What is the degradation of personality and how to overcome it

Definition of degradation in psychology

Degradation is the process of deterioration of the characteristics of a facility or phenomenon over time, a gradual decline in quality, decline, the destruction of matter due to external influence according to the laws of nature and time.

There is a degradation of ecological, telecommunication, biogeneous, chemical, degradation of the individual, society, culture.

The human degradation phenomenon is studied in psychology. This is an urgent problem, closely related to the degradation of society as a whole.

As a psychological phenomenon of identity degradation includes the following processes:

  • narrowing of intellectual abilities
  • deterioration of mental activity, the ability to think critically
  • Reducing the quality of mental processes and functions (problems with attention, perception, memory, speech),
  • Reducing social and physical activity,
  • Lossability,
  • loss of acquired abilities and skills,
  • lack of manifestation of positive properties and personal qualities,
  • The emergence of negative properties and personal qualities,
  • Deletion of the sphere of feelings and emotions, deterioration of the ability to understand others, communicate.

Thus, the degradation of the personality is the process of destruction of its structure, qualities and properties.

In the people of degraded Individual They say that he "sank", "lost the human appearance", "disappeared", "took a step back in development." Such definitions of EMCO characterize the process of identity degradation.

Forms and causes of identity destruction

Degradation of personality is the process of returning its growth and development opposite to progress.

He is noticeable to the surround of a person more than himself. Degradation is visible on behavior and appearance of the individual. A person ceases to follow himself, his speech becomes scarce, narrows a circle of communication and interests, emotional incontinence is manifested in combination with Egoism And indifferent to the feelings and opinions of loved ones.

Degradation can be expressed in shape:

  • Levity, carelessness, irresponsibility;
  • infantality, braveless, fabulous, chronic laziness;
  • indifference to society, loss of ties with the surrounding world;
  • neglect the social requirements, rules of behavior, morality and morality;
  • dependence (alcoholic, narcotic, game and other);
  • unlawful behavior (misconduct and crime);
  • Larous, marasmus, mental illness.

It becomes clear what degradation is, and why it is not uncommon in our time, with compiling the causes of its occurrence. The reasons are closely related to the forms of degradation:

  • When life seems to man meaningless, he neglects it. Apathy, boredom, laziness, notionlessness appear.
  • A person who does not know how to put and achieve the goal, has no aspirations and desires, passive and pessimistic. If there is a choice to act or inactivate, he chooses the second: why do something to do if you can relax?
  • Work on yourself - everyday work, degradation of personality is a consequence of a stop in the development, refusal of self-realization.

Loneliness, depression, grief, psychological injury, the feeling of guilt and this kind of suffering can be the causes of identity degradation:

  • In depression, the person does not accept life and herself in it, engaged in psychological "suicide."
  • When a person is alone and no one needs, its very strong need is satisfied - the need for love and affiliation. A person does not understand why, for what, for whom to try to be better and developed.
  • Wines pushes a person to the awareness of his insignificance, breeds hatred and many other negative experiences, "corrosive" psyche.
  • The feeling of one's own impotence, insecurity, low self-esteem can also be the causes of the regression of the individual.
  • Alcoholism, drug addiction and all other types of diviant behavior is, as well as the forms and causes of degradation.

The degradation of the personality of man of old age is often due to the peculiarities of age, age-related changes in the structure of the brain; retirement, deprivation of opportunity to work and be an active member of society.

Reversibility of degradation and its prevention

To prevent the process of destruction of the person, you need to engage in self-education, self-development, self-affirmation. This is sometimes difficult, but interesting everyday work.

No matter how hard it is to overcome the shortcomings, it is easier than turning the process of "extinction" of personality. Those people who managed to do is deserve great respect. It is necessary not to be shy to ask for help and support close people and contact professional psychologists.

When a person copes with grief and suffering, does not forget about humanity in inhuman conditions and in other similar difficult situations, he fights for the right to be himself, for his "I", for the integrity and harmony of the person and for the right to be a happy person. He chooses the path of development, not a decline, life in every sense of this word, and not social death.

The degradation of the person must be at least stopped. You need to realize it in time as a problem and stop it, eliminating the causes of the occurrence, adjusting the behavior by changing the worldview.

