt.msc.

Launch Task Manager

Launch Task Manager

The standard path to the task dispatcher is such.

Step 1. Having a mouse cursor on the "My Computer" icon and right-click.

Step 2. In the window that opens at the bottom to select the "Properties" string.

Select the string of "Properties"

Select the string of "Properties"

Step 3. When a new window pops up, go to the "Equipment" section. This will launch the task manager.

Step 4. In the list, find the "Video adapter" string. To open your video card, you should click on the string twice.

The video card model is shown

The video card model is shown

Step 5. In order to familiarize yourself with more detailed information, press another twice the name of your video card.

Here you will have a detailed menu. It is here you will find the version of the driver on your video card. Just go to the "Driver" section.

Unfortunately, such two options will not give you complete information about your device. By minuses include:

  • You will have a fairly stingy menu;
  • Even the volume of the video memory you will not be able to learn;
  • the data exchange bus on the video card will also remain unknown for you;
  • The video card model may not be displayed at all if the video driver is not installed, because Without it, operational provision simply will not be able to identify your video card.

Important! This method is useful only if you want to just know the video adapter model. It does not have to count on more. Therefore, if you do not have a driver or want to install it, then you should contact the next option.

Video - How to find out what video card on the laptop

Definition of the video card using Device ID

You can find out the data using Device ID. This is an equipment identifier. To take advantage of this method, you must do the following.

Step 1. Enter the devices manager and right-click on an indefinite VGA video adapter.

Step 2. From the list, select the "Properties" string. After starting, select Section "Details".

Step 3. Find the "properties" and go to the "End of Equipment".

Values ​​of your video card

Values ​​of your video card

Step 4. Then you need to copy one of the values. The main values ​​are two parameters - VEN (manufacturer) and DEV (video card itself).

Step 5. Open your Internet browser and in the address bar, type

Step 6. At the top there is a special field where you need to enter (insert) VEN and DEV your video card.

Information about the installed video card

Information about the installed video card

This option will help you find out the necessary data about your device. The advantage is that you can download the driver you are interested directly from here. Although it is better to update your software on official sites where you do not download malware bonus.

How to find out a video card on a laptop using the GPU-Z program

To find out the maximum data on your device, you must resort to the help of a specific program. Since the tools of the operating system do not allow you to learn all the information about your video card, especially when there is no driver, then without unauthorized software simply can not do.

The most suitable is the GPU-Z program, which can be downloaded absolutely free. Another advantage is that it takes very little space. But despite the small size, it will mostly show you the necessary information.

GPU-Z program allows you to find out information about the video card

GPU-Z program allows you to find out information about the video card

In order to work with the program, you must first download it to your computer. Follow the recommendations below, and you will succeed.

Step 1. Open your Internet browser and in the search bar, write down the name "GPU-Z" program, click "Enter".

Step 2. Choose the first site from the opened list - it will be the official page. There you can download it in one click for free.

Important! Make sure this is the official site. Then you may not be afraid that, together with the program, you will make malicious programs and files to your laptop.

Official page of the program

Official page of the program

Step 3. After the program has been successfully downloaded to your PC, it remains to install it correctly. To do this, run the downloaded file. In the window that opens, click "Next" and agree with the rules. Everything else - as usual.

Step 4. After installation, it must start automatically. If this did not happen, then you need to go to the "Start" menu and click on the shortcut that appears.

Step 5. When the main window appears after launch, you can immediately see detailed information about the installed video adapter.

Information about the video card

Information about the video card

How to find out the video card if the laptop is broken

It is most difficult to find out which device is installed on your laptop if it does not turn on at all. But then not everything is lost. If you do not take into account the ability to rearrange the video card to another PC, then the only option is a detailed study of the device. It is necessary to carefully look at the marking or sort out the processor specification. The latter refers to laptops, where the video adapter is integrated.

Most often, the video card has a special label on the sticker, where it is indicated which chip is used.