Life should be able to take such as it is in cases where it is impossible to change it, in all other cases, a person is the Creator himself of his history and happiness.

Get rid of degradation

Return a sense of value of life, improve self-confidence, learn to put and achieve a goal, return the desire to develop, grow on themselves, can help:

It is recommended to read books, communicate with decent, wise people, attend cultural events, exhibitions, go to the theater, watch artistic, popular science, documentaries, find a developing hobby.

It is infinite to talk about the benefits of cultural development. Culture and art - a source of wisdom. The works in which the set about the formation and development of the personality are.

The main characters of books and films often have to face and successfully overcome significant life difficulties, to make exploits, change for the better as a result of working on themselves. There are a lot of such outstanding people. An example for imitation can be a relative or ancestor.

When a person helps others, cares about them, as herself, makes good deeds, selflessly friendly, he gets pleasure and joy from it, self-esteem is growing, self-confidence is added in his power, in its value and importance for people.

Love is a healing, life-affirming feeling. It gives a feeling of completeness of life, fills it with meaning. True, cashless and disinterested love gives happiness.

  • Active life position and work

It is necessary to love life, live actively, work, work for good society, strive to make the world better, bring the benefit of others, to help people, to become a person. All of the above and prevention of identity degradation are able to stop its progression.

Each person is given the opportunity to become a holistic and harmonious personality. Use it or miss this single chance - the choice of every person.

December 30, 2020.

Hello, dear blog readers KtonanovenKogo.ru. We often pronounce words borrowed from someone else's language, with ease and some bravada.

But do we always understand exactly what are we talking about?

Yu in various directions and how to avoid it

Therefore, today we partially replenish the gap in our knowledge and find out what degradation is, and what processes are characterized by this word.

Degradation is ...

Latin language made a huge contribution to the formation of all languages ​​of the world, Russian - no exception. "Degradation" translated from Latin (DE Gradior) indicates " Down step ", or " Reduced "

Thus, the degradation in the literal sense of the word can be called the descent on the stairs, and in the portable - Reduction (deterioration) any characteristics of the object. In Russian, only an allegorical translation interpretation is used.

An interesting fact: this concept in Russia initially began to be used during the reign of Peter the Great as a term "degradation, a decline in military rank."

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As you know, Peter is the first to be a reformer, which in large quantities used Know Howe from abroad. The concept of degradation, as a degradation in the rank, came to Russia from Polish Military art. And only at the beginning of the 20th century, this word acquired the meaning that we mean today.

Degradation is a process occurring in time.

For example, "identity degradation" is a gradual process characterized by the disappearance of cultural values, useful skills, the displacement of the concepts "what is good and what is bad." Seeing untidy, lowered homeless, we say that this person has degraded, mean that the process has already ended.

Concept of degradation applies to multiple objects , eg:

  1. societies;
  2. culture;
  3. biobjects (decomposition of organic substances under the influence of microorganisms);
  4. Ecology (the destruction of the prevailing biosystems).

Of course, this is not a complete list, then we will consider a little more detailed most frequently used options for applying the concept of "degradation".

Degradation of personality

Identity degradation is Regress process which is accompanied by a lack of social and household activity, a decrease in working capacity, mental and emotional instability.

If we speak simple words, the degrading person deprives him inherent in his individuality, loses the knowledge, skills and skills that had possessed earlier.

The degradation of society begins with each individual personality, and vice versa. Why is a person who born is absolutely normal, can degrade and how to see the first signs of this process?

Causes of degradation :

  1. "bad Company. The influence of the environment per person, especially the child's rapid psyche and a teenager is extremely great;
  2. lack of development goals and (or) lack of willpower for their achievement;
  3. lack of positive examples for imitation;
  4. incorrect education in the family;
  5. alcoholism, drug addiction, toxicism;
  6. Loss of a loved one and the associated depression;
  7. Mental diseases, including the extreme stage of elder dementia (dementia).

The process of identity degradation in different people proceeds in different ways and with different speeds. It all depends on the depth of exposure to external factors and the fortress of emotional and physical health.

Some people drink and degrade rapidly, for several months, other this process is stretched for years. The extreme stage is insanity. It manifests itself in dementia (the inability to perceive the reality and himself in it), full of indifference to the world around.

Peter I.

Highly It is important to notice in time The first signs of degradation in themselves or their loved ones and try to eliminate the reasons that have become a launch mechanism of the pathological process. If the process cannot be stopped independently, then you need to contact a specialist (psychologist).

What are the first reasons indicating the degradation of the personality:

  1. increased excitability, nervousness;
  2. The narrowing of the circle of interest, including domestic (a person ceases to read, watch TV, interested in news, etc.);
  3. memory violation;
  4. no concentration of attention;
  5. Unreasonable euphoria (what is it?), the state of "Sea by Knee", frivolity;
  6. The emergence of feelings of greed, egoism (if it is not congenital qualities);
  7. Emptying attitude towards his appearance, which appeared, the lack of smallestness;
  8. Simplification of speech revolutions.

How can Society degraded

Society degradation is an estimated concept.

Why do we sometimes say so? Yes, because you do not perceive new trends, ideals of the new generation. Our teachers spoke about us that they have not had such a bad class. Years passed, and the same teachers say that we were simply angels with wings in comparison with the current generation.

Everything in the world relative to . So, Western countries are tolerant (if not more) to sexual minorities (LGBT). In our country, this phenomenon is not exhibited for universal imitation, sexual orientation is a purely intimate matter.

"We" believe that "they" degrade, and "they" of the same opinion about us. Who is right in this situation? Shows time. Maybe nature thus reduces the population on the planet?

Now let's talk about the formal signs for which it is accepted judge about the degradation of society (Let me remind you, these are the estimated signs, not the dogma):

Pencil drawing
  1. Low culture. This applies not only to the rules of behavior in society, but also the elementary knowledge of the cultural heritage of mankind;
  2. Reducing the plank of moral norms;
  3. pursuit of external attributes of well-being;
  4. Infantilism (what is it?) Adult youth who has reached social maturity (from 17 to 25 years). It is manifested in inability to respond to their actions, the absence of desire and the ability to make serious decisions, etc.;
  5. The destruction of family values ​​(promoting free sexual relations, the leveling of such qualities as loyalty, respect).

You can list for a long time.

Degraded society is dangerous not only for outsiders, it is primarily dangerous for himself.

Degradation as a chemical process

All organic and inorganic compounds have their own structure. The process of interaction between different substances occurs at the level of chemical reactions (redistribution of nuclei and electrons of the source substances).

The consequence of the chemical reaction occurred is the destruction (destruction or degradation) of the former structure of the compounds and the formation of a new structure.

From man in a monkey

If we talk about the destruction of polymers, then as a result of this process, the degree of polymerization or molecular weight of the polymer decreases. Destruction process ( Chemical degradation ) It can be activated by the influence of the following factors:

  1. warm;
  2. radiation;
  3. mechanical voltage;
  4. oxidation (exposure to oxygen);
  5. water;
  6. Enzymes of biological organisms.

The impact of listed factors can occur both separately and in combination. For example, the effects of water and alkali initiate a hydrolytic reaction, as a result of which the initial structure of the substance is degradation.

And enzymes (what is it?), Which are produced in the human body, lead to destruction of certain cells and, as a result, the body tissues.

Without going into medical nuances, it can be said that some of the destruction processes are positive for the normal life of the body, and some have a negative impact.

The degradation process (chemical degradation) is used to obtain new properties and characteristics in substances. For example, mechanical-oxidative destruction (as a result of mechanical deformation in the presence of oxygen) of artificial rubber improves its technological properties.

Because of what the soil degrades

Land degradation (soil) is processes leading to the deterioration of soil fertility. Soil degradation causes a huge economic loss.

The reasons which can lead to the destruction of the initial characteristics of the soil:

  1. Excess dose of nitrogen fertilizers → Changing the soil structure → Increase the erosion process (destruction);
  2. Impact of pesticides → Reducing the volume of beneficial bacteria → Reducing fertility;
  3. Artificial irrigation → The accumulation of insoluble salts, rejuvenation, soil fever → Reducing fertility;
  4. illiterate land reclamation (actions aimed at dyeing soils), intensive logging, frauding forests, fires (including intentional burning grass and straw in the fields) → Reducing the humus layer (layer containing nutrients) → Decrease in fertility; Scheme
  5. The absence of forest and artificial barriers along the fields → Weathered the upper layer of the soil → Reducing fertility (up to conversion of arable land in desert).