Marking with information about chip

Marking with information about chip

If there is no such information, then the manufacturer's identifier will be specified. And through the Internet search engine, you can find your video card in the first models shown models.

Determine the labeling device is not so easy. For this you need time and professional skills. After all, you can learn this labeling, just looking at the graphics chip. And to get it, you need:

  • Remove the cooling system;
  • Remove a special thermal chaser (a very thin process, so it is better not to resort to it yourself);
  • Inspect the chip where this kind will be visible.
Marking on the video card itself

Marking on the video card itself

On the Internet in the search engine, specify this information and at the beginning of the list you will see the characteristics of your video card.

Device characteristics

Device characteristics

A little more lucky users with integrated or built-in video cards. Enough on the Internet to find a specification that meets your processor model. Here you will find not only detailed information for your laptop, but also information about the video card.

Information for the built-in video card

Information for the built-in video card

Conclusion: learn about which video card you are installed on a laptop in several ways. It all depends on what you need to learn about your device. There are many options for extraction of information, and of course, the choice remains yours. The main thing to do everything right.

Read useful information and several easy ways in the article - "How to watch a video card on Windows 8".

The name of the video card and other information on it may be needed for various reasons. For example, preparation for its shift to another, more powerful chip or when installing, updating drivers to this graphic adapter. But here is the question, how to find out which video card is on the laptop, if there is no label-sticker on the panel? Any user will cope with it.

Using Windows Device Manager

The first method of checking the name and performance of the video card on a laptop is Windows Device Manager. It is used on any version of the system starting from 7-ki. How to do it:

  1. We go with the Device Manager through the start menu. It is in the "Control Panel", which is either among the list of programs or in the "Standard" folder (depends on the Windows version);
  2. If the location is found correctly, then the list of installed equipment on the laptop will appear in the open window. We need to click on the "Video adapter" parameter. It will open another retractable list with the name of the video card;
  3. By right-clicking on it, you can see its parameters;

In the case when only the name "Video Controller (VGA-compatible) appears in the drop-down list, you need to use another method of defining a video adapter.

There is another simple way to get into the "Device Manager" to see what a video card on a laptop. To do this, it is enough to click on the right mouse button on the My Computer icon and select "Properties". In the window that opens on the left side, click on the secure link "Device Manager".

Using dispatcher

Using Device ID

Device ID is a standard equipment identifier on Windows 7 and higher.

To find out which video card on a laptop with it is necessary to log in to the "Video adapter" parameter, similar to the first and second paragraph of the past search method. But now, choose the most unknown "video controller (VGA)" and click on it right mouse button. In the context menu you need to select "Properties". In the open window with tabs, click on the "Details" and pay attention to the "Property" item, where in the deposited menu by click Device ID (equipment ID).

If everything is done correctly, then in the window field will select several rows with incomprehensible words and numbers that such a "ciffer" indicate the name of the manufacturer of "iron". We need to copy any of them and insert in the search engine on the site The service will show all the necessary information about the integrated chip.

Using the GPU Z program

GPU Z is an applied utility that is suitable not only for computer professional professionals, but also for inexperienced users. This program provides all the detailed technical characteristics of the graphics adapter installed on the laptop, up to the version of the BIOS firmware or pixel processing velocity.

You can find this program on the official developer website in fully free access. The additional advantage of this program is the ability to compare the current video card with other video adapters of different manufacturers via the Internet. This feature is of particular benefit when you have decided to update the "iron" laptop.

In addition to this utility, there is still its multifunctional counterparts:

  • Aida. 64. - It will show not only the name, but also its temperature during load and approximate technical condition.
  • Speccy - Inform the user about the hardware component of the portable computer.
  • HW. Monitor - A free program that knows how to find out the video card model and its temperature mode.

How to find out the video card if the laptop is broken

With a working device - Polwy, but how to know which video card is installed on a laptop when it does not turn on?