Degradation of culture

In this aspect, the concept has Subjective tint . Those who speak about the degradation of culture assesses this process, based on its own (subjective) perception of occurring processes.

Here is a typical example of the subjectivity of the assessment of changes in culture: in the first third of the 20th century in painting, in theatrical art, in music, the revolutionary movement of abstractionism, nonconformism (rejection of existing genres) and other trends began in the literature.

Do you think, how did you call the pioneers who drove into a cultural coup? That's right, at best they were called eccentrics, and at worst it was forbidden to create and persecuted. Critics of that time spoke about the complete degradation of culture.

Chemical process

What do we see now? Some innovations remained there, at the beginning of the 20th century, and many live in our time and will live in centuries. Kandinsky, Malevich, Mayakovsky and others have become the property of cultural heritage of mankind. No one today can call their works by a sign of cultural degradation.

Therefore, if you hear about degradation in culture, do not take These statements on faith This is only a subjective opinion of individual individuals (even if very famous).

Time passes, and puts everything in its place: Uradari is awesome in the fly, and the Great Masters and their creations will delight our descendants. (Like pathetic, but simply and you do not say).

I hope that the information set out in this article was useful to you.

Good luck to you! Seeing fast meetings on the pages of KtonanovenKogo.ru

  • DEGRADATION - and, g. Gradual deterioration, loss of valuable properties and qualities, decline. Soil degradation. Degradation of art.

    [Franz. Dégradation]

Source (print version): Dictionary of the Russian language: in 4 tons / wounds, Institute Linguistich. studies; Ed. A. P. Evgenaya. - 4th ed., Ched. - M.: Rus. Yaz.; Poligraphressurs, 1999; (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library

A source: "The Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language" edited by D. N. Ushakov (1935-1940); (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library

We make a word card better together

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Card words. I am fine I know how to count, but so far I do not understand how your world works. Help me figure out!

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- Is it something neutral, positive or negative?

Many of us often heard the phrase about some of the people familiar to us: "He completely degraded, sank." Sometimes we see on the street of broken dirty personalities, from which we try to take a look. What is the identity degradation and how to avoid it, we will understand.

Degradation of personality What is identity degradation

The concept of "degradation" is found not only in psychology. It denotes regress, reverse development. The thing, the subject or phenomenon loses its positive, progressive properties, roll at a lower level of development.

- This is a loss of a person mental stability, a complete decline or a significant weakening of performance and activity, minimizing the acquired skills and ethical installations.

Not only human intelligence, but also his sensual emotional sphere. Not only disappears any interest in the study of the items of the material world, receiving new skills and skills, but also the existing losing their meaning.

A person ceases to feel joy, does not take responsibility for his life and the life of loved ones. Emotions their own and strangers cease to make importance.

The collapse of the person is often happening with age, but it can begin in a workable mature period. There are many examples of when in the older old age a person retains activity and a clear mind, and young people are lowered to the state of primates.

The degraded person ceases to develop as a person, the threshold of him is significantly reduced, the norms of morality cease to influence acts and actions. Physically, such a person is alive, but spiritually his personality is already dead.

The degraded person can be identified by external signs: stuff, uncertainty, dirty clothing and shoes, unnecessary fullness or thin.

The range of interests of the person is narrowed to the level of satisfaction of primary biological needs, we are talking about human survival as a species.

We will tell about the reasons for degradation below, but it is necessary throughout life to engage in its own development - physical, intellectual and spiritual. Active person who has the tasks and mission on this Earth will keep the condition of progressive changes to the end of life.

Dislike for their personality, the lack of development lead to degradation until a complete collapse of the essence of a person.

The main causes of identity degradation

The reasons for the collapse of the individual may be different, all of them are destructive for a person. We list the main components leading to degradation.

Loneliness and loss of loved ones

The situation of degradation is characteristic of most of the lonely people. The possible cause of loneliness can be the death or care of loved ones, native people. It happens that there are not only native blood native, but also friends: the quarrel could happen, because of the age of youth witnesses could leave life.