  • The easiest way is to search for a passport or other information on a portable computer on the Internet. If this does not give results, then in the document documents or on the bottom of the housing, you can find the marking (sticker) from the video card manufacturer. The code must contain the name of the module. For example, in the code "RGStrix-GTX1050-O4G-Gaming", part "GTX1050" is what the video card is worthwhile.
  • Another option, how to determine the brand of video cards, but more comprehensive. It is necessary to open the laptop and get to the chip itself. It will be laigned marked with the title and model. With a standard assembly, in order to find a video chip - remove the battery, a processor cooling system and a video adapter. Under them is a board with a microchip, on which the defining marking should be applied.

Some of these options should accurately work. There are more methods - how to see the video card and systemically, and documented. But compared with the listed methods, they are more costly on the resource time and strength.

How to see what video card on a Windows laptop

Check which video card works on a laptop, you can, without extraneous programs and disassembling the device, it is enough to look into the Windows settings. The name of the graphics card model is indicated in the Device Manager, screen settings and in the manufacturer's branded utility.

Device Manager and System Information

The dispatcher works in old, and in new versions of Windows - all screenshots in the article are executed in Windows 7.

The Device Manager menu hides at the control panel - "System" - "Device Manager". It is easier to enter the name of the utility in the search string in the "start" and select the first option from the list of found. The dispatcher lists all components of your laptop; The name of the video card is indicated in the "Video adapter" tab.

How to find out which video card on the laptop

If there is no video card in the list at all, and the "Unknown Device" is specified, look at this article. In the section "We are looking for Device ID", we told in detail how to solve the problem.

If you easier to use the command line, not the "Start" menu, open it with the [Windows] + [R] key and enter the MSINFO32 command. In the "Components" section - "Display" - "Name" will be indicated by the name of the video card.

Screen settings

Exit the desktop and right-click. Select "Screen Resolution". In the "Advanced Settings" tab, go to the "Adapter" section - the specification set on the video card installed on the laptop will be indicated.

Soft manufacturer

Video card information is easy to see the manufacturer's brand program. The NVIDIA control panel can be opened from the desktop by clicking the right mouse button and turning to the selection of the same name. The video card model will be indicated at the address "System Information" - "Components".

How to find out which video card on the laptop

Similarly, things are with a utility from AMD: From the desktop, go to AMD Radeon Settings and look at the "Overview" and "Equipment" tab.

How to find out the model integrated video card

Most laptops, if they are not intended for games, equipped with integrated video cards - that is, built into the processor. In this case, the "Device Manager" will indicate not specific model specifications, but only its name - for example, Intel HD Graphics.

To find out the detailed characteristics of the integrated video card, you need to find out how the laptop works on the processor. It is easiest to see the "Start" menu by clicking on the "Computer" section of the right mouse button and opening the "Properties".

How to find out which video card on the laptop

You can also find the processor name through the Device Manager, by going to the "Control Panel" - "System and Security" - "System" as described above. After that, the CPU model will thugrate and find out all the parameters of the graphic chip, which is installed in it.

What is the video card on McBook

If you are using an Apple laptop, you can find its specifications on the manufacturer's official website in the MAC section. Another option is to use the system features: open the menu "On this Mac" - "System Information". Specifications of the graphics card will be listed in the "Equipment" section - "Graphics / Monitor".

How to find out what a video card on a laptop through third-party programs

If any program is installed on your laptop to optimize or analyze the system, you can use it to determine the video card.

In CCleaner, the name of the video card is indicated in the header of the program window.

How to find out which video card on the laptop

In the CPU-Z application, which can be downloaded here, the graf card model can be found in the "Video Card" section.

In the TECHPOWERUP GPU-Z program, this information is in the Graphics Card tab.

To find the video card model in AIDA64, you need to go to the "Computer" section - "Total Information" - "Display" - "3D-accelerator".

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