"And boring, and sad, and some hand feed ...". A person is completely unable to share feelings and emotions. He feels his worthlessness and unnecessaryness, considers himself an excess in this world. From here grows reluctance to live, improve, follow yourself. Against the background of loneliness, depression and suicidal inclinations often occur.

Social isolation

Regression can occur in the situation of the individual from society. The work was lost or there was a retirement, and the person seems to be that he completely fell out of active life.

Every day he got used to get up, put himself in order, prepare breakfast and leave at the place of service. Working, communication with colleagues, the life of the team gave life meaning and fullness.

After dismissal, the person is in Prostration, does not see the goal of further existence. The usual routine of life and the flow of thoughts is completely violated. Well, if there is a family in which you can feel your need and value: to amaze new dishes, take care of grandchildren. If family members are missing or do not support, degradation can begin.

The soil

Laziness and apathy

Often, personal regression occurs as a result of the elementary laziness of a person, his reluctance to strain and move towards generally. It begins to learn from performing tasks, in which efforts need to be made or take responsibility.

Individual can work, but so that it wants to go home as soon as possible. At home, too, it is not to do anything: cleaning, cooking, affordable housing repair - remain out of the attention zone.

Going out in "People", play sports, to go to the nature of such a person too lazy. The diet of such an individual - the consumption of beer with ready-made semi-finished products in front of the TV with a viewing of programs and programs that do not give any food for mind and spirit. Similar pastime is also sometimes useful for mental health, but in very small doses as a method for removing physical or mental overwork.

Low self-esteem and guilt feelings

It happens that a person suffers a defeat in various spheres of life several times in a row - personal and (or) professional. Some of us in such situations sharply falls in such situations, it appears in disbelief and their strength. :

  • Some failures are forced to squeeze their teeth and rising again, trying to achieve the goal once again, others are driven into depression. A person begins to blame himself in all troubles, again and again, analyzing errors and misses. The famous psychologist Abraham Masu allocated four stages in the process of man degradation
  • Removing responsibility for your own life . The individual is being formed by the psychology "Pawn", which life or other people can move as whatever. The power of self and the presence of will is leveled.
  • Satisfying the needs of the highest levels (in respect, development) becomes not necessary . The priority includes only physiological needs and needs.
  • The personality disappears the concept of multipolarity of peace, things and phenomena . He clearly divides people on good and bad, their own and strangers.
  • Easteners of the feeling of guilt . A person literally destroys his personality by self-criticism, prescribing guilt even in those things to which he cannot be involved.

A person has a set of rules, life basics

, go beyond which he is not in a state.

Separately, as the causes of degradation, there are issues of human alcoholization and drug addiction, which will be told in an independent chapter.

Characteristic symptoms :

  • The degraded person is easy to find out, even only by external signs. There are also deeper symptoms that can be recognized in personal communication.
  • Loss of appearance . Unwashed hair, dirty clothes, heavy smell from the body - these signs appear already at the final stage. A man walks down the street drunk, not embarrassed by this, does not cover the dark bruises on the face. Full shame loss. And it can begin to begin to make a manicure and regularly cut the hair, not to pay attention to the purity and integrity of the clothes - these are the first signs of degradation.
  • Loss of interest in life, the scope of needs is narrowed to eating and drinking . Politics, painting, sport cease to matter as such. There is nothing in this world, which could cause emotions from a degraded personality. The world narrows so much that it becomes almost invisible.
  • Loss of feelings such as shame and squeamishness . Lowest instincts are not controlled, food from the intermediate tank does not cause disgust. From condemning views, a person is no longer hiding, he simply does not notice either does not take into account.
  • Reducing intelligence, memory, primitive judgment . A person changes speech, a set of words and expressions becomes minimal. Remember Sharicikov from the "Dog Heart" - approximately it turns out a degraded person.

Man becomes unstable psychologically

. Here, manifestations can be different - irritability, gridness, frivolity, aggressiveness, tearfulness. In any case, it is not appropriate about healthy mental reactions.

Of course, from the reluctance of self-development to stay in a drunken view on a bench takes place a certain time. Degradation does not occur simultaneously. Therefore, if our first signs we notice or your loved ones, then you need to take measures to curb to the root.


Alcoholism - as one of the reasons for man degradation

Alcoholism is a disease caused by which it initially is the succulence of the person himself, and then the chemical processes in the body come into effect, which, unfortunately, irreversible. The only way to stop the disintegration of an alcoholic is a complete refusal of drinking.

Alcohol destroyably affects many human bodies - liver, kidney, and to a large extent - on the brain. The deterioration of memory, the weakening of intelligence occurs unnoticed and irreversibly.

One of the first signs of alcoholic degradation is the inability to memorize new phenomena and skills, template in work, creativity is absent.

At first, a person fully copes with labor duties, can serve himself in everyday life. As the disease develops, at the last stage, degradation reaches apogee and simple actions become not fulfilled. :

  • We are talking about the fact that when degradation, the circle of interests of the person is sharply narrowed. The dependent individual is reduced to the need to obtain the next dose of alcohol. And this is explained from the point of view of physiology. The body is so used to that alcohol participates in the exchange of substances, which does not work well without it. Hormones of joy and happiness can be produced only when a new portion of alcohol arrives. But such a "happiness" lasts long. To change, he comes aggression, anxiety and self-esteem. It turns out such a closed circle. Distinctive features of alcoholic degradation are
  • Full absence of self-critics . A person believes that he drinks "like everything," completely denies the presence of serious problems.
  • Others who try to prevent alcoholic drinks become his enemies and pursuers . After all, these people want to deprive his only available way of getting pleasure.
  • Morral norms cease to have a value for personality . The feeling of shame is first dulled, and then disappears at all.
  • In a drunken form or waiting for a dose, a person forgets about his responsibility to his family , nail politatious refers to the unreasure to work and the threat of dismissal.

Man becomes extremely false and quiet

. Wanting a drink, comes up with different ways to get alcohol, hides it, hesitates in the rubber heating, if there are drinking companions, it finds any pretext to escape from the house.

The emotional sphere suffers the strongest: from aggression to Sysyukaniam, from self-causing to self-pain, from depression to Euphoria. When alcohol becomes the goal of life and the only source of positive emotions, then no matter what spiritual development can also be speech. The person is not interested in walking, reading, discussing any questions, the whole world is fed at the bottom of the glade.

How to prevent identity degradation :

  • If you know the enemy in the face, you can and you need to fight. For a start, a few secular slogans
  • Life is not fair . More precisely, it is valid in its own way. It is impossible to descend, networks on the imperfection of this world. There is always someone smarter, more successful or more beautiful. A worthy person should remain with any life situation.
  • Life is finite . Sooner or later we all leave it. How best to live the years let me go? Is it really in suffering, torment, fault? No, it follows to live in joy and contentment, spiritual and bodily cleanliness. You should not voluntarily bring your death.

Life changed :

  1. . At any point you can change everything cool: find a new job, get married in 60 years, and at 70 make a photo model career. The possibilities of personality are endless, you just need to want, remember that we are a special creation of nature. In order to avoid such a serious process as degradation, we will give some tips

  2. If you can learn new experience or phenomenon, always choose knowledge, do not be lazy . People begin to write paintings by oil at the age of retirement. Why it is not available to you. What is your name to visit the exhibition or go to the theater? No need to refuse, perhaps the resulting emotions will lead you to a new hobby, which will be a rescue circle in the period of Crucne for many years ahead.

  3. Take responsibility for all the deeds performed . In the womb watch pray, put out in the sport, please, dance! The choice is yours. Do not give sadness to eat you alive.

  4. Always watch yourself . The cleanliness of the body and housing will give confidence, will calm the soul.

  5. Do not wear old, torn, receded things, even if once, they were very expensive and status . Nowadays there are many places where you can buy fresh blouse for little money.

Pity - this is a very serious feeling that can lead to the destruction of the personality

. We are not poor hungry kittens. If you are lonely and it seems that you are not needed to anyone, then make yourself a kitten or a dog. You will receive a huge number of love from them, and the need to care about the pet will not give to relax.

Reference about how you wanted to become in childhood, what dreamed of. Start do it! Think about your parents, or remember them if they left life. Holding you in your arms, would they like to see their child with a loose and unhappy? Why did not sleep at night? The answer is easy for you to grow up a happy and cheerful man worthy and respected! Start becoming such, it is never late.

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Education ? Description and definition of concept.


, Regression is a process, as a rule, deterioration of the characteristics of a object or phenomenon over time, movement back, slow deterioration, decline, reduction in quality, destruction of matter due to external influence according to the laws of nature and time. Degradation is often opposed to progress. It can be used in relation to biological or chemical decomposition processes, a decrease in the quality of the signal in telecommunications, in ecology.

EducationFeatures of degradation

Degradation itself as a classification is possible in various spheres of life and areas of action. This concept is voluminous. For example, degradation and personality collapse. This usually occurs in a consequence of psychiatric violations, and in a conditionally healthy person. Everyone knows well what to break - not to build, and if a person does not follow a person, does not care about his development, it does not do, in this case, sooner or later he degrades. Up to full collapse. Degradation of the personality - the process of turning a normal person in a terrible personally creature. In a compressed understanding, the term degradation implies the complete destruction of human capabilities. If we talk about such a thing as a person degradation in more detail, it is a loss of mental equilibrium and performance, as well as a comprehensive weakening of activity. Human degradation is the loss of the abilities and qualities of them, which is accompanied by the loss of judgments, tesys and feelings. There is both physical and social death.

Degradation can manifest itself in everything with appropriate terms. In addition to a person, this phenomenon is also manifested in the world around us. As a result, all possible options for this phenomena are the business of the hand of the talent leader, what is commonly called "no good owner". Environmental degradation is a permanent process, due to which the ability of ecosystems is reduced to maintain the stability of the quality of life. In general terms, the ecosystem can be defined as the interaction of living organisms with their surroundings. Land degradation As a rule, numerous factors, including extreme weather phenomena, especially drought, and of course, human activity, which leads to pollution or degradation of the quality of soils and the fitness of the Earth, and this is very badly affected by the production of food, livelihoods , production and providing other products and services of ecosystems.

Consider, more detailed what degradation means.

Degradation of energy

Movements that can be characterized by the same amounts of energy, generally speaking, differ in their utility. Traditionally, the most useful is the mechanical movement. If there are no friction forces it can be used completely as mechanical work. Almost entirely in mechanical work transformed electromagnetic energy. At the same time, an internal movement that manifests itself in the form of heat is much more difficult to use. The principal feature of the internal movement is that its energy cannot be used completely in the form of work. In this sense of the statement, which is known in physics under the name "The Second Start of Thermodynamics".

In nature there is always friction forces. They turn high-quality movement types into the inner. So, in the mechanics, friction reduces systematically the amount of mechanical movement, turning into internal energy. Similarly, with the movements of the electromagnetic nature, the resistance of conductors and absorption, and the scattering of electromagnetic waves reduce the steadily number of electromagnetic movement, turning it into the inner. In full reverse transformation is impossible not fundamentally.

In order to designate the process of an irreversible transition of high-quality energy types into the inner at the beginning of the 20th century, the term "degradation" of useful energy is invented. Awareness of the qualitative difference in movements with unlike physical nature requires its quantitative assessment. For this purpose, a new characteristic of the movement was created by physics, which was called "Entropy".

Degradation in any case negatively affects human development. Not everyone has an idea that such degradation is personality. In a compressed understanding, this term implies the complete destruction of human capabilities. If we talk about the concept of identity degradation in more detail, it is the loss of performance and mental equilibrium and a comprehensive weakening of activity. The degradation of a person is the loss of them inherent in the qualities and abilities, which is accompanied by the loss of feelings, judgments, gods. When a person became more irritable or he had much more worsened memory and disappeared the ability to concentrate attention on something, then the processes of degradation are observed. The interests of this person are significantly narrowed. At the same time, such negative qualities are manifested as aggravating, no will, carelessness. One of the most severe types of degradation is a marame that is dementia. With it, contacts with the surrounding world are lost. A person expresses full indifference to other people and supports carefree vital activity.

Signs of identity degradation is possible to observe most people.

LazinessAt the same time, such problems are characteristic not only to chronic losers, but also quite conscious personalities. This concluded the danger of the fiction process. This state of affairs confirms the identity vulnerability again.

Causes of human degradation

Personality is often degraded due to the fact that the apathy seizes. In situations where a person needs to fulfill some important task or make a responsible decision, most prefer not to do anything. A man without will, acting only, respectively, with his reluctors and desires, has every chance to degrade in intellectual and morally.

Personal degradation is a process that often can be observed in adults. A person when retireing is dying in a sense, since younger colleagues are accompanied by "Honored Leisure". In fact, in this situation, the personality is relaxing, as now there is no need to answer for anything or to make efforts to achieve any purpose. As a result, destructive passivity seizes in a completely person. Such an amorphous state is compared with the preparation for physical death. What is surprising, among the elderly there are many more those who have bypassed degradation.

The problem of identity degradation is peculiar to more lonely people or those who survived the loss of close. A person in the latter case flows into depression that provokes a quick personal withering. Interestingly, a large proportion of people, wanting to revenge for their misfortune of life, kill themselves for most of themselves. Thus, a person practices some slow suicide.

Another reason for degradation is a feeling of guilt. People who feel unnecessary, is often peculiar to the personal collapse. When a person has lost his faith because of several failures, going in a row, the likelihood of degradation is great.

It will not be possible to list all the reasons for the wilting of the person, among whom, undoubtedly, there are such as drug addiction, braveless in all its manifestations, procrastination, cruelty and banal laziness. But the main reason is still the lack of mind, spirituality, love and compassion. These are the components make a person man.

AlcoholismUndoubtedly, there are many examples when a person without a soul can demonstrate an outstanding mind and achieve tremendous success, without degrading. But in order to become such an personality, it is necessary to initially be a person and shape under certain conditions.

  • Stages of degradation
  • The famous psychologist Maslow Abraham believed that human degradation has such stages of progression:
  • Formation of psychology "Pawn". A person has a feeling that it depends entirely from some other forces. This phenomenon is called the phenomenon of "learned helplessness".
  • The emergence of the lack of major goods. Primary survival needs and food are prioritized.
  • Formation of a "pure" environment. The whole society is divided into good and bad people, "Aliens" and "their". Often, man has a sense of guilt and shame for themselves.

The appearance of the cult of "self-criticism". A person can recognize the fulfillment of even those actions to which he has no relationship.

Protection "Sacred Basics". Personality does not want to categorically think over the main prerequisites for ideology. Such people do not doubt their own "sacred foundations" and cannot look at them with a skeptical look.

How to avoid degradation

The main question that arises when considering the issue of degradation - how to prevent the "painfully hurt for aimlessly lived years"? The spiritual degradation of the person may well completely put everyone who does not conduct self-development. Thus, each person has chances to come to comprehensive full collapse. It is necessary to invest strength and time to maintain yourself at a high stable level. To make, build, improve - this is what you need to concentrate to those who do not want to degrade. Otherwise, spiritual death will overtake a person much earlier than physical.

To avoid degradation, you need to be able to deal with passivity. Such a skill makes it possible to strengthen the power of the will and increase the internal energy of the person.

Degradation 2.There is social and physical death. The second concept provides that man, being healthy, is not worth any value for society. Moreover, this identity can also harm society, as it is a burden and not the best example. To avoid social death, you need to make efforts to maintain an active physical condition and interested in all that in the world is going on. A person needs to strive to be useful for people, among whom he lives. In order to preserve the high life potential, it is necessary to live not only for myself, not going into the hands of inner passivity. It is necessary to realize that the main food for the mind is like the information we consume when reading or with the help of an audible perception and what we are interested in and what we are talking about.

Those who have a fairly active life position live in mission mode, will never come up with the problem of degradation. Such people are usually engaged in loved things and they have a lot of interest.

It is necessary to understand that the environment has an incredible influence on the development or degradation of the individual. If a person contacts, mainly with humble people, then it will not affect it a beneficent.

Parable about cucumber

There is a parable about the cucumber, which by all the forces sought to preserve his own freshness. Once at the jar with salty cucumbers, he was very unpleasant at first, because the brine did not contribute to the preservation of freshness. In addition, the appearance of fresh cucumber was a reproach for his saline fellow. But after some time, the brine stopped being contracted by cucumbers, and his neighbors did not seem so salty. Cucumber thought to be like everything, very convenient. Therefore, in order not to turn into a salt snack, it is necessary to follow the right direction in life. Having general ideas about this problem, you can easily avoid the fate, which is prescribed by the enormous number of people. We briefly reviewed Degradation

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